God Soldier Atlas - Chapter 440 In the end eat or not

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"It turned out to be you!"

Mu Zhixing said solemnly.

"It's not me, who else is there?"

A man with a golden mask on his face opened his mouth and said, this person is the one with the golden mask back then.

He was once captured by Zhou Shu, which led to the distraction of the pseudo-god behind him, and he died at the hands of Zhou Shu.

Later, he even turned to Zhou Shu, but he always wore this golden mask, and even Zhou Shu had never seen his true face.

After Zhou Shu opened the door of the realm, the No. 1 golden mask man also went to the world behind the door, and became the source of news for Mu Zhixing.

When the two were in the big world, there was a lot of secret cooperation.

Most of the top-secret information that Ju Zhixing reported to Zhou Shu came from the No. 1 Golden Mask Man.

Mu Zhixing never imagined that the No. 1 Golden Mask Man would come back to his ancestral land with him, and secretly whispered to himself.

"I said number one, what the **** are you doing?"

Mu Zhixing said angrily, "If you want a magic weapon, can't you find the prince yourself? Can he still not give it to you?"


Man No. 1 Golden Mask said, "He will give it to you, but he may not give it to me, and for some reason, I am not suitable to appear in front of him now."

"What did you do to hurt him?"

Mu Zhixing pouted and said.

"You can't say that. Zhou Shu and I have always been in a cooperative relationship. It's impossible to talk about who is sorry for the other."

Golden Mask Man No. 1 shook his head and said, "Of course, I really didn't feel sorry for him."

"These things have nothing to do with you."

Man No. 1 Golden Mask said, "Give me the magic weapon, and I will naturally make your wish come true."

"You're so sneaky, how do I know you're not kidding me? What if you're lying to me?"

Mu Zhixing stared and said, "You tell me first, and then I will give you the magic weapon."

"You don't believe me, do I believe you?"

No. 1 golden mask man shook his head and said.

"I have to get the magic weapon before I tell you, otherwise, I'd rather not have the magic weapon."

The Golden Mask Man No. 1 said firmly.

The two stared at each other for a full quarter of an hour.

Finally, Mu Zhixing couldn't bear it anymore.

"Okay, you're ruthless."

Mu Zhixing said, "I'll give it to you!"

As soon as he raised his hand, a white light blazed at the No. 1 Golden Mask Man.


The Golden Mask Man No. 1 raised his hand and grabbed the white light in his hand.

The light dissipated, and the white light turned into a white pearl shirt in the hands of No. 1 Golden Mask Man.

"This is-"

The eyes of the No. 1 golden mask man suddenly widened.

What the **** is this?

The broken arm of the first generation of white bones was cast into such a thing?

In the heart of No. 1 Golden Mask Man, there was a wave of disgust.

"This is the magic weapon made by the lord himself. Let me tell you, don't look at it inconspicuous, but after wearing it, it can even withstand a sacred attack."

Mu Zhixing clicked his tongue and said.

"Damn it!"

Golden Mask Man No. 1 couldn't help but scolded.

Can this thing be worn by humans?

Sorry, I said wrong, can it be worn by men?

If he swaggered through the market in such a dress, wouldn't he make the enemy laugh to death?

"I got what you asked for, you should keep your promise, right?"

Mu Zhixing said.

Golden Mask Man No. 1: "…"

You did get the thing back. The point is, it's useless if I ask for it.

"I said, No. 1, you wouldn't want to go back on it, would you?"

Mu Zhixing said loudly, "If you go back on your words, I'll call someone else."

"Guess, how will he react when I call the prince?"

Mu Zhixing looks like you don't force me.

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Man No. 1 Golden Mask rolled his eyes and threatened me?

Do you really think I'm scared?

"You can call if you want, and you will break your throat, and no one will come here."

The Golden Mask Man No. 1 said angrily.

"Don't you just want to know if your elder brother is alive or dead? I'll tell you."

Golden Mask Man No. 1 said, "He is indeed still alive."

"Really alive?"

Mu Zhixing Tong Kong shrinks suddenly.

Since Zhou Shu inexplicably came to ask him about his elder brother, he vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Later, Zhou Shu repeatedly revealed that his eldest brother might still be alive.

Mu Zhixing is not a fool, so how could he not notice the abnormality?

Before, he just didn't believe it.

No. 1 Golden Mask used this news to force him to ask for the magic weapon in Zhou Shu's hands, and Mu Zhixing had planned for the worst.

He didn't expect Zhou Shu to give him the magic weapon so happily.

"Aren't you afraid that I will tell the prince about this?"

Mu Zhixing stared at the No. 1 Golden Mask Man and said solemnly.

"What are you talking about? Your elder brother is still alive, or do I want a magic weapon?"

Golden Mask Man No. 1 said, "You can tell him whoever it is."

"You think he doesn't know?"

The Golden Mask Man No. 1 sneered.

"Why do you think he will return to his ancestral land?"

Golden Mask No. 1 said in a deep voice, "He just suspected that your elder brother is still alive, so he came back to find evidence."

"He has long suspected that your elder brother is still alive, but he has not found any evidence yet."

"Since you know, why didn't you tell the lord clearly? What is the relationship between you and my eldest brother?"

Mu Zhixing asked.

"I can't tell you so casually."

The No. 1 Golden Mask man smiled and said, "Our transaction has been completed, I will take the first step."

"Next time something like this happens again, I'll come to you again."

Saying that, the figure of the No. 1 Golden Mask Man slowly disappeared like a dream bubble.

Mu Zhixing stared at the direction where the No. 1 Golden Mask Man disappeared, and when he wanted to stop it, it was too late.


Mu Zhixing yelled, "Do you think you can fool me? Who am I, Mu Zhixing? You think I don't recognize you! If you have the ability, don't appear in front of me again!"

"This is the big world behind the door?"

Mi Ziwen took a deep breath, her expression a little complicated.

His eyes were full of vigilance, and he kept looking around.

"Here, it is indeed suitable for martial artists to practice, no wonder there are so many strong people here."

Mi Ziwen also felt the difference in the air and said in a deep voice.

"Everyone be careful!"

Shi Songtao shouted, "Your Highness has suffered a lot here, let alone us?"

Zhou Shu looked back at Shi Songtao, when did he say this?

I have suffered a big loss?

Why don't I know this?

"Everyone, be vigilant!"

Mi Ziwen also nodded, and issued a series of orders in his mouth, so that all the guards of Huaxia Pavilion were guarded and vigilant.

"My lord, where are we going now? Do you want to send a scout first to inquire about the surrounding situation."

Mi Ziwen looked at Zhou Shu and said solemnly.

"Need not."

Zhou Shu shook his head and said, "Xiao Jianghe and Wang Xin are already waiting for us in front."

He pointed forward in a direction and said.

"Eight thousand miles ahead, they built a camp there, and we can rest there temporarily."

"Is there a camp?"

Mizi Wenwen and Mengbai breathed a sigh of relief. With a camp, it would be much easier to handle.

It seems that the prince's suffering in this world is not in vain.

With this camp, we can re-conquer the world and avenge the lord!


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Now, they thought that Zhou Shu had suffered a big loss in this world and could no longer survive, so they returned to the ancestral land in advance and forced them to come here.

Of course they don't know that Zhou Shu has never suffered a loss in this world.

Not only did he not suffer losses, he also became the pavilion owner of Tiangong Pavilion, one of the strongest forces in the world.

"Zhou Shu, you have suffered."

Yin Wuyou also held Zhou Shu's arm and said.

"Whoever bullied me, we will return it a hundred times a thousand times!"

Lu Wenshuang had a murderous look on his face.

"We can't beat it, we can still use means!"

Bai Qianqian added.

Zhou Shu was a little helpless, and he seemed to be using too much force. Originally, he just wanted to put some pressure on the ancestral human race. Unexpectedly, it seemed to be too much.

They really thought that this world was a dragon pond and a tiger's den, and they suffered a big loss here.

It is true that this world is a dragon pond and a tiger's den, but that is only for the sacred.

If there is no sacredness, this world will not be difficult for Zhou Shu at all.

But Zhou Shu didn't plan to explain it to them now.

It is a good thing that they are motivated now. After all, the enemy they will face is the divine, and it is some unknowable existence hidden behind the divine.

Those enemies, even Zhou Shu is not sure of winning.

"talk later."

Zhou Shu said, "I still have things to do. You can go in this direction and find Xiao Jianghe and Wang Xin. They will tell you what to do."

After Zhou Shu finished speaking, he hugged Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang, and Bai Qianqian, and then rose into the sky.

Following him, there is Liu Ruochuan who came here with him.

The two instantly disappeared from everyone's field of vision, and then disappeared.

Mi Ziwen, Meng Bai, Shi Songtao and the others looked at each other with firm expressions.

"Since we have come to this world, we must no longer let the lord fight alone. We must create a world for the lord!"

Mi Ziwen said in a deep voice.

Everyone clenched their fists, and their faces were full of fighting intent.

In Huaxia Pavilion, the most feared thing is to fight against adversity.

From the performance of the Ten Kingdoms that year, to the Battle of the Monster Beasts, to the Battle of Five Days, which time did they not come back from adversity?

This time, too!

What about the big world?

It's not that they haven't faced a powerful enemy!

No matter how powerful the enemy is, they will eventually be able to defeat it!

"We must lay down a world!"

Meng Bai also clenched his fists and raised his voice.

Everyone is fighting spirit.

"If I guessed correctly, you haven't suffered a big loss here, have you?"

Liu Ruochuan followed behind Zhou Shu and said.

"how you said that?"

Zhou Shu said calmly.

"You already have the power of false gods, false gods, no matter where they are placed, they are definitely not weak."

Liu Ruochuan said, "I understand those sacred people. Under normal circumstances, they will not interfere with the operation of the world. Therefore, false gods can already be regarded as the strongest in this world. Who can make you suffer?"

"Why can't false gods suffer?"

Zhou Shu said calmly, "I have seen several false gods, but they all suffered a lot."

"All right."

Liu Ruochuan no longer continued to dwell on this topic, but said, "Where are you going to take me?"

"Once I appear in this world, it won't take long for me to attract the attention of the gods. At that time, if they really make a move, you and I together will not be their opponents."

Liu Ruochuan's expression was a little solemn.

Although he promised to come back to the big world with Zhou Shu, to be honest, he had no confidence at all.

After all, his Liu Ruochuan identity is here.

Losing is less sacred than chickens.

Once those divines discovered his existence, they could take his life casually.

Zhou Shu now

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Although he has the power of false gods, Liu Ruochuan does not believe that he can compete with the divine.

"I'll take you to meet someone first."

Zhou Shudan said. "If you can get his support, then you may be able to survive, not sure."

"Oh? In this world, there are such strong men?"

Liu Ruochuan said curiously.

Could it be that after he left for so many years, such a tyrannical figure appeared in this big world?

Can even his Liu Ruochuan's life be saved?

For a time, Liu Ruochuan was very curious about who Zhou Shu was talking about.

"You'll know it when you see it."

Zhou Shu said, "Liu Ruochuan, I hope you don't put on any sacred airs when the time comes."

"Put on a sacred air?"

Liu Ruochuan said with a wry smile, "I'm in this situation, what else can I put on the show?"

Between the words, the two have already flown thousands of miles away.


Zhou Shu said casually.

Then Liu Ruochuan saw a continuous palace.

"Here - Tiangong Pavilion?"

Liu Ruochuan said. At the time of the battle of gods, the Tiangong Pavilion already existed, but the Tiangong Pavilion at that time was not as large as it is today.

"Why did you bring me to Tiangong Pavilion? Looking for the pavilion master of Tiangong Pavilion?"

Liu Ruochuan said thoughtfully.

"I don't know what the size of Tiangong Pavilion was when you left the big world, but now, I can tell you that Tiangong Pavilion is the only army-forging division organization in the big world, and it is also the largest army-forging division organization. All of the forging divisions belong to the Tiangong Pavilion, and almost all the magic weapons are from the Tiangong Pavilion."

Zhou Shu said.

"Even so, it probably doesn't have the strength to fight against the divine."

Liu Ruochuan said thoughtfully.

He can think of the development of Tiangong Pavilion, but it doesn't seem to be enough.

"Meet the pavilion master!"

Liu Ruochuan was thinking, when suddenly he heard a loud shout.

Then he saw a person and shouted respectfully to Zhou Shu.

"Pavilion Master?"

Liu Ruochuan suddenly widened his eyes.

Zhou Shu, the pavilion master of Tiangong Pavilion?

This is too ridiculous, right?

Isn't it said that the Tiangong Pavilion has all the soldiers in the world, and almost all the magic weapons in the world come from the Tiangong Pavilion?

With such a big power, how did he become the pavilion master?

If the calculation is correct, he came to the big world only a few years ago, right?

For a few years, for a martial artist, it was simply a blink of an eye!

This guy Zhou Shu has continuously broken through from Taoism to false gods, and has become the boss of one of the most powerful organizations in the world?

Rao was a little shocked at the moment because of Liu Ruochuan's knowledge.

He never thought, how could someone do such an incredible thing?

It's almost impossible.

"Let Deputy Pavilion Master Cui come to see me."

Zhou Shu ordered while walking.

When he walked to the shrine belonging to the pavilion master of Tiangong Pavilion, Cui Lin was already waiting at the door.

"Welcome the return of the pavilion master."

Cui Lin bowed and shouted.

"Don't make this useless."

Zhou Shu said angrily.

"You come in with me."

He took Liu Ruochuan into the shrine, and then greeted Cui Lindao.

Liu Ruochuan didn't know why, and he remained in the shock that Zhou Shu was the pavilion master of Tiangong Pavilion.

"Vice Pavilion Master Cui, let me introduce you to someone."

Zhou Shu pointed at Liu Ruochuan and said, "Liu Ruochuan, holy."


Cui Lin thought he had heard it wrong.

"His name is Liu Ruochuan, and he is a saint."

Zhou Shu repeated it.


Cui Lin sat down on the ground, trembling all over.


His face was pale, and his voice was trembling beyond words.


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The real deal. "

Zhou Shu said calmly.

Liu Ruochuan smiled bitterly in his heart, he didn't know what medicine Zhou Shu's gourd sold, but in front of outsiders, he couldn't lose face.

He squeezed a gentle smile on his face, smiling without saying a word.

"Cui Lin, the first deputy pavilion master of Tiangong Pavilion, has seen Lord Sacred."

Cui Lin's face was pale, he finally got up, bowed to Liu Ruochuan and said.

"Don't be too polite."

Liu Ruochuan said with a smirk, and gave him a hand across the void.

"Vice Pavilion Master Cui, for some reason, Liu Ruochuan can't deal with people for a short time, so he needs a personal guard. I want you to protect him. What do you think?"

Zhou Shu looked at Cui Lin and said.

A flash of surprise flashed in Liu Ruochuan's eyes. The person he was talking about was the man in front of him?

Can this man protect himself under the holy hands?

If I'm not mistaken, this person's cultivation base is only the Heavenly Venerate Realm.

How can you protect yourself without even a false god?

He wanted to ask Zhou Shu what he wanted to do.

However, Liu Ruochuan may not have others, but patience is definitely the best.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to hide in the ancestral land for so long.

So now he is full of doubts, but there is no expression on his face.

"Me? Protect the Holy?"

Cui Lin lost his voice.

He wanted to say something to Zhou Shu, Pavilion Master, are you joking?

How can I, Cui Lin, how can I protect a holy?

Don't say it's sacred, even if it's Tianzun, I, Cui Lin, can't protect it.

With my little strength, I can foresee false gods. That's all a line of thought. How can I protect a holy one?

If you think about it with your toes, you know that a divine opponent can only be divine.

"Pavilion Master, it's not that I don't want to. In fact, my strength is not enough."

Cui Lin said bluntly.

Since he really recognized Zhou Shu and was saved by Zhou Shu, he really regarded Zhou Shu as the pavilion owner of Tiangong Pavilion.

In this case, he naturally did not have any reservations when facing Zhou Shu, and naturally he would not tell some lies just because of his face.

"I have a good idea of ​​your strength. Since I am looking for you, there is naturally my reason. You just need to tell me whether you are willing or not."

Zhou Shu said calmly.

"Doing things for the pavilion master, I will naturally die!"

Cui Lin said without hesitation.

"Okay, since you agreed, from now on, you will follow Liu Ruochuan and protect him."

Zhou Shu pointed at Liu Ruochuan and said.

Liu Ruochuan: "..."

are you serious?

He followed me, then the two of us, who is protecting who?

When a tiger falls in Pingyang, it is still a tiger.

I, Liu Ruochuan, are holy. Don't look at me lingering on now. I have no strength, but I am still stronger than a mere Heavenly Venerate. I don't know how much.

"Follow the order of the pavilion!"

Although Cui Lin also couldn't understand it, he still spoke respectfully.

"Vice Pavilion Master Cui, Liu Ruochuan, go back and familiarize yourself with it."

Zhou Shu said, "If you have any questions, come to me at any time."

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand and motioned for the two to go out.

Liu Ruochuan's head is full of black lines, and it is about his life and death, so the matter was decided so hastily?

In other words, since you are the pavilion master of Tiangong Pavilion, you can mobilize more power to deal with the sacred.

I, Liu Ruochuan, are willing to be the bait.

But what do you mean now?

Let a Tianzun protect me personally?

You are not afraid that I will really recruit the Holy. Will you, the deputy pavilion master, be crushed to death by a finger?

"Wait a minute!"

Seeing that Zhou Shu was going to drive them out, Liu Ruochuan said.

"I have a few words to tell you."

Liu Ruochuan glanced at Cui Lin.

Cui Linhui

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Intentionally, I took the first step out of the shrine.

Standing at the gate of the shrine, Cui Lin was still shocked.


The pavilion master actually brought back a holy one!

Not only that, that holy man seems to have a lot of respect for the pavilion master!

This is too incredible, right?

Cui Lin never thought that in his lifetime, he would be able to see a divine so closely!

No, he never thought that he, Cui Lin, could one day become a sacred bodyguard!

Also, it is said that the pavilion master of Tiangong Pavilion is the sacred imperial military caster. Why does Cui Lin feel that the pavilion owner of Tiangong Pavilion should be on the head of the sacred?

Inside the shrine, Zhou Shu looked at Liu Ruochuan and said, "What else do you have to do?

"My lord, what do you mean by this?"

Liu Ruochuan said sternly, "I came to this world, and I never thought that I would be able to live again, but even if I die, I want to die with some value."

"What do you mean by letting a Heavenly Venerate protect you?"

Liu Ruochuan's tone was already a little excited.

It was Zhou Shu who fooled him back into this world. He tacitly agreed that Zhou Shu would try his best to protect his life.

But actually?

Zhou Shu not only failed to protect his life, but instead sent him an **** in a playful manner.

Is this perfunctory?

"Do you think that Cui Lin can't protect you?"

Zhou Shu said with a half-smile.

"Do you think, my lord, that he can protect me?"

Liu Ruochuan said angrily, "My lord, are you underestimating the sacred?"

"I have never underestimated the holiness."

Zhou Shu shook his head and said, "But you, underestimate Cui Lin!"

"I can tell you, Cui Lin, it's not as simple as you see it."

Zhou Shu said in a serious tone.

"Isn't it as simple as I see it?"

Liu Ruochuan frowned and pondered.

He carefully recalled the Cui Lin he had just seen, no matter how he thought about it, he couldn't think of anything special about Cui Lin.

"Please also ask the prince's famous words!"

Liu Ruochuan said sternly.

Since he chose to come back to the big world with Zhou Shu, he was ready to die.

He Liu Ruochuan was not afraid of death, but he also did not want to die in vain.

He really wanted to figure out what Zhou Shu wanted to do.

Before leaving the ancestral land, Zhou Shu personally promised him that he would see the scene of the sacred being overturned!

"It's destiny, Cui Lin should already be a dead person."

Zhou Shu looked at Liu Ruochuan, was silent for a moment, and said slowly, "But now, he is still alive."

"He is the only person I know so far who has changed his destiny, so, do you think he is very simple?"

Zhou Shu said.

"He was destined to be dead?"

Liu Ruochuan's child Kong Meng shrinks, after all, he used to be holy, how can he not know what destiny means?

It is destiny, that things will happen and no one can change them!

If someone wants to change, it is to tamper with the secret, and he will be punished by the secret.

In Liu Ruochuan's memory, no one has ever been able to really change the secret. Everyone will die when they try to change the secret.

"Cui Lin should have died, but he is still alive. I asked him to protect you, just to see if he can change the secret with you."

Zhou Shu said calmly.

"Are you trying to fight poison with poison?"

Liu Ruochuan said speechlessly.

"you can say it this way."

Zhou Shu smiled slightly and said, "A dead horse is a living horse doctor, what if it succeeds?"

Liu Ruochuan's face darkened.

I heard Zhou Shu have continued to say, "Just kidding."

"I asked Cui Lin to protect you, of course I have this idea, but it's not just Cui Lin alone."

"From now on, you will stay

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Here in Tiangong Pavilion, there is Cui Lin and the guards of Tiangong Pavilion, so they can't hurt you. "

"And holy, if I guess right, they shouldn't have noticed you in recent months."

The feast of the spirit fruit is about to be held, and the banquet of the spirit fruit is a very important thing for the Sacred, and other things will make way for this one thing.

Zhou Shu can be sure that before the dust settles on the feast of spirit fruit, the sacred will not show up easily.

"Liu Ruochuan, it depends on whether you are willing to believe me."

Zhou Shudan said.

"If I didn't believe you, I wouldn't come back to the big world with you."

Liu Ruochuan smiled bitterly, "Now that I'm on your pirate ship, do I have any other choice?"

"It doesn't seem to be."

Zhou Shu shook his head and said, "I didn't take you back to Tiangong Pavilion just to let Cui Lin protect you."

"I have another important thing to ask of you."

"whats the matter?"

Liu Ruochuan asked.

"Yang Zhitian, the former pavilion master of Tiangong Pavilion, is the Emperor of Heaven in the ancestral land, and his name is also called Mutian."

Zhou Shu said in a deep voice, "As far as I know, he still has a wife, I hope you can help me find her!"

"You can read all the intelligence files of Tiangong Pavilion, and you can help me find it as much as possible!"

Zhou Shu said.

"Yang Zhitian's wife?"

Liu Ruochuan pondered and nodded, "If this person really exists, I think I should be able to find him."


The gate of the shrine opened, and Liu Ruochuan stepped out.

Seeing Liu Ruochuan, Cui Lin shivered subconsciously.

I really can't blame Cui Lin for not seeing the world. After all, in this world, sacredness has always been a legend.

Everyone knows that the divine exists, but no one has ever seen the divine.

In the Tiangong Pavilion, only the pavilion owner is qualified to meet the sacred.

Even the first deputy pavilion master Cui Lin did not have this qualification.

So he had never seen the divine before.

It's normal to be apprehensive when seeing the holy for the first time.

"grown ups-"

Cui Lin said uneasily, "Tiangong Pavilion is rough, if you have any dissatisfaction, please tell me."

"very good already."

Liu Ruochuan said with some emotion, this is the correct attitude towards sacredness.

What is Zhou Shu's name?

Call it, come and go!

But having said that, even in that case, Liu Ruochuan wanted to deal with Zhou Shu.

It has to be said that people are sometimes scumbags.

The worse Zhou Shu treated him, the more he felt that Zhou Shu was a capable person.

Now Cui Lin suddenly treats him so respectfully, but he is not used to it.

"I and your pavilion master are friends."

Liu Ruochuan said, "The kind that shares life and death."

"So we're not outsiders. You don't have to be so polite to me. I'll be staying with you for a while, and I still need your help."

Liu Ruochuan said very politely.

"And the pavilion master are friends who share life and death?"

Cui Lin was taken aback.

Is the pavilion so powerful?

And the divine are friends in life and death?

He is both excited and excited now.

This is holy.

No wonder the pavilion master didn't care about the large-scale use of Yuanshi Divine Weapons at first. It turned out that he had a deadly friendship with the Holy One.

If I had known that the pavilion master had such a big background, I would have been worried about it before!

What Cui Lin didn't know was that if Zhou Shu knew that Liu Ruochuan said that he was a brother of life and death, he would definitely call Liu Ruochuan shameless.

Life and death together?

You, Liu Ruochuan, are so sick that you may burp at any time, the ghost is willing to live and die with you.

Cui Lin is not sure about the relationship between his pavilion owner and this Liu Ruochuan, but they dare to be in the pavilion.

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Those words outside the main shrine should be true.

After all, these words may not be able to hide from the pavilion master's ears.

"Sir, please come with me, I have already prepared a place for you."

Cui Lin said respectfully.

"Don't worry, take me to see the scroll of Tiangong Pavilion first."

Liu Ruochuan said.

Since he agreed to Zhou Shu's help to find Mrs. Yang Zhitian's information, he naturally wouldn't take it lightly.

For the Holy Spirit, it doesn't matter whether there is any rest or not, even if you are busy working 24 hours a day, you will not be tired at all. Sacred has this request, and Cui Lin will naturally not refuse. He honestly stayed with Liu Ruochuan and went to Tiangong Pavilion to store secret intelligence.

"General, three thousand miles ahead is the territory of General Xiao and General Wang."

A scout came to Mi Ziwen and told him.


Mi Ziwen was a little excited and marched in a hurry. Although he did not encounter any danger, there was no good news. Now he finally saw the light of day!

"General, my subordinates also found a piece of news."

The scout said, "The place of General Xiao Jianghe and General Wang Xin is a false **** of this world, who gave Sun Fairy's territory."

"The pseudo-god gave it to Sun Fairy? What do you mean?"

Mi Ziwen, Meng Bai, Shi Songtao, Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang, Bai Qianqian and others all looked at the scout.

"There is a false **** who gave Sun Fairy two pieces of land with a radius of ten thousand miles. This Sun Fairy should be our General Sun Fairy."

said the scout.

"How is this possible? Sun Fairy came later than the prince. Which false **** would give him land for no reason?"

Mi Ziwen frowned.

"I just inquired about these news, the exact truth is unknown."

said the scout.

Mi Ziwen looked at Meng Bai and the others and frowned, "Teacher, is there any conspiracy?"

"If we go to this kind of territory now, will we be caught in the net?"

Mi Ziwen was a little wary in his heart.

"What the lord said should not be false."

Meng Bai said in a deep voice, "But it's really weird that someone gave Sun a fair site."

"Let's be more careful. If there is anything wrong, we will kill it immediately. The world is so big, I don't believe it, and we can't find a place for us to live and live!"

Meng Bai continued.

"Speaking of which, I also got a message."

Shi Songtao suddenly said, "If we want to settle down, we have to rely on our own abilities."

"In this world, there is an existence similar to Huaxia Pavilion, called Tiangong Pavilion, which is an organization composed of all the forging divisions of the Great World."

"If necessary, I can bring a few people to join Tiangong Pavilion."

Shi Songtao said.

He is confident that with his skill of casting soldiers, even in this world, he will definitely be able to earn a bite to eat.

"You can think of ways, can't the prince think of it? Is the prince's skill of casting soldiers inferior to you?"

Mi Ziwen said solemnly, "I think there might be something wrong with this Tiangong Pavilion."

Mi Ziwen looked at it from the perspective of a leader and felt that everyone had problems.

While everyone was discussing, they marched quickly.

Seeing that the territory of Xiao Jianghe and Wang Xin was getting closer and closer, suddenly, there was a city in front of him that lay on the only road.

"Teacher, everyone, in the city ahead, you say, should we fight or not?"

Mi Ziwen called everyone together and discussed it.

"The situation is unclear, and it is not appropriate to rashly start a war."

Yin Wuyou said, "The most important thing for us now is to reconcile with General Xiao Jianghe and General Wang Xin, and the rest are not important."

"If that's the case, let's take a detour!"

Mi Ziwen pondered.

"The people in front are the three ladies?"

Suddenly, a loud shout came from the city ahead.

Then, a figure rose into the sky and flew out of the city.

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"Heavenly Venerable!"

Mizi Wen Mengbai changed color at the same time, and with a flickering figure, she was already in front of everyone.

They didn't expect that they didn't encounter an enemy after walking for so long, and now when they encounter it, it turns out to be a Heavenly Venerate!

Is the Heavenly Venerate in this world really so common?

"Don't be nervous, I'm not your enemy!"

The figure stopped a few dozen feet away from them, spread out his hands, signaled that he had no weapons in his hands, and said.

"Dare to ask, where are the three ladies?"

He looked around, and suddenly his eyes fell on Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang and Bai Qianqian.

"My subordinate Jin Kui, meet the three ladies!"

The man shouted with some excitement.

"Wait, don't yell, who is your wife?"

Lu Wenshuang said coldly.

"I teach the three ladies to know that I, Jin Kui, are the deputy pavilion owner of Tiangong Pavilion and the deputy city owner of Tongguan City, and you are our pavilion owner and the city owner's wife."

Jin Kui bowed slightly and explained respectfully.

"I have been ordered to meet the three ladies here, madam, please follow me into the city!"

Jin Kui stretched out his hand and made a gesture of please, indicating that several people should enter the city ahead.

"Who is your city lord?"

With a clanging sound, Lu Wenshuang has already sacrificed his magic weapon, Jian Feng pointed at Jin Kui and said, "If you dare to scream again, don't blame the long sword in my hand for not knowing you!"

The sharp sword qi spreads in all directions.

Jin Kui's body lit up, and he said helplessly.

"Our city lord's name is Zhou Shu."

Jin Kui said.


Lu Wenshuang scolded, "Do you think that when you hear my husband's name, you can use it to deceive us?"

"What do you want to trick us into going into the city!"

The sword intent on Lu Wenshuang's body erupted instantly, and his pretty face was as cold as frost.

Zhou Shu was forced by this world to return to his ancestral land to rescue soldiers. How could he be the city owner of Tongguan City?

This man is clearly a liar!

"Madam, calm down."

Jin Kui said helplessly, "Our city lord is indeed the city lord Zhou Shuzhou. If you don't believe me, please come into the city with me to find out."

"It is impossible for us to enter the city with you."

Yin Wuyou said, with a firm tone, "We don't care what your plans are, but if you want to use this kind of trick to fool us, then you are underestimating us."

"Brother, prepare to meet the enemy."

The last sentence was said by Yin Wuyou to Mi Ziwen.

Mi Ziwen's face turned solemn, and he said solemnly, "Yes!"

He gave an order, and all the guards of Huaxia Pavilion all sacrificed their magic weapons.

Seeing that everyone reacted so fiercely, Jin Kui was also a little helpless.

The reactions of these city lord ladies were too intense.

Don't I, Jin Kui, don't look like a good person?

Why don't they believe me?

"Madam, calm down!"

Jin Kui said loudly, "What do you have to do to believe me?"

"No matter what, we won't believe you, let's die of your heart."

Bai Qianqian said with wide eyes, "If you don't let go, don't blame us for being rude!"

The fighting spirit in the crowd was soaring to the sky, and the momentum was astonishing.

To say that Jin Kui is a Heavenly Venerate, among the crowd, Meng Bai and Mi Ziwen should also break through the realm of the Supreme Heavenly Venerate, and there are three daughters of Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang and Bai Qianqian in the same realm.

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As long as they are not false gods, they have nothing to fear now.

"Do not impulse!"

Jin Kui waved his hands again and again and said, "If you don't believe it, you can ask the city lord."

"Forget it, the city owner can't blame me, but I've already come to greet you. If you refuse to enter the city, what can I do?"

"Three ladies, when the time comes, you have to help me explain to the city master."

"It's not that I didn't come, it's that you don't believe me!"

Jin Kui

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All sighed, turned around and flew into Tongguan City.

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