Heroes of the Invincible Undead - Chapter 2788 way out

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The flames condensed around her body were once again shattered by the Lord of Hell, and the Flaming Girl let out an angry moan, and a sense of badness began to spread in her heart.

Even if the flames of the world are withdrawn, there is still an insurmountable gap between her and the master of hell. The gap is big enough to make anyone feel hopeless. In front of the master of hell, her flames are like a child's play. Can't hurt it. If it wasn't for the earth elemental monarch who rushed to help, she might have fallen under the blade of doom.

Edmund, who is the ruler of the earth element, also feels troubled at this moment. He has broken free from the seal and can manipulate the gravity of the world at will, but even if he exerts a million times the gravity on the master of hell, even **** is there. He continued to sink under the gravity, and he had nothing to do with the person in front of him. Instead, he continued to stay in the trial domain. Even he felt a crisis. It seemed that if he continued to stay here, it would not be long before there would be Something terrible happened.

"Flem, we'd better leave quickly." The earth elemental monarch suggested in his deep voice.

However, the flame girl was unable to do so. Her heart, imprisoned by her crimes, cut off the possibility of escaping. No matter how she responded, it was difficult to escape the coming trial. It was a force stronger than the rules, and there was no way Change.

Space spells cannot save her. Even if her body flees with the earth elemental monarch, her soul will be left behind by the Judgment Realm to meet the final liquidation.

"Get ready for the trial." Lucifer said calmly, looking at the trembling Flaming Girl who wanted to escape, but there was nothing she could do. No one could escape his trial, and fate could not hinder his steps.

Everything seems to be a foregone conclusion. Facing the master of **** with the power of destiny, the flame girl has met an unmatched opponent this time. In the face of the doomsday fire contained in the divine sword, all her actions are so insignificant, as if Just a faint flame.

At this moment, she began to regret a little, maybe she shouldn't be so arrogant, relying on herself to take back all the flames in the world, she came to provoke the arrogant king, if it was in other places, even if the arrogant king found him, she would be able to escape in time , but this opportunity is now clearly lost. What awaits her will be the most tragic trial in the doomsday, and no matter what efforts she makes, she will not be able to change this result.

At the time of the crisis, the flame girl was suddenly moved, and she felt a familiar aura.

In the depths of hell, a gust of wind suddenly swept through, and the roar of lightning could be faintly heard. The giant made of the storm withstood the blow of the arrogant king for the flame girl. The air elemental monarch also arrived in time at this moment.

As the air elemental monarch, Thelma is better at controlling the strong wind than lightning. When he showed the true face of the elemental monarch, he was the giant born in the endless storm. What made the Flame Girl slightly startled was that there was also a human man who arrived with the Storm Giant.

"Thelma, who asked you to help me?"

Facing the air elemental monarch who came to help her, the flame girl didn't give him a good face, but let out a cold snort, and even expressed dissatisfaction with his arrival in her words, she seemed to have no memory of the predicament she faced just now, and still It's a domineering attitude.

If the flame girl remembers correctly, it was Telma who took out the treasure of the crown of hundreds of feathers, which caused her, who is also the elemental monarch, not to be reconciled to being robbed of all the limelight by Telma, driven by jealousy. , she had no choice but to go deep into hell, intending to take the artifact from the hands of the arrogant king.

What she didn't expect was that the power of the arrogant king was far beyond her expectations. Even she, who has taken back all the flames in the world, is not the opponent of the arrogant king. Under the blade of doom, the arrogant king will judge everything in the world , Elemental Monarch is no exception.

"You should be more worried about yourself." Facing the unrepentant attitude of the Flaming Girl, Thelma could only shake her head, "If it wasn't for Rhodes who discovered that you were in danger through the Earth Elemental Lord, and informed me in time , you may be in trouble this time."


The Flaming Girl froze for a moment, then turned her gaze to the human man who arrived with Thelma. Thelma wouldn't lie to her about this kind of thing. If Rhodes hadn't discovered her abnormality, even Thelma would have no way of knowing what happened deep underground.

After arriving here, the air elemental monarch raised an endless gust of wind, which cooperated with the earth elemental monarch's 10,000 times the gravity, abruptly stopping the arrogant king's steps. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the flame girl flashed and came to Rhodes' side .

"I can't see that you care about me so much." Looking at Rhodes, she said proudly.

The corner of Rhode's mouth twitched, and he was only slightly out of the predicament. The Flame Maiden returned to her original nature immediately, and she seemed to have completely forgotten that she almost fell into the hands of the arrogant king just now. Should she be said to be arrogant? Or do you not change your nature?

Coincidentally, through the Eternal Magic Eye, Rhodes saw the scene where Sariel called the earth elemental monarch. Rhodes was also very curious about the gathered elemental monarchs. He thought they had some special plan and wanted to see if Fromm knew something, but he couldn't find her in the magic city. problem occurs.

"I didn't expect you to make such a crazy move and come to provoke the arrogant king. This is really..."

Rhodes commented helplessly that no one knew the horror of the arrogant king better than him.

The arrogant king Lucifer, he is the real protagonist of the third expansion pack. The Doomsday Blade in his hand gathers the sins of the entire hell. The world boss fought by millions of players, he will be the enemy of the entire surface world, and he will cause the final doomsday. The kings of the doomsday used endless fighting to pave the final stage for him.

In Rhode's view, the Arrogant King is also the only one who can still contend with the hero Morrill after he has completely mastered the time domain. His power is enough to rewrite the entire world, and Rhodes can only fight against it. Choose to give in.

What Rhodes didn't expect was that the Flaming Girl dared to come directly to provoke the arrogant king. In Rhodes' view, this behavior was no different from courting death. Rhodes didn't know why the Flaming Girl had such an idea, but he was right I don't agree with this, if it wasn't for the help of the other two elemental monarchs, she would have died now.

As if sensing Rhode's blame and confusion from Rhode's eyes, the Flaming Girl shut her mouth and defended herself in a low voice: "It's all because of Thelma, it's because he gave you the Hundred Feathers Crown that I wanted to find you." A stronger artifact, and it's all his fault..."

"All you put your mind on the Blade of Doom?" Rhodes' eyes twitched, and the Flaming Girl was even crazier than he imagined. Rhodes has always been known for acting decisively, but he didn't expect the Flaming Girl to be more reckless than her. As a result, she even gave up her life to seize the Doomsday Blade. Is she really jealous of the king, not greedy for the king?

"What are you looking at me for?" Being stared at by Rhodes all the time, she couldn't help but blushed a little with the temper of the flame girl, "Rhods, find a way to kill him quickly, that Excalibur is mine It's over!"

Listening to the flame girl's order, Rhodes didn't catch his breath, not to mention how he could kill the protagonist of the third expansion when the momentum of the third expansion was in full swing, and go against the general trend of the whole world. Once he really did it, the Excalibur should also belong to him. Why was it reserved by the Flaming Girl? Can he still reserve the spoils in advance?

In any case, with the arrival of Rhodes and Thelma, the Flame Maiden is temporarily out of danger, but it is only a temporary respite. No one knows what will happen in the future. If she continues to stay in the field of judgment, there will be no harm. What a great result.

Rhodes noticed that when he appeared, the energy of admiration on the top of the flame girl's head increased significantly, and the amount of increase in a moment was enough to be worth hundreds of days of accumulation. Fill up completely.

Shaking his head, Rhodes set his sights on the battlefield, watching the two elemental monarchs join forces to face Lucifer with the black six wings, Rhodes wanted to join the battle, and tried whether the Titan Arrow in his hand was more tenacious , or the blade of doom is more brilliant, but he stopped this thought after all.

Perhaps when he is promoted to a legend and obtained the special blessing of the legendary rank, he will be able to have the qualifications to fight against the arrogant king, but for him now, it is still too reluctant to do so. Due to the existence of Molly who turned back time, in order to prevent her from seeing through the details of her own legend, Rhode deliberately did not promote to legend. Facing the most powerful arrogant king in the world, these small gaps are enough to determine the final result.

Rhodes didn't shake the head of the arrogant king because of the flame girl's words. The most urgent thing now is to take her away safely.

Logically speaking, the safety of the Elemental Sovereign has nothing to do with Rhodes. It is the best choice for the Elemental Sovereign and the Arrogant Sovereign to kill each other. De did not do this, he decided to save the fire elemental monarch.

On the head of the Fire Elemental Monarch, there is only the last part of the energy that belongs to her. If she falls now, it would be a pity for Rhodes. Even if Rhodes successfully seized the position of the Fire Elemental Monarch He needs to spend a hundred years in the elemental plane of fire, but Rhodes does not have such time. Whether it is the doomsday war that affects the world or the fourth expansion that may exist He will not be given such a chance.

Out of various considerations, Rhodes finally chose to take the initiative to save the flame girl who was about to fall under the pressure of the arrogant king.

Sensing Rhodes' glance at her, the Flame Maiden let out a soft snort. Anyway, even as an elemental monarch, she was rescued by Rhodes who always verbally offended her when she was in danger. It was also an unforgettable experience, and she had already made up her mind that if she could escape safely this time, forget about the things that offended her before, and she would not pursue it again.

Rhodes didn't know what the flame girl was thinking. If he could know, he would show a helpless expression. No matter what he said, he would risk offending the arrogant king and save the flame girl from death. , don't ask her to return anything, just to offset the previous things, it is too unreasonable.

Fortunately, Rhodes didn't know this, and the flame girl was not yet completely out of danger, and the threat of the arrogant king was still there. The top priority now was how to break the effect of the Judgment Domain and take her to escape from the arrogant king safely.

"Rods, he imprisoned my soul with crime. Don't you have another source of crime? With the power of the source of crime, you can temporarily break the realm of judgment."

Just as Rhodes was thinking, the Flame Maiden seemed to have noticed something, and she took the initiative to speak to Rhodes, her expression seemed a little complicated.

Rhodes has another set of news about the source of crime, only a few people know it, and the flame girl is one of them. That's the news Rhodes had to reveal to her when he explained the origin of the burning domain , otherwise, there is no way to explain why the domain that belongs to the fire elemental monarch now appears on him.

The Flame Maiden obviously remembered Rhodes' words, and when she was trapped in the Judgment Domain, the first thing she thought of was the source of the crimes on Rhodes.

Even the arrogant king, who was fighting with the two elemental monarchs of rusticity, was stunned for a moment when he heard the news about the source of his crimes, and the afterimage left by the gravity storm was also a beat slower than before.

The news of the source of crime is no small matter, that is the unique power of the stigmata. The stigmata bear all the sins of human beings, and that is the core usage of the source of sin. With the fall of the stigmata, the **** kings took away the source of sin in the world and used it as their own. foundation of strength.

Now listening to what the flame girl said, Rhodes actually has another source of crime. Even the well-informed and arrogant king was stunned for a moment, and a little doubt appeared in his heart. In my memory, from ancient times to the present, apart from the stigmata, the only one who could store the power of a whole set of sinful karma was the short-lived God-in-the-pan 500 years ago. Could it be that there is some connection between that man and the God-bearer?

Of course, Rhodes would not explain everything he had encountered to the arrogant king. After hearing what the flame girl said, he gradually gained confidence in his heart. After finding a way out of trouble, he immediately aroused the source of crime strength.

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