Immortal Emperor: Reborn in the Mixed City - Chapter 5767 center altar

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Chapter 5767: Central Altar

Even Mo Yan was taken aback when he heard that the other party had two supreme-level powerhouses on this island. Although the people of the Sea Clan thought highly of themselves, Mo Yan was not arrogant enough to think that he could fight with one enemy. Second situation.

"Princess, what do you think?" Mo Yan turned to Ao Luo and asked.

Obviously, Mo Yan now means to evacuate this place. After all, his first task is to ensure the safety of Ao Luo. The two supreme beings and the number of God Emperor Realm peaks, such combat power makes Mo Yan think that the danger factor here is quite high. Gao, he couldn't fully grasp the current situation.

"Don't worry about Elder Moyan, he's here!" Ao Luo pointed at Su Yan and said with a smile.

"Princess, he is just a kid in the late stage of the God Emperor Realm, you must know that the man is talking about a powerhouse of the supreme level!" Mo Yan said a little excitedly. He didn't understand why Ao Luo believed in Su Yan so much.

"Young Master Zhang's strength is not that simple, right, Young Master Zhang?" Ao Luo smiled and said to Su Yan.

"You should call me Young Master Su from now on. Young Master Zhang is just a name in Fenglu City." Su Yan said.

Su Yan just changed the name Ao Luo said, as for Ao Luo's opinion of his strength, Su Yan did not choose to deny it.

"Ghost Rain is in your hands!" Su Yan said afterwards, he had finished asking what he wanted to know, and now that person was of no value to Su Yan.

After hearing this, Gui Yu killed the man without saying a word.

"Let's go, everyone who blocked the way has been cleared." Su Yan said, and then the whole person walked directly to the island, and Gui Yu and the others quickly followed.

Ao Luo also followed without hesitation, and Mo Yan and several other Sea Clan fighters also followed after seeing this. After all, their mission was to protect Ao Luo's safety.

Now only Kuishan and the others remained in place. Seeing this situation, Kuishan also asked Chenyu via sound transmission: "Sir, shall we continue to follow? Those are two powerhouses of the Supreme Realm. At that time, we will have no chance to run.”

Chenyu also fell silent after hearing Kuishan's words. He naturally understood the strength of the Supreme Realm. He didn't know why Su Yan and the others could have such confidence. The name is supreme.

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Yu gritted his teeth, and made a difficult decision in his heart, then he sent a voice transmission to Kuishan and said, "Let's follow!"

"My lord? Are you sure you want to follow?" Kui Shang still didn't give up, and wanted to persuade Chen Yu to leave, after all, he didn't want to die.

"Follow up! I'm sure, a boy in the late stage of the God Emperor Realm is not afraid, we have nothing to be afraid of." Chen Yu said directly.

In fact, Chen Yu is also afraid in his heart, but he is betting that he has heard all Ao Luo's words just now, and now he is betting that Su Yan really has the strength that Ao Luo said. If it is as Ao Luo said, when the time comes There are also two cultivators on their side who have the combat power of the Supreme Realm.

The two sides are also directly equal in terms of the highest combat power, so he has enough confidence. After all, the island is so rich in divine power, he would not believe it without a baby.

Then Kuishan also said, "We will follow!"

Although some people were unwilling, they still bit the bullet and followed Kuishan into the room.

The Bloodthirsty Supreme also noticed the deaths of those under him, and immediately cursed: "Trash! A bunch of trash, they can't do it just by attracting people!"

"Okay, after all, their strength is at the late stage of the God Emperor Realm, this kind of thing is really embarrassing for them." Weeping Blood Supreme said beside the Bloodthirsty Supreme.

"Hmph! Come on! Come and die!" The Bloodthirsty Supreme said with a cold snort.

In the eyes of the Bloodthirsty Supreme, these comers are just giving away heads. After he obtains the supreme divine power of the Blood Ancestor, at that time, he will let all those who have offended him try real fear.

Su Yan and the others also kept approaching the Bloodthirsty Supreme. The area of ​​the entire island was not that big. After a few people walked for a while, they were getting closer and closer to the altar in the middle of the island.

"They are coming soon!" At this time, the Crying Blood Supreme also sensed the breath of Su Yan and others, and said immediately.

"Well done, come here! Get ready to welcome our new guest!" The Bloodthirsty Supreme said with a smile.

Immediately, a large number of cultivators appeared near the altar, waiting for the arrival of Su Yan and others.

"Strange! Why is there a sense of familiarity?" The Bloodthirsty Supreme said suddenly.

The Crying Blood Supreme also asked: "Could it be an old acquaintance here!"

"Jie Jie Jie—if it's an old acquaintance, I'm even more looking forward to tearing him apart!" The Bloodthirsty Supreme said with a smile.

Su Yan's side was also under Su Yan's leadership, and the whole team kept approaching the altar in the center of the island, because Su Yan had the memory of that person after searching for the soul, and could know the exact location of the altar based on the route that person came from.

After a quarter of an hour, everyone also found the location of the altar under Su Yan's leadership. Su Yan originally wanted to check the past first.

But the voice of the Bloodthirsty Supreme came directly: "Since you are here, don't hide!"

A voice with divine power came out directly, and Su Yan and others also walked out directly. After all, there is no point in hiding.

"So it was you! No wonder I felt a sense of familiarity just now." The Bloodthirsty Supreme said after seeing Su Yan.

"I just happened to ask you something, what a coincidence!" Su Yan also said with a smile.

"Arrogance! Today I will avenge that day!" The Bloodthirsty Supreme roared.

"It's okay to want revenge, but it depends on whether you have that person!" Su Yan also said without giving up.

The Bloodthirsty Supreme directly released his divine power. At this moment, Su Yan also noticed that the Bloodthirsty Supreme's strength had not improved much compared to before, which means that the current Bloodthirsty Supreme had not obtained the so-called blood. Ancestral divine power.

"Blood Explosion Fist Power!" The Bloodthirsty Supreme rushed directly to Su Yan, gathering fist power on both hands, and the divine power of the whole person was further improved at this moment.

"Star Destroyer!" Su Yan also directly called the Wanzai Ice Sword in his hand. After all, the Wanzai Ice Sword can have a very good effect on people who have practiced similar skills to the Bloodthirsty Supreme.

A few sword formulas were slapped on the blade, and the sword energy suddenly swung out.


The fist strength of the bloodthirsty supreme also collided with the sword energy. At this moment, the bloodthirsty supreme was staring at the Wanzai Ice Sword in Su Yan's hand vigilantly.

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