Mystery: the Outer God is Myself

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fan-Fiction , Fantasy , Xuanhuan

Chapters: 634

Last update: 10 days ago

2.3 /5

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Traveling through the world of the Lord of Mysteries and becoming the backing spirit of Klein the Fool, Lin Ruo, the senior traveler, rejected it in his heart. Fortunately, he still had the supernatural powers [truth and fallacy] he had acquired from the previous world.[Truth and Fallacy], rule-type supernatural powers, [Truth] can guide destiny, and [Fallacy] distort reality.Relying on [Truth and Fallacy], Lin Ruo first tore up the script of 008, and then stepped into the torrent of the times without hesitation in order to fight the coming end of the world.He was diligent and diligent, relying on the superiority of supernatural powers and foresight to manage, and finally raised the fighting power of his side to the point where he could sit back and relax.Then Lin Ruo's original sealed memory was restored.At this time, Lin Ruo discovered that he was actually a foreign god who had just been promoted, a pure restraint.Lin Ruo:Is he too late to run?ps: The protagonist, Chaos Good, is a Cthulhu alien god who was upgraded from a human being. He originally did not belong to the secret world, but belonged to a real outsider. - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: the Outer God is Myself