Huoye, Madam Went To the Sky Bridge Again To Set Up a Stall - Chapter 1222 The gentleness of the third master, the deliberate protection

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  Chapter 1222 The gentleness of the third master, the deliberate protection

  Mr. Huo's sudden death caught everyone by surprise and made people feel sad.

  His funeral was simple, and all the members of the major families in the capital came to express their condolences.

   No one knew that the coffin placed in the center of the hall at this funeral was empty.

  The most controversial thing is that Mr. Huo was not buried in the Huo Family Cemetery after his death, but in Wanbaoshan Cemetery.

  Wanbaoshan, this place is too familiar to Qin Ruan.

   That was the place where she and her children were buried in her previous life, the place where she finally belonged.

  The moment she learned that Huo Yirong had arranged for the third master's cemetery, Qin Ruan finally understood why their family didn't enter the Huo family's ancestral grave in the previous life.

  Because they are people from outside the world, whether they are in the Pei family or the Qin family, they are just passing by, their origin is above the nine heavens.

  Old Master Huo collapsed the day he heard the news of the death of his most beloved grandson, and never got up again.

  The old man had been ill before, but after falling down this time, he woke up and his personnel were unknown. A generation of heroes were diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

  In the next two months, the Pei family's old house was filled with low air pressure.

  That night, after Qin Ruan had finished coaxing Ah Nuan to sleep, she just walked out of the children's room and bumped into Huo Zhi, who was approaching in a hurry.

  She learned from the other party that Mrs. Huo was in critical condition!

  That night, the old man took the time to adjust the thread, touched the bed through his clothes, and looked delirious.

  Until the moment when he closed his eyes tightly, he was still calling the third master's nickname.

  The old man was still thinking about Mr. Huo until his death.

   I don't know if he saw something, but before closing his eyes, his pale lips curled into a gratified smile.

  The other people guarding the house burst into tears the moment the old man closed his eyes.

  Only Qin Ruan was expressionless, standing in the corner in a daze, his eyes fixed on one place.

  Since the third master passed away, her soul seemed to have left her body, and she became as spiritless as a walking dead.

   At the moment when the old man's expression was not right, her empty eyes burst into a light of surprise.

   Ming Tianheng actually came to pick up Mrs. Huo himself.

  The old man had just breathed his last breath, his three souls and seven souls had not yet returned to their original positions, his consciousness was rather scattered, and he didn't know how to resist being drawn by puppetry, so he obediently let Ming Tianheng take him to the underworld.

  Qin Ruan saw Ming Tianheng ignoring her existence, and took Mrs. Huo away, raised her feet and quickly chased them, trapping them with the power comparable to that of an emperor.

   Ming Tianheng knew that when he came up to meet Qin Ruan, the other party would definitely not let it go.

  He turned his back to Qin Ruan and sighed deeply. The moment he turned around, his face was full of seriousness.

  He said in a heavy voice: "Grandma, the underworld is in chaos now, and ten thousand puppets are about to come out. Don't bother me anymore. I will go to support after completing the task. Time is tight and the task is urgent!"

  Qin Ruan ignored the strange gazes of the Huo family around him, and walked up to Ming Tianheng step by step.

  She opened her mouth and asked: "Where is the third master? Even if the spirit returns to his place, should he wander freely in the Six Realms, or is he really so cruel that we will never see our mother and son again in this life?"

  Ming Tianheng Xindao Emperor longed to come up, but he was trapped in the underworld.

He didn't show his face, he didn't dare to reveal the slightest, and his tone became more respectful: "Empress, the right and wrong grievances at present are all disasters a thousand years ago. In order to reunite your soul, and to overcome your life and death, the emperor sacrificed himself No matter how many burdens you have to bear, please do your best to let him relax for a few days."

  Thinking about these words, they actually meant to reveal the news to Qin Ruan in a vague way.

  If the other party is clear-headed enough, they should be clear that the emperor is now cleaning up the follow-up troubles of starting the time regression thousands of years ago.

  The boundary between the underworld and the human world is weakening day by day, which is caused by the opening of time retrospect thousands of years ago.

  For so many years, the emperor has been wandering in the world of mortals, and why didn't he use the gods to come down to the world to suppress the puppets. Even a trace of divine power leaked from him is enough to make many monsters and puppets shy away.

  Thousands of years are too long, and if the Lord of Fengdu City does not return to his throne, the evil puppets who have endured for nearly a thousand years may come out in full force.

  The emperor who has just returned to the throne, his divine power is still unstable, and he is in the recovery period, but he dare not delay for a moment. He took all the gods of the underworld to go to the purgatory to suppress the evil puppets.

  Qin Ruan is naturally not stupid. She belongs to the Nine-Tailed Fox God Clan of Tushan, and she understands many things in the underworld.

  Mr. Huo told her before that there is no rebirth in this world, which violates the laws of heaven.

  She was able to reunite her soul and stand here safe and sound, relying on the ability to go back in time that only Emperor Youming of Fengdu can activate.

  Back in time and other important events are closely related to many creatures in the Six Realms, and an emperor who is not careful will fall into a place of eternal doom.

  The third master chose to leave the human world so eagerly, he must go back to clean up the mess left by her.

  The grief in Qin Ruan's eyes faded away, replaced by intense heartache and sadness.

  Dijun lied to her again, saying that he would let her endure a hundred years of loneliness, obviously because he was afraid that she would know all the truth and that she would keep it in her heart.

  One year in the world, one day in the underworld.

  According to the time calculation of the two worlds, she has been in the human world for seven or eighty years in the two or three months of the underworld.

  The Emperor Youming of Fengdu returned to his throne after a thousand years, how could he suppress many evil puppets in purgatory in just two or three months.

  She was fortunate enough to temper her soul in purgatory, and knew the ugly faces of those evil puppets, and knew how cunning and greedy they were.

  Qin Ruan's already sad mood became heavier because of the third master's concealment and the last kind concealment to her.

  Why is her third master so gentle and considerate of her in everything.

  It was obviously her fault, but she was reluctant to hurt her at all.

   He clearly said that he would punish her and let her have a long memory, but in the end it was a deliberate protection.

   The catastrophe of the underworld caused by thousands of puppets will not end in a hundred years. She lives in the world and still blames the third master, saying that she is a wolf-hearted dog.

  During these two months of turmoil, Qin Ruan was not only thinking about the third master who had passed away every day, but also reflecting on himself.

  When doubts arise between the right and wrong of a matter, then from the beginning of doubt, the matter itself tends to be wrong.

   After a thousand years, Qin Ruan once again experienced heartache and regret.

  She was wrong again this time.

  She thought that the third master was cruel, but in fact, he was the most ruthless towards her.

  Qin Ruan let go of the golden power wrapped around Ming Tianheng's body, and a weak smile appeared on her pale face.

  She whispered softly: "I will live well and let the emperor wait for me. It's only a hundred years. When I return to see him, let him pay me for eternal life."

  At that time, the evil puppets of purgatory in Fengdu City should not have been suppressed, and the barrier of purgatory would take the emperor a hundred years to repair.

  At that time, she will stand beside the emperor as Aruan, the princess of the fox clan, and help him with the power of the gods.

   Fengdu City is the place where she fell thousands of years ago, and it will also be the place where she stands up again. She will look down on the gods of the six worlds and let everyone see that the emperor's efforts are rewarded.

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