Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1663 A Meeting and Progress! ll

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Chapter 1663 A Meeting and Progress! ll

Multiple new existences came across Noah at this moment in time as nearly all of the new beings barely spared him a glance.

Adjudicator Nefertiti and the newly appearing woman she referred to as weak and naive who was actually her sister of the same familial Bloodline, but of a different mother…they only faced each other at this moment as no other beings mattered.

The hundreds of Primordial Adjudicators within their legions at the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy only kept their heads straight like perfect soldiers as they also didn't even spare a glance towards Noah!

But a single being had spared him a glance and even gave a thought about him.

Standing beside Adjudicator Nefertiti, it was Adjudicator Ezekiel whose black eyes seemed capable of devouring everything.

He couldn't help but gaze at Noah as under his inquisitive mind, he noticed the sense of profound calmness and even curiosity that this being had when he gazed at the unfolding situation around them.

Since he was with Genevieve, he should know her status and the status of the beings she addressed. He should know about Primordial Adjudicators and more than anything, he should know a great deal about Adjudicator Ezekiel that stemmed from a Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodline at the same level if not higher than the Infinite Willow Tree Bloodline!

There was the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Human, Reality Ursidae, Infinite Willow Tree, and another pristine Bloodline that made up the core power of Primordials was a species that always reigned Supreme even within Beasts in extremely low worlds that barely had a mimicking trace of their grandeur.

A species commonly mentioned in myths and legends…with the Bloodline that Adjudicator Ezekiel belonged to being the perfect fusion of two of such mythical species that bore fruit to the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodline of the Dragon Phoenix!

Not merely a stupendous Bloodline of Dragons or Phoenixes, but a perfect Bloodline that was of pure blood! Even the Reality Ursidae were only equal to them as they were a ruling class that deserved respect across the vast Realities.

More than this, Adjudicator Ezekiel and Nefertiti's titles were further elevated as they were the progeny of powerful families within their respective Bloodlines- families filled with Legends that oversaw Grotto Sanctums and much more.

They were existences that had long since exceeded all parameters of power at the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy that even those at the stage of A Legend's Visage were looked down on when compared to them, as they had long since the qualifications to break past the shackles of the Firmaments of Ascendancy and reach the stage of a LEGEND whenever they wished!

But they did not. They forged their foundations further and were existences who sought to exceed any limitations and restrictions as they built such strong foundations that the moment they broke into the stage of Reality…their power would be propelled upwards so crazily that common Legends would be like children to them.

This was how high the status of the leaders of Primordial Adjudicator Legions was! So high that if they came across actual Legends…these beings actually acknowledged them with respect as they knew it was merely a choice for them to achieve the same stage!

Genevieve had not yet reached such a stage before, but her solidified crown and current realm meant she would ruse to this when she was recognized after her return to her Bloodline.

So this existence beside her…

How could he be surrounded by such prestigious personages and look utterly calm and even show curiosity?

This was the thought that the perceptive Adjudicator Ezekiel had as when any beings looked at the figure of Noah, their wills felt the aura of an existence at the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy stemming from him!

Of course, this was only what others saw as this was a done by Noah- with the identity of Alexander following Genevieve being taken to the Ninth Firmament of Ascendancy while also being a genius Enlightened Peerless Alchemist.

A single set of eyes were on him as this Destined meeting continued.

The new entrant was a white haired young woman that had a figure and face sculpted so well that one would only wish goodness towards her. What was most shocking was the fact that she was the third existence to now appear here who had her own solidified crown, the other two only being Genevieve and Adjudicator Ezekiel!

She was known as Adjudicator Katelyn!

This being led her own Legion of Primordial Adjudicators as she only looked at Genevieve and her party briefly before locking her gaze on her sister and Ezekiel.

"You've come back into the Domains of Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Humans, does that mean…"

"I am merely passing here to finish eradicating any more Primordial Beasts as my duty ordained me…and to affirm with my own eyes if the weak willed girl had actually attained a solidified crown!"


Nefertiti replied coldly as the shoulders of Katelyn slumped ever so slightly.

"I see."

Immense heartache and disappointment seemed to be hidden within her two words as she stayed silent briefly before she went on gaze at the figure of her sister closely.

"Then you should have seen everything…and should now be on your way."


Words that should have been cold, but one could see the glazed eyes filled with illusory Realities were filled with emotion as when Nefertiti saw it, her multicolored eyes seemed to get even angrier!

"Until now…you still cannot keep your emotions in check. Still naive!"


"Let's go!" She reached out to hold on to the hand of Adjudicator Ezekiel as her eyes sent her a message, the calmly laid back existence that even Legends would show respect to nodding as a surging spatial light went on to cover their Legion…and they very quickly disappeared from everyone's eyes.


Silence reigned in the surroundings as the glazed eyes of Adjudicator Katelyn fluctuated with emotion before she gazed towards Empress Genevieve and spoke as if what just happened had not occurred.

"Sis Genevieve, you seem to have lost your Guards and even arrived at a higher stage. Let's head back…some of our brothers and sisters have actually perished in the past days."


The repercussions of the actions of Primordial Beasts began to show themselves at this moment as Genevieve and Noah arrived in the Pure Blooded Domains and were received by a powerful party of Royal Human Primordial Adjudicators, but not before they had met a party of a Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Dragon Phoenix Primordial Adjudicators who actually had a sub commander that was a Royal Human!

A small meeting that might have been considered insignificant right now, but countless Grotto Sanctums would bleed from the weaving of Destiny around these beings and those they would entangle with when the Age of Emperors reached full bloom.

Far away from the Pure Blooded Domains, within the Infinite Reality.

Noah's main body could be seen floating in the space of the Novus Universe within the depths of the Infinite Reality, his figure alone being a feast for the eyes as one could see his whole body covered head to toe with dazzling cerulean blue Runic Kainos Mana Lines of Ascendancy, his body even further being surrounded by multiple Runic Ecritures passively rotating around him as they read !

This was, of course, the mere visage of the completed Limit Breaking Extreme Mana Physique that was carried to completion- one of the many wondrous changes in the past two days that caused the Noah of then and now to be akin to two different people.

His gaze was stellar and profound as his eyes seemed like they had seen millions of years of history- an extremely contrasting look when looking at his actual age that was still edging towards 27!

He was staring at a party of his people before his eyes as atop the Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality, Little Henry could be seen having grown up at a fantastical rate in the past few days- where from a tiny chubby baby, he now looked like he was one or two years old as his chest showed an illusory sight of 10 Billion Royal Cosmos!

Bouncing on the head of Little Henry was a certain Universal Emperor Slime that showed a similar Realm of power- with the maximum 10 Billion Cosmos allowed at the Seventh Firmament of Ascendancy displayed as such a stage was actually portrayed by all the clones of beings Noah was sending off on the Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality Vessel.

Tiamat, the Obsidian Panther, the Leviathan…all of Noah's Animus Summons had made their return to power as in the past days, Noah had the completed Nomological Edict of the elevated to Quasi-TABOO and was able to elevate the stages of these beings easily with Shards of a Seed of Reality, this being at an even faster rate of mere minutes compared to Kazuhiko, Barbatos, and all the other generals that took a few hours to absorb their Shards of a Seed of Reality to obtain their 10 Billion Cosmos!

Each of them ridiculously stood at the Seventh Firmament of Ascendancy as they were about to set off to seek their own destiny in the chaotic Infinite Realities, but before they did so…Noah wanted to show them something.

"You will decide for yourself how much you want to build your foundation before breaking through, and we will have Natalya show us the process of breaking one's shackles and forming Reality Passages today."


Something as grand and glorious as breaking apart one's shackles was being used as a teachable moment, many beings in the surroundings who weren't on the Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality also watching closely as Adelaide and others who didn't care to explore outside watched on with interest!

The newly joined Overseer Natalya Rostova had eaten up the Limit Breaking Tools Noah had given her these past two days as she was ready to be the first existence to break past their shackles and form Destiny Reality Passages from the Azure Emperor's Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi!


Noah's mesmerizing voice rang out as he looked to his side where one could see the figure of a unique Relic.

Her humanoid form had entirely changed as she was currently adorned in a crimson gold robe that flashed dangerously with a Runic Ecriture reading behind it, the aura of a Relic she released having long since exceeded Sui Generis Enlightened and gone straight to a Quasi-TABOO Relic after the upgrades in the past days as her capabilities had entirely changed!

"...set up a Mirror Reality to contain everything."

She received Noah's command as she moved her dazzling fingers, reality itself Breaking into countless mirror like shards as a shocking show was about to start in the Infinite Reality!

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