Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8436 the abyss of perdition

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Chapter 8436 The abyss of eternal doom

The princess was stunned for a while, and hesitated to say something, but how could she recognize the devilish energy that Feng Tianxing displayed?

She's not an imperial concubine at all, she's just pulled up temporarily to support the scene, and even Jia Luo's explanation to her is to do less and speak less, sometimes the more you do, the more error-prone it is.

But Feng Tianxing directly threw the problem to the princess, she really couldn't handle it.

At this moment, Jia Luo's key sound transmission gave her direction.

"It will take time to test whether you are assassins, but before that, please step back."

Feng Tianxing spread his hands, with a helpless expression on his face.


After finishing speaking, he didn't leave, he still stood there, and glanced at Xiaosi who was beside him from the corner of his eye.

He didn't have sound transmission, because Jia Luo would definitely prepare means for himself.

All can only see their respective performances.

As for Xiao Si, he brought him here after some inspections.

He believes that the servants of the princess are trustworthy.

At the critical moment, Xiaosi stepped forward.

"My lord, since the disappearance of the Demon Emperor, I have no one to rely on. I was robbed by the strong and sold in the auction house. This journey has been bumpy. All I want in my mind is to return to serve the Queen. Please allow me."

As soon as these words came out, Feng Tianxing chuckled in his heart.

As expected, he was selected by himself, and he really played a great role at the critical moment.

This move was aimed directly at Jia Luo's core.

The princess was silent because Jia Luo didn't know how to reject this proposal.

In name, as the servant of the princess, it was only natural for him to return to her side. Even if it was for the reason of being wary of assassins, he should not be wary of this servant who had been in charge for many years.

Seeing that the atmosphere fell into silence and everyone was waiting for an opportunity, Xiao Si spoke again.

"The cultivation talent of my subordinates is low, and now they only have full physical strength. The strength of the princess is higher than mine, and the strength of the guards around me is far superior to me. What's more, I have only been separated from the queen for a few months. Even if I am a genius, it is impossible to improve. Several levels of strength threaten the safety of the princess."

"Please also consider the pros and cons carefully, Your Majesty. Your subordinate will be the servant of the princess for the next day, and will be the servant of the queen for the rest of her life. I will never have any second thoughts. I swear by the honor of the demon clan!"

Xiaosi's last shot directly dragged the princess to an extremely dangerous place.

If one word is wrong, everything is wrong!

Jia Luo's mind was spinning wildly. All this had nothing to do with him, and he had no right to participate. Now his only solution is to use his disguised princess to resolve this crisis.

But in this way, he gave up his identity and strength as a strong man, and lost his greatest advantage.

Jia Luo felt extremely tricky at the moment!

At this moment, Nuo Siqianyuan finally stood up.

"Your Majesty, I, Nuosi Qianyuan, have been friends with the Demon Emperor for many years, and I have witnessed your growth with my own eyes. When you came to my North family as a guest, you had a good chat with the old man. I don't know if you still remember these past events. Remember?"

Nuo Siqianyuan directly launched an offensive, pointing directly at the core of the princess.

Jia Luo didn't even solve the problem on Xiaosi's side, and there were more threats from Nuo Siqianyuan, his eyes rolled wildly.

He had been away from the high level of the demon clan for too long, so he didn't know whether what Jia Luo said was true or not, and whether he was telling his own words.

The most difficult thing is that it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

But at this moment, Jia Luo still transmitted the voice.

The princess waved to Xiao Si.

"Xiaosi, come here, I've been with you for a long time, so naturally I won't worry that you are an assassin."

Xiaosi was able to come to the imperial daughter's side, but he lowered his head and didn't look much.

Jia Luo thought he had solved the problem here, so he sent a voice transmission to the fake princess and asked her to tell Nuo Si Qianyuan.

"Why don't I remember having a good conversation with senior Nuos Qianyuan? Back then, I only remembered having a good conversation with the patriarch of the Nuos family and a few elders. Could it be that the senior remembered it wrong?"

Nuo Siqian suddenly felt vigilant.

He just made a slight change when the princess came to the North family, and replaced the person who had a happy conversation with himself, that's all, this fake princess can even tell the difference?

Nuo Si Qianyuan was puzzled for a while.

How did Jia Luo get this news?

Scratching his head, Nuo Siqianyuan laughed.

"Really? It's been a while since this happened, I guess I remembered it wrong."

At the same time, the two tests were resolved, and Jia Luo also breathed a sigh of relief.

The only problem now is Xiao Si, the demon clan, he can't stay with the princess for long, he has to be arranged as soon as possible, so that he doesn't have the chance to stay with the princess, this is the solution.

Although Xiaosi still poses a threat to the identity of the princess, it is not that big anymore.

The rest, of course, is to take good care of my good apprentice.

Others might not be able to see it, but Jia Luo knew very well that Xiaosi and Nuo Si Qianyuan were all arranged by Feng Tianxing.

It is impossible for other demons to care so much about the legitimacy of power. These proud demons have not experienced major changes in power, let alone learn from the human race.

They are still stuck in the era when the bigger the fist, the greater the power.

The only person who could see the clues of his dimensionality reduction attack was Feng Tianxing, who valued the human race far more than himself.

"Tian Xing, there is one thing I have to remind you as a teacher here. Your identity is only an admiral, so don't do other expansions."

"If you violate the rules, the master will not show mercy to you at that time."

Before Jia Luo could completely solve his own hidden dangers, he began to find fault with Feng Tianxing.

Feng Tianxing smiled.

"Master, what are you talking about? Of course I understand the rules of the Demon Race, so how can I violate them?"

"I'm just the leader elected by the alliance of admirals. After the death of the lord of the main city, I contacted a group of admirals to concentrate on fighting against the void. The soldiers are under their jurisdiction on weekdays. Even when the army is mobilized, they provide soldiers and food. , I have no direct connection with these soldiers."

"Could it be that the master can find other suitable people to take on the heavy responsibility under the circumstances at that time? The city lord of the main city was parasitized by the void, and hundreds of thousands of elite demons died in vain. May I ask if our admiral will not stand up after the fall of the main city lord? Do you expect the city lord at the lower level to stand up?"

Feng Tianxing once again showed what a chicken thief is.

At least on the surface, he has always followed the rules of the Demon Race, and has not controlled any army other than the admiral.

All of my staff are under the name of my cronies.

No matter what kind of army it is, it has no direct connection with him.

At most, he is a temporary commander-in-chief, and those who can live there.

After dealing with Jia Luo's questioning, Feng Tianxing turned his head to look at the princess.

"Your Majesty, do you really plan to invite me in for a sit-down?"

As he said that, Feng Tianxing released a little bit of his devilish energy.

The demons present didn't know what it meant, and neither did Jia Luo, so they simply asked the fake princess to refuse on the grounds of safety.

Jia Luo really didn't dare to let the monster Feng Tianxing approach the princess.

As everyone knows, he made a mistake in this step, and it is already beyond redemption.

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