Northern Abyss Immortal Clan - Chapter 1371 breakthrough power

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To put it bluntly, this Chaos Stone is the leftover leftovers when a world was formed.

Although the various energies at the beginning of the formation of the world were not very pure, they were all of a very high level.

Wang Daoyuan hurriedly asked, "Your ancestor got the Chaos Stone, how is this thing used, and what does it do?"

Xuan Yuan sighed: "The true immortal ancestor of my family did get a Chaos Stone the size of a fingernail.

However, he didn't find it by himself in the void outside the fairyland.

Instead, two true immortals competed for the Chaos Stone, which caused the Chaos Stone to shatter. My ancestors picked a piece of it.

The two true immortals were both seriously injured, so they didn't search for that piece of debris.

In fact, the lineage of our peeping tortoises is a very weak race in the Immortal Realm.

Before my ancestors, there was never a peeping tortoise who could cultivate to the realm of true immortals.

After the ancestors got the Chaos Stone fragments, they swallowed them directly.

Later, he not only broke through the realm of true immortals, but also cultivated to the realm of five real immortals.

Even so, his potential has not been exhausted.

Unfortunately, he later died of a demon invasion. "

Xuan Yuan was a little sad, but then he became proud again: "My line is the only direct line of inheritance from the ancestors, and it can be regarded as the royal family who spied on the mysterious turtle.

As the last bloodline of the only true immortal of the Profound Sky Turtle, as long as I can return to the Immortal Realm, I will be the master of the Profound Sky Turtle Clan. "

Wang Daoyuan was too lazy to listen to his bragging: "It's alright, bragging is not enough. Tell me how the human race should use this thing."

Xuan Yuan said with a smile: "When I mentioned the glorious history of my family, I didn't hold back for a while.

My ancestors have inquired about this matter. For the demon clan, the best way is to swallow it.

For the human race, swallowing it directly is one of the options, but it is not the best option. The best option is to integrate this thing into the heavenly container.

Think about it, what is the ultimate goal of all true fairyland monks? "

Wang Daoyuan said without hesitation: "Of course I'll become an immortal."

Xuan Yuan nodded: "It is indeed to become an immortal, but to become an immortal requires opening up a world.

Opening up the world is not something that can be opened casually, it also requires materials.

In this respect, the human race has an advantage over the demon race.

To open up the world, you can use the Heavenly Way container as the foundation. This foundation has been strengthened since before the breakthrough of Mahayana.

In particular, Master, your Heavenly Dao container is a small world with all five elements, yin and yang. This is simply the prototype of the future world.

If you incorporate the power in this Chaos Stone, your cultivation will surely advance by leaps and bounds.

In the future, when you grow up to the realm of the Nine Realms, your hope for further progress will also be greatly increased. "

Wang Daoyuan nodded: "So, this is really an extremely important thing.

Then this Chaos Stone is directly integrated into the small world, and there is no need to do anything? "

"Of course there is no need to deal with it, the Qi of Chaos is the source of all energy, the most primitive form of energy, and has infinite possibilities.

When encountering the power of heaven, it will be automatically converted into energy corresponding to the power of heaven.

The reason why this Chaos Stone has not been transformed is because the Chaos Qi has condensed into a solid and become more stable.

If no one cares about these Chaos Stones, they will slowly melt away.

The chaotic energy in it will slowly merge into the world.

The immortal world has probably been born for millions of years, and there are not many Chaos Stones left.

If such a large piece of Chaos Stone appeared in the Immortal Realm, I am afraid that Immortal Monarch would be moved. "

"Then what is the liquid in this Chaos Stone?"

Xuan Yuan shook his head and said, "The chaotic stone is something you can't find, and my ancestors got a piece of it back then.

As for what other Chaos Stones are like, I can't say. I've never heard of any Chaos Stone with liquid in it.

Moreover, this Chaos Stone is quite special, and the consciousness cannot penetrate it, so it is impossible to carefully observe the situation inside.

Breaking the Chaos Stone is too wasteful. If there is any treasure inside, breaking it without any means of protection, it may be a chicken-and-egg attack. "

Wang Daoyuan still has no bottom in his heart. After all, it is something left by the imperial robbery array immortal, and this thing is part of the chess game.

After fighting for so long, I finally have the hope of getting out of the chess game.

Now if this Chaos Stone is used, it may sink deeper.

Seeing his sad face, Xuan Yuan asked, "Master, are you worried that this thing is a trap again?"

Wang Daoyuan nodded: "Yes, I was in a chess game.

The liquid in this Chaos Stone is rather strange, and we can't figure out its origin.

The sons of destiny in all dynasties did not end well in the end, the master was so powerful, and now he can only become a sword spirit to guard Juetianyuan.

Using Chaos Stone, whether swallowed or integrated into the small world, has a great impact on oneself.

If you are not careful, your main power may be lost, and you will probably die inexplicably.

I am really envious of Da Hei. If I have his stomach, I don't have to worry about anything.

Even if you swallow the sun, you can still digest it into your own power, and you don't need to care about what happens next. "

Zhou Luan asked: "Didn't you use Yinglong to refine the Nanming Lihuo before? Such a violent spirit fire could not cause any major incident in Yinglong's mouth.

The matter of Chaos Qi is also recorded in some classics. Although it is more complicated, its energy is not violent.

Let Yinglong refine it once, even if there is something in it, it will be almost destroyed. "

The ancestor of Wanling also nodded again and again: "Little friend Zhou Luan is very true, although the strength of the imperial robbery array is strong, the means he masters may not be effective for the spiritual race generated by the manifestation of the heavenly way like dragon. "

Wang Daoyuan nodded slightly: "Such a treasure that an immortal monarch must be moved by is in his hand, and he is really unwilling to do so.

Yinglong did the refining. Even if there was a backhand, it would directly affect Yinglong. I was only indirectly affected, and the danger was much less.

Yinglong, as a symbol of luck, will suffer a strong backlash from luck if you want to deal with him.

The greater the price to be paid to rectify the Yinglong, the less likely it is that the Immortal Royal Tribulation Formation will do it.

In this way, the benefits I get are not significantly reduced, but the risk is much smaller, and the risk is worth taking. "

"You stay away, lest it affect you."

Hearing this, Zhou Luan took Wang Mingchen and Wang Mingren to escape.

Da Hei and Yun Yi also ran into the distance.

Xuan Yuan just indented the turtle shell and continued to stay in place.

The ancestor of Wanling controlled Wanling Pagoda and continued to stay in place.

Wang Daoyuan asked, "Why don't you two run away?"

Xuan Yuan's eyes gleamed: "It's okay, my turtle shell is thick, and the aftermath won't hurt me."

Ancestor Wanling said with a smile: "I am an artifact spirit, as long as my body is not destroyed, I will not suffer too serious damage.

When Yinglong refines the Chaos Stone, some energy may escape.

For Artifact Spirit, this is a rare good thing. "

Wang Daoyuan knew in his heart that this was the idea.

No wonder Xuan Yuan, a guy who is greedy for life and fear of death, dares to get so close, presumably in order to get a little benefit.

The ancestor of Wanling is Wang Mingchen's magic weapon spirit. He is stronger, and Wang Mingchen can also get a lot of benefits in the future.

Although Xuan Yuan's combat power is pulling his hips, his deduction ability is also extremely important.

It is also extremely valuable to allow him to improve his cultivation as soon as possible.

The left and right are just some energy that escaped, and it is better for them to absorb it than to waste it.

Wang Daoyuan didn't care about them anymore, the Yinglong pattern on the center of Yuanshen's eyebrows came alive, his body swelled, and grew to a size of 100 feet.

He put the Chaos Stone in his hand into Yinglong's mouth, Yinglong raised his head and swallowed the entire Chaos Stone.

The Chaos Stone entered Yinglong's belly, and Wang Daoyuan controlled Yinglong to refine the Chaos Stone.

But after a while, some gray gas was stripped out of the Chaos Stone.

These gray kings are not unfamiliar. When they broke through the realm of God Transformation, they saw how a world was formed.

Before the world was formed, the chaotic energy gathered into an ocean.

This gray gas is exactly the same as the aura of the Chaos Qi.

Since this stone can emit the Qi of Chaos, it should be a Chaos Stone without a doubt.

Yinglong turned these chaos into his own use, and soon part of the chaos energy changed, and a hint of purple appeared in it.

This is transforming into the chaotic purple qi, which is also the chaotic purple qi. The chaotic purple qi directly transformed from the chaotic energy is not the same as the one derived from the reversal of the five elements.

The difference in energy levels between the two is equivalent to the gap between the spiritual power of a Qi cultivator and a Mahayana cultivator.

Although they are all spiritual powers, they are completely different.

However, the Chaos Qi that was transformed into the Primordial Violet Qi was only a small part, less than 10%.

The remaining Chaos Qi remains the same.

After these chaotic qi were refined, they quickly merged with the immortal essence in Yinglong's body.

Immortal essence is the source of immortal power. As soon as this thing was condensed, it was swallowed by Yinglong and merged with Yinglong.

At this time, after Xianyuan absorbed a large amount of Chaos Qi, it was growing rapidly, and Yinglong's whole body was enveloped by a mysterious aura.

At the same time, a small amount of mixed Qi of Primordial Purple Qi and Qi of Chaos leaked out.

Xuan Yuan hurriedly stretched out his head and took a deep breath.

The ancestor of Wanling was not to be outdone, and desperately urged the body to absorb the leaked gas.

More than ten days passed, and the immortal essence in Yinglong's body doubled.

The refining process has been very smooth. Zhou Luan, his two children, and Da Hei Yunyi also came over.

Unfortunately, only Zhou Luan could barely refine some of the chaotic energy.

Wang Mingchen and Wang Mingren have not been baptized by the power of heaven, so they are completely unable to capture the Qi of Chaos, let alone refine it, they can only absorb some of the Primordial Purple Qi derived from the Qi of Chaos.

Even so, it is of great benefit to cultivation.

On the side of the spirit beasts, Yunyi is similar to Wang Minglong and Molong, and they can only absorb the purple energy.

On the other hand, Da Hei is different. Although he is only a sixth-rank top-ranker, he is not afraid of coldness.

Whatever energy he had, he swallowed it all into his stomach.

His refining speed is much faster than Zhou Luan.

The potential of the Tengu bloodline is indeed terrifying.

Wang Daoyuan's Yuanshen and Yinglong are one body. The immortal essence in Yinglong's body grows, and Yuanshen naturally gets a lot of benefits.

The immortal essence in Yinglong's body continued to generate immortal power, and the bright yellow part of Yuanshen's body had already expanded to the waist before.

Now the size of the immortal essence has doubled directly, and the speed of generating immortal energy and the quality of immortal energy have also improved a lot.

Since Ying Long started refining Chaos Stone, the bright yellow part of Wang Dao Yuan Yuan Shen has been growing.

At this time, the bright yellow part has expanded to below the navel of the primordial spirit.

The difference between Da Neng and ordinary Mahayana monks depends on the amount and quality of immortal power.

As long as the area covered by the immortal power crosses the navel of the primordial spirit, it is officially a power.

Now, there is only a thin line between the king's long-distance power and the great power.

However, the Chaos Stone in Yinglong's belly has not changed significantly until now, which shows how terrifying the Chaos Qi contained in it.

Wang Daoyuan also intends to break through the realm of power in one go.

Although he cultivated fast, he did not fall behind in all aspects.

Even if the physical training time is not enough, he could still receive a blow from the White Tiger Demon Immortal before.

Physical strength alone is by no means weaker than most great powers.

Now, if you go ahead a little bit and directly break through the realm of great power, it will not have much impact on your own cultivation foundation.

The most important thing is that after breaking through the realm of power, both the primordial spirit and the physical body will advance by leaps and bounds.

At that time, you can start refining the warships that resist the turbulence in space.

Go to the south of Jue Tian Yuan as soon as possible to do things, and kill the other children of luck before they grow up.

Thinking of this, Wang Daoyuan extracted more immortal power from Yinglong's body and refined it into his primordial spirit.

The lower half of Yuanshen's body shone with bright yellow light, and it continued to expand upwards.

Ancestor Wanling has a lot of knowledge, and he first discovered the abnormality of Wang Daoyuan.

He transmitted a voice to everyone: "The Emperor Taishang is breaking through the realm of power, let's stay away and don't disturb him."

The crowd and spirit beasts retreated for dozens of miles and stayed on various islands in the waters.

Two days later, the yellow part of Wang Dao Yuan Yuan Shen Ming was still a little short, and he was able to completely go over the navel.

But this thread is like a moat, it has taken a day and a half of work, and it has also consumed a lot of immortal power, but it has never been successful.

Wang Daoyuan controlled Yinglong to return to the center of Yuanshen's eyebrows, and the two combined into one, the effect of improving the cultivation base should be better.

A huge amount of immortal power poured out from Yinglong's body and was continuously injected into his primordial spirit.

Soon, a day passed again, but still did not cross this line.

Ancestor Wanling shouted: "Great Emperor, breaking through the power is a big hurdle, and it is not easy to pass.

If you insist on giving it a try, it's better for the primordial spirit to return to the physical body. "

Hearing this, Wang Daoyuan suddenly realized.

After all, the primordial spirit is only a part of one's entire being, and the flesh is the root of everything.

Without the cooperation of the physical body, breaking through the great realm is easier said than done.

The primordial spirit left the space of the spirit bead and returned to the body.

The immortal power accumulated in the Yuanshen's body continuously pours into the flesh through the connection of the internal and external meridians.

Wang Daoyuan's body has never refined such high-quality energy, nourished by immortal power, the muscles, muscles, skin, and internal organs in the body seem to be cheering, and the strength of the body is rapidly increasing.

At the same time, these energies pass through the spiritual roots, and after some refining, they feed back into the primordial spirit.

After half a day, Wang Daoyuan's entire body was enveloped by a bright yellow light.

Then, a bright yellow beam of light shot up into the sky.

Tianfu Island was originally at night, but it was illuminated by this bright yellow beam even brighter than during the day.

Wang Daoyuan was very excited in his heart: "I finally crossed this to the sky, I am also a powerful cultivator."

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