Northern Abyss Immortal Clan - Chapter 1419 The original black stone treasure

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Hearing Xuan Yuan's words, Wang Daoyuan was very shocked.

Epiphany states, while not particularly rare, generally don't last long.

When I first realized Guiyuan Sword Intent, I entered into a state of epiphany, and I also got the guidance of my master.

That epiphany state only lasted less than half a day.

The epiphany state of ordinary monks cannot even be maintained for an hour.

Even so, the monks have gained a lot.

The epiphany state lasted for a year, and I have never heard of it.

The Second Spiritual Root cultivator has no special physique yet, and this talent is much worse than Zhou Luan.

A cultivator with such a talent has reached the top of the Mahayana realm.

If you want to break through the realm of power, you must have a great opportunity.

But it is such a talent that he can break through the realm of Earth Immortal.

When you reach the realm of true immortals, it is even more step by step.

He eventually became Jiu Dao True Wonderland, and this adventure can be said to be against the sky.

"The immortal tree is so powerful, mastering this thing, wouldn't it be possible to completely ignore the influence of talent?"

Xuan Yuan shook his head: "That is naturally impossible, although the immortal tree is rare, there are still some legends related to it.

The immortal world has lasted for millions of years, and there must be dozens of monks who have seen the fairy tree.

But in the end, there are very few who can get famous.

Except for the legendary nine-path true immortal, the others were already extremely talented.

Even if you don't encounter the fairy tree, you can still achieve something.

However, the role of the immortal tree in assisting enlightenment is real.

Anyone who has encountered a fairy tree will more or less gain something.

Just like the talent of the hostess, even with your help, the cultivation to the realm of power is considered to be the pinnacle.

But with this Immortal Dao Tree, it shouldn't be too difficult to break through the Earth Immortal.

As for the second rank Earth Immortal, relying on the Immortal Dao Tree would not necessarily work. "

Wang Daoyuan nodded: "If that's the case, then it's normal.

It can make the cultivator go beyond the limit by one or two small realms. If it is combined with my Annihilation Divine Flame, the effect should be better.

The name of this immortal tree is so big, and many people have encountered it. It is supposed that there should be many immortal trees in the hands of those big forces in the immortal world, right? "

Xuan Yuan chuckled lightly: "No one can really own the Xiandao tree, and the Xiandao tree never stays in one place for a long time.

Even with the means of the Nine Great Immortal Monarchs, the Immortal Dao Tree cannot be left behind. "

Wang Daoyuan looked at the immortal tree with some curiosity: "Just such a small sapling, Xianjun can't keep it?"

Xuan Yuan nodded: "Yes, the immortal tree always appears out of nowhere, and then disappears out of nowhere.

No leaves are left behind, and no seed roots are left.

Where he will appear, when he will appear, and when he will disappear, there is no rule to follow. "

"It is a great opportunity to meet this thing.

Among the fairy tales, there are many legends about Xianjun and Jiudao Zhenxian wanting to take the Xiandao tree as their own, but they failed in the end.

A lot of it is bullshit, but some of it is true.

It is absolutely true that at least one True Immortal of the Nine Paths encountered the Immortal Dao Tree and wanted to take it away.

My ancestors also knew the Nine Paths True Immortal. With my supernatural powers of peeking into the Heavenly Mysterious Turtles, telling lies in front of my ancestors will definitely be seen.

But my ancestors recorded this in the classics, obviously fully believing it to be true. "

This time, Wang Daoyuan paid more attention to the immortal tree, a tree that the nine true immortals are helpless, definitely not ordinary.

"Since the Profound Sky Turtle can spy on the secrets of the sky, why didn't he use his magical powers to lock the trail of the Immortal Dao Tree?

Although your cultivation base is not enough, but your family's true immortal ancestors always have this strength, right? "

Xuan Yuan replied: "This involves another legend of the Immortal Dao Tree. This thing itself has no laws and the power of the Dao of Heaven, which means that it may not be governed by the Dao of Heaven at all.

Nothing related to the law can affect it in the slightest. "

"All matter in a world is condensed by the power of law.

So, spiritual power, supernatural power, even ordinary rain and dew, can't affect this thing? "

"That's it, it's like he doesn't exist in this world, but he just stays here alive.

Otherwise, no matter how strong Shenmu is, it won't make Jiudao True Immortal helpless.

There have always been rumors in the Immortal Realm that the Immortal Dao Tree is an existence beyond the Dao of Heaven, but there has been no evidence. "

"Then I can't transplant this divine tree into the secret territory?"

Xuan Yuan shook his head: "It's hard to say, it depends on the mood of this tree.

If you forcibly transplant it, the immortal tree may disappear out of thin air, or it may not be able to move it at all.

Of course, it is also possible for your transplant to be successful, but it will disappear after a period of time, leaving no trace.

According to legend, every time the immortal tree appears, the image is completely different.

If you want to recognize this Immortal Dao tree, you need to see if it has the power of law.

There is also a shot attack to see if it can hurt it.

Without the power of the law, it cannot be hurt by any means, and that is the real fairy tree.

Therefore, it is still unknown how many immortal trees there are in the world.

And this immortal tree appeared here, not left by the big man, but appeared here by accident. "

Wang Daoyuan sensed that the immortal tree had no fluctuations in the power of the law at all.

A silver light condensed in his hand and slashed towards a leaf.

The silver light flashed away, and it looked a little yellow, as if it would fall off at any time.

But it is such a leaf, under the attack of a sword energy, it was unscathed.

Xuan Yuan was very excited: "Sure enough, this is the Xiandao tree.

Master, you are the real person of destiny, maybe you can remove this immortal tree, why not give it a try? "

Wang Daoyuan is really interested in this immortal tree. If it can be transplanted into the Lingzhu space, among the clansmen, talented monks like Twelve Uncles will also have the opportunity to break through to the earth immortal.

Although there are not many Heavenly Spiritual Roots in the family, there are still quite a few cultivators with Second Spiritual Roots, and there are countless cultivators with Three Spiritual Roots.

With this thing, the three-spiritual cultivator has the opportunity to break through the Mahayana, and the two-spiritual-rooted cultivator has the opportunity to break through the earth immortal.

It won't take long to cultivate a large number of masters.

"Then I'll give it a try."

After speaking, with a wave of his right hand, the Lingtian soil several meters around the Xiandao tree broke off the ground and was suspended in the air.

But that immortal tree still stayed in place honestly, without even the slightest movement.

The most bizarre thing is that there are no roots under the soil, only a solitary trunk and treetops are suspended there.

It was as if a tree had grown out of thin air from a different world.

Wang Daoyuan sighed: "It seems that I have no luck with this thing. I don't have to ask for it in my life. It is a chance to meet it. When I finish exploring the treasure, I will come back to enlightenment."

After all, to return the Lingtian soil, it is necessary to walk into the palace wall.

Minglei Shenjun cupped his hands and said: "Uncle Shi, with my strength, even if it gives me something good, I will not be blessed.

This time, it was a worthwhile trip to encounter the divine tree in the legend of the fairyland.

I will meditate under this immortal tree, and I will not interfere with the treasures inside. "

Wang Daoyuan praised in his heart: Although this nephew looks a little dumbfounded, his mind is really not simple.

Being kept by the Five Thunder Immortals all day long, I have seen a lot of human relationships.

Along the way, he should have seen that this treasure was specially arranged for him by a certain boss.

If you are determined to divide a part of the treasure, it is likely to be obliterated by the backhand left in the treasure.

Even if you can get a part of the treasure alive, you can only get some leftovers.

When competing for treasures, there may also be a rift with yourself.

It is better to take retreat as advance, and honestly realize the Tao here, and the harvest is absolutely not small.

Moreover, after he got the treasure, he had to give it to the Five Thunder Sect no matter what.

At that time, these benefits will still be in the hands of Minglei Shenjun.

Although the result is the same, it is not the same thing if you take the initiative to fight for it.

Wang Daoyuan could roughly see his thoughts, and he did not ask him to follow him into the core area.

"Okay, then, you're enlightened here.

Xuan Yuan, I still need your help ahead, don't think about being lazy here. "

Although Xuan Yuan was reluctant to give up, he did not dare to disobey, so he had to walk out from under the tree honestly.

One person and one turtle came to the gate of the palace wall, and there was no formation to block the gate.

"This treasure is really bold enough, there is no formation guard here."

Xuan Yuan smiled and said: "The previous means are enough. If someone can use brute force to break the heavy formation outside, there is no point in setting up the formation here."

Wang Daoyuan nodded and walked into the gate.

Within the palace walls, there are no special means.

He just looked at the huge statue in the center and didn't dare to go there.

Where the statue is located, it is like an altar with various means on it.

Going up hastily, who knows what kind of moths will appear?

Moreover, this altar is not like a place to hide treasures, so we should go to the palace to scavenge first.

He was the first to walk into the tallest palace, which also had no restrictions.

Pushing the door and walking in, the palace was empty, without any furnishings, not even beams and columns.

Only in the center of the hall is a cylindrical stone platform with a diameter of seven feet and a height of seven feet.

This stone platform is covered with complex inscription patterns, Wang Daoyuan just glanced at it and felt dizzy.

"Xuan Yuan, what are the patterns on this stone pillar?"

Xuan Yuan had already covered his eyes with turtle claws, and only peeked through his fingers.

There was also a small piece of crystal-like treasure hidden between his fingers.

It was through the crystal that Yu Guang peeked at the ban on the stone platform.

"Master, this should be an extremely clever formation.

It's just that the power contained in it is too strange, and the prohibition is extremely complicated, and I can't see the whole picture at all.

In the part I saw, there were restrictions on receiving spiritual power, as well as restrictions on accumulating magical instruments.

No matter the material of this stone platform or the method of arranging the formation, it is extremely extraordinary.

After spending so much thought, it is impossible to build and play casually.

In my opinion, there should have been a very extraordinary treasure on this stone platform. "

At this time, there was nothing on the stone platform.

Wang Daoyuan used his divine sense to investigate and found no trace of any treasure.

"Unfortunately, the treasures in this hall are no longer there, and this hall has no value.

The stone platform is too extraordinary, and it is guarded by a formation. It cannot be moved lightly. Let's leave first. "

Xuan Yuan continued to stare at the stone platform. After a long time, he said, "Something's wrong. From this stone platform, I discovered the prohibition of manipulating multiple formations."

Wang Daoyuan was also a little curious: "You mean, this stone platform is the core formation of many large formations in Tieshiguan?"

Xuan Yuan nodded slightly: "I can't guarantee it, but at least this stone platform has a great relationship with the core formation.

I also found a lot of prohibitions on it, including the prohibition of swallowing blood and souls.

It can be seen that the things that are cultivated must absorb the essence and soul of flesh and blood.

The treasures contained in this stone platform are not good things. "

Wang Daoyuan thought for a while, and then said: "Since this stone platform may be the core formation base, it also has the prohibition of sucking flesh and blood essence and soul.

Could the treasure contained in the stone platform be the legendary treasure? "

Xuan Yuan was stunned for a moment, and then began to ponder.

After a long time, he said: "It shouldn't be, that thing is a top secret among top secrets.

There are only a handful of people in the entire immortal world who can know the details of that thing, so how could it be put here. "

Wang Daoyuan smiled and said, "How does Tieshiguan's spiritual veins rank in the Immortal Realm?"

Xuan Yuan replied, "I can't rank it at all."

"In this way, there should be many stronger spiritual veins in that Immortal Monarch's territory."

"Of course, if it is the blessed land of Xianshan, why would it be willing to use it to build the Tieshiguan?"

"Why did the immortal monarch put the treasure in the Tieshiguan Yunyun?"

Xuan Yuan thought without hesitation: "Tieshiguan is one of the places where the battle between the immortal world and the demons is the most intense. The treasures stored here can be cultivated with the help of the flesh and blood essence and soul of the dead..."

Before he finished speaking, Xuan Yuan sucked in a breath of cold air: "Nine great immortals love feathers very much, and will not casually do this kind of thing that uses monks' flesh and blood essence and soul to cultivate magic tools.

That stone platform is likely to be the place where the treasure is kept. "

Wang Daoyuan took out an unrestricted black stone and threw it on the stone platform.

As soon as the black stone met the stone platform, there was an immediate change.

A large amount of spiritual power poured into the black stone, but the black stone the size of a fist and finger, under the nourishment of spiritual power, actually grew rapidly.

"Is this the spirit of the fairy?"

Xuan Yuan nodded: "It should be right, you don't need to merge essence, qi and spirit, you can directly convert it into immortal energy, and only the immortal spirit energy generated by the ninth-order immortal veins can do it.

That Immortal Monarch back then was really willing to hide an immortal vein under Tieshiguan.

Up to now, it can still maintain the ninth order. "

Before he finished speaking, a change appeared on the stone platform.

Black light flashed on the black stone, and as time went by, the black light became more and more.

Soon, these rays of light condensed into a light and shadow.

One person and one turtle stared at the light and shadow, for fear of missing any details.

In the end, a huge black disc appeared in the light and shadow.

On the entire disc, there are dense prohibitions.

Unfortunately, the light and shadow are very blurry, and the specific shape of the ban cannot be seen at all.

It can only be faintly felt that there are many kinds of familiar energies.

For example, the few black stones with prohibition in his hands, the aura of these prohibitions is almost exactly the same as some of the auras in the disc.

"The disc in this light and shadow should look like a complete black stone."

Xuan Yuan exclaimed: "I didn't expect that I would have the opportunity to see the original appearance of the Black Stone Supreme Treasure. Although it is only light and shadow, it is not a waste of life."

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