I Can View Character Attributes - Chapter 442 Feng Wenbin is missing

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"Boss, no good, Professor Feng is missing!"

The sudden bad news made Xia Xu's face change suddenly.

"What's the situation? How did you disappear?"

Xia Xu's voice sank.

Feng Wenbin, this is currently Xinghai Biology's chief expert in medicinal chemistry, and his status is no worse than Gu Haiming and Yang Xiaoshuang.

Although a large number of scientific research teams were conquered after capturing the hidden base of the Gardner organization last time, these three people are still the core of the core of Xinghai creatures, and any accident to any of them will be enough for him.

"Yesterday, Professor Feng took people to the Maasai tribe to collect drug samples, but we couldn't get in touch with them after that. After we arrived along the positioning device, only the wreckage of the jeep they were riding in was left..."

On the other end of the phone, a director of Xinghai Security Black State branch bit the bullet and reported.

The place in Heizhou is notoriously chaotic. It is common for people to be robbed while walking on the road in the middle of the night. Many of them even climbed over the wall and entered the house directly. Those rich mansions cannot be lived in unless they are connected to the power grid and hire a group of bodyguards.

However, this is obviously a huge natural market for Xinghai Security, which operates the security business, and firearms are not allowed in the local area, so it is the best place for blood and fire experience.

Therefore, as early as a few months ago, Xia Xu had arranged for people from Xinghai Security to open a branch in Heizhou, and all the personnel went to the local area for rotation.

But in fact, these are just secondary. Xia Xu's original intention of opening the Black State branch was actually as an advance station to prepare for obtaining the vision-enhancing secret medicine of the local Maasai people.

You must know that the eyesight of the Maasai people is strong enough to form the entry [Eye of Maasai] in the special attribute column.

Although there are reasons for the Maasai people's own talents, it is also inseparable from the Marseille secret medicine they have mastered. From a long time ago, when he saw it from Grant's Maasai teammate, he was very fond of it. Hungry.

Even now, the secret medicine of Marseille's eye is definitely extremely valuable. The strengthening of the five senses is very practical for anyone. If the [Heavenly Soldiers] project has an additional link to strengthen the five senses, it will become more perfect.

Because of this, after the establishment of the branch office, he sent Feng Wenbin to take charge of the overall situation.

Everything was going smoothly. Although the formula could not be purchased directly from the elders of the Maasai tribe, the Maasai tribe was not completely monolithic. They still obtained a small amount of finished products of the secret medicine as samples.

According to Feng Wenbin's speculation, even if the relatively primitive tribes of the Maasai are nomadic, they are within a fixed range, and the ingredients of this secret medicine must also be the surrounding animals and plants.

Therefore, he stayed in the local area, while analyzing the animal and plant components around the local Maasai tribe, while comparing with the samples, trying to deduce the specific formula of the secret medicine.

Until today, I suddenly heard the bad news.

"Have you analyzed the scene? Have you found anything?"

Xia Xu took a deep breath and resisted the urge to curse.

He is very fond of top scientific research talents like Feng Wenbin, so naturally he will not let them take any risky actions.

This trip to Heizhou can be said to be well-prepared. Xinghai security guards are at the front station, and the entry and exit are all custom-made bulletproof vehicles accompanied by elite security teams. Usually, the head of a country travels in this posture.

Since Xinghai Group took the stage, he basically arranged a dedicated security team for all the core personnel of the group, but even among these people, Feng Wenbin's guards were top-notch.

However, I never thought that something would happen like this.

Now that the matter has come to this point, it's useless to be annoyed and held accountable. Xia Xu can only keep himself calm, and carefully ask about the situation and clues.

Before notifying him, the director of the Black State Branch naturally did a series of searches and investigations. If it wasn't completely impossible, he wouldn't bite the bullet and notify him.

According to the report of the branch manager, Feng Wenbin took people around the Maasai tribe to collect samples as usual today, but the person disappeared mysteriously halfway.

Alarmed by the loss of contact with Feng Wenbin's accompanying team, the Heizhou Branch immediately rushed to the incident site according to the vehicle's locator, but only saw the jeep left behind, and there were obvious traces of firefights and mine blasts around.

Obviously, this was a premeditated armed attack.

This group was familiar with Feng Wenbin's course of action, and had placed mines on the path in advance.

There are no roads in Heizhou, especially near where the Maasai tribe is located. It is a dry grassland with sparse vegetation, and it is common to be side by side with lions and elephants.

Therefore, the routes of the vehicles there are relatively random. Without premeditated long-term observation, it is impossible to accurately grasp Feng Wenbin's usual travel routes and time.

But this is also good news, the other side can't have spent so much trouble just to kill people, and Feng Wenbin's body was not found at the scene, so they should still be alive now.


Seeking revenge?

Is it purely kidnapping and extortion by local forces, or is it aimed at yourself and the Xinghai Group?

Countless thoughts flashed through Xia Xu's mind, and he finally took a deep breath: "I'll take people there tomorrow, you should search as much as you can first, and ask local snakes for information."

In the past two months, the Xinghai Group has been in the limelight too much, and it has attracted too much attention. In addition, the upgrade of the [Heavenly Soldiers] project is needed, so the most elite S-level teams and A-level teams in Xinghai Security are currently They all stayed in the country.

But now that there is a problem with Feng Wenbin, he has to dispatch people to go there no matter what.

"Old Zhou, Walker, you guys have to work overtime today, hurry up and change the size of the graphene combat uniform for me, and..."

After hanging up the phone, Xia Xu ordered Zhou Ji, Walker and the others vigorously.

Going to Heizhou this time must be dangerous, so we can't leave behind in terms of equipment.

Because of the transformation of the [Heavenly Soldiers] project, his body shape has changed a bit, and equipment such as graphene combat uniforms need to be readjusted.

Since I came back, I have been busy with the technology of Giant Spirit God Power Armor and Promise Armor. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com has never been able to put this matter on the agenda, so Walker and the others need to work overtime.

"No problem, just let us know if you need help."

Zhou Ji and the others also understood the seriousness of the matter from the few words and changes in his expression just now, so they didn't say much, followed Xia Xu to leave Xinghai Network, and headed into the activity room after returning to school.

Xia Xu also directly started to mobilize equipment and shakers. Several senior teams of Xinghai Security who were not on missions, as well as A Tuo, Yang Bowen and He Qing who are good at searching, and other Jiuyang consulting members were all notified to be in place.

"I'd like to see how confident the early bird that jumped out first is."

This time Xia Xu was really cruel.

There were quite a few people staring at the Xinghai Group, but this was the first case where a forceful attack actually started directly.

This head must not be opened, if these people cannot be killed as an example, the various forces that see the Xinghai Group's weakness will definitely rush up one after another.

Two fists are hard to beat with four hands, and when the wall is knocked down and everyone is pushing, the Xinghai Group will be eaten up by these hyenas, not to mention that the Xinghai Group is far from fully developed.

Once many forces attack together, whether it is targeting the management or the industry, the Xinghai Group will be devastated, so this time it is necessary to beat up those who take the lead.

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