I Kidnapped the Timeline - Chapter 636 today's era

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Compared with the relatively deserted eastern district, the central Xingcheng District is extraordinarily lively. Walking along the way, there are residents of the city everywhere.

According to the introduction of the defenders, Feng Qi learned that although the Central District is called Xingcheng District, the name of the district has actually become a historical symbol in recent years, except that the residents of the Elf City have not yet fully integrated due to customs and other problems. Human race members in other regions have long been integrated into one.

The people who live in the Xingcheng District of Daybreak City may be the descendants of the residents who moved to the Winter City, and those who live in the North District of the Winter City may also be the descendants of the former Star City residents.

The same belief in Fengqi and the same historical inheritance make there basically no communication barriers at any level between Star City and Winter City. Feng Qi was not surprised after hearing the explanation of the defenders.

The star city on the reality line he is in is very similar to the current dawn city.

The original Star City was built by multiple cities united in the early stages of the catastrophe.

At that time, Star City was also divided into multiple districts. At first, each district housed residents who originally lived in the same city.

But after more than 500 years of development, the population flow in the city has changed tremendously. Later generations will only think that they are from Xingcheng, and they have long forgotten the previous regional symbols of Xingcheng.

The same goes for Dawn City.

Initially divided into five major urban areas, they will have a natural sense of belonging to the symbols of the areas they belong to. For example, people in Star City consider Star City to be their home, but as time goes by, the symbols of the area will gradually disappear and gradually condense into a brand new representative. symbol.

That is Daybreak City, and Star City will only exist as a historical symbol.

And the residents of Elf City, the only one with cultural and inheritance gaps, will gradually integrate into the big environment of Daybreak City along with the historical process. At that time, Elf City will only become a regional symbol, and Daybreak City is the common destination of the residents of Elf City .

The Elf District is no longer the only area where the residents of the Elf City live and thrive. They can also move into the core Star City to live. In fact, Fengqi thought of this problem when designing and planning the dawn city in the early stage.

The Dawn City he originally conceived was a city for the entire human race, which would absorb humans from all over the world to settle in.

Because when facing foreign forces, they all have a common name: Terran. It's just that it is very difficult to implement the plan of uniting all mankind.

Victory City may be easy to deal with, but if you want the people from Future City and Old City to relocate to Dawn City, you need to solve the potential big problem of Psionic Race in advance.

Secondly, there will be humans that may exist in other regions in the future.

In the central part of the human world, there is the human race in Elven City. He has not explored other areas such as the western region, the southern region, and the northern region. There may also be surviving human race forces that have developed a different growth system and survived to this day.

But it is very difficult to find an answer to this question.

In the more than 100 years of challenging the road of ascension to the gods, he has only explored the world in the central region, and it will take a longer time to explore other regions.

The entire human world is constantly expanding with the intensification of integration with the domain world.

The journey of exploration will become longer and longer as time goes by, because the area of ​​​​the world is increasing every minute and every second. How to solve this problem can only rely on the development of space technology.

Simply relying on walking to measure the world, even if the journey goes smoothly, ordinary people will not be able to complete the journey of exploration in a lifetime. ....

Led by the defenders, Feng Qi arrived at Zhang Daowen's residence by maglev. Zhang Daowen did not live in the central area of ​​Xingcheng District.

Over the years, Zhang Daowen has removed his status as a decision-making member of the highest council of Daybreak City, and delegated power to the descendants of Daybreak City. He retreats and practices every day, and is always ready to fight foreign enemies for the human race.

Zhang Daowen's residence is located on the edge of Xingcheng District, in a small courtyard with an area of ​​about three mu of land. Before Feng Qi entered the door, Zhang Daowen's figure was already waiting at the door.

Looking at each other, Feng Qi and Zhang Daowen both had smiles on their faces.

Although there has been communication at the level of consciousness in the space of belief, this is undoubtedly a reunion after a thousand years of absence.

Zhang Daowen at this time

Her head full of black silk has turned into white hair, hanging down her shoulders like a waterfall, a pair of clear blue eyes are chilling to the bottom of her eyes, her body is slightly thinner, her clothes are not fluttering in the wind, her cool figure seems to be in harmony with the heaven and earth, as if a A recluse immortal who was born out of the world, exuding a cold and arrogant air.

"Uncle Chess, long time no see."

Zhang Daowen smiled and said at this moment.

Before Fengqi could respond, Xiaoyou, who was lying on his chest, raised his head and waved his hand nonchalantly to say hello: "Little kid, long time no see."

Hearing this, Feng Qi stretched out his hand and pressed Xiaoyou's head back to his chest, then looked at Zhang Daowen with a smile and said, "Daowen, you've worked hard all these years."

"Come in and sit down, Uncle Qi, your time here is limited, let's hurry up."

Following Zhang Daowen through the gate and entering the yard, what appeared before him was a land of ice and snow, the temperature inside plummeted, and there were still ice-attribute aura lights floating in the air that were visible to the naked eye. There were also many snow bamboos planted in the yard, and there were trees in the corner. A scaled-down weather tower regulates the temperature inside.

Came to the stone table in the yard and sat down, Zhang Daowen poured a cup of tea for Feng Qi after sitting down, "Uncle Qi, let me tell you about the modern situation first."

Taking a sip of the tea, Feng Qi nodded.

"The total number of residents in Daybreak City is 1.238 billion. Except for children and mental workers, most of them have the ability to participate in foreign wars, including ordinary residents. Among them, there are 380,000 functional buildings in Daybreak City. There are 130,000 training buildings, 170,000 training and functional buildings are under construction, and the entire Xiaoxiao City is still in the state of development and construction, and there is still a long way to go before the urban structure you planned and designed.”

"Then there is the environment around Dawn City. At this stage, there are two main hostile forces near Dawn City. They are the Qianlong clan, a domain force located in the west, and the chimera demons with special life in the northeast, especially the chimera demons. With my current strength, it is difficult to kill him after many challenges, and I even almost couldn't come back several times."

Feng Qi was not surprised to hear the chimera demon.

In the previous future dream line, he had brief contact with chimera demons, and knew the terrifying growth potential of this kind of life.

In the follow-up, through the information from the future city, it was learned that chimera demons existed as early as ancient times. It is normal for Zhang Daowen to lose to the Chimera Demon.

After all, the peak period of the chimera demon brought the Tianduo clan, which once possessed the consciousness pool of the Holy Spirit, to the end of collapse.

Perhaps the chimera demon is not the decisive factor leading to the destruction of the Tianduo tribe, but the backlash of the chimera demon is the last straw that overwhelms the Tianduo tribe. It can be seen how terrifying the fighting power of the chimera demon is at its peak.

Even if the current chimera demon has not fully recovered, its combat power should not be underestimated.

As for the Qianlong clan, he has never understood this racial force, nor has it appeared in the previous timeline. But history has already changed, and it is normal for forces that have never been understood to appear.

After this timeline stifled the rise of the Celestial Clan in advance, many things changed.

For example, the Thunder Clan that should not have appeared on the northern front has become a nightmare for the Human Race for a period of time, and another example is that the Infernal Hell, which should have appeared in a longer future, arrived ahead of schedule and fought a desperate battle with Zhang Daowen.

Any change in any detail of history will have a profound impact on the future.

Through Zhang Daowen's introduction, Feng Qi has a preliminary understanding of the current environment of the human race.

There is no doubt that the human race on this timeline has a comprehensive strength and population that far exceeds that of the previous timeline. There is an innate gap, but the human race wins in the well-developed system, and the way of fighting does not rely solely on the cultivation system.

Belief in natural abilities, war engineering machinery, spirit beast battle groups, magic technology weapons, and so on.

There will be no shortcomings in the war between the modern human race and any race. The perfect system construction can also allow the human race to quickly find the enemy's weakness by studying the hostile forces, and then develop a corresponding restraint system.

dawn city

During the war, it operates like a war machine. From research and development to the update of the combat system, all aspects can be upgraded rapidly, because the perfect system construction is the basis for the operation of this system.

When Feng Qi asked about Tongtian Road and Mu Qing's relevant information, Zhang Daowen shook his head and said that the soldiers on Tongtian Road and Mu Hao have not returned yet.

But what is certain is that the slowdown of world collapse in this timeline is related to Mu Qing's joining Tongtian Road.

Mu Qing, as the true number one combat power of the human race, has obviously developed better on the Tongtian Road, and can devour all races to strengthen her own abilities. It is conceivable that when Mu Qing returns, he will become the leader of the human race and Mo Yue. The strongest support in the final battle.

Hearing these words, Feng Qi felt emotional.

I thought that I would meet Mu Qing again in the future, but it seems that there is a high probability that there will be no chance.

As for why the human race helped Mu Wei participate in the final battle, he didn't ask, because the answer to this question was obvious. The possibility of the human race defeating Mo Yue in this timeline is very low, but the human race has to fight.

If Mu Wei dies, the cultivation system of the human race will completely collapse, which means that the efforts of the human race for many years will fall short, including the human city-state built with the cultivation system as the core will lose most of its functions.

When this day comes, the human race will lose the possibility of competing with more powerful racial forces, completely ruining the road to the future.

So no matter what, the human race must fight for Mu Wei.

Just as Mu Wei fought for the human race and cultivated many talents in history, the human race and the sun are complementary and a community of destiny under the same world system.

When the black moon comes, the human race will also bet on the future to join hands with Mu Hao to fight against the erosion of the black moon. "Daowen, what's the situation on the side of the Silvermoon Clan and the Misty Clan?"

Facing the inquiry, Zhang Daowen nodded and continued to introduce the situation of the Silvermoon Clan and the Misty Clan.

According to Zhang Daowen's explanation, the Yinyue Clan has always been grateful to the Human Race after the Battle of the Sky Splitting. Always very nice.

When the human race decided to relocate from Star City to Daybreak City, the Silver Moon Clan also chose to follow suit. This is mainly done for city defense considerations.

Daybreak City is to the west of the Silvermoon Clan, so there is no need for the development of the Silvermoon Clan to build defenses to the west, let alone being surrounded by enemies.

In contrast, Daybreak City has no threat of foreign enemies from the east.

The closer distance between the cities can also deepen the trade and connection between the two cities, and continue to take the common development of the allies as a future policy.

During the years when he disappeared, the Yinyue Clan and the Human Clan significantly enhanced the overall strength of the two clans through mutual trade and technology exchanges.

Followed by the Misty Clan.

According to Zhang Daowen, the Misty Clan is still expanding their territory above the East China Sea.

However, the development of the Misty Clan in this timeline was not smooth. They encountered a powerful enemy, the "Spiritfire Clan". The two clans have been fighting for 87 years, and the winner has not yet been determined.

During this period, the human race and the Yinyue clan also went to help across space, but the power to assist across space is limited after all, and the confrontation between the two races has fallen into the quagmire of war. Can't end.

But it is foreseeable that the growth potential of the Misty tribe is being rapidly developed. By simulating the characteristics of the abilities and the combat power structure of the two tribes, Zhang Daowen believes that the Misty tribe will eventually win the war.

There is no doubt that the strongest force in the three major alliances of the Human Race, the Silvermoon Race, and the Misty Race is still the Misty Race.

Unlike the Yinyue tribe who lost a lot of inheritance materials during the migration, the Misty tribe not only has a strong bloodline potential endowed by their ancestors, but also has a complete system construction inheritance, and more importantly, there is the Lord of the Mist, who is comparable to the ancestors of the Kai tribe. Super geniuses, coupled with miraculous fetishes, even though the early development of the Misty Race has been built from scratch, it will still widen the comprehensive strength gap with the Human Race in the future.

But there are many powerful forces in the future, some of which have a long history and have never been broken in the middle, so even the Mist people often encounter

The development dilemma, on the contrary, is that the barren land under the feet of the human race has not emerged a superpower capable of subverting the human race.

Therefore, Zhang Daowen believes that the development luck of the race is also very important.

For example, at the beginning of the advent of certain racial forces, there were terrorist forces such as the Blood Soul Race and the Psychic Race around them. Let alone wanting to expand and develop, it is difficult to even become a migratory force~ www.novelbuddy.com~ High probability of coming At the beginning, the domain field will be quickly shattered.

If they meet the blood soul clan, the whole clan will be swallowed by the blood soul flag and become part of the hundreds of millions of undead.

The same is true for the Misty Clan. The Misty Clan, which is located above the East China Sea, is surrounded by strong clans, and its development is also limited.

Even though the Lord of the Mist is a genius in heaven, he is still limited by the influence of the environment. Hearing this, Feng Qi felt emotional.

The old fans of this timeline have obviously become the overlord of one side, but there are many powerful enemies in the future world, and every step of subsequent growth will require a huge price, and the pace of plundering resources can only be slowed down continuously. The difficulty factor has also been greatly increased.

I just don't know if the Misty Clan in this timeline can stand shoulder to shoulder with the peak Misty Clan who inherited the Heixuan legacy and incorporated a series of demigod descendants such as Dark God as subordinates.

He looked down at Xiaoyou.

While they were talking, Xiaoyou had already curled up in his arms and fell asleep with a comfortable expression, unaffected by their conversation at all.

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