Hunter × Hunter: The Seven Deadly Sins - Chapter 820 Illumi vs Katakuri III

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Hunter x Hunter: The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 820 Illumi vs. Katakuri 3

"What happened!?"

The center of the battlefield—on the "Queen Mother Anthem", bigmom confronted Shanks, pulled back, and turned his head to look at the three o'clock direction.

A huge wall made of seawater traversed the battlefield, and several surrounding ships were shaken violently by the impact of the shock wave.

"Huhu, it seems that even after a fierce battle, your proud son can't win that one."

Shanks panted heavily, he held the "Griffin" and pointed at the ground obliquely, his chest kept rising and falling. At this time, he was only 21 years old, and his strength was far from reaching the peak period. After hours of fierce fighting with bigmom, he He has already fallen into a disadvantage, and if he continues to fight, he will lose in a short time.

"Well, hahaha... Then I will defeat you first, and then I will defeat him!"

Laughing, igmom jumped tens of meters, raised his free left hand high, and waved vigorously.

"Shock Yu Lei!"

There was a loud "bang" on the sea, and a beam of purple thunder pillars with a diameter of 16 centimeters shot out from the top of bigmom's head and fell to the red-haired Shanks below.

"This trick is not easy to accept."

Looking at the thunder that fell from the sky, Shanks' expression froze, his right leg took a big step back, his legs were bent, and the "Griffin" in his hand was inserted into the scabbard, and suddenly pulled out.


The moment the knife was drawn out of its sheath, streaks of red current suddenly appeared on the blade of the "Griffin".

"Griffin? Luck!"

As soon as the words fell, a red thunderbolt shot straight into the sky, colliding with the purple thunderbolt falling from the sky.

"Boom card!"

The moment the two thunderbolts collided with each other, the sky and the earth paled, red lightning and purple thunder scattered all over the sky, and the wind was surging.


In the sea area where the two of them were, there was lightning and thunder, and there were explosions and loud noises when they collided from time to time. Not a single pirate ship dared to approach them in a radius of hundreds of meters.

"Well, hahaha... I really like you more and more, red-haired Shanks!"

Seeing that Shanks actually blocked his own thunderbolt, bigmom grinned, and then his body suddenly spun around at high altitude, and a circular shock wave was released.

"Elbaf's Spear? Weiguo!"

The igmom's slash turned into a series of spiral shock waves and hit Shanks. Shanks' face was solemn, and he held the knife in both hands and spun half a circle on the spot, waving it vigorously as if holding a naginata.

"Divine luck is unparalleled!"

A slash mixed with red lightning shot out from the "Griffin", and collided with bigmom's "Weiguo" in an instant.


However, the two attacks only stalemate for a short moment before being defeated by the circular shock wave of "Weiguo".


Igmom's "Weiguo" continued unabated, piercing the bow of the "Queen Mother Anthem" with a loud bang.


Shanks jumped out of the smoke, landed on the deck, and looked up.


Above Shanks' head, bigmom sang happily, "Napoleon" in his hand has become longer, covered with a layer of golden flames, and an eye and a mouth full of fangs have grown on the sword.

"Emperor Sword? Broken Blade!"

Igmom's body spun extremely flexibly and at high speed, falling down like a giant hot wheel, and "Napoleon" in his hand slashed fiercely at Shanks standing on the deck.


A red light flashed in Shanks' eyes, and the moment before bigmom landed, his body turned into red afterimages, flickering, and disappeared in place.


The moment Shanks disappeared, bigmom's attack landed on the deck, accompanied by a loud noise, golden flames gushed out and swept across the hull.

"It hurts, it hurts"

"Mom don't mom we hurt so don't hit us"

"It's hot, it's hot, mom"

"Soul and soul will be broken up mom"

Suffering heavy blows one after another, the "Queen Mother Anthem" couldn't bear such severe pain, and the ships and cake castles that were endowed with souls by bigmom wailed like songs.

Another center in the battlefield...


Yin Lumi and Katakuri are in a stalemate, wrestling with each other.

"The subordinates you protected with all your heart almost died in the shock wave of the blow just now. If you protect them like this, they must respect you and admire you when they die."

"Don't plan to break out and avenge them?"

A smile appeared on Yin Lumi's face.

"You bastard..." Katakuri's face was slightly gloomy, "Don't waste your words, this kind of thing is inevitable in the battlefield. As a pirate, you should have had this awareness when you stepped on the deck! "

"You are really ruthless."

Yin Lumi raised his eyebrows when he heard the words, showing a disappointed expression on purpose.

"Don't you think I'm going to make the same mistakes again."

Katakuri said in a deep voice, just now he was out of balance when he was devoured by those black water soldiers. His "foreseeing the future" failed to activate, which made Yin Lumi's sneak attack successful, and finally led to the sudden death of his subordinates.


Yin Lumi raised the Taidao vigorously in his hand, flicked away Katakuri's black trident, pulled back and fell on the side of the ship on the other side of the deck.

"Da da da…"

Katakuri took three steps back because of Yin Lumi's sudden increase in strength.


An earth-shattering sound came from a distance, and the two of them heard the sound and looked over. I saw that the sea area where the "Queen Mother Anthem" was located was already full of thunder, lightning and flames, and it was a scene where strangers should not come near.

"Red hair is definitely not mom's opponent, he will lose soon." Katakuri turned his head, stared at Yin Lumi with vigilance, and said in a deep voice: "When mom defeats red hair, this war will be over gone."

"Will the redhead lose to bigmom?" Yin Lumi smiled, "If that's the case, it will save me a lot of trouble."

"What do you mean?" Katakuri was puzzled when he heard the words, "Aren't you an ally with him?"

"Although I have something to tell you..." Yin Lumi turned his head and looked in the direction of twelve o'clock, UU reading www.uukanshu. com chuckled and said, "But it's too late."

"Time? Tsunami!"

Katakuri turned around suddenly, looking solemnly at the sea ahead, a "high wall" covering the sky and the sun was moving in their direction.

"Clatter clatter clatter"

Wave after wave spread over, slapping the ship, causing the ship to shake violently.

"Hey, hey, hey! The big tsunami is coming!"

The pirates and soldiers who were fighting in this sea area finally turned their attention to the desperate and terrifying tsunami.


The deafening sound of the tsunami pierced into the ears, and everyone forgot to fight and fight. The tsunami was getting bigger and bigger as it moved, and the "high wall" of tens of meters was gradually "expanded" to hundreds of meters.

"We continue to fight, and in the end we can only end up losing both sides. The navy that has been waiting for a long time will never miss it."

Yin Lumi looked at the "high wall" and said calmly:

"That old guy expected all of this, so he did his best to cause a tsunami."

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