Mechanical Flesh - Chapter 667

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Qi Yuan glanced at Qi Lian. The strength of the ninth level is not considered weak here, but it is definitely not strong. At least half of the monsters he encountered along the way were stronger than him. Qi Yuan was a little suspicious , How did such a person survive in the Flesh and Flesh Mill for such a long time, unless he stayed in the Tower of Eternity and did not leave.

Qi Lian seemed to have guessed Qi Yuan's question, and explained with a wry smile:

"My strength is not strong enough. Every time I go hunting, it is a game of death. No matter how lucky I am, I can't spend a few years safely in the flesh and blood mill. In fact, my luck is not very good. When I entered the Flesh Mill, I died in the wilderness before I even reached the Tower of Eternity."

already dead?

Qi Yuan was a little surprised, at least in his perception, Qi Lian was no different from a living person, without any breath of death.

"It's not just me. Most of the guards here are actually dead. We can come back to life entirely because of the existence of eternal glory. In fact, we don't know whether our current state is truly alive. "Qi Lian said.

Qi Yuan took a serious look at Qi Lian, and became interested in what he said.

"We can find a place to drink and chat."

Qi Lian smiled slightly.

"There is a tavern here. Every time we come back from hunting, we like to have a drink in it."

"lead the way."

Qi Lian led the two of them to the inner city. There were few pedestrians in the city, and their strength was not as strong as imagined. They looked a bit depressed. Not long after, Qi Lian walked to a door that was concealed.

"This is the only place where you can drink wine in the entire Tower of Eternity, and even the entire Flesh Mill."

Standing at the door, Qi Yuan heard the noise inside, as well as the sound of stone cups colliding, obviously the popularity here is good.

After entering the stone gate, the light suddenly dimmed. People in twos and threes sat around the stone tables, and a strong smell of low-quality wine came to the face. The whole room seemed to be soaked in wine.

The entry of the three did not attract too many people's attention. Most of them gathered together in twos and threes drinking wine and telling their stories loudly.

Occasionally, a few people cast their eyes over, not at Qi Yuan, but at the blood-stained pocket on Qi Yuan's waist, but when they saw Qi Lian standing by the side, they reluctantly looked away Now, obviously, apart from the wine in the glass, only these trophies can attract their interest.

Qi Yuan vaguely noticed that the drinkers in the tavern seemed to be pretty good, at least much stronger than those encountered outside.

Behind the bar, a woman with a similar waistline and height, wearing a gray headscarf, was wiping every corner of the bar. She looked up at Qi Yuan and Yu Hao, dropped the rag in her hand, and took out two basketball-sized wine glasses , began to pour wine from the barrel.

The three of them found a stone table and sat down when the woman came over with two huge wine glasses, without saying a word, she directly put the full wine glasses in front of Qi Yuan and Yu Hao, then turned and left.

Looking at the light yellow wine and foam in the wine glass, as well as the stone cup occupying half of the left side, Yu Hao was a little stunned.

Qi Lian explained in a low voice:

"She is the owner of this tavern. She has been here for many years. I heard that she has some relationship with the people above." Qi Lian pointed his finger.

"The two glasses of wine are given to you by her. According to the rules of this tavern, all newcomers can drink a glass of wine here for free. If they want to drink wine here in the future, they will have to pay."

Qi Lian glanced at the wine glass on the table, and his Adam's apple couldn't help slipping.

"Take a sip. These wines don't look very good, but the proprietress doesn't know how to incorporate eternal brilliance into the wine. You will miss this taste."

Eternal glory!

Qi Yuan's eyes were fixed, and it was a brand new term, which seemed to be very important.

Yu Hao's eyes lit up when he heard the words, he picked up his wine glass and took a sip, swallowed most of the glass of beer into his stomach, and burped in satisfaction.

"Good wine!" Yu Hao couldn't help saying.

Qi Yuan saw that a blush appeared on Yu Hao's face, and his eyes became a little blurred, as if he was a little drunk.

After only half a glass of wine, a powerhouse at the peak of the ninth rank was actually drunk!

Qi Lian's face froze, and he smiled wryly.

"I forgot to remind you, the wine here is good, but it's easy to get drunk if you drink it too fast. This is only half a glass. If you finish this glass in one gulp, most people will just lie down."

"What are you talking about? Who is drunk, I am not drunk!"

Mumbling, Qi Lian picked up the wine glass, drank the remaining half of the glass in one gulp, then threw his head on the table, fell asleep, and soon heard the obvious snoring.

Qi Yuan quietly opened the spiritual fortress to confirm that Yu Hao had no other problems, and he was relieved only after he fell asleep drunk.

As soon as Yu Hao entered the Flesh and Flesh Mill, he met a powerful enemy. Not only did he die from gray eyes, but he also lost one eye, and even almost died in the wilderness. He really needed to rest.

"In the tavern, you don't have to worry about any safety issues, no one dares to make trouble here." Qi Lian said.

Qi Yuan pushed his wine glass in front of Qi Lian.

"I don't like drinking, this glass of wine is for you, as long as you can answer me a few simple questions."

Qi Lian froze for a moment, he looked at the foam floating in the wine glass, his Adam's apple wriggled again, obviously this glass of wine was also full of temptation for him.

After a short hesitation, Qi Lian finally gritted his teeth and pushed the wine glass back.

"You can ask questions, but I can't take this glass of wine. This glass of wine is very useful to you newcomers. You only need to take a sip to know that for you, eternal brilliance can directly equate to power!"

"This glass of wine may be of great significance to other people, but to me, it's just a glass of wine. You drink it first, and we'll talk after drinking it." Qi Yuan said.

Qi Lian struggled again. Such a glass of wine was worth a lot even in the past, especially now that evil beasts are rampant, hunting is becoming more and more difficult, and the difficulty of exchanging eternal glory is also increasing. Even if it is just a ray of eternal glory, it takes Change it with your own life!

Qi Yuan looked at Qi Lian calmly, without urging or asking any questions, just looked at him calmly, just when Qi Lian was hesitating and struggling in his heart, a man next to him with a bottomed wine glass suddenly leaned over, and he stretched out his hand towards him. wine glass.

"Since you don't drink it, give it to me! If you have any questions, just ask me!"

Qi Yuan still sat on his stone pier without moving, just looked at him with a smile.

Seeing that the burly man was about to take the wine glass away, Qi Lian was heartbroken and stood up abruptly. UU Reading pressed the wine glass that the man was carrying back to the table with one hand, and stared at the burly man fiercely.

"He's given me the wine, and now, it's mine!"

A fierce light flashed in the eyes of the burly man, and the veins in his right hand holding the wine glass bulged, and the wine glass was lifted up little by little, as if he might explode at any time.

Although the burly man has the strength of the ninth-level peak, Qi Lian still looks at him without fear, not letting him take the wine glass away.

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