Reincarnation Paradise - v87 Chapter 64 :new member

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Outside the fog of annihilation, Su Xiao, Boubo Wang, and Baja walked on the barren land. The wind and sand in the former barren land whimpered. In addition, it was adjacent to the Great Green Wetland and the special abyss channel that could not be closed in the Great Green Wetland. The original hazy sandstorm in the land turned into a black sandstorm like iron sand

It is said that the members of the Empty Seat Banquet are not afraid of the bad weather, but every time they come, they are blown all over with black sand, which is inevitably inconvenient. Therefore, during the last Empty Seat Banquet, several people discussed whether to move the Starry Sky Seat to their place

Although now, the sky that was originally covered with black clouds is rarely clear, and the black sand and dust are gone, only a little light yellow sand in the distance can be seen, which is quite artistic.

As a master of the top Abyssology, Su Xiao certainly knows why. It is because the special abyss channel in the Green Wetland was closed that the situation in the adjacent barren land improved.

You don't need to think about it, it is the "Dark Moon Star Ring" brought back to the Arcane Eternal Star by the daughter of nature.

The closure of this special abyss channel will inevitably cause a series of chain reactions. First of all, the major forces in the void will start to calm down. The demons and feathers who were eager to try before will inevitably die down, and other major forces with a neutral attitude will definitely be more peaceful.

The following period of time should be the most stable period for Void since the end of the era of eradication

However, this is more like a sign of an approaching disaster. It seems that the "Dark Moon Star Ring" has temporarily closed the special abyss passage, but the ratio of the abyss to the elements has reached the level of 8 in the abyss and 2 in the elements. , that is, when the caster camp rose, the highest ratio of elements to abyss was only abyss 3 and element 7. In comparison, the imbalance is more serious now

When Su Xiao was walking towards the entrance of the empty seat banquet, the space around him suddenly fluctuated, and a figure in a worn-out gown appeared with a bit of woodiness in his old skin. He was an immortal old man. He wore a broken hood. The environment shrouded by his breath has become decayed and old, and even the space has been eroded into black holes, dripping black water

The undead old man's expression was numb. When he saw Su Xiao who was not far away, he nodded slightly. In other words, except for Su Xiao who often provided him with rare medicines, and the group leader, the undead old man basically ignored others

Su Xiao provides rare secret medicines to the undead old man, which is a win-win situation. Sometimes the permanent buffing medicines he concocts are too powerful and belong to his physique. If he drinks them, the buffing may be too extreme and intense, causing him to die and not die. The old man didn't care about this, and even the "Extremely Dark Concentrated Secret Medicine", which is deadly and poisonous to others, became a good nourishment for him

Fluctuations appeared in the nearby space again, and the sword demon appeared. The sword demon glanced at Su Xiao, and then at the undead old man. In this way, the three of them walked towards the entrance of the empty seat banquet in silence. There is no one in the starry sky seat. The surrounding walls are made of gray fog. In the center is a simple round stone table with a diameter of about five meters. There are eight seats of different sizes around it. different seat sizes

Seat 0 belongs to the shadow of the black mist. He is the host and arbiter of transactions in the constellation of the starry sky. In the past, he was trapped in the constellation of the starry sky. Find a way to help the shadow of the black mist out of trouble, just like that, the combination of the black-hearted grandfather appeared

On the seat No. 0 is the balance mark, which represents the identity of the arbiter of the black mist figure

Seat No. 1 belongs to the Sword Demon, not because he is the strongest in the constellation, but now the leader is the strongest. It is interesting to say that the leader used to be the holder of [Starry Sky Ring (1)]. The sword demon flickered to the constellation of the starry sky, and he presented this [Starry Sky Ring] to the sword demon

On the seat No. 1 is the imprint of the free demon spirit, which looks like a human figure, but with its arms spread out, it gradually turns into a double black wing imprint

Seat No. 2 belongs to the leader, and the imprint is a metal mask with one corner missing. However, the mask that the leader usually wears is intact, and I don’t know what special meaning this mask with one corner missing has.

Seat No. 3 belongs to the undead old man, and the imprint is like coral and dense elk antlers, or in other words, it has other meanings

Seat No. 4 belongs to the white bull, and the representative imprint is the skull of the king of beasts wearing a crown, but this crown is embedded in the skull of the king of beasts. As long as the black emperor crown is stripped off, the king of beasts will surely die. very suitable for white bull

Situation, losing the status of the underground black emperor, his massive enemies will make him die without a place to bury him

Seat No. 5 belongs to Su Xiao, and the representative imprint is a black ring. He didn't know what the black ring represented until he entered Lieyang Star. Until the abyss-level equipment "Endless Ring" was promoted, he found that his starry sky The representative mark on the seat is exactly the same as the "Endless Ring"

You don't need to think about it, the leader knows an extremely powerful fortune-teller, Su Xiao is going to let the leader recommend him, but the leader seems to know that Su Xiao has harmed many fortune-tellers, and the powerful fortune-teller is the leader friends, so it is basically impossible for the leader to introduce Su Xiao

Seat No. 6 belongs to the Virgin, and the imprint is the sleeping vortex, which represents the sleeping and reincarnating ability of the Virgin. In the past, the Virgin would sleep once every 20 years. Temporarily forget the 'large password, and practice again. The trumpet, the appearance will return to the appearance of 7 years old, and the mind will also change to a certain extent

When she is 20 years old again, she will sleep again for a period of time. During the period of sleep, her strength will not only return to its peak, but her limit strength will also increase a little. 15 years old, and the reincarnation time limit is reduced from once in 20 years to once in 12 years, which can be called epic enhancement

Just when Saintess thought that she could secure the second-to-last position in the Star Constellation, Su Xiaopu was promoted to the top, which made Saintess feel like a bolt from the blue, just as she comforted herself, even if Bai Ye was promoted The super strong is so fast, and it needs to be accumulated after reaching the super strong; however, when the progress of the last world ended and an empty seat banquet was held, the saint found himself the mascot of the lowest combat power in the constellation

This stimulated the Virgo. After working hard for a few days, she decided to recruit a new member of the Star Constellation. In this way, she neither had to continue to practice hard, nor was she the last member of the Star Constellation. It was perfect. My wife is a genius! This time the saint came very early, before the shadow of the black mist arrived. She sat on the sixth seat with a dignified look, and said to the newcomer on the seventh seat: "Keep calm for a while. Small, but your knowledge of the outside world is not even as good as that of the new generation of fifteen or sixteen-year-old members of the big family, you know?

""'s not that bad. When I was in Arcane Eternal Star, I knew a little about the outside world.

"The opening of the new member who lacks confidence

"You think too much, those spellcasters won't let you know too much about the outside world, besides, haven't you seen through this matter, since those spellcasters have verified that the "Dark Moon Star Ring" can really seal The special abyss channel, the elemental faction, the academy faction, and the soul faction don't bother to pay attention to you, no, if the old woman from the Austrian law faction hadn't protected you, you would have been disposed of long ago. Don't forget whose cells you used to cultivate, wake up you idiot

The more the Virgo spoke, the more excited she became, and the eyes of the new members gradually doubted life

That's right, the very incongruous Saintess actually recruited Green Wei, a disciple of the leader of the Arcane faction, the mage sage Sephilia, into the constellation, not to mention other people, even Saintess himself, I didn't expect things to develop so wonderfully

First of all, Green Wei’s life experience, she was bred by the mage sage Sephilia with the cells of the second era extermination Glenn Gillian, it is Sephilia who still has feelings for Green Gillian miss? Of course not, the thing Sephilia regrets the most is that she failed to kill Green Gillian's soul with her own hands

Sephilia is responsible for the affairs of the Arcane Eternal Star in the abyss. In addition, in recent years, the abyss channels have been opened frequently. Even Sephilia began to be unable to withstand the pressure in this regard, so she decided to take a risk. Give it a try, use the methods of old enemies to close the abyss passages one by one

The problem is that Sephilia has the method of closing the abyss channel for the magic-killing camp, but this method is based on the premise of having the fortune of destroying magic, and this is the core reason for cultivating Green Wei

The Arcane Eternal Star has thousands of calculations, but at the same time, a hunter in the Reincarnation Paradise obtained the ability inheritance of the magic-killing camp. As a real magic-killing person, the fate of killing magic naturally fell on Su Xiao , and as Green Wei, who only has a magic-killing physique without any magic-killing ability, he didn't get any luck for killing magic

This is also why, when we first met, Sephilia's hatred was full, and she would kill Su Xiao if she said anything, but Sephilia

It is the Arcane Eternal Star who is responsible for handling the affairs of the abyss. How could such a strong person become impulsive and ignorant because of past grievances?

On the contrary, Sephilia's resentment and revenge after being dumped by her old love brain did not make others suspect. What she really wants to seize is the fate of destroying the law. Killing the destroyer of the third era, but a process

Just imagine, Green Wei, who has the physique of destroying magic and is initially positioned as a tool man, will be very free in the situation of the Arcane Eternal Star? The answer is of course no. It is obviously a bad policy to directly restrict Green Wei’s freedom. On the contrary, it is the best choice to recognize Green Wei as a genius and stay in the arcane faction of Arcane Eternal Star. To the outside world, it can be said that this is a rare genius among spellcasters, how can he go out casually, in case something happens, it is a loss that Arcane Eternal Star cannot bear

What's even more seamless is that Green Wei really has the talent of a spellcaster, but she has the physique of a spell destroyer, that is, a gradually outrageous elemental affinity

Green Wei, who is in the arcane faction, is like a bird in a cage. She feels that her knowledge is fine, but after she escaped from the cage of the Arcane Eternal Star, she found that the multi-handed juggler on the side of the road was threatening her. It is a novelty that has never been seen before.

Thinking back carefully, since she was a child, she only went out a few times with her mentor Sephilia, and all of them went to remote areas

What really made Green Wei feel malicious from the inside out was that after the daughter of nature Eluklu brought back the "Dark Moon Star Ring", as a custom-made tool, when it is not needed, it is the beginning of extinction

Green Wei was both unfortunate and lucky. When she was less than ten years old, she met a thirteen-year-old saint who was reincarnated. The two met for the first time in the "Liguang Manor" of the Arcane Eternal Star, and ended up with bruised noses and swollen faces. , one is a mage sage: a disciple of Sephilia, and the other is the eldest lady of the Guieru family, of course there is no follow-up

Looking at the entire star world, the financial resources of the Gilelius family can be ranked among the top five. Under such circumstances, of course there are many intersections between the Gilelius family and the Arcane Eternal Star, and the Virgin did not like to go to the Arcane Eternal Star at first. , she feels that the spellcasters are too arrogant, even though most of the spellcasters hide well, the most difficult thing to hide is arrogance

"After getting to know Green Wei, Saintess offered to go to the Arcane Eternal Star, which made the old guys of the Guieru family very relieved. Their favorite jewel is finally starting to get down to business

However, these old guys don't know that Saintess is going to 'revenge'. Saintess and Green Wei fought a few times, and they didn't know each other. After they became close friends, they were responsible for protecting and actually monitoring Green Wei's four-eyed hound has a **** mold

The funniest time was when Green Wei and the Virgin were playing in the forest near "Silver Moon Lake". The four-eyed hound found a tree to take a nap. When he opened his eyes in horror, a group of angry poisonous wasps hovered beside the huge honeycomb that fell to the ground

When an old man from the Guieru family and Sephilia arrived, they saw the tearful Green Wei, a four-eyed hound with a mouth swollen as thick as his neck, and a tilted head with one eye swollen to the point of opening Don't open, but the saint who is full of dissatisfaction

Not long ago, Saintess helped Green Wei escape from Arcane Eternal Star. If it was someone else, Arcane Eternal Star would not let it go, but Saintess is the eldest lady of the Gilelius family, not the same as Arcane Eternal Star. The Gilelius family is weak. As the overlord of the void, Arcane Eternal Star has the strength to destroy the Gilelius family. This is a question of whether it is worth it or not, and the price to pay

Master Hun's attitude is very clear, hand it over within five days, the attitude of the Gilelius family is even more clear, the possibility of handing over is not high, but in terms of soul coins, we can still talk about it

Speaking of it, it was Su Xiao who saved Green Wei's life. When there is a real law-destroyer alive, it doesn't matter whether Green Wei, who only has the physique of a law-destroyer, dies. She is not the only hidden danger , or in other words, assuming her hidden danger is 3 points, then Su Xiao's hidden danger to Arcane Eternal Star is at least 6,000,000 to 8,000,000 points

In contrast, it is obviously not a loss to give the Gilelius family a face. The Gilelius family provides a lot of the top robe materials for free every year. This is not a protection fee. The strength of the Gilelius family does not need to be given to any force. Protection fee, this is a gift to a friend, a

Once you take action against the young lady of the Gilelius family, you will no longer be a friend of the Gilelius family, and you will lose too much, which is too much for the casters to bear.

Due to such upheavals, as well as the damage suffered during the hunt, Green Wei, who is now at the ninth level of strength, made Saintess realize one thing. Or the Hand of Destiny Ashvez, Green Wei is the perfect owner of [Starry Sky Ring (7)]

"Saint, you haven't told me that the constellation is a faction

"Hearing Green Wei's words, the Virgo was startled, and then thought of Green Wei's previous situation in the Arcane Eternal Star. She could actually give the other party common sense of the outside world, but she didn't do so, even though she was not old. Yin-level IQ, but I also feel that before a friend leaves the invisible cage, the more you let the other party know, the more dangerous the other party will be

"Constellation, cough~, of course it's a friendly camp, look at my temperament, could it be possible that I can still join the chaotic camp?" "Uh~, it seems like this

"Green Wei's tone obviously relaxed a bit. She just escaped from the Arcane Eternal Star, and now she just wants to find a friendly camp, temporarily thinking about her life, and her plans for the follow-up

At this moment, the figure of the black mist gradually appeared in seat 0. Seeing this mysterious existence and sensing the vast and peaceful aura of the other party, Green Wei gradually felt relieved. Such friendliness and atmosphere

The figure of the black mist looked at Green Wei, and then he was clearly stunned for a moment, then his eyes turned to the Virgin

"How about the new member I recruited, isn't it good?

"" Good, really, really good

"The figure of the black mist spoke meaningfully, which puzzled the virgin

The gray mist at the entrance surged, and the head of the group walked into the starry sky seat. When he saw Green Wei, he looked suspicious. After he sat down, he asked the saint: "This is the new member you recruited? ""Yes, how about it, she is very good, whether it is character, background, personality, are very good

""Character... very good

"The head's tone is meaningful, which makes the saint even more puzzled. If it's just the figure of the black mist, she won't be particularly puzzled, but the same is true for the head now.

"You guys came early enough

"Bai Niu came. After seeing the new member Green Wei, he came to the seat and paused. He frowned and stared at Green Wei. After a while, he sat down in confusion.

"What's your situation?" Virgo couldn't hold back anymore, and continued to ask: "Is there something wrong with Green Wei? Although she was born in the Arcane Eternal Star, she is not a spellcaster..." "No This problem is just a kind of ... indescribable sense of dissonance

"Bai Niu frowned, the figure of black mist and the leader looked at him with a smile in their eyes, and seeing the eyes of these two guys, Bai Niu gradually realized that things were not simple

However, compared to Bai Niu's suspicion, Green Wei's mentality is about to crack, and her inner activities at this time are: Is the promised Xing Kong Zodiac a friendly camp? Why even the white bull is here? ! , "Is the moral threshold of the friendly camp so open now?," Is this really a friendly camp?,"Why does the feeling of being on a thief ship be so strong

"And, why do you face the underground black emperor White Bull? My feeling is that in the face of extreme strength, you can destroy it with one hand? Green Wei knocked her head with her hand. She felt that she was sick and had a kind of heart attack. Especially inflated strange disease, it seems that it is as strong as a rookie, the middle and lower Xeon *2.170T swims with one hand, the senior Xeon hits casually, the top Xeon kicks to death, and the super · top Xeon can also Kill him, only the peak of Xeon can fight with the old lady

This feeling is getting stronger and stronger. Green Wei feels that she may be suffering from a disease such as split personality, and she often falls asleep recently, and she sleeps for several days every time, which makes her feel like a hell. Every time you wake up from a coma, your strength will become a little stronger. The only reasonable explanation is that the physique of destroying the law is really strong.

Just when Green Wei was still doubting his life and what kind of friendly camp he had joined, Su Xiao, the sword demon, and the immortal old man walked into the empty banquet one after another.

Seeing the three people with terrifying auras, Green Wei was stunned. She immediately turned her head to look at her best friend Saintess, who coughed slightly in embarrassment.

Voice: "Listen to me, will I harm you? Of course the Zodiac constellation is a friendly camp. As for the three of them, their reputation is sometimes mostly a rumor. In essence, the three of them are still... very easy to get along with. of

"Holy Maiden originally wanted to say that the three of them are essentially good people, but when the words came to her mouth, her conscience was in severe pain like being hit by a sledgehammer, so she changed her words decisively.

Green Wei glanced at Su Xiao, and then immediately looked away. She whispered to the saint beside her, "But, I saw with my own eyes that he detonated two sun bombs on the Arcane Eternal Star..." It's just a confrontation between forces. Members of the friendly camp also have tempers. Cough~, indeed, they have a bit of a temper

"Green Wei looked at the undead old man, and asked the saint in a low voice: "This old man, how do I feel, he seems so scary that he has eaten an ancient god

""Ahahaha," the saint patted Green Wei's back with one hand one after another, and said with a smile, "how could someone eat the ancient gods? Are you stupid? Your hallucinations!"

""Is that right

"Green Wei murmured, she looked at the sword demon, and then at the seated saint next to her, as if she was asking, how do you get along with this demon **** who has killed countless people in the black abyss?"Green Wei, you You know, Heiyuan is the home of the sword demon, he is for...for, well, this is indeed not a friendly camp, but at most it can be regarded as a neutral camp

"The neutral camp is the biggest concession and stubbornness of the Saintess, but this can't calm Green Wei's heart. She looked around at the few people sitting here. She was no longer anxious because of being hunted down by spellcasters. She terrified now

Ladies and gentlemen, what is your opinion on the new members? "Saint looked around at the few people present

"very good

""very good


"The group leader, the figure of the black mist, and the white cow expressed their opinions. The sword demon stared at Green Wei, as if he was recalling something. The old man remained silent, not planning to participate in this discussion

Su Xiao flipped through the email records that only he could see, without saying a word

"Bai Ye?" "If you don't regret it, you can

"Su Xiao's words filled the doubts in Saintess's heart to the limit, and she said angrily: "You guys, can you stop talking?

"Su Xiao took out a bottle of fine elemental wine and threw it to Green Wei, which made Green Wei look dazed, not knowing what to do next, but in the next second, she gradually lowered her head and turned to look up, her gaze was no longer looking at the future Confused, become sharp and reveal a somewhat freewheeling smile

"Huh? Here, what's going on?" Green Wei picked open the cork with her thumb, gurgling and gurgling, which stunned the saint on the side. She was surprised to find that her friend seemed to have another personality

"What are you looking at, little girl

"Green Wei lowered her eyes and looked at the Virgin. The Virgin stared. She was about to speak, but because of Green Wei's gaze, she suddenly shuddered. It was a very bad feeling. Wei Na passed it to the seat of the Virgin. As the saying goes, the pain mask did not disappear, but passed to the next seat

"You old guy is not dead, but it's the third era, how about we shake hands and make peace?" Green Wei looked at the black mist figure with a smile on his face.

"I knew it was you, the worst female extermination law in history.

"Fart! I am beautiful, kind-hearted, and gentle-tempered. Who do you think is the worst female exterminator in history?"

"Green Wei looked as if he would throw the wine bottle in his hand at any time. Seeing this scene, the black mist figure was convinced that it was that guy, but he then thought that this guy has become half of the starry sky in this way. Zodiac members, the follow-up situation is too interesting

That's right, it's Glynn Gillian who came out now, she never planned to take over Glyn Veeve's nest, the reason why Glyn Gillian is just a half-member of the Empty Seat Banquet is because, with [Starry Sky Ring (7)】Green Wei, is the real member of the Star constellation

"Looks like I should say, Jiu Yang?" Bai Niu rubbed his forehead with a smile on his face. He felt that the follow-up of Xingkong Zodiac would be more interesting, and he also had a headache when facing the worst female annihilation method in history.

"Aha, isn't this the defeated sword demon?

"What are you looking at? It's kind of a duel."

"The sword demon stood up

"If you say heads-up, you agree. Your IQ really hasn't improved at all. Since your IQ is too low, I unilaterally canceled this heads-up.

"Green Jillian changed the subject and asked, "By the way, have the spellcasters of the Arcane Eternal Star troubled you over the years?"... "It seems that they haven't, and they still have a bit of tolerance

"Green Gillian looked at the leader, she changed her attitude just now, and said in a formal tone; "Hello

"This attitude is not due to the strength of the leader, but a deeper reason.


"It's such a pity. If there was a guy like you in the second era, we would definitely protect you to death, but how did you survive after you lost?" Glenn Gillian changed her attitude just now, The leader pondered for a while, but said nothing, and the figure of the black mist said: "He is not considered defeated, it is a tie.

"It's amazing, it's amazing, well, I'm going back, and finally, you bastard, where did you get my Mrs. Xiao

"Green Gillian stared at Su Xiao viciously. Su Xiao closed the mailing list and glanced at Green Gillian: "The ancient battlefield

"Tsk~, the ancient battlefield is too dangerous for Weiwei, but I really want to find Mrs. Xiao. After so many years, I finally met a good cabbage. It's all your fault."

Su Xiao looked at Green Gillian, Green Gillian could only wave his hands and said, "Okay, my problem, my fault, Mrs. Xiao is carrying out your commission, I don't want to harass you, I'll go back up

"Green Wei sat down, turned her head back, and opened her eyes again. This time, she was sure that she did have another personality, and under the negotiation of this unknown personality, she opened the correct entry of the Starry Sky Constellation. field pattern

"Several, everyone is here, why don't we make a deal?" Baja on Su Xiao's shoulder asked, and Bai Niu spread his right hand, expressing his will.


"The virgin raised her hand, so only Greenway remained silent. After realizing this, she immediately raised her hand: "I, I also agree

""Bai Ye, what do you need? What do you want in exchange?

"Bai Niu took a sip of the elemental wine and found that the quality of this wine has improved

"The Overlord Essence, the bigger the better

"Several people present said that they didn't have this thing, but the leader who didn't express his opinion was left. He asked: "How much do you want?" "A lot

"I probably have more than 2,000 left

"Su Xiao didn't speak, obviously he said a lot, the leader understood more

"I need 100

Hearing this number, the group leader asked: "You haven't been promoted to Xeon yet, what do you need so many Overlord Essences?"

""Strengthen Overlord Equipment

"You have Overlord equipment all over your body? Do you need so many Overlord Essences?"

"" strengthen one

""Using the Overlord's Essence to strengthen the Overlord's equipment has a success rate of more than 90%. Generally, the Overlord's equipment can be strengthened to +10, and a piece of equipment can be at most 15 pieces... The leader stopped suddenly when he said this. After a while, he nodded in agreement and said: "For you, it is indeed a safe choice to buy more

"" 2500 ounces of space-time power, 100 pieces

An overlord essence of the largest specification, worth up to 25 ounces of power of time and space

"I'll give you 200

"After the leader finished speaking, Su Xiao received an email a few seconds later. After opening it, the attachment inside was a material box, which contained 200 Overlord Essences. It seems that the leader is in urgent need of the power of time and space recently.

Because the theme of this empty seat feast is not a transaction, it will soon enter the elemental wine tasting stage. The saint also brought a meal, which is said to be cooked by the private chef of the Guieru family. guide" no problem

After the meal, under the surprised and confused eyes of Green Wei, a cup of maple tea was placed on the table in front of her. She had seen the black maple tree of Arcane Eternal Star with her own eyes, and she knew how precious the black maple leaves were. The knowledge has increased. It turns out that the young leaves of the black maple tree can be used to fry tea, and the tea fragrance has a unique experience that recalls the past


Hours later, the group leader and others left one after another, leaving only Su Xiao and the Virgo. Su Xiao took out a stack of design drawings, these are the professional healing tools needed for the "Sun Healing Secret Method". Looking at the entire star world, there are only tree sages Master the Art That Made These Professional Healing Tools

If Su Xiao came to visit, he would not be kicked out by the sage tree, because the old man has a good temper. Since Shengyan Pharmacist became famous, the sage tree is no longer a matter of being shot while lying down. It is a better choice to ask the saint to do it for you, and to find the tree sages to order these professional healing tools

Just drank some elemental wine, and the blushing saint's hair fell down: "So, I want to run errands for nothing?" "Yes

"Okay, why do you always buy me maple tea and help you run errands? I am willing, so let's go."

"Su Xiao took out a seal scroll, and the saint who was about to leave was blocked by the scroll: "This is?" "Show the old immortals of your family


"Saint Maiden changed her laziness just now, and after putting it away, she flew up every now and then. Virgo Maiden has always adhered to the principle of being able to fly without taking a single step

After Su Xiao left the constellation, he chose to return to the reincarnation paradise. When the space fluctuation subsided, he had returned to the exclusive room

[Hint: You get the Golden Crown

】【Golden Crown (Nightmare Rare Item · Unique): Can be sold to Reincarnation Paradise to obtain 100 gold skill points

】Of course Su Xiao chose to sell. What he lacks most now is gold skill points. He came to the room where the "Awakening Monument" was located, walked into the exclusive skill upgrade cabin, sat on the blanket, opened the skill list, and chose to upgrade " Sublimation of Blood · Soul of Life: X (Skills · Passive

The three high-level techniques corresponding to knife technique, close combat, and blood energy are passive, but this one is not fully upgraded. With 7 gold skill points, he chooses to maximize this ability, and a vast golden power erupts in his body Hey, if he hadn't mastered all kinds of magic-killing abilities, this one would be enough to make him fall asleep

Two hours later, Su Xiaochang, who was sweating profusely all over his body, exhaled turbid air. The breath of vitality in his whole body was extremely strong. If evil spirits and evil spirits were by his side, they would be burned by the strong breath of vitality that he could not control for the time being. baked to evaporate

After a while, this vigorous aura converges, which means that he has gradually adapted to his current physique

[Sublimation of Blood · Soul of Life: X (Skills: Passive)] Skill Effect 1: Blood Qi attack power increased by 1380% (increased by 400%)

Skill effect 2: The maximum value of original vitality is increased by 72% (increased by 22%)

Reminder: The HP of the super strong level can reach up to 3.5 million points

The current maximum life value can reach: 6 million points

Reminder: The "absolute limit" of the extremely strong life value is 6 million points

Skill effect 3: Blood energy system potential rank +25 (increased by 6)

Skill effect 4: Blood Spear Grandmaster upgrade cost +50%, boost effect +50% (this feature cannot be improved in any way)

Su Xiao's current HP is 3.79 million points. This number is enough to make the main tank of the same level tearfully look for rare props for job transfer. As the main tank, he saw that the melee system of the same level has 3.79 million HP. Outrageous situation, why should I be so wronged as to cry out?

However, 3.79 million health points is not Su Xiao's limit. He intends to accumulate his health points to 6 million points. In this way, when fighting against powerful enemies, instead of dying with the three great swords, he can resist at least five great swords! There are 93 gold skill points left, Su Xiao looked at "Perfect Block: Lv.89" in the skill list, and he had a bold idea

After this skill fully fits him, it is a divine skill. He has a feeling that with his current combat power, the progress of the next world that will come in a few days must be extremely dangerous. His bold idea is to put "Perfect Block: Lv.89" is full

As for why he didn’t improve level by level, based on his experience, the final strength of this kind of ability is slightly lower than that of a single full-time level. The principle is to allow the body to experience and remember this ability more deeply. Let it change from ability memory to ability + muscle dual memory

Consuming a total of 16 gold skill points, Su Xiao's eyes immediately went black, and the gold skill points sent him into the

to dream B

When Su Xiao woke up, there was only one day left to stay in the Reincarnation Paradise. He sat up from the bed. This is the double bed that Bubu carried to the corner for him after he fell asleep! Now, about the room used to improve abilities, Why there is a big bed, this is experience

[Perfect block ability has been upgraded to Lv.105, this ability has been promoted to X

】【Perfect Block: X (Extremely Powerful · Passive)】Skill effect 1; Blade Block (Passive), your parry with a knife weapon will activate the "body protection energy" brought by your technical ability, In this way, the parry becomes a "perfect block". The basic ability of each level of skill you master will increase the block correction by 2 points, which is now 562 points of block correction (if the impact force of the enemy's attack is not higher than your own real Strength 562 points, will not be able to break the block)

Tip: The cooldown of Perfect Parry is 10 seconds (reduced to the minimum cooldown)

Tip: After a successful perfect block, the shock damage you receive is reduced by 70% (increased by 25%)

Skill Effect 2: Ultimate Perfection (Passive) After successful Perfect Block, you will only consume 10% of the maximum body energy, and the cooling time of Perfect Block ability will be refreshed immediately, and it will be available instantly. When you succeed in Perfect Block consecutively It takes ten hits before your Shield energy depletes, causing Perfect Block to go on cooldown

Tip: The 10-second cooling time of Perfect Block is the time you need to recover from 0% body protection energy to 100% body protection energy

Warning: If you are blocked by an enemy during Perfect Block, then Perfect Block will enter a 10-second cooldown

The improvement of "Perfect Block" this time is no longer as simple as a qualitative change. This ability is too suitable for a master of techniques, making Su Xiao qualified to fight against stronger enemies

Looking at the remaining golden skill points, he is not going to use them yet. This time, he has improved himself too much, so he has to slowly

Open Xiao's letter, after Xiao arrived at the "Nightmare Dungeon", he quickly cleared the level with Lady Luck and Goddess of Fate. With the luck of these two people, the probability of obtaining the "Golden Crown" was less than 0.0001%, and the probability of obtaining it soared to 1000%

In addition, Goddess of Fate also asked Xiao to help with a sentence. She wants to work hard to become the strongest Goddess of Destiny in the past. If possible, she also wants to be with Su Xiao! trade blood

To put it simply, Goddess of Destiny is going to challenge the Evil God. After obtaining the divine blood, she will find Su Xiao. Through Su Xiao's temporary devouring core, the divine blood will be filtered, purified, and purified into "pure divine blood". The ratio is 10:2, 10 points of "Pure Divine Blood" can be transformed into 2 drops of "Fate Divine Blood", and then shared with Su Xiao 50/50

Su Xiao is sure that [Master of Destiny] can absorb "Divine Blood of Destiny". For [Master of Destiny], there is actually no essential difference between absorbing "Divine Blood of Destiny" and "Divine Blood of Fortune". The power of fortune, so as to enhance and strengthen the origin of the equipment

In this way, Goddess of Luck is a passive type, and Su Xiao needs to provide "Pure Divine Blood" before she can have the opportunity to transform the divine blood. Goddess of Evil, the Goddess of Destiny will take care of all of them

In addition, the difference between the two is that the transformation ratio of the goddess of luck is high. At this stage, 10 drops of "pure blood" have been transformed into 5 drops of "lucky blood". 10 drops convert 6 drops, the conversion rate of Goddess of Destiny is a bit worse, 10 drops convert 2 drops

[Reminder: The lord train has completed this promotion

】Su Xiao took out the start key of the lord's train and used the [Scarlet Amplifier] on it. He took Boubo Wang and Amu to the eighth floor of the land of the gods, and the penance began

When there were 2 hours left in the Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao activated the teleportation authority, and returned to the trial ground from the land of the gods like an ice field. As soon as he stepped off the teleportation array, he saw Caesar waiting here

"My dear friend, it is really difficult for me to handle this matter you entrusted..." "500 ounces of space-time power

"" This time it's really difficult


"Even if it is difficult, I have to do it, for the sake of our golden friendship

"Caesar's tone is firm.

Sure, just like that, the two went to the equipment enhancement hall together. It is worth mentioning that after being ejected out of the equipment enhancement hall last time, Caesar was only able to enter it in the last week

After two upgrades of [Scarlet Amplifier] + [Blood Shards (Only)], the basic attributes of the "Lord Train" have not been improved at all. In contrast, it is: "Equipment Effect 3: Level 7 Notarization (Core Passive) Therefore, when the equipment was equipped in the first era, the Slintes dwarves successfully applied for the notarization of the seventh level of the Nether Tree. After the equipment was transformed into the overlord equipment, it lost the corresponding growth mode. According to the notarization balance of the reincarnation paradise, the overlord equipment can be used " Overlord's Soul (Extra Large is strengthened, and "Blood Shards (Unique has the scarlet characteristic, so that the enhanced carrying capacity of this equipment "massive" increase

Reinforcement method: Reincarnation Paradise·Equipment Enhancement Hall, hold the train key... Reminder: Due to the particularity of the enhancement, the upper limit of the enhancement is +32

"Even if he holds 200 "Overlord Essence", Su Xiao feels that he can't strengthen the "Lord Train" to +32. Such an exaggerated level of enhancement, the traditional equipment system, that is, eternal equipment, will definitely not be the case, Overlord The enhancement judgment of equipment is relatively loose, so there is such an outrageous enhancement level

The surrounding people were noisy, Su Xiao and Caesar stood in front of the equipment enhancement machine, the start key of the "Lord Train" was already in the enhancement machine, and the overlord spirit was also ready, but Caesar scratched his head and looked embarrassed, it can be seen that, This time, it is extremely difficult for Caesar to strengthen the "Lord Train" to +32

Theoretically speaking, it is not difficult to strengthen the Overlord equipment. If you are lucky enough, you only need 32 Overlord Essences to complete this enhancement. Su Xiao looked at Caesar who was scratching his head, and he had a countermeasure. He said: "Strengthen the remaining Essence of Overlord, belongs to you

"Hearing this, Caesar's eyes turned green, like a wretched wolf that has been starved for half a month. When he saw a large piece of fresh meat, he took out an old badge with the Chinese imprint on it. The badge There were cracks all over the top, after thinking for a while, this guy gritted his teeth, and took out two old badges with the Chinese imprint

On the opposite side, Gulu, who just came here and loves strengthening, naturally noticed Su Xiao and Caesar, she hesitated, withdrew the equipment from the equipment strengthening machine, and said to the magician beside: "Don't strengthen

"Huh? What?

"As the illusionist of Phantom Brigade No. 4, I have a good relationship with Gulu. This time I came to ask Gulu for advice on how to create a higher level of enhancement at the lowest cost.

At first, everything in the equipment enhancement hall was normal. After a few, a wavy long-haired unrestrained healer found that something was wrong. I am used to it, but this time, the low-quality equipment she strengthened unexpectedly experienced a 21-game losing streak with enhancement +1, and she was stunned.

After a while, curses came one after another from the surrounding area. All those who had strengthened +3 or above were not affected, but those who had just strengthened +1 or +2 and +3 points were unlucky.

Amid the howls of enhancement, Caesar began to control the equipment enhancement machine to strengthen the "Lord Train". The moment the "Lord Train" succeeded +32, Caesar was ejected with a bang. Fortified Hall

And asking Caesar to help strengthen Dragon Flash, Su Xiao will never make this choice. It is okay to use tricks on equipment such as the "Lord Train" that is fully strengthened at one time. The enhancement of Dragon Flash must be accumulated little by little, and there should be no tricks

Before Su Xiao checked the attributes of [Lord Train +32], a prompt appeared

[Reminder: Your time in Reincarnation Paradise has reached the limit, you can make the following choices

] 1. Return to the present world

2. Enter one of several secondary worlds

[The selection has been completed, you are about to enter the second world, Tianrenxing, you can stay in this world for 5 natural days

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