My Big Brother is Seeking Death Again - Chapter 240 Final ending

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"Lord...owner." The more the net is shaken, the whole person seems to be buried in the ground. " are back."

"Made." The back pool is still familiar, but the ethereal image is coming from the sky. "Before I left, I ordered you to guard the Three Realms. You changed the rules without authorization, causing many changes, but you can know the crime."

"Lord...Master, I, I..." The net shape is smaller and smaller. "I just want to find...the body."

"It's still a sophistry!" The voice of the man was cold. "You are born with a spirit. It is a good thing. But with the talent, you can arbitrarily confuse the Three Realms, and even the gods almost collapse. These disasters must not be light. !"

The broken hands are tight, and it seems that I finally found a bit of courage. "I was born to manage the three thousand worlds. They are just some stupid ants. Why can't I move them?" Angry, "It is also the creation of the master. Why do you always care about the group of ants, but you don't care about me. I have been born into the spirit, no longer the instrument in the hands of the master. I also have ideas and requests! I am here. After waiting for you for hundreds of millions of years, I have been imprisoned for hundreds of millions of years. I clearly have higher abilities than them, but I can only watch them in all walks of life, but I can't! This is not fair! I just want freedom. Just already!"

The more he said, the more excited he was, as if he had forgotten the fear before, and he looked straight at the person at the source, and he asked for an answer.

The other party is still the look of no expression, paused, still faintly open, "If so, then as you wish."

He didn't move, he didn't even lift his hand, but there was a circle that had never been seen under the broken net.

Broken net once again fell into a huge panic, open hands seem to want to retain what it is like to move forward, "What are you doing? No... no!"

"I take back your talent and put your soul into six reincarnations." The man continued to faintly open, "Give you the freedom you want."

"No... don't!" Breaking the net and panicking and shouting out, the figure slowly disappeared in the formation, and in a moment it disappeared completely.

In the blink of an eye, the seemingly invincible break, so easily disappeared into this white space,

"After the pool..." In the summer, I only felt a blank in my mind, and the tingling of my heart rushed up, looking at the front, clearly in front of me, but as if it was out of reach.

"The man of the opposite world." His gaze was finally fixed on them, but it was still plain and there was no ups and downs, as if they were strangers who could not see each other.

"You... is the back pool?" She clearly knows the answer, but she still can't help but ask.

"I am the spirit of this world." He faintly said, "I have seen the spirit of your side, he said that we exist as - the plane manager."

Manager, it turns out that he is really the world manager.

"What about the pool? Where is he? Will he come back?"

"After the pool." He paused for a moment, still a blank expression. "That's just my incarnation in the lower bounds. It's me, it's not me. Now I am in my place. In front of you, it's just management." Only then."

Incarnation? The silly brother who wants to turn her sister as a sister is just an embodiment of the manager? !

Although I saw many mythological dramas, those who went down to the robbers went back and turned their faces to confess people. Ma Li deleted the past drama. But when this kind of thing really happens to her, why... is the heart so painful?

The creaking in my mind, and the pain in my breath.

She seems... really lost the back pool!

"You stop the evil spirits of the creation of the Three Realms, but it is also a merit." The other party continued, "So you will not pursue the matter when you enter the border without permission." He waved his hand and a stone door appeared in the air. "This is the door to cross-border. Go back."

"Wait!" When winter helped the side, the crumbling sister, "What about the cold? It is sleeping in the body of creation, and our managers tell us that only you can save him."

He looked at the winter and suddenly reached out, the green light flashed, a familiar green cube appeared in the hand, it was the flower cold and system that was repaired by the ink.

He turned around and saw a green flower plant removed from the center of the cube. The flower branches stretched out and slowly opened his eyes.

"Hey... Master? Little master? What happened?" Han Han’s face just woke up, his body shape was getting bigger, less than half of it, it has changed back to the cold jade that was planted in the first sight. Wang Hua, shaking the leaves while looking around.

"This flower has a relationship with the creation of the body, so stay here, help me to look after the Three Realms." The man snorted and directly let the empty cube in his hand fly to the flower.

The flower shook a little, and quickly caught it with the leaves. Although there was a full of doubts, he did not dare to ask under the pressure of his world, and weakly held the cube.

The manager walked toward the stone gate and stopped at the three-step opening. The hand slammed into the door and slowly opened.

"The gates are open, go!"

When I looked at my sad sister who was still sad, I sighed and pulled up her hand. "Go, little girl."

"Brother." When he was anxious to look at him in the summer, "But..."

"You are not a person of the world, it is better. Listen to the brother, go home!"


After she pulled up her hand, she walked to the door and stepped out of the gate.

Just about to pull his own sister to leave here, the manager who stood at the door without expression, but suddenly lifted his leg and smashed into the winter.

In the summer, I only felt that the hand was tight, and the whole person fell back and slammed into a familiar arms, and the gates had been slammed shut.

Suddenly the mouth screamed and was kissed, and the familiar voice sounded.

"No one has been robbing my sister this time." Just back in the cold pool, she was looking at her with a pair of shining eyes. All the faces are written: praise me, praise me, and boast my look!


When the summer was blank for five minutes, I turned the corner.

a long time……

"Back pool?"

"I am." He looked down at her excitedly and kissed her with a look of excitement.

"with all due respect!"


She took a deep breath and reached out and squeezed his ear.

"Are you licking itchy?!!!"


She really thought that... thought...

"Your bastard!"

"Summer and summer, hurt..."

"It hurts you a big guy!"

"Kiss, it won't hurt."


"Summer and summer..."


Three years later.

Somewhere in the villa hall.

An employee of a professional wear is reporting to his boss with respectful documents.

"Whenever, the manpower has been arranged."

"Is it all right?"

"Yes, from here to the hotel, there are three routes, each of which has three waves of our people, and the wedding car can't reach the hotel on time."

"What about the new house?"

"There is always peace of mind, there are hundreds of people guarding, ladies and young women friends, even those who have seen only one side of the next school have invited. Make sure that the other party can not break through the sea."

“Doing a good job, processing this month.”

"Thank you for your time."

"Hey, look at how the beast is under my nose and pick up the little girl."

"Cough, always..." The secretary’s mouth was pumping, and he was hesitant.

"If you have something to say."

"Don't blame me for talking. Today is the day when Miss is overjoyed. Since you have already promised their marriage, why should you want to..."

"Do you want the **** to not get the bride?" Winter asked, seeing each other nodding, coldly snoring, and stood up with a look of irritability, "You know a fart! Promise is one thing, give people to He is another matter. "If someone had been stalking for three years, he still screamed that he couldn’t beat him now. From time to time, he set off the little girl and went to the world to play. He would promise. Blame, "That is my sister, my sister! From such a small group..." He gestured with a child in his hand. "So a small group is around me, I am a little bit raised, in my mouth. I was afraid of falling, and I was afraid of falling in my hand. When I was over one year old, I would softly call my brother’s sister!"

"That bastard, take her away now, can you balance in your heart? Who knows when I am not, will he bully her? Will she make her sad? Can you raise a bunch of three, let She is sad.” The more he said, the more excited he was, the one who had seen the tragedy of the future. “My sister, which scallions and garlic do you have? Can you do this to her?!”

"Oh... Miss is not saying, is the other person very good to her?"

"A good fart, no matter how good I can be with her!" When Dong Li immediately retorted, "If you are good, you won't fight with me everywhere. I think it's hard to see her later. I will follow this heart." Like an excavator, a spoonful of a spoonful."

"Can... Miss does not live next door after marriage?"

His expression was stiff and immediately retorted. "What do you know! Next door? Not next door. My poor little girl... I am going to leave my brother soon. Do you understand this mood? Do you understand?"

"Oh..." The mood of the sister control, he really does not understand.

When the winter mobile phone suddenly rang, he just listened to a few words, but his face turned black.

"What? Not seen? Isn't there a hundred people in the new house? Why are you missing?"

"What do you not know? Are you paying for your meal? Are you looking for it?"

"Looked for it, there is nowhere? It's impossible!"

“Time total!” The secretary pointed to his mobile phone, and he couldn’t believe it. “The hotel came over and said that the bride and groom have arrived. Please preside over the wedding as soon as possible, so as not to miss the time.”

When I stayed in winter, I suddenly thought of what I pressed hard and clicked on the phone. I jumped up and shouted loudly. "Fuck! Ink, my grandfather!"

Say good, your site can't be used, no one exception? !

Was smashed!

(End of text)

The origin of everything outside

In the winter, on the streets with heavy snowfall, the number of pedestrians passing by was drastically reduced. The original bustling area seemed a bit deserted.

In the cold weather, even the animals that are fostered in the pet store are rarely quiet.

A virtual shadow suddenly appeared in the store, and people came in a white costume, long hair like ink, and it was incompatible with all the modern arrangements around. He glanced at the store for a week, but the eyes of the emptiness were empty, but the brilliance of the eyebrows was faint and strange.

"Where is the outside world?" Someone pushed the door out of the back door room and complained while walking. "Good end, people from different circles come to me... huh?" The ink smack stopped halfway and slid up and down. The other person glanced and smiled. "Hey, there is a big man."

The costume man looked back at him. "You... is this world spirit?"

"You can say this." Mo Yan shrugged. "But I am used to being called a plane manager. My name is Mo Yan, and it exists like you. But as a manager of the outside world, come to me." No, what are you doing?" Wouldn't it be to establish diplomatic relations?

The other party's look is the same, it is still a faint look. "Unintentionally aware of this world, curious, so come and explore." He looked up and felt something. "You are here... very strange." Aura is fluctuating, but ordinary people can go to heaven.

"What's strange, there are so many planes, what kind of things are there." Mo Yan doesn't care at all. "You feel weird, it's because you see less."

The man nodded with approval, and Mo Yan wanted to continue to say something. The phone snorted and he opened it. It was a text message. I saw that I simply wrote four words above - eat chicken, free?

Mo Yan’s face was full of joy and excitement. I carefully read the text message four or five times, and then I started to reply. The answering and answering was full of one-screen reply. I looked at it and deleted it a bit. , continue editing. So back and forth several times, I finally returned to the sentence - well, just go online!

Next to the virtual man, he was amazed at the sudden emotional changes of the other party, glanced at the unknown weapon in his hand, and subconsciously explored it, and his face was a little surprised. "This woman..."

Momo immediately took the phone back, and some dissatisfied gave him a look. "Hey, hello, others' faces, don't look at it!"

"Sorry." He just subconsciously explored the cause and effect. "Just the other person is just an ordinary person. Why do you force the marriage line to be attached to her?"

"Turn off your ass!" Ink's face was red, and his face was poked into the heart of his heart. "You can see the cause and effect is great! You are also a single dog, what do you know?"

"Single dog?" He glanced, he is not a dog spirit!

"Well, what are you wearing in front of me?" He rolled his eyes. "You thought I really believed that you were curious to come here, not because of loneliness! It is also a single dog of billions of years. Pure!" He once again cherished the touch of the mobile phone screen, his face unconsciously revealed a smirk, "Hey, but I will take off, and it will be different from you soon!"

He thought of what it was like, the same obsession, it looked even more stupid, and he would only talk for a long time. "Don't tell you, I have to fight for lifelong events, you are free!" He opened the door and went in, suddenly remembered what I confessed, "Yes, you can't see the spirit of your body, or else people think it's a hell, don't bother me."

After saying this, I sang songs and walked in, step by step, and I was in a good mood.

The man looked at the completely different world spirit before and after the painting, and the doubts in his heart were more prosperous. He once again felt the law of this world, which understood the meaning of the so-called single dog.

The brow suddenly tightened, and as the spirit of the world, his willingness is the will of the world. Therefore, in order not to cause unnecessary troubles, he has never set foot in the Three Realms. Since the day of his birth, he has been in the land of stars, guarding one world. There is an endless starry sky. The three thousand worlds are in his eyes, every place. He can see clearly in the boundaries. It seems to be very lively, but the only one who is accompanying him is the starry sky.

In the past, he didn't think there was anything like this? Until he realized the existence of this world, he saw another world spirit. He never knew that the spirit of the world was like the ink, not only dissolved into it, but also mixed with water. Unfearedly contaminated with seven emotions and six desires, but also concealed, forced to tie their own marriage line, live that called a colorful.

Although he does not agree with the other side's practices, he has to admit that he has a correct statement. Perhaps for many years, he is indeed lonely.

"521? It is here." A female voice suddenly came from the doorway and someone came.

The man snorted and remembered the ink squatting just so that he should not appear in front of people. However, it is too late to walk away.

A cat in the cage next to "喵..." suddenly screamed.


His mind was moved, and the body suddenly turned into a light smoke attached to the British short.

"Is the boss here?" The woman pushed in and saw no one in the store, and asked loudly to the room behind. "I came to pick up the cat. Last week, my brother kept the cat here. The owner called Dongdong." It is only short in English."

She looked around again and only heard the answer from the back room for half a time. It was accompanied by the gunshots in the game. "The cat is outside and looking for it."

"Oh." The woman glanced through a cage of foster care and then walked over to the British short-stayed man, "find it."

After confirming it carefully, I turned back and shouted again in the house.

"Boss, the cat I took it."

"Know it, I know!" Something impatiently returned.

The woman raised the cat cage and complained while walking: "How does the old brother keep the cat in this store? The cat does not come out to look at it, it is not responsible at all, and is not afraid of losing the cat."

Said all the way carrying the cat out the door.




When I got home, I opened the cage door in the summer, but found that the fat cat that couldn’t stop at the moment was still in the cage.

"What's wrong? Come out!" She looked around and said, "Isn't I sick?"

I was trying not to inform my brother to come back and look at it, but the cat came out carefully.

"You are not being bullied by other cats in the cage shop?" Some laughter in the summer, "Call you in the nest, this time you have learned the lesson."

This cat was bought by her personally in a pet shop five years ago. She was always feeding when she was a child, but I don’t know why, she is not with her, her temper is fierce, and who is biting. But she only likes her old brother. When she sees him, she looks like a little tail. In the face of his brother, all kinds of spoiled and tender to touch the belly, but she will be scratched as long as she reaches out to it. A little white-eyed wolf!

This is the first time she saw it so honestly, even after she was out of the cage, she was kneeling at her feet, and she did not dare to move.

"No, really scared?"

Look at this poor look, when the summer is a soft heart, biting his teeth and hesitating to reach his head.

Touch... touched it!


Did not turn to give her a paw, and did not open her mouth to bite her.


When the summer cat's soul suddenly burned, it followed the sixteen cats of the cat body. It shakes except the body.

Didn't bite, or didn't bite!

Five years, five years! She finally touched it. I want to cry……

When Xia Xin suddenly became soft and messy, he immediately threw away the grievances that had been scratched with blood on his face. He took the instinct and picked up his own face, and turned back to the cat's master.

"Hello me now, know who is right?"

"Well, you have to let me touch it all the time. I won’t call you fat in the future."

"Why are you shaking again? Don't you really be bullied? It doesn't matter, I will take you to bully tomorrow."

"It's so soft, so cute, come and let me kiss one."

"Hey? How did the hair on your face turn red, who will dye it for you?"

"Unscrupulous pet shop, look for him to settle tomorrow."

"Looking at my brother, I didn't come back, come and come, kiss and hold high, cat adult, let me sleep tonight."



late at night.

In the bedroom, the girl is holding a fat cat and screaming.

Suddenly a black figure appeared in front of the bed, facing the bed. "You will run, I will look for you for a long time."

The next moment, a black and white cat suddenly floated a shadow, and in less than half it turned into a translucent man's shadow.

"Let's go!" Mo Yan told the man, "You can't stay in this world for too long."

"Yeah." The white man nodded and looked back at the person on the bed. The red tide on his face was like a fire. The original eyes were like a star, and it seemed to be a star-studded star, perhaps... Should he also take a single order? The mind was moving, suddenly a red line that no one else could see, bypassing his fingertips and directly wrapped around the woman's wrist.

"Why are you tying her?" Mo Yan gave him a blank look. "Isn't you, you will be tempted to put back the cat. You are not a system at all."

"She... very good." The man replied, as if he had thought of something, the red tide on his face was wider.

"Oh, whatever you want." Mo Yan didn't care. "But I advise you to die early, don't yell at you like this, not even an entity." He taunted and continued to urge, "Hurry up, It’s time to go back to your world, I have something to do at night!”

The man once again looked back at the person on the bed, and this disappeared into the house with Mo Yan, but there was an idea in his heart.


Maybe... It’s time to go to the six rounds and take a trip.

The next morning.


A sharp cat called.

"Where, you pull out the ruthless fat cat and scratch me!"

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