Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 989 The owner of "Kamei Beauty Salon"

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Boss of Chapter 989 "Kamei Beauty Salon"

"I know, so I proposed to give up." Gu Ning solemnly said: "And, Grandpa, please allow, I still use the name Gu Ning, after all, the name Gu Ning, I have used 19 years It’s changed, I’m not used to it.”

In fact, I just got used to the name Gu Ning and I don't want to change it. Moreover, she has some rejection of the Tang family and she does not want to use it again.

"There is, my account does not move into the Tang family. It is only good to move my mother. Some things are not convenient for me now, but I have my reasons."

When I heard this, everyone was shocked again, including the Tang family. They couldn’t think that Gu Ning would have such an idea, and they must be determined.

In fact, Gu Ning continues to have his own name, which is understandable. Because he has used the name of 19 years, he will become unaccustomed to it.

But if you don't want to move into the Tang family's account, you will be puzzled. Why is this?

But even if they are curious, they are outsiders, and naturally they have no position to ask.

As for the Tang family, since Gu Ning said that she has her own reasons, then they are not too reluctant, anyway, Gu Ning is the granddaughter of the Tang family.

"Well, if this is the case, I will be yours." Tang Haifeng sighed helplessly, although he promised Gu Ning, but in his heart, he still felt a serious loss.

Because Gu Ning turned out to be his granddaughter, but did not move into his own account, he felt that something was missing.

Next, Gu Ning, who is a daughter, has to talk to her parents.

"Dad, I am going to college entrance examination soon. I have decided to go to Beijing to study at university. So, after that, I will not be with you when I am with you. My mother will entrust you to you. My mother has worked hard all her life, you have to Treat her well, don't let me know that you are not good to her, otherwise, I will take her away." Gu Ning said, not laughing, even if Tang Yunfan would be good to Gu Man, but it should be said, Still have to say.

"I will not give you the opportunity to take your mother away," Tang Yunfan said vowed.

He is so fond of Gu Man, how can it be bad for her! It used to be, now, and later.

The Tang family are all infatuated, not good for their wives, Jiang Lihua, and have not suffered any grievances.

Of course, there will inevitably be friction in life, but it is not enough to affect the feelings.

"Okay, then I will believe you." Gu Ning laughed, and still really believe Tang Yunfan.

Then, Gu Ning and Gu Man said: "Mom, you have to take care of yourself, take care of your father, and grandfather, you must be good."

Gu Ning is not only a person who collects and does not pay, respect and love are all mutual. Therefore, Tang Yunfan needs to be good to Gu Man, and Gu Man also needs to be good to Tang Yunfan.

"You can rest assured, I know." Gu Man should be.

Next, the newcomer gave Tang Haifeng a cup of tea. After the tea, Gu Man changed his name. Tang Haifeng also gave the two people a red envelope, and the ceremony was completed.

Then, the Tang family gave the bride a gift and gave a gift.

Each of them is extraordinary, and finally Gu Ning.

Gu Ning first took out a jewelry box and handed it to Gu Man: "Mom, happy wedding, this is a set of sapphire jewelry, and ······"

Said, Gu Man looked at the lawyer, the lawyer came over, handed a paper bag to Gu Ning, and a pen, then Gu Ning gave Gu Man, said: "This is an equity transfer contract. After signing, you are the boss of Kamei Beauty Salon."

When everyone heard the sapphire jewelry, they were not shocked because Gu Ning was doing jewelry and jewelry, which is normal. Although sapphire is expensive, but Gu Ning is so rich, buying a set of sapphire jewelry is naturally not a problem.

However, the share transfer contract of the "Kamei Beauty Salon" surprised the people who knew "Kamei Beauty Salon".

what? "Kamei Beauty Salon" turned out to be Gu Ning?

Just now, there are still people who doubt that the "Kamei Beauty Salon" is related to the Tang family! Unexpectedly, it really has a relationship, but now, it is directly related.

Gu Ning will give Gu Man "Kamei Beauty Salon" as a new wedding item. Gu Man knew it and accepted it. So when Gu Ning gave her a contract, she accepted it and signed it.

And everyone is talking about it.

"I don't think that this "Kamei Beauty Salon" turned out to be Gu Ning."

"Yeah! This Gu Ning, too, is too talented to do business! What is it about fire?"

"Isn't it? This "Kamei Beauty Salon" was only opened for a week or so, and the business was very good."

"Since this "Kamei Beauty Salon" is Mrs. Tang Er, then we also go to a member, and it is good to have a good relationship with Mrs. Tang."

"Yes, yeah! I will go too, I will go..."


Now that I know that "Kamei Beauty Salon" is Gu Ning, and now I have given Gu Man, so some people have made up their minds and want to take care of her business with Gu Mantao.

In fact, even if I don't know, after knowing that the products of "Kamei Beauty Salon" are so good, many ladies have also said that they are going, but now, some people who don't need to go, want to go.

In fact, Gu Ning exposed the "Kamei Beauty Salon" at this time, which was to deliberately give Gu Man a propaganda. Let everyone know that this "Kamei Beauty Salon" is Gu Man's, related to the Tang family, and then let those want The ladies who climbed the relationship went to take care of the business.

Anyway, this is not a business of people, but it is good for everyone, so Gu Ning will not feel the slightest loss.

After signing the contract, it was a banquet. Everyone ate and drank, the newcomers toasted, and then many of the ladies came to a close.

Gu Man has never been a proud person. Everyone is welcoming, which makes everyone's impression of Gu Man a lot better.

Originally, everyone would think that Gu Ning became the wife of Tang Ershao, and her noble status made her arrogant and uninhibited!

No one likes people who are arrogant and arrogant, but sometimes they want to set up relationships, but they don’t want to be flattering and flattering.

However, the Tang family has never been the kind of person who is proud and unconcerned. They will not be because of your low status. You will talk to them. They will give you a shelf and a sly face. They are also polite. .

But if you want to be friends with them, it is very difficult, because friends, they are not so good.

"Mrs. Tang Er, take the liberty to ask, how old are you this year?" A lady asked, although she had Gu Ning’s 19-year-old daughter, she had already determined that Gu Man was about forty years old, but looked at it. The other person’s face is still embarrassing and some can’t be digested.

(End of this chapter)

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