Immortal Mansion Longevity - Chapter 782 The situation is wrong

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  Chapter 782 The situation is wrong


  The ground trembled slightly, and the magnitude was still increasing, as if the whole world was about to collapse.

   As far as the eye can see, countless monsters of all kinds come galloping from all directions.


  With the shaking of the ground, with the eyesight of a cultivator, one can clearly see the monsters in the smoke.

   Looking at it at a glance, thousands of monsters gathered into torrents of flesh and blood, sweeping towards Haoyue Immortal City from all directions.

  It seems that the next moment, the city will be submerged!


  Seeing this scene, many low-ranking monks chattered their teeth and trembled slightly.

   Even if they are on the front line, they can be regarded as the "elite" who have experienced many battles, but seeing this scene of thousands of beasts galloping, they still deeply feel their own powerlessness.

  In the face of the raging beast tide, even Jindan Daoist is not worth mentioning.

   "Haoyue Xiancheng, can you really hold on?!"

  A cultivator of the small sect who was sent to Haoyue Fairy City in the middle stage of foundation establishment, who had experienced many battles, couldn't help feeling suspicious in his heart.

  In his spiritual perception, there are powerful auras everywhere outside the city, and second- and third-tier monsters abound, leaving no dead ends.

  In this case, once the city is broken, low-level monks have almost no way out!

  Even though there are tens of thousands of monks resident in Haoyue Immortal City, they are nothing compared to the monsters and beasts surrounding the city, the difference is at least several times!

  Although they have been prepared for a long time, even though their comrades around them have long been ready to fight, but in the face of such a disparity in power, many monks still can't help but raise this question in their hearts.

  During the war, the Haoyue City moat array was always half open.

  Sections of the city walls shone with various auras, and the simple or complex runes on them flashed with auras of various colors, forming magic circles with different functions.

  Looking from a distance, the entire Haoyue Fairy City is shrouded in colorful aura, like a giant beast lying on the ground.

  Compared with it, monster beasts with a size of several feet seem small, but the torrent of countless monster beasts is magnificent, as if it is about to sweep over and swallow them.

   "The safety of the concubine is left to fellow Taoists."

   "There are still five years left in this mission. As long as the concubine is safe and sound, the reward promised by then will be given with both hands."

  On the highest section of the city wall, Zhenjun Momei asked again with a solemn expression.

   All kinds of strategic materials are stored in Haoyue Xiancheng. As long as the city is not breached, it will not be a problem to hold on for decades.

   "According to the agreement, we will go all out to save Fellow Daoist Mo Mei as much as possible."

   Liu Yu, Huang Mei, and Kong Zhao agreed.

  Although there are many monsters, even reaching tens of thousands, the expressions of the three of them have not changed.

  Even if Haoyue Xiancheng is breached, these low-level monsters will hardly pose a threat. The only ones who can threaten Yuanying Zhenjun are the same-level Zhenjun and Demon King!

   In the absence of payment, as long as their lives are not in danger, the three of them will naturally not easily breach the contract.

  Mo Mei obviously knew this, so no matter how much the three persuaded, she refused to agree to pay in advance.

  As for the other two True Monarchs who also accepted the task of defending the city, they stood tens of feet away with very dignified expressions.

  Aware of Mo Mei's attitude, they didn't approach easily, and even if they wanted to communicate, they used voice transmission from afar.

   "The battle will start later, please pay more attention to those two fellow Taoists, in case something unbearable happens."

   Turning her head and glanced at the other two True Monarchs, Mo Mei said secretly.

  Hearing the words, the three of them nodded slightly.

  They are only responsible for protecting Momei, and have no obligation to participate in the defense of the city. No morality and chastity can restrain Zhenjun Yuanying.

  So when thousands of monks were waiting in front of them, Liu Yu and the three of them were hunting in the wind-cloaked robes, just looking at the majestic scene in front of them indifferently.

  The scene that made the low-level monks frightened, but it was the same in the eyes of Zhenjun Yuanying.

  The only thing that the three of them really care about is the fourth-order demon king, so the three of them seem calm on the surface, but in fact they have been secretly paying attention to the movements of the fourth-rank demon king.

  Trying to find the trace and location of the demon king from countless monsters.

   Emphasizing the agreement again, seeing that the three helpers showed no intention of reneging, Mo Mei felt slightly relieved.

  Seeing that the torrent of monster beasts had entered a certain range of the Immortal City, she immediately waved her hand heavily.

  The Jindan cronies brought over from Dandingzong saw this, and immediately gave orders one after another knowingly.


   Within two breaths, as soon as the beast horde entered within thirty miles, there was a huge commotion from Immortal City.

  The next moment, the rune circles on the city wall suddenly shone brightly, and were excited to an extremely high level.

  A huge silver light curtain rose from the ground, protecting the entire fairy city, like an upside-down jade bowl.

  The fourth-level mid-level "Haoyue Demon Formation" was officially opened, and a violent wave of spiritual energy was suddenly generated and spread in all directions.

   Originally according to the instinct of living beings, they felt the fluctuation of spiritual power far beyond their own, so many low-level monsters should stop immediately.

  But under the rule of the king of the group, they actually acted against their instincts.

  Strong fluctuations of aura spread past, and the movements of countless monsters did not stop at all!

   Twenty-nine miles, twenty-eight miles.

   Every minute and every second, the beast horde is approaching the fairy city at an extremely fast speed, and it has the power to swallow mountains and rivers.


  The ground trembled more and more violently, and many monks became more and more uneasy, and even the spiritual light of magic tools and spells was already lit up around their bodies.

   Of course, the Immortal City side will not sit still and watch the monsters approaching step by step.

   Sure enough, accompanied by a strong wave of spiritual power, four silver light groups with a diameter of about a hundred feet rose slowly like a "bright moon".

  The power of each silver light group has reached the real fourth-level middle-grade level, which is far superior to the power of spells of the same level.

  The next moment, the four rounds of "bright moons" were almost at the same time generously shining.

  Breaks of silver brilliance shot out from it, densely packed towards the thousands of monsters rushing towards the fairy city in all directions.


  Each silver brilliance is almost as powerful as a full-strength strike in the early stage of Jindan, and its power is comparable to a third-level low-grade spell.

   When the four rounds of "bright moon" dimmed, Liu Yu's spiritual sense glanced over, and there were as many as four to five thousand silver brilliance!

  Although it is issued by a formation, the construction method of this attack is very ingenious, very close to the nature of "gang qi", and even more concise.

   Therefore, as the distance increases, its power will not decay too much.

  Thousands of silver rays of light, like the brightest color in the world, can't hide its light even when the sun is high.


   With lightning speed, he fell into the torrent of monster beasts that were densely sweeping from all directions.


  The next moment, one after another roared.

  Facing the silver brilliance whose power is comparable to that of a low-level third-level spell, most of the low-level monsters had no time to react before being hit.

  In the bright silver light, their monster bodies melted like ice and snow, turning into tiny pieces of flesh and blood that sprinkled everywhere.

  If only one can't breathe, countless low-level monsters will die.


   A huge roar suddenly resounded across the wilderness.

  Under this high-level crushing of the low-level, the advancement of the entire beast tide came to a halt.

  Faced with the real threat of life and death, the instincts of countless low-level monsters gained the upper hand for a moment, and they almost turned around and ran away.

  But with the control of the high-level demon cultivators and the countless monsters behind them, they quickly lost their minds.

  Although the casualties were not small, the beast horde advanced only a few breaths slowly, and then approached Haoyue Immortal City overwhelmingly.

   "Tap Tat Tat"

  The sound of galloping beasts sounded again. Although standing on the city wall, the monks didn't really feel the vibration.

  But it is completely conceivable, what kind of horror is contained in it!


   Seeing this, Zhenjun Momei let out a cold snort, and continued to give the order to attack, and his cronies immediately conveyed the order to the monks defending the city.

  Although thousands of monks have long been dissatisfied with this woman's decision, but at this moment life and death are at stake, so they can only obey orders honestly.

  Although it is protected by formations, it is still impossible to defend Haoyue Xiancheng without Zhenjun Nascent Soul.

  Spiritual power was quickly replenished, and the four silver "bright moons" that had dimmed became bright again, and they returned to their original state within two or three breaths.

   Immediately, thousands of silver brilliance comparable to low-level third-level spells shot out from them again, and they were about to fall into the herd of beasts and deal a heavy blow.

   But this time, the Yaozu side had already prepared.

  While the "Bright Moon Swinging Demon Formation" was preparing to attack, the third-level demon cultivators hidden in the herd shot out one after another, releasing powerful innate spells and supernatural powers.

  With his hands behind his back, the black robe fluttering in the wind, Liu Yu looked around.

   All kinds of auras were shining in the torrent of monsters, and various forms of magical powers rose up, bombarding with the silver brilliance falling from the sky.

  There are many low-level monsters, and the monster cultivators may not care much about the life and death of low-level monsters, but it is impossible to let the human side kill them wantonly.

   "Boom Boom Boom"

  In the next moment, the roar that shook the mountains was heard, which was even louder than the previous attack.

   It was only due to the attack of the third-order monster beast, but the effect of the attack of "Haoyue Demon Array" was not satisfactory, and it did not effectively stop the advance of the beast tide.

  Although there are as many as four to five thousand silver brilliance, there are also many third-level demon cultivators in the beast tide, and many of them have excellent bloodlines and strong strength.

  So most of the silver brilliance was offset by the supernatural powers and spells of the demon cultivator, and even the shadow of magic weapons can occasionally be seen in it.

  Third-level demon cultivators have high-level wisdom, so they naturally know how to use magic weapons.

  In the vast territory owned by the monster clan, there is no shortage of various spiritual materials, and its teeth, sharp claws, scales, etc. are the best spiritual materials.

  Without special sacrifices, you can communicate with your own soul, and it is easy to use.

  The magic weapon refined in this way is closely related to the demon cultivator, comparable to the natal magic weapon of the immortal cultivator!

   "The number of third-tier demon cultivators is indeed somewhat abnormal, far exceeding the normal ratio."

   "For an important position like Haoyue Immortal City, generally speaking, the Yaozu will launch several probing attacks, and first try to test the defensive strength."

   "But this beast swarm is so fierce, I'm afraid it's not as simple as just testing."

   "Looking at his response to the "Bright Moon Swinging Demon Formation", it seems that he has been prepared for a long time. It seems that there is definitely an internal response in the city."

  Witnessing the whole process of the two rounds of confrontation with his own eyes, Liu Yu analyzed many things from it, and vaguely felt that the Yaozu's attack was not as simple as a test.

   "It is absolutely impossible for a monk under the Golden Core to be able to be so clear about the situation of the formation, so the internal cultivation should be at least above the Golden Core stage."

   "even to"

  Thinking of this, Liu Yu's eyes narrowed slightly, and his attitude finally became serious.

  The mana in his body was secretly circulating, and the blue-colored Nascent Soul in Dantian opened his eyes, holding the sunset golden rainbow gun in his hand, and entered the strongest attacking posture.

  If the worst happens as expected, then Liu Yu has to be careful.

   Otherwise, even if you have all kinds of cards, you may also have the possibility of capsizing the gutter.

   Liu Yu looked serious. After being promoted to the Nascent Soul Realm, the greatly improved spiritual awareness and spiritual consciousness spread out without reservation, looking for the location of the black hand demon king behind the beast tide.

   After a while, thanks to the spiritual perception far beyond the same realm, he finally noticed something when the other true kings were still half-understood.

   "One, two, three, a total of four fourth-tier demon kings!"

   "Just for the initial siege, four demon kings were dispatched, and even three of them were in the middle of the fourth order."

   "Combining all kinds of unusual things, this is by no means a coincidence. There is a high probability that Nangongtian secretly reached a tacit understanding with some demon kings."

   "In this way, there will be internal and external troubles, even if there is a fourth-order mid-level formation guarding it, I'm afraid this Haoyue Immortal City will be too."

  Based on what he saw and heard, Liu Yu came to a chilling conclusion.

  However, he was surprisingly angry about this kind of shady scene, and he was already used to all kinds of filth in the world of cultivating immortals.

  The interests of the human race as a whole are indeed in line with the interests of most true kings, but by no means include all true kings.

  In today's environment in the world of cultivating immortals, those who can still cultivate to the Nascent Soul state are definitely ruthless people, and they may not even strongly agree with the concept of "human being".

  Under such circumstances, it is not surprising to make such an amazing move.

  "In the real world, apart from the current mess, there will also be the dirty future."

  Liu Yu shook his head slightly, then turned to look at several "companions".

  I saw Mo Mei, Kong Zhao, and Huang Mei, all of whom looked solemn at this moment.

  Although the spiritual sense of the three of them is far inferior to their own, they cannot perceive the situation of all the demon kings.

  But the ratio of the number of demon-watching cultivators is much higher than usual, and they are very clear about the appearance of "Bright Moon Swinging Demon Formation", so they can also guess a lot of information.

  What Liu Yu can think of, the three of them can also think of.

   Just because they don't know the situation of the demon king, they may misjudge the strategic goal of the demon clan.

"who is it?!"

  Mo Mei's face was as cold as ice, her eyes flickered with icy evil spirit and chill, and she glanced at a Golden Core cultivator below.

  It seems that the "traitor" is to be found out, and then beheaded on the spot.

   Even, when she looked at the other two True Monarchs, her suspicion and doubts were not concealed.

  Although she was protected by the Three Great True Monarchs, the unusual attack by the Yaozu aggravated her uneasiness.

  At this moment, it is like a light on my back!

   Not far away, the expressions of the two True Monarchs were also dignified, and there was no flaw at all on the surface.

   Those who can cultivate to Nascent Soul, everyone is a movie king.

  This world is full of betrayal and suspicion!

  (end of this chapter)

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