Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1793 Unveiling Just a Bit of Tyranny! l

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Chapter 1793 Unveiling Just a Bit of Tyranny! l

After the appearance of the Dragon Phoenix, the three Royal Humans, Reality Ursidae, and the Willow Trees that were around it also floated over as each of them had solidified crowns alone with nothing else!

They stood on the side of the Dragon Phoenix as one of the Royal Humans looked at Noah while nodding.

"You must be from the Pure-Blooded Domains of the Royal Humans outside of the Pure Reality and thus do not know us. This…"

While pointing to the vibrant Dragon Phoenix that seemed to be the strongest among those teleported in this region of vibrant skies and red earth, the Royal Human continued as his words held a hint of a commanding tone while talking to Noah who should be from outside the main Reality!

" the Scion from the Imperial Dragon Phoenix Lineage from the Main Reality. It seems conflicts are inevitable after the Rules of Engagement, so we must stick together and move carefully. What is your name? What Domains are you from?"

A tone of someone of much higher standing stemmed out from this Royal Human as he talked to the Unnamed Kainos Emperor!

Noah couldn't help but have a smile rise up on his face as he spoke lightly.

"Alexander King. I just recently underwent the Bloodline Baptism as a follower of Empress Genevieve."

Noah spoke freely as he did this for a reason- one of those being to establish the identity of Alexander King among Primordials!

"Genevieve…ah, a follower of one of the candidates to oversee become a Bloodline Master." The faces of the Royal Humans and others became even more laid back when they knew Noah's background, their tones becoming even more prideful and domineering even though they knew this being had a treasure that could hide his authority.

"Follow our lead under Emperor Andur of the Imperial Dragon Phoenix Lineage, we will scour this domain and divide a percentage of the treasures to those who contribute the most."

The prideful Royal Human from the Main Reality spoke commandingly now without any pretenses as their authority far superseded any follower outside of the Main Reality!

Noah's smile only became deeper and his eyes began to shine with a devilish glint, his tyrannical will about to surge out when…


An incandescent light shone below them on the red earth.

Besides the stellar river and towards the ascending mountainous valleys, the red earth split open as a shocking burst of essence bloomed, a dense multicolored crystal mountain being unearthed by a Willow Tree that had accidentally taken root in this region!


"Peak Tier Soul Crystals!"

The eyes of those on the ground and those in the skies shone as they recognized the dense aura of the crystalline mountain that rose up to be…Peak Tier Soul Crystals!

"Wait…no, not Peak Tier!"

Shouts began to rise from this region as the particularly perceptive Dragon Phoenix Andur spoke while quickly flying above the rising mountain.

"The Essence of Reality is contained deep within these Crystals…they are the Supreme Tier Soul Crystals that could aid one in exceeding their Limits in the Soul!"


A whole mountain of Supreme Soul Crystals!

This was the first thing that appeared before their eyes as the souls of any beings nearby felt nourished and shocked, wanting to get their hands on this as soon as possible!



The will of Emperor Andur stretched out to the beings below who had begun to move towards this crystalline mountain with fervor.

A TABOO authority was carried within his voice as it caused others to stop moving out of caution and gaze above, the majestic visage of the Purple and gold Dragon Phoenix stopping everyone in their tracks as his three flaming tails shone dangerously.

While gazing at those moving on the mountainous red earth and the few geniuses in the skies, this being made his will known.

"This Core Scion of the Imperial Dragon Phoenix Lineage of the Main Reality shall claim this Supreme Tier Soul Crystal Mountain. Those who choose to follow me will get a share of things like this as we explore this Grotto Sanctum!"


He let his terrifying identity be known as those on the ground who hadn't even formed their TABOO Edicts stopped dishearteningly while gazing at the mystical mountain of Soul Crystals, sighing in their hearts as they knew the identity of the Imperial Dragon Phoenix Lineage.

A Lineage within the Pure-Blooded Cardinal Royal Bloodline of the Dragon Phoenixes within the Main Reality, their leaders being existences that had exceeded the Alpha Strata and had many among their ranks standing on the Primordial Assembly!

Aside from the Pure power of this Andur who was a Core Scion of this Bloodline, his identity alone was enough for none of them to move against him.

Even the few lone geniuses in the skies in the skies who had forged their TABOO authority looked on carefully as they analyzed the risks and rewards, with none of them moving even though their Souls hungrily wanted the Supreme Soul Crystals below them that formed into an enormous mountain!


The visage of Andur shone brightly as he nodded, with the Royal Human from the Main Reality that had been talking to Noah turning to where he should have been floating.

"You see, this is what will happen while moving under Emperor Andur- you…what are you doing?"

The words of the Royal Human came to a stop as he saw Noah ignoring his words and calmly floating towards the crystalline mountain!

The auras of many beings caught this and focused on him, the Dragon Phoenix Andur having its eyes release a shocking brilliance and pressure as coldness permeated within them while speaking out domineeringly.

"What are you doing?"


Battle intent rose as the glorious body of this Dragon Phoenix began to shine with the illusion of Ascendancy Halos.

Yet the being he talked to didn't even turn around as he replied.

"This Mountain of Supreme Tier Soul Crystals…I want it."


Calm and laid back.

His loose Obsidian pants and shirt tightly hugged his muscles as his visage became imprinted in the eyes of all beings nearby, most of them understanding that this being seemed to be going against the authority of a Dragon Phoenix that not only stemmed from a terrifying background, but had a solidified crown with a few ecritures on it already!


Arcs of flames and power began to coil around Andur as the surroundings became heavy.

His voice didn't even echo out again as it was the handsome Royal Human from the Main Reality adorned in red robes who had been speaking to Noah all this time berated out.

"You fool, you actually dare to go against the will of existences from the Main Reality? Especially Emperor Andur? You shall be stripped of our Bloodline when you leave her-"

"Shut up."


Floating over the crystalline mountain, Noah finally turned around as his face carried a trace of coldness and tyranny when gazing towards the party of Andur and others from the Main Reality!

The one who was speaking unconsciously stopped from the aura released as he felt if he didn't, something untold would have happened!

Shock and disbelief covered the face of the genius Royal Human that had managed to achieve a TABOO Edict, watching as Noah continued on.

"You consider yourself an Emperor when you bend down and lick the ass of another so easily? Characters like you shouldn't speak so much and need to stay on the side!"


The hair atop Noah's head swirled as it began to take on a myriad of colors, waving madly and with a unique sense of power as he actually…admonished those from the Main Reality!

"And you all seem to be forgetting the Rules of Engagement that were just laid out. Any deaths and conflicts in this Grotto Sanctum…shall remain here as we all shall fight to obtain the treasures we want."


"I wish to attain this Supreme Tier Soul Crystal Mountain below me. If you all want to fight me for it, do so. Just know…death is a very real possibility."


An unyielding and tyrannical will began to weave out.

There was only silence in this region as battle intent began to heavily rise, the eyes of the powerful beings around Emperor Andur contracting as the Core Scion of the Imperial Dragon Phoenix Lineage himself….


Erupted with 30 glorious Ascendancy Halos as 60 Reality Passages unfurled behind him.

"You seem to be grossly overestimating yourself…little thing."

A voice filled with power and brutality echoed out from the Dragon Phoenix as surging purple and gold flames overtook the skies, pushing away all others in this region as even those below on the red earth moved back just from the temperature of these Flames!

"Unknown Emperors who hide their authority are nothing but cowards. You…are just one among many."

Filled with brutality and viciousness, the regal Dragon Phoenix expanded its wings as its raging might pushed even its entourage away, the aura of TABOO covering the skies above the multicolored crystalline mountain as only this existence and the visage of Noah remained above this region!

One was a majestic Dragon Phoenix with a solidified crown and three words rotating around it, and the other was a Royal Human who could hide his authority.

The former showed his unbound power and tyranny as a Black Ascendancy Halo toppled 29 others, 60 vibrant Reality Passages shining behind him as the Royal Human known as Alexander King…

His hair color stopped its flashing of multiple colors as it settled on black, pulsing madly with a unique power as he…actually placed his hands behind his back and gazed towards the Dragon Phoenix with a unique expression.

The geniuses and Legend's Visage from Adjudicator Legions and Will Bearers below saw this expression as it caused their minds to buzz…because it very much seemed like the gaze that a grown being would show when they were looking at a newly born child!

His eyes carried a magnetic force of power and devilishness as he showed utmost calm while speaking out, a thin imperceptible Innate Barrier covering his very skin as he floated calmly amidst a spoon to explode storm!

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