Nomenclature of Night - Chapter 933 seesaw

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Many people in the world of    have always felt that Timewalker itself is like a bug in this world. 1

For example, in those clubs that were leveled by the parent-teacher association, everyone fought hard against the parent-teacher association in the lower three districts, and finally beat the parent-teacher association to the point where everyone was injured. As a result, after zero o’clock, those family members applied special ointment in the Zhanzheng Academy. , suddenly became alive and kicking, one by one spirited

  The family not only applied the medicine, but also played for seven days, playing basketball, playing games, growing vegetables, taking several baths, watching several movies, and then coming back to continue beating you. Who can bear this

   But it's not the most outrageous, the most outrageous is this kind of come back with a hickey.

  Brother, we are fighting now, can you pay more attention to it?

   For Qingchen, seven days have passed, but for Chen Yu, only a moment has passed.

At this time, Li Bingxi next to Chen Yu sneered: "Look, he doesn't take you seriously at all. His hair is all short, so this kid not only has time to go back and make out with women, but also has time to cut a haircut. Hair.\"\"Shut up,\"Chen Yu said coldly. He looked at Qingchen from the perspective of the Flying Goddess, and his heart sank when he saw that the other party's injuries were healed.

  Chen Yu knew that there was a taboo in Dayu that could restore the painting, so he guessed that Qingchen might recover his injury through this taboo, but he was mentally prepared and still had a bad premonition.

  Qingchen silently looked towards the end of the maze corridor, the green evergreen trees were neatly trimmed, and the dog baby was embedded in the wall not far away, staring at Qingchen with wide eyes. It seemed that even he was surprised. \"Long time no see,\" Qing Chen said with a smile.

   While speaking, the four goddesses rushed down from the air, and when they were more than ten meters away, they shook out the red silk on their hands. But the next moment, there was thunder light surging outside the wall. When the light and shadow interlaced, Qing Chen suddenly appeared in front of a demon-defying King Kong, only to see him waving his empty hand, and halfway through the wave, he pulled out the black knife in the void.

  The black knife that can even cut off taboos, slashed down the shoulder and neck of the Demon Demon King, cutting the opponent in two straightly! The knife is extremely sharp, and it is also extremely fast, almost invisible. After a single cut, the body of the Demon Demon King looked intact. After a second, the burly body gradually fell apart, turning into a white cloud and dissipating in the air.

  The goddess killed Ke Qingchen, but regarded this haunted house labyrinth as her home, and began to use light and shadow to move around at will!

  From now on, in this haunted house labyrinth, he is the only one who can chase people, and no one can chase and kill him! In just a short moment, the offensive and defensive sides are in different positions, and Qingchen is no longer a prey, but a hunter!

   He stood quietly and closed his eyes, listening carefully to the sound of footsteps in the distance.

  In an instant, Qingchen swung his sword and jumped forward, but there was nothing in front of him, only an empty maze corridor, as if he wanted to slash the air in front of him.

   However, his figure was still dashing in the labyrinth corridor, but he saw the thunder light surging several times again, and Qingchen's knife seemed to be beating constantly in the space of light and shadow.

   Gently jumped, as if it had passed a kilometer straight to another Demon Demon King!

With a clanging sound, the speed of the knife was so fast that the black knife slashed in the air, making a sound of gold and iron, as if pulling the knife out of its scabbard! Qing Chen jumped out from a kilometer away, and used the light and shadow displacement to span a distance of one kilometer. Passing by Fumo King Kong, the black knife in his hand slashed down, and the armor on Fu Mo King Kong was released. …

   In this world, there are no more than five people who can kill demigod paintings with such a neat and tidy method! And Qingchen is one of them. He didn't even use God to cut it!

  Chen Yu's pupils shrank. A lot of things happened in this moment, but the time was very short. It took only a few seconds for the other party to return, but only a minute later, his two Demon Demon King Kong were disintegrated!

   He controlled all the flying goddesses to rise into the air and converged in the direction of the water **** Gonggong until he was sure that the painting was full of aqua regia before finally stopping.

   Water God Gonggong's aqua regia covered a four-kilometer radius, and Qingchen couldn't set foot here.

  Qingchen closed his eyes and listened to the sound in the labyrinth, and laughed loudly, "The dignified Chen family is too high, can't you just retreat now? Kill me\"

Outside the haunted house labyrinth, Li Bingxi laughed and said: \"Look, I said that if I let him go back to the world, when he becomes a demigod, you can't do anything about it. At the beginning, your father was defeated by Li Shutong, and now you have to do it again. To be defeated by Qing Chen, this may be the fate of your Chen clan demigods! Knights can ride on your head forever to **** and pee!" \"Shut up,\"Chen Yu roared. A knight demigod! A knight demigod again!

   This knight demigod came and went without a shadow in the haunted house maze, leaving him with all his strength but unable to hit the opponent. But I saw him suddenly cut his thighs, a fire **** Zhu Rong appeared, and a flame burned Li Bingxi to ashes! But when Li Bingxi left, there were others, and another ghost appeared, it was the **** of Chichi: \" You directly joined hands with me to kill Li Shutong and Qingchen, how can there be such a thing today? \"\"You are also dead, \"Chen Yu roared.

  The fire **** Zhurong smelted the gods and turned them into ashes.

   He just burned one by one shadows, each time he burned one, his mental will became weaker.

   Until Chen Chuanzhi suddenly said in a cold voice, "Go and avenge me, now is the best time to kill him, your cards are almost finished, don't kill today, when will you be able to kill\"

   "Shut up too" Chen Yu said coldly.

  The fire **** Zhu Rong took a mouthful of flame like a dragon, and wrapped Chen Chuanzhi in it, refining it! Until Chen Chuanzhi disappeared completely, Chen Yu was stunned for a moment, and his consciousness briefly recovered, "Father..."

But it was only a breathing effort, and Chen Yu sneered again: You should have died a long time ago, but it was this moment of clarity that made Chen Yu react, and he suddenly laughed: \"So you all don't exist, You are me, and I am you." After he finished speaking, he sat on the back of the green ox and rose to the ground, throwing all those ghosts to the ground.

   Chen Yu looked down, but saw more than a hundred ghosts standing there quietly, watching him with a weird smile, watching him take off. Chen Yu calmly turned the Jasper wrench on his thumb and said softly, "That's all."

   This time, he did not continue to be restless. When he realized why he had hallucinations, he temporarily broke free from the shackles of mental pollution.

   Mental pollution did not stop, it just became very slow.

   This Chen demigod rode a green bull to the center of the haunted house maze, thousands of meters above the ground, overlooking the layout of the entire maze. Only at this time did he discover that the green walls in the entire maze actually formed a huge gecko lizard pattern, with the head in the north and the tail in the south. …

   He frowned and pondered how to deal with it, but gradually he realized that unless he took out all his cards, he would have no way to take Qingchen! Qingchen was much better than him in this maze.

   First of all, Chen Yu previously relied on memorizing the opponent's route, and then used the speed advantage of demigod paintings to crush. And now? There is no shadow in the entire maze, and the path has to wait at least 2 am to find the way. Wuying, which he relies on, has now become his own biggest dilemma.

  Secondly, what happens even if the Flying Goddess catches up? Before, Fumo King Kong could catch up and crush Qingchen, but now if the Flying Goddess catches up, it will become a gift.

  Knights are born to be the pinnacle of every tier, and they are incredibly fast. Now the four flying goddesses are rushing up, and they may not be able to touch the shadow of each other...and Shenqi, Qingchen has never used Shenqi until now! In the end, if he fights with other people, Chen Yu can completely consume it. The other party ran out of fuel and had to walk out of the maze. Qingchen didn't have any supplies, but there was water and food in the Yuchain on Qingniu's back.

   But the problem is, Qingchen is a time traveler, he starves the other party for seven days and seven nights, but the other party goes back to eat a few meals, but instead, it turns out that he Chen Yu is going to run out of oil and the lamp runs out...

   Moreover, the duration of the painting is 7 days. After 7 days, the goddess and the water **** will all disappear. What should I do? Chen Yu couldn't think of any other way for a while. Unless you come up with a hole card.

   At this moment, Chen Yu sneered, he cut his other thigh again, but saw another Vulcan Zhu Rong fly out, standing beside him in the air.

  Chen Yu didn't stop moving, but he cut the clothes on his chest again... It's two water gods working together again!

The family of the Chen family has tried their best to calculate Chen Yu's trump card, but they still underestimated Chen Yu's painting speed. Even if Chen Yu is a demigod who relies on Zilan Xing for promotion, he is always a genius that Chen's rarely seen in a hundred years. !

   However, the four water gods no longer chased Qingchen, but each came to the four corners of the haunted house maze, and began to spray almost every inch of the haunted house maze with terrifying aqua regia.

  Aqua regia scoured the lowland like a flood, and the turbulent and turbid water scoured and filled the corridors. If this labyrinth was not created by taboos, it would have been eroded by now.

  Aqua regia surging towards the center of the maze, \"pollution\" for several kilometers in just one hour. Soon, the four water gods stopped to rest and poured out new aqua regia again after an hour!

   Qingchen frowned, just like he used a stupid method like the exhaustive method, Chen Yu actually started to use the stupidest but most practical method.

   It only takes three days at most, this entire labyrinth will become a pool of aqua regia, and he will not even have a place to stay! Qing Chen slowly retreated, thinking about countermeasures while retreating. Kill them? No, Chen Yu and the demigod paintings are all in the sky, how can I kill them?

  The most embarrassing thing about knight demigods is that they don't have air-to-air ability. Chen Yu also thought of this, and then he raised his height and made himself invincible first! Procrastinate? Qing Chen thought about it, his previous mental pollution was all over the place.

   It's that serious, and Chen Yu must not be much better, but it's uncertain whether he can drag out these three days, and whether Chen Yu will collapse and Qingchen in three days.

   No, this haunted house labyrinth can't be left. Qing Chen wants to find a place where the energy consumption will kill Chen Yu until the other party loses his mind. Killing out? The roller coaster area and the haunted house maze are separate spaces. If you want to exit, you can only walk from the roller coaster area. There are only two ways to leave. The first is to sit on the roller coaster with your eyes open and arrive at the exit. This is no good. The speed of the roller coaster is not as fast as that of a demigod painting. You will definitely be caught up when you sit on it.

   The second one is to close his eyes and squeeze his companion's hand, and back away, but Qingchen has no companions. The first one is definitely not usable, the second one...

  The thunder light surged again, and Qingchen reappeared in front of the dog baby. He pulled the opponent's body out of the plants in the maze wall, carried it and ran out of the maze.

  The tourist information says to hold the hand of the companion, but it does not say that the companion must live.




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