Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8367 The role of key pieces

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It seems like a simple inquiry, but in fact enough clues have been buried. It only takes a little time to accumulate, and Ke Daoquan can be aware of the strangeness.

Because the reason just to control more is simply untenable.

If you concentrate all your strength, you will ask other demons, not just Ke Daoquan.

When he discovers this by himself, and then thinks of the reason Feng Tianxing told him, counting all the power against the void, he will naturally understand what the so-called all power means.

To take his power.

As for the operation after seizing power, another "big cleverness" is needed to explain it for Feng Tianxing, and this person is already ready, just waiting for Ke Daoquan to wake up.

When Ke Daoquan returned home, he found out by accident that Ke Ke was visiting.

Although Ke Daoquan didn't like the famous vases in this family, he didn't mind using them to seduce the eyes.

After all, good enough to qualify as a vase.

Ke Daoquan entered his room, just glanced at Ke Ke, and couldn't help feeling a burst of emotion.

"Ke Ke is still so beautiful, every time I see it, I am shocked."

In the past, for Keke, a weak demon, such praise was enough to make her happy.

But now the situation has changed, and Keke is no longer the vase she was in the past, and this will only make her feel sick.

"It's okay to go around today, and there may not be a chance in the future." "It is well known that Ke Duo wants to marry Feng Tianxing. According to my father, in order to express the respect of the Ke family, I also It will become part of the dowry. Thanks to the great love of my uncles for so many years, I can

Can live for so long under the premise. "

"I thought it would be rare to see her in the future, so I walked around to relax."

When Ke Daoquan heard that it was Feng Tianxing, he felt a little unhappy.

"That Feng Tianxing's eyebrows are mouse-eyed, who knows what kind of mind he has?"

"A few days ago, my subordinates saw his people wandering around my camp. If I hadn't discovered it early and made timely changes, the Ke family's secrets would have been leaked out."

As he spoke, Ke Daoquan sat beside Ke Ke, seeing no one around, he gently squeezed Ke Ke's hand.

Ke Ke didn't dodge like before, which made Ke Danquan very useful.

Seeing Ke Danquan's careful thinking, Ke Ke continued.

"In fact, no one in the Ke family knows that they all rely on you to guard. Uncle Ke Dan and the others are just guarding their capital. Only you have been shedding blood and sweat for the Ke family. Keke has always kept this in mind."

When Ke Daoquan rolled his eyes, the evil thoughts in his heart rose instantly.

Originally, as a daughter of the Ke family, it was already inappropriate to marry as a dowry, but now Ke Daoquan must feel uncomfortable if she is still married as a vase of Ke Ke.

Because in his opinion, such an important vase is best used to win over more important people.

As for that kid Feng Tianxing, it is already his ability to marry Kedo away, if another Keke is kidnapped, it will be difficult for the Ke family in the future.

"Did your father really decide that?"

Ke Ke nodded helplessly.


Ke Daoquan suddenly sneered.

"Bai has taken advantage of that kid Feng Tianxing, and it has done too much damage to the reputation of my Ke family."

"Ke Ke, the Ke family has raised you for such a long time, I understand your intentions when you repay your kindness and get married, but this matter cannot be decided like this."

"You can't go out as a dowry with an innocent body, otherwise my Ke family's future face will have no place to put it."

Having said all this, Ke Ke naturally understood Ke Daoquan's little thought.

"Uncle Daoquan, what did you say? I came here today to remind you that father Kechan and Kedan conspired against you. I came here to inform you."

"Uncle Ke Daoquan, your life and death are at the moment of a thought, and you are not in control."

Ke Daoquan looked puzzled.

"how is this possible."

"I am in charge of the most important force of the Ke family, and I have achieved outstanding results. Even if I want to replace me, I have to find a suitable successor. Have Ke Dan and Ke Chan been found?"

"That shouldn't be the case, why did the eldest brother and the second brother treat me badly?"

Ke Ke stood up straight as if he was looking at a fool.

"Since uncle doesn't understand, then Dang Ke never came."

After finishing speaking, Ke Ke left the mansion directly and returned to the residence all the way.

Ke Dan is currently in retreat, and the only person Ke Daoquan can ask is Ke Chan.

But Ke Daoquan didn't know, just like what Ke Ke said to him today, it has already been staged in Ke Chan. Ke Ke has not always been a vase. Ever since Da Feng Tian Xing taught her those skills, she has been collecting unfavorable news about Ke Duo, and now she tells Ke Chan all the negative news about Ke Daoquan. Kechan can

There will be ghosts if you receive him.

Ke Daoquan's request for a meeting was directly rejected, and Ke Daoquan was even more confused for a while, so he sent someone to inquire, but what he got was that Ke Chan yelled at him.

This time Ke Daoquan really panicked.

The only person he can prove is now yelling at him. Isn't this exactly what Ke Ke said, Ke Chan and Ke Dan want to harm him!

All the way back to his residence, when he thought of what Keduo had said when he met him earlier, Kedaoquan suddenly felt terrified.

He knew his end was near.

He enjoys the greatest military power of the Ke family, which means that it is too easy for him to use his status to gain benefits.

After so many years, even though he has been extremely restrained, there are still many clues left.

Now if he settles accounts after autumn, he can't stand it!

Although Kedan doesn't have as many demons as him, Kedan is the patriarch!

Who dares to object to the patriarch's words?

The army under him is a joke.

"Deprive the military power, and then find a chance to kill, you are so ruthless!"

In Ke Daoquan's view, it is now a critical moment of life and death, and every momentary mistake may cost him his life.

At this critical juncture of what he thought was a life-and-death thought, he dared not ask Kedan and Kechan for confirmation.

Where is the reason to let the killing target know in advance that he will be killed?

Ke Daoquan directly assembled his subordinates, preparing to flee thousands of miles away.

It is impossible to fight. These are members of the Ke family, and they are all demons who can turn their guns against themselves with a single command.

The only way now is to take them away from Ke's house, the farther the better, it's best if they can't be contacted by Ke's order!

It only needs some time to settle, and then announce the fall of the Ke family, and he will inherit the position of head of the Ke family, and everything will be fine! Ke Daoquan's thoughts are completely naive, but he can't be blamed for this. As a member of the demon clan, it is already commendable to be able to choose to escape after knowing clearly that he cannot be defeated.

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