Global Gods: My Believer is Galen

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Adventure , Fan-Fiction , Fantasy , Sci-fi

Chapters: 1521

Last update: 2 years ago

2.6 /5

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In the age of gods, everyone is a god, creating a kingdom of gods in their bodies, holding high the fire of gods, and multiplying all races.Just when the gods were still debating whether the Orcs were powerful or the undead army was terrifying.Lin Fan looked at his 100,000 Great Galen who were burrowing in the grass, invincibly lonely."I'm really not the strongest god.""I'm just an ordinary LOL player."All the gods wept bitterly: "You are right, boss, can you let the group of Morgana let us go first? We really don't know Kyle!""Great God King, take back that blasting ghost, it threw a Dongfeng Express into my God Realm!""My God, the death chorus of thirty thousand death-singers is singing again!" - Description from MTLNovel

Global Gods: My Believer is Galen