I Have Medicine - Chapter 393 The same world

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Of course, it’s just a little stay.

Those who surrounded the youth discovered the invasion of outsiders. The first reaction was to lift the gun and slam the gun.

But then, what shocked them happened!

I saw those bullets flying out of the moment, and suddenly exploded in the middle of the road, blasting a spark, there is no exception.

We suddenly had fear in our hearts, and then we couldn't help but shoot all the time, almost wanting to shoot all the bullets.



All the bullets, all burst at the moment of shooting!

And the ones who were shot by them were unscathed...

This can be described as a peak turn, the young man with a broken leg quickly sneaked to the side, and his mind has produced countless ideas, and his heart is very shocked.

Who is he? What is this ability? !

The honest man and the many of us finally found ourselves in a hard scorpion. After the shooting was useless, several kids who knew that they were brave enough to urinate their pants, they didn’t even think that there would be such a weird thing happening - even the guns they were proud of were useless. !

The smug mood that had previously been able to intimidate the young master was turned into nothing at this moment.

The honest man was passing through. He saw that the man had no extra movements after he left. He suppressed the fear in his heart and shivered and said: "Your, we just offended, if you just crossed the road, please leave. Here, how?"

Immediately afterwards, he stared at the youth, and he was not on the slightest.

Then, the dress was weird--an extremely handsome young man spoke up. His voice was soft, but the tone was a bit strange, but undoubtedly, very nice.

"Do not."

If a man's pupil is severely contracted, he must resist immediately!

At the same moment, the young man opened his fingers and gently grabbed them -

In an instant, more than 20 people present, including the thick man, seemed to be caught by an invisible force, unable to breathe and unable to move. They can't move their fingers, let alone use the weapons in their hands. In such a terrible squeeze, they only lost consciousness after just a few seconds.

The only awake young man with a broken calf found his face stunned, the traitor, and the dog legs that chased him and his men. Their bodies instantly became distorted, and in the next moment, their heads also Like the bullets that just burst, all burst open!

Twenty people died at the same time, and they died so badly.

The young man wanted to escape for a moment, but he quickly restrained his impulses. Not to mention that his calf injury is very difficult to escape, just to say that the ability of this sudden appearance, let him know that "to escape" is just a fantasy.

At present, although he does not know why the other party has not killed him, he must have a great relationship with him. He has to do his best to keep his own life.

As a result, the young man barely supported the body to stand up and said to the man: "I am Zhang Bohan, the grandson of Zhang family of this generation, and there are some small businesses in the family... This time I came across things and met a traitor. Fortunately, there was a gentleman who saved my life. If Mr. does not mind, please let Bohan treat the gentleman and thank him."

The man stepped out step by step, with no expression on his face. His eyes were as heavy as water, like a thick cloud hidden in his heart, as if he touched it, it would cause him great anger.

His momentum makes people involuntarily ignore his appearance, although his appearance is so flawless and beautiful, it is still only called Zhang Bohan fear, and will not produce a sense of closeness.

The man slowly said: "The public scorpio." His gaze finally fell on the face of Zhang Bohan, "leading the way."


Zhang Bohan did not dare to bring people directly home, not to mention that he did not know what is happening in the family, so he simply led people into his villa in a suburb.

This villa was bought by himself personally in his early years. The place was relatively hidden. Later, when he returned to the family and slowly took over the family business, he did not come again, and no one else knew.

It is now a retreat.

Because time is still early, Zhang Bohan has been reluctant to take the dark road, the wearing a weird comet did not attract the attention of many people, and when I entered the villa, Zhang Bohan greeted the comet, and the tension in my heart did not fade. .

Then Zhang Bohan found that the comet was sitting on the sofa very freely. He couldn't see his half thoughts from his expression, and he didn't know what he was. He was even more embarrassed that the other party did not take the initiative to speak.

After hesitating for a while, Zhang Bohan got up and slammed into a cup of tea to send it, only to organize the language, and slowly said: "Mr. Gongyi’s kindness is not a meal, but can return, Mr. If there are any requirements, you can order it."

Then, the public scorpio raised his eyes: "Give me a set of changeable clothes first."

Zhang Bohan screamed: "Mr. is going to... bathe?"

The look of the public scorpio is as calm as water: "Not bad."

Zhang Bohan quickly smiled and said: "It turned out to be the case. Also, Mr. I am afraid I really need to take a bath to solve the problem."

On the one hand, Zhang Bohan took the public scorpio to the shower room on the second floor, and placed the things inside, and what kind of brief reminder is the switch. Then he turned and took the door.

Only leave a public celestial person, standing in the shower room.

He has been calm to a cold look, only to slowly reveal a trace of thoughtful.

This continent...is very weird.

Yes, the public scorpio has found that he has come to another very different continent - because there was an experience of going from one continent to another, so because of the empty shuttle, let him cross the ruins and enter other The mainland is also a very easy thing to accept.

It is only on this continent that not only is the atmosphere of the heavens and the earth thin to almost no point, but even the people here are very weird, dressed and behaved in a manner that is completely different from that on his continent.

One of the most interesting things is that there seems to be no real warrior here. Instead, there are some strange weapons. Without the power of itself, you can create a certain lethality.

Of course, even the spirits are not weapons. Even if they are flexible, they will not cause any damage to him.

The public celestial scorpion solves the development of the crown, fades the clothes, enters the strange mechanism that can directly release the hot water, and opens the water, letting it flow down.

The water temperature is average, even if it is adjusted to the highest, it just feels that there is still some heat, barely available.

The public instrument is eye-catching.

The water slides down from his face and falls into the cold porcelain surface.

He gently touched his heart... I could not feel the presence of his little refining pharmacist.

This is not the first time to separate from Azo, but this time it is obviously more difficult than the last time.

The eyes of the public scorpio are deep.

He clearly caught Azo, but when he was crossing a layer of something, he was suddenly separated by a powerful force. After that, he went to the place where he couldn’t calculate it. Fortunately, his willpower is strong enough. However, at the last moment, it seems that the power of the empty shuttle seems to have been exhausted, and his Azo should still be on the same continent with him.

Next, he is still the same as last time, trying to find Azo.

Only such forced separation, still let him feel the serious lack of his own strength, so that his mood has become very unpleasant - which Xiao's calculations, he is already very clear at this moment.

After a little thought, the matter of the Central Plains, the public scorpio was temporarily thrown aside.

As a matter of urgency, he still has to know what is going on in this continent.

After rinsing the body again, Gongyi Tianzhu took out a clean bathrobe from the locker on the side according to Zhang Bohan’s statement.

Then he walked out of the shower and went back to the hall on the first floor.

At the moment, there is a medicine box on the coffee table, and Zhang Bohan holds a pair of scorpions and knives in his hand, and he is facing his calf. He has tried several times, but because it is not professional, it is difficult to remove the bullets smoothly. His face is sore and white, and on his forehead, he also has fine sweat.

The public celestial body is slightly flashing and has stood in front of Zhang Bohan.

Zhang Bohan felt the shadow cast on the top and was taken aback. Then he realized that the dangerous person he brought back appeared silently!

The public scorpio looked at the leg and glanced: "Will you take out the things?"

Zhang Bohan smiled bitterly: "Yes, unfortunately there are no doctors here, and I am..."

Before the words were finished, Zhang Bohan found a heat flow pouring into his calf, and then a blood spurted out. There was something in his muscles that trembled and jumped out.

That is the bullet!

Zhang Bohan has never seen anyone who can make a bullet like this, and he has a "squeaky" in his heart. Think about the way the comet killed those people before, can you say, what is this used... Qigong? This conjecture suddenly made his face whiter.

No matter how calm and calm, he is only less than 30 years old. He knows a little bit of something, but because of mystery, he is more jealous.

Followed by another force, Zhang Bohan is still bleeding in the **** calf, but it stops bleeding quickly. If it is not the bullet hole and the pain, he must think that he is shooting. I delusion.

Zhang Bohan forced to calm down: "Thank you, Mr.."

The public celestial scorpion looked over and looked faintly: "I have to stay here for a few days, is it feasible?"

How can Zhang Bohan refuse? At that time, he nodded: "Of course, how long does the husband love to live, how long it will live."

The public scorpio finally revealed the first smile after coming here, but in this smile, there is still no temperature: "In the meantime, if someone still comes to find you, I will naturally shoot."

After hearing this, Zhang Bohan couldn't help but give birth to a little joy: "Then there is Mr. Lao."

When you lose all your loyalty, you can have such a high-level person to help, no matter what the origin of the high man, and why it is a little weird, but for him, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

At least, life has been guaranteed.

The public celestial scorpion turned his head slightly.

Zhang Bohan has continued to say: "I am not convenient to go out at the moment, but there are still a few sets of clothes that have not been worn, and can be replaced by Mr.. But Mr. is taller than me, I am afraid I will be one or two for a while. Wait for me. I will finish the processing and give the gentleman the best."

Public servant Tianzhu said: "No problem."

When he met the two people, he quickly chose Zhang Bohan. Because he fell in the wind, and because the party dared to hit his mind.

It seems that this decision is not wrong.


Gu Zuo stood quietly outside the door.

After he said "I am", the room suddenly disappeared.

For a moment, Gu Zuo gave birth to a sigh of relief.

what happened? The voice just now is clearly my father, why not open the door? Is it because he has been away for too long, Dad has already, is not willing to forgive him?

But he really didn't mean it!

Gu Zuo’s body trembled slightly.

He and his father have been living with each other for many years. I can imagine how sad my father will be after I disappeared. In the twinkling of an eye, five years have passed. Because of the accident, he failed to come back on time, so, so...

Just as Gu Zuoman’s brain was thinking, suddenly the door was suddenly opened!

A man's figure appeared in the door like this, looking at Gu Zuo outside the door, his face is unbelievable!

"Xiao Zuo?" The man's lips trembled a little. "Is it really Xiaozuo? You haven't been willing to see your old man for five years. How come out now during the day? Don't you be afraid of being sunburned? Are you a silly boy?! ”

Gu Zuo’s relatives who have not seen each other for five years are also incoherent: “Dad, when I came back, it was daytime. I can’t wait to come back later in the evening. I’ve been missing for a few years, how dare you become so thin? You are not Girls don't have to lose weight, they are thinner than lightning!" When he said this, his voice trembled. "...I am back, Dad, don't you let me in?"

The man hurried to let the road open: "Yes, you are coming in, don't let outsiders see it!"

Gu Zuo also hurried into the door. When he first entered, he couldn't help but give the man a strong hug: "Dad, I miss you! I really miss you!"

The man who had just closed the door was smothered by Gu Zuo, and then he stopped.

Warm, physical... alive...

His little Zuo, isn’t he watching the burnt ashes and burying them in the cemetery!

How is this going?

Gu Zuo felt the rigidity of the man. After trying to calm his mind, he took the man's hand and went back to the room with him. He sat on the sofa in the living room: "Dad, I have a lot to say to you, you don't I know that my experience has been so strange for the past five years..."

At the same time, the voice of the man’s doubts also rang: “Xiao Zuo, are you now...not a ghost?”

Gu Zuo: "..."


It seems that there is something wrong with it.

After talking about the chicken and the duck for a while, Gu Zuocai learned from his own father's mouth about things five years ago, and also knows why his father is the current performance.

It turned out that on the day of Gu Zuo’s car accident, Gu Zuo felt that he had disappeared, but when his father Gu Qi was notified, he saw Gu Zuo’s body.

Gu Qi didn't think that his son was only a routine to learn some knowledge. On the way back, he had a car accident. He died of blood, so miserable, even the ambulance didn't have to call, he was already mad... he didn't dare for a moment. I believe that the body was clearly placed there, and the police officers who came over later made him mourn. After he had been suffering for a long time, he barely accepted the reality and cremated and buried Gu Zuo’s broken body.

After that, Gu Qi locked himself in this room, and rarely went out until he had to replenish his living supplies. As soon as he left the place and saw the street, he would think of the dying son. The pain in his heart would be unbearable. Later, he had to shackle himself. The whole person, under the sorrow that had never stopped, naturally, was thin. Become a bone.

Therefore, Gu Qi, who is now seen by Gu Zuo, clearly has a head of one meter and eight, and the original handsome sunshine, now looks like the old twenty, the hair is mixed with some gray.


After listening to Gu Qixu, Gu Zuo soon wanted to understand that the original body must have been faked by the system. Its purpose is probably also to prevent accidents? I just didn't expect that he actually couldn't use the Void Dan, but he was brought back by the accident.

Originally, it was a pleasure to be able to come back to see Dad in advance, but if it weren't for this accident, Gu Qi would only see a son who bought food and went home, instead of the "ghost" of the body and the son who came back five years later... ...

Gu Zuo smiled: "Dad, sorry, I didn't expect it to be like this."

Gu Qi’s eyes were red, and he touched Gu Zuo’s hair: “My good son, you can come back, Dad is very happy.”

Both father and son look at each other and have water in their eyes.

But they controlled their emotions in unison, and Gu Zuo slowly said his experience.

From the car accident, he was directly hit by a different world, was saved by the system, bound with the system, did the task under the requirements of the system, met his big brother, public scorpio, and went forward with the older brother, and passed through several pieces. mainland……

Gu Zuo is not the kind of person who is good at telling stories, but when he is so dry, he still makes Gu Qi feel very fascinated. The pain of the funeral in the past five years, in Gu Zuo’s "story", seems to heal him a little bit, so that he no longer has a bitter eyebrows.

Of course, Gu Zuo did not tell his feelings about the public scorpio, he just concluded: "...this is the case, before I have time to bid farewell to my brother, I was brought back by the empty shuttle. I only hope The big brother who was opened halfway, did not encounter the danger of shuttle in the air, but returned to the ten best."

After listening to Qi Qi and digesting it for a long time, he sighed long and comforted: "Son, don't worry, don't you say that your brother is a scorpio? It's a natural luck, it's okay." ”

Gu Zuo nodded hard: "The system also said that Big Brother is fine, I am just... still a little uncontrollable."

Gu Qi showed a hearty smile, just like the feeling of five years ago: "Worried that the brother is normal? Nothing, don't worry about hurting." After that, he also opened his arms and gave Gu Zu a big Hug, "Son, welcome back!"

Although Gu Zuo had an unbearable sourness after mentioning the public scorpio, he could see his father like this at the moment, and he once again hugged him with him: "Dad, I am back, really come back. ""

Gu Qi’s body trembled.

Some warm liquid fell on Gu Zuo's shoulder, Gu Zu closed his eyes and revealed a smile.

came back.


Big Brother, it’s about to say "Farewell".


The public celestial scorpion sat on the sofa, holding the remote control in one hand, and gently changing the channel to the wide-screen digital TV.

His posture is very elegant, and his attitude is very calm. Although the channel jumps and jumps, each stay is no more than ten minutes, but it still makes people feel that he seems to be doing something big, and he can't be underestimated.

Zhang Bohan stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked at the ... bodies that were piled up under the wall.

Fortunately, is this a private villa? Although it is a villa area, each building is far apart, so what happens in one of the villas may not be known to the nearest one.

In the past two days, someone still found it.

It’s just that when people come over the wall and try to assassinate every night, they just just stepped over the wall. They have died silently before they even have time to enter the villa.

Zhang Bohan had a good night's sleep. When he was exercising in the yard during the day, he saw the corpse of the wall roots in a blink of an eye. It was a horror of his face, and when he leaned over, he found that the bodies had no scars all over the body, but only When you simply break your breath, the means of public scorpio is even more indescribable.

He can see that this public scorpio does not put human life in his eyes. Although for his family, it is only natural that some people die when they fight for power. At least, after hurting their lives, they always have some very special feelings. But in the eyes of the public scorpio, killing a person is almost like killing an ant. It is only necessary, but not able.

The danger level of the public scorpion has become the first in life in Zhang Bohan's heart.

He did not dare to offend him at all.

However, after the other party came two days, in addition to living here, Zhang Bohan still could not find out what purpose the other party had.

And public scorpio, his mood at the moment is an unspeakable...


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