Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Emperor - Chapter 3597 Lost Purple Illusion

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The space that a long spear passed through, with a sonic boom, stabbed directly in the direction of Zhang Yifeng!

"Get me back!"

At this moment, the power of law in Zhang Yifeng's two hands made everyone feel amazed, one hand was flames and the other was lightning.

Both of these laws are extremely powerful.

The key point is that Zhang Yifeng also has another peculiar law in his hands.

That is the law that the law of power has come to understand after it has endured thousands of pressures.

And he has a clear understanding of his own power and control, and can exert the ultimate strength of his body!

And the law of force that Zhang Yifeng uses is invisible to ordinary people.

This is a force hidden within the body.

When the two hands touched the spear, everyone was dumbfounded, this gust of wind had no way to hurt Zhang Yifeng!

The spear was blasted away by a strange qi!

Zi Huan was even more dumbfounded. Zhang Yifeng caught his spear with his bare hands. At this time, Zhang Yifeng exerted his strength, grabbed the head of the spear abruptly, and threw it out.

"What is this?"

"Why wasn't Zhang Yifeng injured by the Law of Wind?"

The next moment, Zhang Yifeng's body radiated golden light.

Let everyone suddenly realize that this is Taiyi's fleshly body!

Zhang Yifeng turned out to be an ascetic, seeing that everyone here was silent.

To know the speed of the ascetic cultivator, it will take a lot longer than others.

An ascetic, cultivating his own body.

It is a very terrifying process to turn the flesh into a furnace, absorb the air of heaven and earth, and hammer and polish oneself.

Ordinary people can't accept it at all, and they may lose their spirits in the process of tempering.

It is even said to be killed directly, but relatively speaking, the upper limit of the ascetic is very terrifying.

Once successful, a physical body in the Taiyi realm will be able to achieve invincibility under Daluo.

And Zhang Yifeng's physical body has almost reached the middle stage of Taiyi Realm, and now his physical realm is no different from Zihuan's.

"This kid really has two strokes, no wonder he can be on the list!"

"But it's strange to say that in this virtual world, it relies on spiritual power and has nothing to do with the physical body. How did he do it? Does he have other killers?"

Wang Haoyang murmured, what he said was really thought-provoking.

That is to say, Zhang Yifeng's mental power is strong enough to be able to kill in the fairy world!

In addition to the body, that is the soul, and the attack of the soul is the most terrifying.

"It's my turn!"

The corner of Zhang Yifeng's mouth smiled playfully, and his expression made Zihuan's heart chill.

It was like a big mountain, forcibly suppressing him.

Zhang Yifeng took a step forward and just threw a punch forward, strangling with thunder and fire!

The power brought by this punch is very terrifying. First of all, Zhang Yifeng's physical body cannot be resisted by ordinary people.

Coupled with the law of power, the blessing of the law of lightning and flame, the strength is very terrifying.

Just when Zi Fanhua was about to dodge, a force directly attacked his spirit, bombarded his soul, and made him tremble.

"Spiritual Storm!"

That's right, this is another skill that Zhang Yifeng realized, to improve his spiritual body, spiritual storm!

Although it can't be like killing Void Beasts, it has the ability to kill indiscriminately.

But in reality he can also interfere with a person's spirit, for only a few seconds.

To know the game between the strong, even for a few seconds, it is possible to die thousands of times.


When Zi Huan recovered, Zhang Yifeng's fist hit him directly.

And the power of thunder and fire was mixed with the fist, and Zihuan flew out from the place like a cannonball!


This kind of terrifying power directly caused his internal organs to be constantly surging.

Then, a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

Many people in the scene didn't react, they only saw Zi Huan's body being pumped away directly.

Not knowing what happened, everyone looked at each other.

"My God! This is too terrifying! How could Zhang Yifeng burst out suddenly, such a powerful force, even if he has a body in the middle stage of Taiyi, it is impossible!"

"What happened to Zi Huan? I didn't see any restraints on him, how could he stand in the same place and be beaten passively?"


Many people are stunned here. If this goes on, those who bet on Zihuan may lose their money.

Because Zhang Yifeng's odds were too high, they thought it was a must-win game, but they didn't expect to be pulled back by Zhang Yifeng!

Chi Yangzi, Su Ziyan, and others all overwhelmed Zhang Yifengsheng, and only Wanlong was ashes.

I have to say that Zhang Yifeng just this time, directly put Zihuan down on the ground.

From the very beginning, Zi Huan felt that he was already winning, but it turned out to be such an end.

Not only that, but everyone in the Purple Light Immortal Palace couldn't help themselves.

Originally thought it was a battle without any suspense, but it was true, and there was no suspense in losing.

"There is no need to announce the results now! The facts are already obvious!"

Yaochi Xianjun gently covered his mouth, looking at the scene in front of him, he was also shocked!

Is Zihuan underestimating the enemy, or it should be said that Zhang Yifeng is too strong!

There is no way to judge this.

However, it is not difficult to see that Zhang Yifeng's strength is indeed quite terrifying.

There was also a hidden aura lingering in his body.

Since Zhang Yifeng understood the law of killing in the virtual world.

Xianjun Yaochi knew that if Zhang Yifeng didn't understand the law of killing, it would be impossible to kill so many virtual beasts.

It is precisely because of this that Xianjun Yaochi appreciates Zhang Yifeng.

"Master Xianjun is wise, and everything follows the instructions of Lord Xianjun!"

Seeing this scene, everyone said embarrassedly.

It's their compliment, and it's true.

Zhang Yifeng has indeed defeated Zihuan in an upright and open manner, which makes no sense.

And under the gaze of so many pairs of eyes, it is impossible for them to deny it.

At this time, Xianjun's hand moved slightly forward, and handed the treasure of this competition to Zhang Yifeng's hands.

Zhang Yifeng took a look, the blood-colored divine stone and the Guanyin purple qi turtle, did not expect to have such a big harvest when they came here.

You must know that I spent 1.5 million and a lot of treasures between heaven and earth to get three immortal treasures.

Now that I came to this Peach Conference, I got several immortal treasures within a few days, which was faster than robbery.

"Then from now on, the Pantao Conference will start according to the list above! Zhang Yifeng will come with me!"

Everyone quickly came out of the competition, and the entire Yaochi Immortal Palace became lively again. This matter was taken by Yaochi Xianjun personally, and no one made any sense.

Including those things that entered the virtual world, they were also dispelled by them.

The people from the Lei Department, seeing that their young master still hadn't woken up, could only smash their teeth and swallow them.

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