Immortal Emperor: Reborn in the Mixed City - Chapter 5768 similar scene

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Chapter 5768 Similar Scenes

After all, it is not the first time that the Bloodthirsty Supreme suffered from the Wanzai Frost Sword. The last time he fought against Su Yan, he was crushed by this sword. Gongfa has a strong restraint effect.

When affected by the chill of the Ten Thousand Zai Ice Sword, it is difficult for the Bloodthirsty Supreme to display his full strength.

"Elder Mo Yan, you only need to restrain that supreme being! I believe in Young Master Su's strength!" Ao Luo looked at Mo Yan and said.

At this moment, Mo Yan's attention is all on Su Yan. The combat power that Su Yan showed in the confrontation with the Bloodthirsty Supreme just now is definitely at the supreme level, just like what Ao Luo said, but it's just the first time he saw him. It was difficult for him to accept that the **** cultivators in the late stage of the God Emperor Realm could unleash such powerful combat power.

"Angry!" The Bloodthirsty Supreme roared angrily. After all, his strength could not be brought into full play when facing Su Yan, which made it difficult for him to accept for a while. Especially last time he had already lost to Su Yan once.

"Be careful! His sword is weird!" Weeping Blood Supreme also said.

At this moment, the Ten Thousand Zai Ice Sword was emitting bursts of chill, which made all the cultivators present feel that the surrounding temperature also began to drop at this moment.

"This..." Kui Shang also looked at Su Yan in disbelief, the fighting power he unleashed was too monstrous.

Even Chenyu on the side couldn't help opening his mouth at this moment. He had seen countless geniuses in Linlangtian, but it was the first time he had encountered such a monstrous existence as Su Yan.

"My lord, this..." Kui Shang looked at Chen Yu and said, this time he even forgot about the sound transmission.

The attention of the people around was on Su Yan at the moment, and no one noticed the strangeness.

"Blood-burning Dafa!" The Bloodthirsty Supreme roared. Blood-red flames began to appear all over his body, and the air was also filled with the smell of corruption.

Seeing this, Su Yan also directly released his divine power. Su Yan's cultivation at this moment is infinitely close to the existence of the peak of the God Emperor Realm. Compared with the last time he met the Bloodthirsty Supreme, his strength has already increased. The leap-like improvement, on the other hand, the strength of the Bloodthirsty Supreme is not much different from last time.

At this moment, Su Yan easily gained the upper hand, and the Bloodthirsty Supreme had no choice but to release his own big move.

"Boy! For forcing me to this point, you should be content to die!" The Bloodthirsty Supreme looked at Su Yan and said with a wicked smile.

"It seems that the last time I hit you, kid, I hit you lightly!" Su Yan also responded directly.

"Looking for death!" The Bloodthirsty Supreme roared angrily after hearing this, and then a burst of blood-red divine power blasted straight at Su Yan.

"Sixteen Forms of Regretful Sky - Falling into the Sea!" Su Yan also directly used his divine power to activate the Sixteenth Form of Regretful Heaven, and a strong burst of divine power burst out suddenly.


The strong impact of the two caused a bang in the sky.

The Bloodthirsty Supreme was also stunned at the moment. Before Su Yan and others arrived at the altar, the Bloodthirsty Supreme told him about the situation when he fought Su Yan before.

The Bloodthirsty Supreme said that he was defeated by Su Yan at that time, but the Bloodthirsty Supreme obviously didn't believe it, after all, the Bloodthirsty Supreme said that Su Yan only had the strength of the God Emperor Realm.

But now, after seeing Su Yan's fighting power, he began to hesitate even if he could beat Su Yan. After all, Su Yan's current strength can be said to not be inferior to the Bloodthirsty Supreme. wind.

When the Crying Blood Supreme faced the Bloodthirsty Supreme, he didn't take advantage of it at all.

"Bloodthirsty! Deal with the matter of the altar first, and then talk about solving this kid's matter after gaining power!" The Weeping Blood Supreme reacted and roared directly.

Compared with the Bloodthirsty Supreme, the Weeping Blood Supreme is obviously more rational. At this moment, Su Yan is sitting on a side with a Supreme and him with abnormal combat power. Although the Bloodthirsty Supreme has two Supremes, it still cannot change the current situation. .

Originally they thought that two supreme beings were enough to deal with all situations, but now the only way to break the situation is to obtain the power in the blood ancestor sculpture.

At this moment, after hearing the words of the Weeping Blood Supreme, everyone's attention was also placed on the statue on the altar.

When the man in the middle looked into the eyes of the statue, he suddenly felt that his mind was in a trance, and he almost fell to the ground for a while.

"This statue is so weird!" Ao Luo said.

"Everyone, don't look into the eyes of the statue!" Su Yan also directly reminded everyone that even he, who is extremely strong in spirit, felt uneasy when he looked at the statue, and the spirit platform shook.

And what surprised everyone was that Mingming met the eyes of the statue, but no one could remember what the face of the statue looked like. To the true face of this sculpture.

The Bloodthirsty Supreme also reacted when he heard it. He wanted to kill Su Yan so much that he almost forgot.

Immediately, the Bloodthirsty Supreme directly killed two of Kuishan's subordinates with lightning speed, and then sucked out the blood from the two of them and poured them on the sculpture.

The moment the blood energy came into contact with the sculpture, the sculpture began to emit bursts of blood-red light, and then the whole world felt a **** aura.

"Not good! Stop them!" At this moment, Su Yan felt extremely uneasy. The current scene was very similar to his situation in the "Wu Yuan". At this moment, he also associated this statue with the Blood Witch.


Suddenly, four artifacts appeared around the statue, and then hovered around the sculpture continuously. With the appearance of the four artifacts, the blood on the sculpture also quickly disappeared.

"Suppressing artifact?" The Weeping Blood Supreme One said with some doubts after seeing it.

Su Yan also reacted in the first time, this place is similar to the situation in "Wuyuan", at this time Su Yan also said to himself: "I won't release a monster again!"

The strength of the Blood Witch is still fresh in his memory. At that time, if it wasn't because of the avatar of the Tianji Sanren, none of the people present could be the opponent of the Blood Witch. Later, he defeated the Blood Witch with the help of the Tianji Sanren. injury advantage.

"Chenyu! The people who contacted Lin Langtian came to help! Hurry up!" Su Yan hurriedly looked at Chenyu and said.

This is the only way Su Yan can think of at present. He is still not sure how the situation this time compares to the last time.

Chenyu was taken aback when he heard Su Yan's words. After all, Su Yan didn't expect Su Yan to mention Lin Langtian to make him true.

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