I Eat Monsters In the Town Monster - Chapter 1095 Hair Gu

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What rushed towards Qin Shaoyou was a statue of Maitreya Buddha several meters high.

This stone statue was originally sitting on a stone lotus throne in the courtyard of Donglin Temple.

The moment Qin Shaoyou destroyed the temple gate and courtyard wall and stepped into Donglin Temple, it came to life.

At this moment, Flying Body leaped high from the stone carved lotus throne, and with tremendous strength, pressed against Qin Shaoyou with the momentum of Mount Tai, trying to crush him into a pulp.

"Go away!"

At this moment, Qin Shaoyou just wanted to rush over to rescue Xue Xiaobao, Xu Ba'an and others, and he didn't want to get entangled with this Maitreya Buddha statue at all.

With a cold shout, he punched out.

[Vortex Pressure] and [Burning Explosion] two talents were activated at the same time, which raised the blood energy of the third-rank martial artist to a higher level, and swept towards the Maitreya Buddha statue like a tsunami engulfing the world.


With just one punch, this menacing Maitreya Buddha statue was smashed to pieces by Qin Shaoyou.

Not only that, Qin Shaoyou's blood energy instantly turned into flames, engulfing and burning the broken stones.

Although Qin Shaoyou's [Bright Eyes] did not see the invisible Gu on this Maitreya Buddha statue, it is impossible for the Buddha statue to really 'live'.

Either it was controlled by Gu insects, or it was driven by spells, or there were ghosts hidden in it.

No matter what the reason is, it will definitely be useful to burn it with blood fire.

That's exactly what happened.

After the Maitreya Buddha statue was destroyed, those fragments of rubble were still aggressive and wanted to attack Qin Shaoyou.

But before they could sneak attack Qin Shaoyou, the **** flames enveloped them first, and they were quickly burned to the ground without moving.

Among the burnt debris, Qin Shaoyou saw something that looked like hair threads.

However, they have all been burnt into coke, and it is impossible to distinguish their original colors.

"What kind of spell is this? Is this stone statue actually a marionette?"

Although Qin Shaoyou was curious, the speed of the Mercedes-Benz did not weaken at all.

"It's hair gu."

Daoist Qiu Shi is worthy of being a professional. Although these Gu worms shaped like hair and silk threads have been burnt beyond recognition, he still recognized them at a glance.

"Hairy Gu is refined from corpse hair, they are somewhat similar to the three corpses.

It's just that the three corpses are mostly parasitic outside the body, and they can only manipulate living things. Hair Gu is different, they parasitize in the body, not only can manipulate living things, but can also control dead things through the elongated hair.

In Jiaozhi, Siam and other places, there are quite a few wizards who use hair voodoo to manipulate **** statues and pretend to be gods to appear in order to deceive the world..."

Zhu Xiucai was afraid that there might still be some worms alive in this group of hair worms, so he carefully passed by, and said in amazement: "Old Qiu, you are the best. These worms have been burned to ashes, and you can still recognize them?"

Daoist Qiu Shi shook his head and said, "I can recognize them not by looking at their appearance, but by inferring them from their parasitic characteristics."

Cui Yougui, who didn't get a chance to show off along the way, looked around at this moment, raised his eyebrows and said:

"This hair Gu is probably the skill of Li Tingfang's group of Miao witches. Since they can use hair Gu to control Buddha statues, will they also use this thing to control the monks in the temple?"

As soon as Brother Cui's voice fell, Qin Shaoyou's expression changed slightly, but through [Debate Listening], he heard a mess of footsteps.

Immediately afterwards, he saw a group of people pouring out of Donglin Temple, rushing towards them like a tide, trying to block their way and surround them.

In this group of people, there are monks with bald heads, believers who do odd jobs and help in the temple, and some scholars who live in the temple.

But at this moment, everyone's eyes were red and their expressions were ferocious, more like beasts than people.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Xiucai couldn't help scolding his mother: "Old man, did you open your mouth with a crow? You can speak more words than my power words... My lord, what should I do?"

These are ordinary people, even innocent people. Of course, Qin Shaoyou and the others can't destroy them roughly like they did with the stone lions and stone Buddhas before.

Long before Zhu Xiucai asked the question, Qin Shaoyou had already let out his blood, trying to blow away the group of people who stopped him.

But after doing it, he discovered that under the effect of hair Gu, this group of people erupted with extraordinary strength, and they managed to hold his blood and not be blown away.

If Qin Shaoyou increased the power of his blood energy, he would naturally be able to blow these people away, but looking at their blood spurting now, he knew that the hairy gu was completely squeezing their vitality.

I'm afraid that before they are blown away by the blood energy, they may not be able to withstand the pressure of the hair gu, and die due to the explosion of blood!

Qin Shaoyou can't do things that hurt innocent people.

But if it is to destroy the hairy bug in these human bodies, although Qin Shaoyou can do it, it will take time.

But now, what he can't afford to waste the most is time.

If it is delayed for too long on these people, it will definitely affect the rescue of Xue Xiaobao, Xu Ba'an and others.

Zhu Xiucai saw this situation and asked anxiously just now.

Fortunately, Qin Shaoyou has other skills that can come in handy at this moment.

He didn't care about answering Zhu Xiucai's question, but just turned on [General Soul].

In an instant, Zhu Xiucai, Cui Yougui and others who followed Qin Shaoyou felt a surge of fighting spirit rising in their hearts.

As for the monks, believers and scholars who were controlled by the hairy gu and rushed towards them, their faces were terrified, trembling, they stopped their forward momentum and stood there dumbfounded, being directly intimidated by the [general soul].

In fact, it was not these people who were shocked, but the hairy gu that manipulated their bodies and consciousness.

Qin Shaoyou took advantage of the moment when the hair gu was unable to move, and used the Shuangmantian movement technique to quickly pass through the crowd, leaving a sentence at the same time:

"Senior Brother Qiu, you take a few brothers to stay and get rid of the hairy bug in these people."

Before Daoist Qiu Shi could speak, Su Jianqing agreed first: "Leave this kind of thing to me."

She released the baby ghost, and together they rushed towards the group of people controlled by the furry gu.

The translucent soul body got into the bodies of these people with a 'swish', and soon found the hair Gu that was so intimidated that they could not move, and forcibly pulled them out from the internal organs of these people.

Until now, everyone could see the appearance of the hair gu clearly.

At first glance, they really look a bit like hair, but upon closer inspection, they not only have sharp mouthparts and suction cups, but also have countless pairs of small claws with thin hooks.

These mouthparts, suction cups, and sharp claws allow them to easily bite open human flesh and absorb them into the human body.

That is to say, the hairy Gu was intimidated by Qin Shaoyou's [General Soul], otherwise, even if Su Jianqing and Yinggui got into the bodies of these people, it would be difficult to find the hairy Gu.

Because this kind of Gu insects are very cunning, they are very good at hiding themselves, and if something goes wrong, they will detonate the host, which is quite vicious.

Seeing the hairy Gu being pulled out, Daoist Qiu Shi immediately took out several bottles and cans from his bosom, opened them and poured out some unknown medicinal powder, and sprinkled them on the hairy Gu that was pulled out and struggling to escape.

The hair Gu was instantly corroded, turning into puddles of pus exuding a strange smell.

At the same time, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com Qin Shaoyou took Cui Yougui and others to the place where he had smelled blood and heard screams.

This place is actually a garden with elegant scenery.

However, under the **** moonlight, there were people lying all over the ground in this courtyard.

There is an ugly sarcoma all over the belly of each person, and it looks like they are pregnant together.

But these 'pregnant' people are all men.

There is only one update today, because there is another person in the family who is in the sun.

I feel like I am waiting to go to the execution ground now, but I just don't know when I will go.

This feeling of waiting for Yang is simply annoying.

(end of this chapter)

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