God Level Cultivation System

Status : Completed

Genres : Sci-fi , Xianxia

Chapters: 3249

Last update: 3 years ago

4.1 /5

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Due to all sorts of accidental mishaps, Qin Qi, together with the game system, is transferred into a strange world. In this world, everyone condenses Martial Soul, while Qin Qi's Martial Soul was ten BOSS in the game! In the world, when others cultivate arduously, Qin Qi just needs to kill mobs and gain experience! In the world, there is only one alchemist among thousands of people, while Qin Qi can choose all skills, including Blacksmith skills, Spiritual skills, Matrix skills, Chef Alas, it's so annoying, so learn all of them. In the world, when people choose to be his enemies, their destinies have been settled! - Description from Unknown

God Level Cultivation System