Reincarnation Paradise - v87 Chapter 65 : World Scramble

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Celestial Star · Atlanta Empire · Royal City · Royal Palace Hospital.

The elegant single-family building is located in the flower field, and further away is the well-proportioned woods and forest paths. Groups of birds are cleaning their feathers or looking for food in the freshwater lake in front, and several hounds in the flower field are dozing off. One of them opened its mouth wide to welcome the arrival of morning.

This small single-family building does not look very big, but after entering it, you will find that the area is actually very large. The first floor is the servants' rooms, the main kitchen, etc., and the second floor is the master's bedroom, dining room, banquet hall, study, etc. , No one else is allowed to enter on the third floor, only the owner of the place, the Ninth Prince, and a limited number of maids who are deeply trusted by her can enter.

At this moment, in the bathroom.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa~"

Wearing pajamas, the drowsy Mo Lei spat out the mouthwash, and the little maid who was holding the sanitary ware tray at the side hesitated to speak, if the head maid saw Mo Lei's rude self-indulgence, "Wow, bah~, definitely I had to deal with her again, but the maid was absent, and the king of Atlanta,

That is, Mo Lei's father summoned him to the front hall of the palace to participate in today's parliament.

It seems a bit inexplicable, but as the head maid who is qualified to take care of the Ninth Princess Mo Lei, she must be outstanding. According to rumors, the head maid used to be the head of an orphanage, and that orphanage is now Eastern The notorious "Shrike's Nest" in the Federation, an assassination organization that will leave a mark on the corpse and hang the corpse after the assassination is completed.

Note that assassination organizations and assassination organizations are two kinds of forces. The latter collects money to take their lives. The whole process can be as low-key as possible. The commissions accepted by assassination organizations are generally to eliminate political enemies, assassinate important officials, and attack and kill dignitaries and wealthy businessmen. Wait, high-profile assassination is allowed as long as the employer requests it.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the head maid is reforming her ways. The head maid has no respect or approval for the royal family of the Atlanta Empire. She only cares about two people, the contemporary Atlanta monarch who left her alive, and Mo Mo, whom she watched growing up. bud.

This time the king of Atlanta summoned the head maid, and nine out of ten it was due to the signs of the infiltration of the star Ren, which is the second world notarized by the Apocalypse Paradise. The Apocalypse Paradise should intervene, and the problem arises. , instead of the abyss passage, simply speaking, it is not serious enough,

It has not yet reached the point where Tianqi Paradise interferes, and Paradise easily does not interfere with the normal operation of this world.

"Not serious" to the Paradise camp is a catastrophe for the four major forces in this world. Therefore, the four major forces that have always been at odds in this world, the Eastern Federation, the Northern Alliance, the Islands Alliance, and Atlanta The Empire, let go of each other's grievances for the time being, and prepare to work together to overcome this difficulty.

The problem is that even if the four major powers in this world join forces, they cannot deal with the infiltration of abyss energy. Otherwise, there will not be so many worlds that have fallen into darkness and silence due to the abyss invasion.

The damage caused by abyssal energy infiltration is indeed far inferior to abyssal intrusion, but it is more difficult to deal with abyssal infiltration. The abyssal passage caused by abyssal infiltration is a point or hole, while abyssal infiltration is a large area. It's useless, you have to use the filling method, commonly known as adding money.

"Your Highness, it's time to have breakfast."

The little maid spoke weakly. Hearing this, Mo Lei, who was wiping her face, raised her brows. If the head maid is not here, she must rebel. She resolutely said, "No."

"However, the head maid told you to remind you to eat breakfast before leaving."

"Heh~, that's why I don't eat breakfast."

Mo Lei, who had successfully gained two catties against the bone, was satisfied, but when she passed by the restaurant, the aroma of the food inside made her slow down, but she had already said not to eat, and she wanted to save face.

"Have you already made breakfast?"

Mo Lei asked in a deep voice, this little maid is confused, doesn't she have to cook breakfast every day? What's the problem?

"Cooked food should not be wasted."

Mo Lei, who successfully found a step, strode into the dining room, and soon began to cook happily. After a while, Mo Lei took the little maid out and looked at the calm lake and the gradually rising sun. Lei decided to waste a day at all, she wanted to go fishing, and she hadn't been so relaxed in a long time.

"The weather is fine, we..."

Mo Lei's words came to an abrupt end here. The little maid who was listening to her turned her head suspiciously.



The little maid also disappeared, and in the dark, the battle maid trained by the head maid suddenly appeared. She pressed one hand on the place where Mo Lei disappeared. Although her mentality was about to crack, her eyes under the mask were still calm.


A shock spread, and the battle maid also disappeared. It seems that after Lie Yangxing kidnapped Youyuna many times, Team Su Xiao's kidnapping proficiency has improved.

The lord's train is running in a different space, and the outside world cannot see the lord's train. If you are inside the train, it is like driving in the wilderness, and the scenery is pleasant.

There were two figures, one tall and one fat, holding a sledgehammer and a boning steel knife, staring at Mo Lei and the two maids behind her who were also tied into rice dumplings.

"Pluyem, Suwa (a local dialect in the void)."


Mo Lei's eyes were bewildered, but she also knew the situation was not a second. Two figures, one tall and one fat, looked at each other. The fat figure pulled out the writing board and wrote on it:

"Hand over 100,000,000 soul coins, and spare your life."

For some reason, when writing the word dog life, the lower half of the fat figure's body moved, as if protesting something, and the word dog life wasn't referring to Morey at all, but meant something else.

"Um~, I use it to upgrade my abilities, and now I only have 30 soul coins left in the bag."

Hearing what Mo Lei said, the tall figure and the fat figure looked at each other, and the fat figure nodded, saying that 30 soul coins would be fine. This made Mo Lei stunned again. She sized the fat figure up and down, and then looked around. In some familiar surroundings, she looked behind him and said:

"Bai Ye, why are you here?"

Mo Lei's words made the fat figure flustered for a while.

"Whoa (that was Bach's idea)."

"Woo meow (it was Bach's idea)."

"I fuck."

Bach looked at the bedroom door on the inner side of the train and found Chapter 65: Battle for the World

The door didn't open, and was fooled by Morey. As for the kidnapping of Morey, it was indeed Su Xiaorang who did it for the convenience of follow-up actions. After all, the notorious Shadow of Destruction Kukulin White Night invited the Nine Queens of the Atlanta Empire , This situation is too heavy for the hearts of the royal family of the Atlanta Empire.

The follow-up blackmail is Baja's bad idea. Besides, if you really want to blackmail, you can't ask for 100 million soul coins.

"Two, don't worry, we are friends of your eldest lady Morey, what happened just now was just a joke, be good, come and see here."

Bach took out the soul light vibration device, which was developed based on the memory eraser in the movie. The principle is to stimulate the soul through vibrations to achieve short-term memory blurring.


The shock flashed, and the two maids fainted one after another. Baja looked at the fainting battle maid sitting next to him, with a smile on his face. I have already predicted in my heart how to fight back, but there is a huge gap in strength.

Seeing this scene, Morey felt distressed and helpless. She couldn't let these two little tails follow her in the follow-up matter. She looked around

The pattern in the train said to Su Xiao who was coming:

"Bai Ye, don't you plan to decorate such a good train?"


"I know professionals in this field, and it is not an exaggeration to say that they can be ranked among the top five in the star realm."

While Morley settled the two little maids, he smiled confidently as he spoke.

Bach didn't quite believe it: "It's true."

"Of course it is true. Don't forget, I am one of the shareholders of Underworld Bank, although I only hold 0.012% of the shares."

There is nothing wrong with Morey's words. Holding shares of Bank of the Underworld, which ranks fourth in financial resources in the entire astral world, besides the profit sharing, there are other shareholder benefits.

"I estimate that the redesign and decoration of this train will cost 500,000 soul coins. Don't think it's too expensive. When you see the finished product, you will know how much the 300,000 soul coins are worth."

While talking, Mo Lei almost couldn't control the smile on his face. After a long time, she finally saw the return money from Bai Ye. This time, even if it was earning 1 soul money

The intermediate fee of the currency also has a completely different meaning.

"it is good."

"You agreed? No bargaining?"


"This, this, can actually be a little cheaper. I have a good relationship with that workshop. They will ask me to buy rare gems."

"No need to."

"Since you are so persistent, well, I will contact there now, so... bring the soul coins."

Morey spread his hands, indicating that the soul wall savings card was in her hand.

"Help you solve the signs of abyss infiltration in this world, 500,000 soul coins."

"Ah this~"

Morey froze, pondered for a few seconds, and could only nod his head, but then asked, "Is it difficult to solve the signs of abyss infiltration here?"


"What do you need to prepare?"


Su Xiao took out a list, and after checking the list, Morey said with a bitter face: "The prices of these materials are not expensive, but they are hard to get..."

Before Morey finished speaking, Baja interrupted: "Morey, saving the world is such a glorious thing, how can you forget your friend."

"That's right! Why did I forget the two of them, they must be blessed to share."

Morey's gaze became very agile. She took out the communicator and dialed the number of Moon Apostle. After connecting, she coughed lightly and asked mysteriously:

"Is the freshly made pudding round?"

"Not round."

The Moon Apostle on the other side also had a mysterious tone. This was a secret sign. As for why the secret sign was given, knowing that a certain hunter could enter Tianren, the three sisters of Tianqi made this decision and agreed, for the boat of friendship , no one can catch anyone's fish.

"Why isn't the pudding round?"

"Bite by me."

"The signal is correct, Moon Rabbit, come out and have fun."

"I don't go out. I play games at home very well. I bought a lot of new games recently."

"I got three tickets to Star City, which expire the day after tomorrow."

"I'll be right there."

Hearing this, Morey hung up the communication, and then dialed Haomei's phone number. After finishing the password, she said, "I stole a bottle of good wine from my father, and we will destroy it together."

"Wait for me in 10 minutes, I will be there."

This time it was Haomei who hung up the phone, and Morey, who ended the communication, sighed and murmured: "Oh~, my conscience hurts so much, these are all my dear friends like relatives."

After finishing speaking, he took the iced honey lemon tea from Boubo Wang, and after taking a big sip, his conscience immediately felt relieved.

Su Xiao sat down and took out the key of the "Lord Train". The current strength of the "Lord Train" can only be described as outrageous.

[Lord train +32]

Place of Origin: Void Mamenmod Fifth Production Workshop.

Quality: overlord level.

Category: Trains/Vehicles/Large Weapons.

Durability: 7500/7500 points (after choosing the overlord equipment system, the durability has dropped to 1200/1200 points, after strengthening +32, a huge increase).

Equipment Requirements: Possess the "Train Key".

Equipment effect 1: Driving mode (core · passive), the train has two modes, "natural driving mode" and "different space driving mode", due to the unique rail wheel and suspension system, the train can run on 99.85% of the terrain Smooth ride.

Natural driving mode: driving speed 30 (boost 22.5).

Different space driving mode: driving speed 3

5 (a boost of 26.4).

Equipment Effect 2: Furious Beast Burning (Core·Passive), the train enters an overload burst state, the power core pressure is increased to 300%, and the driving speed is increased to 98 (increased by 66), which lasts for 60 minutes.

Equipment Effect 3: Scarlet Train (Core·Passive), after the train enters the overload burst state, it can temporarily enter the second stage of super acceleration, the driving speed is increased to 450, and the durability of the train is consumed by 10 points per second. During this period, you can break through 99% types of enchantments, sealing spells, etc.

Tip: A train in this state cannot change its direction of travel.

Tips: If an enemy unit tries to block the Lord's Train Scarlet, it will receive the impact damage of the train's durability limit of 96.5, and the highest-level knockback + knock-up effect.

Equipment debuff: Gluttonous Mouth (passive), while receiving the abyss energy gain, the equipment will have a corresponding debuff, you need to provide enough blood food (flesh, heart, etc. ).

The current status of the lord's train: extreme satiety.

Reminder: Please do not submit again within 10 natural days

Supply the lord train with a large amount of blood food, otherwise it will cause it to enter a state of digestive stagnation, thereby increasing the load on the metal cells.

Score: 6000++++++ points (overlord level equipment is scored from 1 to 6000 points).

Introduction: Unstoppable... Unstoppable!

Price: Not available for sale.

Su Xiao handed over the key to the Lord's train to Morey, and Morey promised to let his friends complete the design and decoration of the layout of the Lord's train before Su Xiao left the world.

An hour later, on the seat of the train, the Moon Apostle and Haomei stood on both sides of Morey, staring at Morey with burning eyes, and promised to use the code to save the boat of friendship.

"Don't look at me like that, you two, I tricked you out this time...ah no, I asked you out to save the world."


"How much did you drink?"

"I'm serious. I really want to save our home planet Tenren. I told you two about the signs of infiltration in the abyss. You two forgot?"

"I haven't forgotten, so what? Isn't this something that Apocalypse Paradise will intervene in?"

The Moon Apostle opened his mouth innocently. Is the Moon Apostle too salty? Of course not.

If you only look at Su Xiao's world experience in the late stage, you will feel that the abyss is so common and close, but the real situation is that even in the late stage, for 90% of the contractors, the abyss is rarely touched, and as much as possible Avoid contact, even before entering the world, it will consume a lot of soul coins or a small amount of time and space power to check the "abyss erosion" of the world you want to enter.

For ninth-level contractors, it is better not to enter the world with more than 0.0015% "abyss erosion rate". The power of time and space is used to check the "abyss erosion rate" of the world to be entered, and when the "abyss erosion rate" of the world to be entered is too high, pay a certain amount of time and space power to randomize other late-stage worlds.

The notarization of the six paradise camps + the tree of the void, even in the late stage, there are still many worlds that can be entered.

May I ask, how about the "Abyss Erosion Rate" in the world that Su Xiao entered before? The answer is:

Dark Continent (root · dead city): The erosion rate of the abyss is 26.85%.

Shadow World (Revenge Bounty): The erosion rate of the abyss is 5.66%.

Fenghai Continent: The erosion rate of the abyss is 69.93%.

World of Eternal Light: The erosion rate of the abyss is 0%.

Witch World: The erosion rate of the abyss is 57.53%.

Lieyangxing: The erosion rate of the abyss is 65.6%.

Entering this "abyss erosion" world, the environment derived from the abyss invasion, abyssal creatures, existence, etc., can it be uncommon?

This has also led to, so far, Su Xiao does not know how to use the power of time and space to check the "Abyss Erosion Degree" of the world he is currently entering.

"Permission, what kind of function is it?"

After Morey introduced the signs of infiltration into the abyss, the Moon Apostle and Hao Mei looked at each other, and then turned to look at Morey. The meaning of the eyes was that there are many strong contractors in the Apocalypse Paradise, and there are also strong contractors. Back to Tian Renxing, why don't we wait for these big bosses to deal with this matter, if they can't handle it, wouldn't it be better for us to seek help from professionals?

Of course Morey understood the meaning of the two close friends. She almost burst into tears, and with a wink, she probably meant: "Do you think I would like to come, I was kidnapped, tricked or kidnapped, obviously the former experience Feel better, if tied, the orange cloth bag fan is very strong. ,

At this point, the three sisters of Apocalypse began to make eye contact, the content is as follows:

Morey: 'Hold on first, the three of us wait for the opportunity to escape. ,

Moon Apostle: 'Is that why you fooled the two of us here? ,

Haomei: 'It must be, this guy Morey, if there is any good thing, he will never forget the two of us, but it will definitely pull the two of us to suffer together. ,

Bach: 'It was pure friendship. ,

Hao Mei: 'Of course. ,

Moon Apostle: 'Hey. ,

Morey: 'It has to be pure friendship. ,

The three Tianqi sisters were satisfied at first, and then discovered that something strange had joined their eye chat group and spoke in it.

After some deliberation, Apostle Yue and Haomei firmly refused, saying that they would not agree until the necessary time.

Seeing that the Moon Apostle and Haomei were unwilling to save the world, Su Xiao took out the Dragon Flash from its sheath, unsheathed the long knife, and first touched Haomei's neck. Haomei smiled disdainfully, saying that she would do her part to save her hometown!

Su Xiao looked at the Moon Apostle, who hesitated for a while, and finally agreed. In this way, the most wonderful scene of saving the world in history appeared. Morey, the Moon Apostle, and Haomei were forced to save the world. This forcedness is not modest Or implicit, is forced in the physical sense.

After willingly signing a contract, the three Tianqi sisters left with the keys to the lord's train. The content of the contract was dangerous and there was room for buffering.

However, the three Apocalypse sisters don't know that this contract is actually fake. The drafting of this type of contract requires rare materials + a large sum of soul coins. Besides, it doesn't matter whether the contract is fake or not, as long as the three Apocalypse sisters think it is true, Then there is nothing wrong with this contract.

Ahead is the abyss infiltration area, the sky is covered with lead dust, and the vegetation on the ground is overgrown. Some trees are like a tree ball with a fork because of their trunks. Blocked by the world's four major forces.

Su Xiao took off his coat, pulled up the cuff of his right arm, and wrapped the sealing medium around his arm. As the medium melted, his entire left arm turned scarlet, with dark golden lines on it. He reached forward with one hand, and a lock plate appeared Well, the abyss infiltration here is not an accidental phenomenon, it happened a long time ago, it's just that some masters of the abyss have adopted sealing methods.


Su Xiao turned the lock plate, and the sky wall made of black mist in the distance spread immediately, the sky turned into pitch black in an instant, and various vegetation on the ground burst one after another.


The roar of the giant beast near the abyss came through the gauze-like elemental boundary wall. Such drastic changes made the legions or fleets stationed here extremely nervous, and they had to retreat to avoid being overwhelmed by the incoming black mist. shrouded.

Su Xiao walked into the black mist. He deliberately accelerated the degree of darkness infiltration. It is not only the premise to solve the abyss infiltration, but also does not need to explain various reasons to the local forces. In terms of time cost, he has won the trust of the four major forces>Explain clearly> Kill all> Let the dark erosion spread further and force back the garrison legions one by one.

Walking in the black mist, the demon spirit escaped from Zhanlong Flash and floated behind Su Xiao. He was very good at dealing with abyssal creatures, but the existence of the abyss that had no entity, no soul, and no energy system was still the demon spirit's Attacks are more targeted.

Before coming to Tianrenxing this time, Su Xiao was going to complete the deal with the God Emperor Adventure Group first. However, this round of world scramble is approaching. All the resources and financial resources of the God Emperor Adventure Group have been invested in the improvement of combat power. It has been saved for a long time wool, nothing

The good news is that if the God Emperor Adventure Group returns with victory this time, the resources they invested in this time will be doubled, that is to say, the wool will be doubled.

Coming to the center of the abyss infiltration, there are irregular holes in the surrounding world. Su Xiao took out a soul crystal as the core of the array. A 100-meter shelter appeared.

Ka Ka Ka ~

The crystal seat was formed behind Su Xiao. After he sat down, he took out the mysterious eye and adjusted it like twisting a Rubik's cube, trying to see if a new combination could appear.

Time is passing by, trying to unlock the mysterious eye and meditate, two days passed, when the timing is almost the same, Su Xiao activates the space array, but before Mo Lei, Moon Apostle, and Haomei strongly requested that the normal space array be required , this time there is no "Destroyer Teleportation Array".

The spatial fluctuation subsided, and the three of Mo Lei appeared, among them, Mo Lei patted the large sealed box beside him, and said, "The materials you want are all together, let's start."


After Su Xiao opened the sealed box, he and Boubo Wang, Amu, Baha, and Benny got busy again. It took him nearly three days to set up a large-scale array.

"Is it so complicated?"

Morey covered one eye and looked at the formations on the ground. As for why, when looking at these formations with both eyes, he would feel a strong sense of dizziness that his soul was distorted.

Su Xiao squatted halfway in the center of the formation. He took out a piece of rotten meat with a strange smell. As he clenched it tightly with one hand, dark red juice was squeezed out from the piece of meat. It evaporated in mid-air and turned into light red smoke, which was absorbed by the nearby dark holes one by one.


A strange insect hissed, as if a small snake-like black insect was cruising through the nearby black mist, its speed was extremely fast, and all kinds of enchantments and spells had no effect on it.

Su Xiao let go of the bait in his hand, and began to retreat slowly. When he retreated more than ten meters away, an abyssal creature named "Hungry" drilled out of the dark hole, drilled into the meat, and greedily ate the hole .

Su Xiao holds one hand empty, and the traps arranged around are activated. It is divided into six metal sealed boxes and reclosed, trapping "Hungry" in it, but "Hungry" doesn't care.

Continue to eat the flesh and blood of the rotting spirits strangled by it.

Su Xiao rushed forward in a few steps. Amu, who had been preparing for a long time at the edge of the array, threw a heated and semi-sealed crucible. "Dark gold ore", cast on the metal sealing box, regardless of the high temperature, throw it into the cooling liquid.


The cold mist rose, and the dark gold on the surface of the metal box cooled and hardened. At this moment, the "abyssal creature, the hungry snail" inside realized that something was wrong, and it was meaningless to slam into it desperately.

Is "Hunger" low in IQ? The intelligence and cunning of this thing has made many people gnash their teeth with worry. It is just too confident, thinking that nothing in the world can trap it.

"Hunger slug" is an abyssal creature that is extremely difficult to trap. It is harmless to living beings. It is timid and afraid of light. It can even drill into the cracks in space, through the elemental layer, and out of the cracks in sealing techniques. It is simple. as its instinct.

However, only a few forces will try to capture the snails. The snails have a characteristic that they like to steal precious trees.

Maple tree is its favorite, but this is a greedy little guy, after it devours 5~7 times the output of black maple tree beyond its body size in a short period of time, it will appear a kind of indigestion similar to state.

After entering this state, its body surface secretes a kind of "fat", and this fat is the main material that cannot be replaced in the preparation of "life and soul secret medicine".

The effect of the "Secret Medicine of Fate and Soul" is that when the original vitality is about to completely wither away, as long as one drinks the "Secret Medicine of Fate and Soul", one can live for at least a thousand years. For super old immortals, it is a priceless treasure.

In particular, the kind of family that is only supported by a powerful old immortal is compared to the powerful old immortal in the family. After the family is killed by the enemy, even if half of the family wealth is spent, it is worthwhile to buy a bottle of "Secret Medicine of Life and Soul" .

Put away and seal

Su Xiao let out a long sigh of relief for sealing the box of "Hungry Snail". This time, there was a slight mistake, and all preparations disappeared in smoke.

"This is... finished? But the signs of infiltration into the abyss don't seem to fade away?"

Morey looked around, opened his mouth uncertainly, Chapter 65: The Battle for the World

After all, there is very little understanding of Abyssology.


Su Xiao signaled Morey to come forward, and when the other party came forward, he took out a crystal bottle containing pure blue liquid and said:

"Team up with the two of them, and smash it."


Although Morey was inquiring, at the same time, he had sent invitations to the Moon Apostle and Haomei to form a team.

"You will greatly increase the credibility of Apocalypse Paradise."


"I never lie."

"You stop lying to me?!"

Morey stared, Su Xiao didn't speak, just stared at Morey, after a while, Morey said reluctantly: "Well, I believe you never lie, so what should I do next?"



Morey dropped the crystal bottle in his hand, and with a bang, the cheerful elements scattered. In a short time, the black holes around were filled and repaired, the darkness of the sky faded, and the distorted vegetation on the ground died and dissipated. After being nourished by the energy of the abyss, the subsequent output of resources in this area will definitely soar.

"This change is too fast."

Morey looked around in surprise and joy. The continuous improvement of the reputation of Tianqi Paradise made her already sweet mood even more clear.

"But Bai Ye, I have a feeling that your previous arrangement seems to be for other things, and only the last fall is to solve the sign of this abyss infiltration."

Morey scratched her short pink hair and spoke. She can only say that her feeling is really accurate. It cannot be said that Su Xiao's series of operations before have nothing to do with solving the signs of infiltration, but it must not have much to do with it. It is mainly for Capture "Hunger".

Why does it seem so easy to solve the signs of abyss infiltration this time? The "top abyss science" mastered by Su Xiao is really not a decoration.

Dealing with a sign of abyss infiltration is extremely strenuous, and the effort and benefit are completely out of proportion.

"It's just your illusion."

"No, you must have tricked me again, but you bullied me with little knowledge of the abyss."


"Definitely is."


Su Xiao stopped and turned his head to look directly into Mo Lei's eyes. The familiar feeling of being about to be beaten made Mo Lei change the subject: "I believe in you, Bai Ye."


Su Xiao continued to move forward, followed by Morey who was thinking about it. At this moment, Su Xiao received a series of reminders:

[Reminder: Your stay in this world is about to end. 】

[The world progress you are about to open will participate in the world scramble. In this world scramble, the upper limit will be expanded to "extremely strong", and the expansion probability of this kind of notarization will not exceed 0.16%. 】

[Reminder (Tree of the Void): This World Scramble is Tier 3~Superior Tier, and the participating parties are Reincarnation Paradise, Apocalypse Paradise, Death Paradise, Sanctuary Paradise, Holy Light Paradise, and Overwatch Paradise. 】

[Reminder (Tree of the Void): Due to special reasons, Reincarnation Paradise will lose the right to participate in this world scramble (extreme level), and reincarnation Paradise can normally participate in the third-tier to ninth-tier world scramble. 】

[Reminder (Tree of the Void): This world battle (extremely strong level) will be carried out in the form of a small team. Each party can send 1 or 2 five-person teams to participate in this world battle (extremely strong level). 】

1. The number of teams in Samsara Paradise: 0/0.

2. Apocalypse Paradise Team Quantity: 2/2.

3. Number of Death Paradise teams: 1/1.

4. The number of Sacred Paradise squads: 1/1.

5. Number of Holy Light Paradise teams: 2/2.

6. The number of Overwatch teams: 2/2.

[Reminder (Tree of the Void): The notarization application for Reincarnation Paradise and Apocalypse Paradise has been successfully passed

Application, Apocalypse Paradise will transfer an existing team quota to Samsara Paradise with the power of 0 ounces of time and space, but because Samsara Paradise does not have the right to participate in this world battle (extremely strong level), it will not be able to complete the transfer of all notarization. 】

[Reminder (Tree of the Void): The notarization has been completed and the transfer of the team was successful, but in this team, there can only be one hunter and contractor from the Reincarnation Paradise as the captain, and the remaining four members must be from the Apocalypse Paradise Battle Angel and Contractor. 】

[Reminder (Reincarnation Paradise): Hunter, you have been selected as the captain of the team. You will represent the notarization rights of the Reincarnation Paradise and the judgment rights of the Apocalypse Paradise, and participate in this world battle (extremely strong level ). 】

[The right of notarization covers: your reincarnation brand related judgment, income settlement after the end of this world, etc. 】

[The decision right covers: mission release after entering the mission world, mission format, mission mechanism, mission rewards, etc. 】

[Reminder (Apocalypse Paradise): Hunter, you will represent the decision right of Apocalypse Paradise, and participate in this world battle (extremely strong level). Now you are given a gain state that increases the income of this world task by 85%. This state is separated from the next After the world progresses, it will become invalid. 】

[Reminder (Tree of the Void): If your team played a decisive contribution to the victory in this world battle (extreme level), the profit distribution ratio for the winner of this battle is, 60% of Samsara Paradise, 35% of Tianqi Paradise, you get 15% (10% of your income is Samsara Paradise, in this notarization, the additional transfer is 50% of Samsara Paradise, 35% of Tianqi Paradise, you get 15%). 】

[Warning (Tree of the Void): The comprehensive combat power of the hunter has been checked, and it exceeds the regular super strong level too much. You will be the last participant to arrive at the battle location in this world battle (super strong level) . 】

[The danger level of this world battle (extremely strong level): super high intensity. 】

[The income content of this world battle (extremely strong level): part of the park infrastructure sealed by the tree of the void, the park's advanced facilities, unique facilities, some unique notarization rights, some unique judgment rights, some exclusive and rare resources, "Super Huge amount of general resources. 】

[Hint: This battle for the world (extremely strong layer

Level), it will be completely different from the past, even if you win, you will not get the possession authority of the combat area itself (the possession authority of this area cannot be notarized in any way, including all the notarization and judgment of the Void Tree + Liufang Paradise , and this behavior cannot be achieved).

[The location of this world scramble (extremely strong level): Dawn Paradise Ruins (also known as Dark Ruins, this area has been temporarily suppressed by the Void Tree, Reincarnation Paradise, Death Paradise, and Sanctuary Paradise). 】

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