Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 948 Jealous Tang Yunfan

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Chapter 948, jealous Tang Yunfan

If they didn't know that Tang Yunfan had never married and had children, he would really think that this girl is the daughter of Tang Yunfan!

"Chairman" Qin Guanming immediately shouted with respect and respect.

The "Chairman" security guard also shouted respectfully.

"Don, Tang Dong·····" Qiu Lili also shouted respectfully, because of fear, so the voice was trembling, and the eyes did not dare to look directly at Tang Yunfan.

"What is going on?" asked Tang Yunfan.

As Tang Yunfan is a superior, the gas field is already strong, and with the expression and sound of the cold, people feel uncomfortable feelings of oppression, except Gu Ning.

Wen Yan, Qin Guanming immediately said: "Return to the chairman, Miss Qiu hit the lady, knocked out her mobile phone, because there is no apology, the lady asked Miss Qiu to apologize, Miss Qiu is not willing, so there is a conflict ""

Qin Guanming did not care for the meaning of Qi Lili, but he did not mean to hate her, but he was not the kind of person who publicized the feud.

However, he is planning to use this incident to blow some wind in his father's ears, so that he will not poke him and Qiu Lili.

He could not ruin the happiness of his son in order to take care of his own friendship with the father of Qiu Lili!

Of course, even if his father insists, he will resist the end, and will not be reluctant to accept it. It is only a little busy recently, and there is no time to manage so much.

Tang Yunfan heard the words, and suddenly looked down at Qiu Lili and said: "Miss Qiu is treating this as her own? What do you like to do?"

"I, I, I..." Qiu Lili was so scared that she could not look straight into Tang Yunfan. I can't speak my words.

Tang Yunfan did not wait for Qiu Lili to answer anything, but looked at Gu Ning, but the look suddenly softened, but random and pretending to make a face, full of dissatisfaction said: "Why did you not call Daddy? I am calling you all my uncles! Do you know that this will make Dad very sad."

Tang Yunfan’s appearance of this grievance, as if Gu Ning did something that hurt him, because Gu Ning called Quan Minghao instead of himself, so he was jealous.

Yes, Tang Yunfan really feels uncomfortable. Ningning Mingming is his daughter. When he accidentally, he does not call himself, but calls his secretary, which makes him feel that his father has failed too much. .

If you are not there, you will be fine, but you are clearly in the company!

Only when facing Gu Man and Gu Ning, Tang Yunfan will have such emotions and popularity.

However, without Gu Ning's consent, Tang Yunfan made his own claim to expose the identity of the two people, because Gu Ning said that he would not let outsiders know their relationship for the time being, but even if it is not exposed today, the day after tomorrow will be exposed, so also There is not much difference.

And Tang Yunfan’s words came out like a blue sky, and suddenly shocked everyone.

what? father?

The chairman even claimed to be the father of this girl?

Some people who originally thought that Gu Ning and Tang Yunfan looked like they suddenly realized that they originally thought that these two people looked quite like, if they knew that Tang Yunfan had never married and had children, he would really think that this girl is Tang Yunfan’s daughter! But I don't want to, they are really fathers and daughters!

However, some people have not yet made a final conclusion. They are not sure whether they are a biological father-daughter relationship, or because the girl looks like Tang Yunfan, so she is recognized as a daughter by Tang Yunfan.

After all, Tang Yunfan never married and gave birth to a child. This is something everyone knows. However, a daughter has suddenly appeared, which naturally makes everyone have to think and guess.

Either this daughter is recognized by Tang Yunfan. If she is a biological daughter, then this daughter is Tang Yunfan’s illegitimate daughter.

Everyone has always despised the identity of an illegitimate child. Because illegitimate children are born out of wedlock, the act of being born out of wedlock is prohibited by law and will be morally condemned.

But now, more condemnations of illegitimate children are because one or both of the parents of an illegitimate child have a marriage. Since there is a marriage, their union is in the marriage, or it is small, Three feet.

Out and track are subject to moral condemnation and legal sanctions.

The small, the third, is also a hateful identity, because they abandon the moral three views, arbitrarily intervene in the feelings and marriages of others, and destroy the original relationship between husband and wife.

Even if the children of illegitimate children are innocent, but their way of coming is unethical combination, they will also be angered.

However, if both parties are in the absence of marriage, in the case of singles, there are illegitimate children, although they will also make people look down and not be seen, but morally, they can be forgiven.

Therefore, even if Gu Ning is Tang Yunfan's illegitimate daughter, Tang Yunfan has never been married to have children, so even if Gu Ning is Tang Yunfan's illegitimate daughter, it will not be so despised.

Besides, they don't dare to despise!

Because Tang Yunfan did not marry and have children, then Gu Ning’s mother does not belong to the small and the third.

When I think of this, everyone is puzzled and curious. Since this girl is Tang Yunfan’s biological daughter, how many years ago, this girl’s mother and Tang Yunfan had a relationship before!

Is it a couple relationship? Still want to be rich and scarce, design a woman with a lot of children!

If the relationship between the couple, then why the woman is pregnant with the child, Tang Yunfan does not marry her, and for so many years, has not exposed their existence.

Is it because Tang Jia or Tang Yunfan do not want to admit it?

Since this girl is the daughter of Tang Yunfan, then the mother who is about to marry Tang Yunfan should be the mother of this girl!

If you don't want to admit it before, why do you want to admit it now!

No matter why the other party is now acknowledging it, but now, it is admitted.

Of course, some people have opened their minds, thinking about whether they are two loved ones, they are blocked together, forced to separate, and then let go, the woman is pregnant, does not want to be killed, is born, and then many years later , meet again, there are some things, re-emerged together!

Everyone is puzzled, but they dare not talk about it. If they guess wrong and angered Tang Yunfan, then it is not good.

For Tang Yunfan's exposure to their relationship, Gu Ning did not have any dissatisfaction, but for his grievances, Gu Ning felt a little helpless, smiled and said: "I am looking for a whole uncle to take things, know you Busy, so I don't want to bother you."

Wen Yan, Tang Yunfan frowned, and did not accept Gu Ning's explanation, but even more unhappy: "What do you do not bother, and your father is so polite?"

(End of this chapter)

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