Fox in the Penalty Area - Chapter 206 so scary

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When Hu Lai raised his hand to ask for the ball, he had already thought about what he was going to do next.

He had practiced with Li Qingqing in his backyard on how to kick the ball with his back.

As a center forward, how can he not have the ability to play back singles?

Even though he is good at grabbing points most of the time, it doesn't mean he won't get the ball with his back.

So he used the way of stepping on the ball and rubbing forward to trick Amorim behind him to move his center of gravity forward, and then suddenly turned around behind him, Amorim couldn't react at all.

The improved core strength and the blessing of the [Bear's jersey that was worn through] gave him the strength to complete the turn even though he was surrounded by Amorim, and he lost all the center of gravity brought by Amorim!

After turning around, Hu Lai directly swung his left leg, and then exerted all his strength!

He instilled all the strength driven by the turn into this shot.

Koenigs, the goalkeeper of Ruerlein, did not expect that Hu Lai could suddenly turn around and get rid of Amorim. After seeing Hu Lai turn around, he took a step forward to block the angle, but it was already too late...

I just saw a white light in front of my eyes, but I didn't see where the football was at all. The so-called saving actions were all conditioned reflexes.

After Hu Lai poured all his strength into the football, he gave up maintaining his balance, and he fell to the ground after finishing the shot.

For a while, the people in front of Ruhr Rhine were thrown off their feet.

Hou Lai, Amorim and goalkeeper Koenigs all fell to the ground.

Hu Lai looked up and saw the football flying into the goal. He immediately got up from the ground and rushed to the goal. He also wanted to pick up the ball!

"Hu...Hu Lai!!" When Hu Lai suddenly turned around and shot, He Feng didn't expect that he stuttered in fright, and immediately cheered loudly.

"Hu Lai! This ball is beautiful! It's so sudden!"

"Beautiful Hu Lai!! Beautiful! Sixty-sixth minute, hat-trick! He completed the hat-trick!! He helped the Madrid Pirates catch the total score to only one goal away!"

"Edelman's condition in today's game is really good! But Hu Lai's condition is even better! Ahaha!"

Accompanied by the cheers of the two commentators on TV, Xie Lan jumped up from the sofa, raised his arms and shouted: "Good shot!! "

After shouting, she turned around and saw her husband looking at her and smiling.

So she straightened her face and asked, "Why?"

Hu Lixin quickly waved his hands: "It's nothing, nothing."

Xie Lan rolled his eyes: "Why don't you cheer?"

Hu Lixin slapped his hands: "Good shot! Good shot!"


Sanchez raised his arms and shouted in the commentary booth.

"!!!!!! Huh! A post-up in the penalty area! Beautiful! Amorim clumsily looks like a rusty robot in front of his deft turn! One goal short, two games left Fourteen minutes, still a chance! Madrid Pirates still have a chance!"

As the Spanish commentator, he laughed at the opponent's central defender to his heart's content, and at the same time, he also wanted to vent his tense emotions just now.

Now he can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Although the Madrid Pirates are still behind in the total score, they can be behind by one goal. It's a completely different feeling than being two goals behind.

The Pirate Park stadium was full of cheers, and everyone was cheering for Hu Lai's ball.

Han Shuyu held up the mobile phone specially used for shooting, bouncing and shouting: "You can always trust him! Hu Lai! Trustworthy!"

Li Qingliang waved his fist vigorously beside her: "Yes, yes, yes!"

Around them, there are all cheering Madrid Pirates fans.

Since Edman scored twice, a boulder that has been pressing on these people's hearts is finally loose!

pro mimi

Hu Lai picked up the football from the goal, turned around and ran towards the middle circle.

while passing john setter

, he did not forget to engage the opponent's mentality:

"You're right, John, I'm the most threatening!"

After finishing speaking, he threw himself into the arms of the high center forward Ruiz who came up to hug him, and was hugged by the opponent and ran to the middle circle together.

John Setter stood still, turning his head to watch him and his teammates hug, high-five, and run to the middle circle together.

His heart could not be calm for a long time.

In front of the visiting team coach's bench on the sidelines, Leroy Kuhn, who has been standing and directing the game since he made the defensive counterattack adjustment, also had a turbulent heart and couldn't calm down.

Seeing Parotti replaced by Mexican high center Ruiz, he knew that this was a desperate fight for the Madrid Pirates.

The next game will be their most violent attack, but also the most desperate moment.

As long as Ruhr Rhine can stand up to it, the balance of victory and defeat will tilt to his side.

It still didn't hold up!

Although Ruhr Rhine is still leading in the total score so far, Kuhn's heart is beating violently.

This is because of tension, but also because of worry.

He had already considered the factor of Hu Lai before the game, and was fully aware of the threat of Hu Lai, so he decided to fight against the Madrid Pirates.

It is because he firmly believes that if the team sets up the bus from the beginning of the game, they will never be able to prevent Hu Lai from scoring.

The actual course of the game also proved him right.

But even so, he still didn't expect Hu Lai's state to be so good-he didn't let the team turn to defense after more than 50 minutes of the game. In the end, after less than ten minutes of defending, Hu Lai scored a goal...

If the bus was set up from the beginning of the game, and then all the courts outside the 30-meter area were given to the Madrid Pirates, then the total score should be 3:2. The Madrid Pirates took the lead, right?

Seeing Hu Lai's goal, Kuhn was very grateful for the decision he made at the beginning.

It is to allow the team to maintain the ability to threaten the Madrid Pirates' goal at all times in the away game.

In the box, Li Qingqing had already stood up from her seat, with a happy smile on her face, applauding her boyfriend.

Then she turned her head and smiled at Song Jiajia: "Look, old Song. What am I talking about? Hu Lai is not the same as before!"

Song Jiajia laughed: "You can teach well."

When He Feng and Yan Kang saw this scene, the voices of the commentators were full of smiles: "Sure enough, Li Qingqing came to watch the game live, and Hu Lai's condition is so good!"

Xie Lan in front of the TV listened to the commentary and watched the pictures on the live TV, and smiled even more happily.

Hu Lixin looked at his wife who was smiling, and he was really a different person from the previous look of seeing through the world.

But he is very smart, so he won't mention this anymore.

The Madrid Pirates' bench and coaching bench went crazy after Hu Lai scored.

Both the substitute players and the coach rushed out of their seats to celebrate.

If it wasn't for the teammates on the field who didn't celebrate, and they had to hurry up and let the opponent kick off, these substitute players would definitely rush to the field to celebrate with their teammates.

The two assistant coaches, Nahel and Valentine, who were still dignified before, embraced Parotti on one left and one on the was rarely so emotional.

Hu Lai's goal made him see hope again!

Only one ball away!

There are nearly thirty minutes left in the game!

Have fun!

After the game restarted, the Madrid Pirates, encouraged by the goal, continued to attack the Ruhr Rhein's goal.

Kuhn kept gesturing to his players on the sidelines, telling them to stand up.

During this period of time, there was a lot of danger in front of the Ruhr Rhine.

The players seem to have not recovered from the blow of conceding the ball.

"Ruiz!! Header! Hi!"

"Koenigs! He made a fantastic save.

! Denied Ruiz's header!"

"After Koenigs made the save, he got up and was yelling at his teammates that they were too concerned about Hu just now, and Ruiz grabbed the spot!"

"Sette made a mistake with the ball and was intercepted by Joaquin Bella! The Madrid Pirates continue to attack!"

"Vukovic...Long shot! Slightly high!"

The sighs of nearly 80,000 Madrid Pirates fans sounded in the stands.

But it was soon replaced by even bigger applause.

The cheering song of the Madrid Pirates fans sounded again amidst the applause:

"...We come from different places, and we all have anger in our hearts! But we have not lost our hometown, our hometown today is Madrid--! But we have not lost our hometown, our hometown today is Madrid--!!"

"Onward, onward, pirates of Madrid! Raise our flag high! Onward! Onward! Resistors of Madrid! Raise our flag of victory!!"

The singing didn't stop, and so did the attacks of the Madrid pirates.


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