Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife (My Hidden Wife is Sweet) - Chapter 2844 Fu's little buns

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Chapter 2844, Fu's little buns

After the year, a group of small buns of Fu’s family became a teenager.

Youyou and Yu went to high school, and the younger son just joined junior high school with his son An An.

Only Fu Shiqin’s son is still in elementary school.

From Friday to Friday, Fu’s old house became very lively.

Yu You and Yu were the first to come back. When they entered the house, they went to the house to find their father and mother.

Fu Shengying looked at the two, but said helplessly.

"They went out, not coming back today."

"Going out again." He threw the bag on the table and spit it out. "I have never seen my dad like this. If you dare to love me, it is his true love. All three of us are accidents."

Every time two people sneak out, never bring them three.

"You don't know him the first day." Youyou has long been eccentric.

For such a father, it is already numb.

An An and the same class every year, the two went back home together, and the parents at home were not there.

"Your parents are not at home?"

"Your parents are not at home?"

The two looked at each other sympathetically and sighed in unison.

Rui Shiqin’s son, Rui Rui, is the last one to go home, unlike the handsome brothers of a few brothers, and a little cute baby fat.

As soon as I entered the house, I rushed to the front of my brother Fu Yangyang.

"Brother, my sister is holding hands with the boys today!"

The face of the food that was eating was slightly changed, and he denied it on the spot.

"What are you talking about, who am I to hold with?"

"I saw, in the morning, a boy took your hand..."

Rui Rui said very positively, and could not help but describe the other's clothing looks.

Ann and listened to it every year, and let go of the matter at hand.

"Which class, which one is holding you?"

“How long did it take?”

"He is holding you, or are you holding him?"


That type of frame seems to be to find people and smash the people.

Yu You listened to the description of the fourth brother, and suddenly remembered the school grass that had just been transferred, and slowly looked at his sister.

"Fu Yuting, tell the truth."

"Brother, I really don't." He said as he quietly hid his hand behind him.

Youyou put down his homework and pulled people up from the sofa.

"Go, go wash your hands!"

The brothers couldn't help but say that they had pulled the person to the bathroom, and almost didn't wash her hand off a layer of skin.

"Say you how many times, don't go too close to the boys, and even hold hands with people?"

"How old are you, just hold hands with people?"

"The last time I received a love letter, it hasn't been counted with you yet."


He was caught by several younger brothers, but he washed off half a bottle of hand sanitizer.

"Say I can't hold hands with the boys, aren't you boys?"

She told them a few schools, but where the school boy wrote her a letter, came over and said two words to her.

Not being scared to see her, she ran away, and was directly scared to transfer.

This group of people is her brother and brother, it is simply a group of devils.

Fu Yangyang came out and said directly to Fu Shengying.

"Grandpa, still send her to the girls' school, our school is not safe."

I thought that the school had a few of their brothers staring, and no one would not be afraid to die to approach her.

As a result, it was still impossible to prevent, one did not pay attention, and the hands were taken.

One person can't compete with them. When Fu Shiqin came back from work, he immediately complained.

"Uncle, you manage them and bully people."

"Dad, my sister was led by the boy." Ruirui reported the situation to his father in time.

When Fu Shiqin heard it, his face was suddenly serious.

"Which school, which class?"

"How do you guys do it at school, haven't you seen it?"


"..." I am speechless.

He shouldn't have hope, and the two uncles and uncles are all a group with these brothers.

In this family, she is too difficult for this girl.

(End of this chapter)

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