Global Descent: 100×Reward

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Sci-fi

Chapters: 787

Last update: 2 years ago

3.4 /5

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Wake up and travel across the world!This is a country of billions of zombies. Killing zombies, cutting trees, mining, building, and bombing haunted houses can all obtain survival resources.Forestry awakens a hundredfold reward talent, and any reward can get a hundredfold reward.Novice gift bag, a hand axe, two pieces of bread, three bottles of waterHundred times reward (optional)1: One hundred hand axes, two hundred pieces of bread, three hundred bottles of waterTwo: a desert eagle, two catties of beef, three liters of Red BullConstruction of the bunker is completed, four indigenous workersHundred times reward (optional)One: 400 junior indigenous workers2: Four intermediate indigenous workersComplete the construction of the barracks, a rangerHundred times reward (optional)One: One hundred Miss RangersTwo: One Elemental RangerSince then, forestry has been invincible.Others are still mining and fighting zombies. When fighting for survival, he has led the Reaper and the Titan army to attack the city. When others began to alliance to resist the corpse tide, he has already penetrated the haunted house headquarters in the Huaguo area and went to hellps: Invincible text, violent soldiers, non-toxic! - Description from MTLNovel

Global Descent: 100×Reward