Rebirth of the World’s Richest Man - Chapter 2787 so decided

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  Chapter 2787 So decided

  Jiang Xiaobai's control over the Huaqing Holding Group is strong, needless to say it is among the world's top 500, but it is much stronger than ordinary listed companies.

  Huaqing Holdings Group is not a listed company. It has listed companies under its umbrella, but most of them are holding listed companies, and there are not too many shares circulating in the market.

  As for the entire Huaqing Holding Group, although there are small shareholders, they are all those who work hard with Jiang Xiaobai, such as Wang Meng, Wang Chao, Song Xin and so on.

  These people don't hold many shares, they only have director seats, but they all grew up with Jiang Xiaobai. They obey Jiang Xiaobai's words, but they don't dare to resist.

  And the shares held by these people are added up, not too much, and it will not affect Jiang Xiaobai's absolute control over Huaqing Holding Group at all.

  That night, Jiang Xiaobai did not accept the dinner from Changxingju Real Estate Company, but drank alone with Wang Meng at Wang Meng's house.

   Needless to say, the friendship between the two people has gone through the test of life and death all the way from Jianhua Village.

   "Mengzi, we are earning more money now and we are capable. We need to take care of these disadvantaged groups more." Jiang Xiaobai and Wang Meng talked with each other heart-to-heart.

"Brother Xiaobai, you know me. If it weren't for you, I guess I might be doing something now. You brought us to this day. I listen to you. Now let me donate all my savings. I am willing to go."

  Wang Meng said without thinking.

Jiang Xiaobai laughed: "That's not necessary. It's not easy for us to go all the way. We should enjoy and take what we should enjoy and take. But when we can, take care of these vulnerable groups and help them. Bundle."

   "Well, little white brother, I know, I will pay attention to this aspect in the future. We all came from hard times, and it is not easy to understand these vulnerable groups." Wang Meng nodded.

Speaking of it, Wang Meng really doesn't have too much ambition. Jiang Xiaobai is clear about this. When he was in Jianhua Village, the college entrance examination was resumed, and everyone wanted to be admitted to a university. future.

   Not only these educated youths, but also many junior high school graduates and high school graduates, who are not too old, villagers around thirty years old want to take the college entrance examination and go out.

  But Wang Meng just has no interest, and it’s one thing not to like to study. The main reason is that Wang Meng doesn’t have too many pursuits. Because of his background, he just needs to escape from that embarrassing family.

   Everything else doesn't matter.

   Now he is the person in charge of a listed company, holding stocks and dividends, but his temperament has not changed much.

  At the beginning, Jiang Xiaobai and Jiang Xiaobai walked out of Jianhua Village. Among them, Wang Meng, Wang Chao, Song Weiguo, Shi Sheng, Zhang Weiyi, Liu Jian, etc., were all people who had stayed in Jianhua Village and walked out of Jianhua Village.

   Or to be precise, people who came out of the fields. It’s hard to say which of these people is the most nostalgic, but who has returned to Jianhua Village more times.

  It must be Wang Meng. Even if the others go back, they are just nostalgic for the past.

  But Wang Meng is different. Wang Meng really likes to go back to Jianhua Village, and he likes the atmosphere in the fields.

   This night, Jiang Xiaobai and Wang Meng chatted a lot. The next morning, Zhang Tingting came to pick Jiang Xiaobai to the airport.

  Jiang Xiaobai returned to Shanghai at noon that day. When he arrived at the company in the afternoon, he found Zhang Weiyi and told him about his work at Pengcheng Changxingju Real Estate Company.

   "I think the group needs to spend some money to give employees a guarantee. What do you think, Lao Zhang?" Jiang Xiaobai asked directly.

  Although the matter of Huaqing Holdings Group can be resolved with one word, Zhang Weiyi and other members of the board of directors still need to communicate.

   One is respect for them, and the other Jiang Xiaobai also wants to find out how many of these people who came out of Jianhua Village with him and grew up together are still the same as before.

"Jiang Dong, it's not a big deal for this company to increase part of its operating costs. The company's revenue has been increasing in the past two years. It should have been raised once in the past two years, but I think so. Some employees must You may feel that this is not as good as a salary increase.

  In this way, part of the salary advantage we sacrificed will not be as convenient as it is now in terms of recruitment. " Zhang Weiyi frowned and said.

"This is one point, but in the long run, it is more important to provide employees with a guarantee." Jiang Xiaobai also understands this problem, not that this is not a big deal, as long as the group is determined to promote this matter, it will not be impossible of.

  The salary of Huaqing Holding Group is the highest in the same industry. I dare not say it is twice as high, but it is not a problem to be 10% to 15% higher. This is an average level.

"Jiang Dong, I think otherwise, if it is implemented all at once, the cost will be too high, and the advantage of wages will be sacrificed. No way, let's help buy social security and an insurance for those who have worked for three years. To take care of the interests of old employees.

   This program also saves a lot, otherwise, new employees would buy it before they have passed the internship period, and if there is resignation, it will be a lot of trouble..."

   "This is feasible, but three years is too long, let's just do it for one year." Jiang Xiaobai said with a smile.

  Zhang Weiyi twitched his lips, and nodded in agreement: "The other thing is this matter. Do you want to try it out at Changxingju Real Estate Company for a period of time, and when the conditions are ripe, our group headquarters will start implementing it."

   "No need, there is no need for a pilot. This is not a major reform, and the impact on the group is also very small. Why do you still have a pilot?" Jiang Xiaobai waved his hand directly, vetoing Zhang Weiyi's opinion.

   For the current private enterprises, buying social security and insurance for employees is really the only one for the scorpion.

  But in later generations, a slightly larger private enterprise will pay social security to its employees.

   This has become a norm, and basically, social security is paid after three months of becoming a full-time employee. There is no such thing as waiting three years later.

But at this time, it would be nice to be able to pay social security for employees. For three years, some private companies simply don’t care about this matter. If you can work, they will give you more money. I will fire you.

  (end of this chapter)

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