Heroes of Marvel - Chapter 101 doubt

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The test results came out very quickly. The palladium in Tony's body was really removed, and the 0.7% content may be a point that leaked out of the Ark reactor this morning.

"Call! It turned out to be true!" Tony, who saw the test results, leaned back on the chair and felt a sense of no return from the edge of death.

"However, what is going on here?! I have clearly detected the palladium content of 32% yesterday. How did the toxin disappear after one night!?" Although the palladium in the body disappeared, Tony was very Happy, but he doesn't understand why.


Tony, who was trying to figure out what was going on, directly removed the Ark reaction furnace from the chest. There was no accident, and the palladium inside was still ablated and penetrated into him. If this continues, after more than a month, Tony will die because of palladium poisoning. Unless he does not use the Ark reactor, of course this is impossible.

Replaced with a complete palladium block to replace the one that has begun to melt, Tony put the Ark reactor back to the chest, he may not be able to do this in his life.

"Since it is not the cause of the Ark reaction furnace, then where is the problem?... Jarvis! Transfer all my yesterday's itinerary, the most detailed!" Tony, who was hangover for one night, did not remember yesterday. What, he needs to let Jarvis remember for himself. Perhaps he can find the reason for the removal of palladium toxins from what he did yesterday.

"Over...over...over...stop! No, over..." The computer screen quickly played every thing Tony did yesterday, because he wore steel armor most of the time, so Jarvis’s record was Very detailed. However, I have been seeing a party at home in the evening, and Tony has not found a reason to relieve palladium poisoning.





On the screen, when Tony was drunk last night, he fried things in the hall and saw his dangerous move. The sober Tony brow wrinkled tightly.

boom! boom! boom!

"Rodi is too embarrassed to start! It turns out that the injury on my face is like this!" To see the screen being pressed against the ground by Rodi, Tony was a little unhappy. Of course, he knows that this is his own.

"Oh, it seems that Jackson is still facing me, did not let Rodi disfigured me." Tony saw Lin Rui wearing a steel shirt to stop Roddy.

"Well! This attitude is very good! However, why do you want to compare it with me? Is it not good to give Roddy a shot? Anyway, wearing steel armor and not killing." Seeing Lin Rui in order to prevent Rodi from taking the steel armor Lifting the palm of his hand, Tony spit in front of the screen.

Looking at Rodi's angry take off of the steel armor, Tony felt a little uncomfortable. However, when he remembered what he had done to Pep before, Tony's mood was even lower. Finally, in the entire destroyed hall, Lin Rui, who was still accompanied by the fainting on the stage, was left.

Watching Lin Rui help himself take off his steel armor, drag himself to the sofa, pour himself a glass of water, and finally put a cup on himself and leave. Tony's favor for Lin Rui has risen steadily. Perhaps, Lin Rui's other main task is almost finished.

"The wine that I drank at the party has always been the kind I drink. I don't have any problems. I also eat it. I haven't touched anything special outside. So, is it really my own? The body has produced Anti-palladium antibodies?" After reading the video, Tony still didn't figure out what went wrong.


Unwilling Tony clicked a few back button, he has to look again carefully, this time he wants to start from the back.

"This is the last thing I drank before I went to sleep. Jackson was watching me after I finished drinking. Where did the glass come from? In the refrigerator?" Because Tony had always gathered his perspective on himself. I didn't see the cup of water from where Lin Rui came from, so he only asked this question now.

"Jarvis, look at where Jackson gave me the water." Seems to find a clue, Tony quickly told Jarvis.

"Yes! Sir." Soon, Jarvis called out the video of Lin Rui's action last night.

"The cup was taken from the kitchen, but I didn't get the water in the refrigerator. Well? What is he doing?" Seeing Lin Rui put the cup on the table, then reached out and took something out of his pocket and poured it in. Tony asked with suspicion.

"I don't know, sir, it seems to be just some water." Jarvis replied truthfully.

"Would you like to have a glass of water in your pocket when you attend the party? Is there a clearer picture? I want to see what Jackson has given me." Tony is almost certainly the water that Lin Rui gives himself. The palladium poisoning in the body was relieved, so he had to know what Lin Rui had put in the cup.

Soon, Jarvis changed his camera with a clearer angle and took all of Lin Rui’s actions. Under the slow lens, Tony still didn't see what Lin Rui had pulled out of his pocket. There was only one pouring motion, and then a glass of water appeared in the cup on the table~www.novelbuddy.com~ It seems that something blurs the lens at that moment.

"Magic? How did the glass of water appear? The key is, what is the glass of water? Why can it eliminate palladium poisoning!?" Tony, who did not see how Lin Rui changed the water, was even more confused. I can’t wait to grab Lin Rui and ask him in person.

"Jarvis! Calling Jackson, I said that I have something to see him, very important thing!" Tony didn't want to delay for a second, Tony shouted loudly.

"Yes, sir. I have called Mr. Jackson and are waiting to be connected."


"Sir, Mr. Jackson's phone is not answered." Waiting for a while, Jarvis did not get through Lin Rui's phone.


"Go, let's go to his school to find him!" Stand up from the chair, Tony wants to go to Lin Rui personally. If he does not solve this phenomenon, Tony can't calm down.

"Sir, high school is already on holiday, and Mr. Jackson should not be at school now." Jarvis calmly reminded him of the words of Tony.

Tony: "..."

"Jackson, what did you drink for me?!"

Lin Rui’s drink to Tony is of course the low-level holy spring that he has not been willing to use. In order not to let Tony continue to suffer from the poisoning of palladium, he does not want to see Tony’s spirit slowly collapse. Lin Rui quietly last night. Pour the low-level holy spring to Tony and drink it.

Because Lin Rui is taken directly from the system space, Jarvis's camera can't shoot that clear picture. However, if Lin Rui knows that his action has been seen by Tony, he may not be so careless. Now, he has to find a suitable reason for his small negligence.


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