Road Survival, I Have a Hint System! - Chapter 1416 broken city

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The knights on the city wall didn't expect an unexpected attack. They were caught off guard, and many were shot and killed, and the number of defenders dropped a lot.

Baron Yin Beilin, who was in charge of defending the city wall, saw the huge loss of the knights defending the city, and his eyes almost burst into flames.

He knew that those mercenaries who used strange weapons had to be killed, otherwise Jerusalem would surely fall.

"Archers! Projectiles!"

Regardless of his original plan, he let the archers aim at those players and start throwing.

But the range of their bows and arrows is only about 150 steps, but the players are all standing 200 meters away, and the range of the bows and arrows simply cannot reach the players.

It was useless at all except for shooting some pawns with shields.

The last thing Saladin lacked was infantry, and after one fell, there was another group to make up for it.

But the archers on the walls were not so lucky.

Their bows and arrows can't reach the player, but the gun in the player's hand can hit them easily.

bang bang bang!

After a row of guns, many archers were shot and killed.

There was chaos on the walls.

Faced with this situation, Baron Yin Beilin panicked, he had never seen such a strange weapon.

He actually possessed a range and power far exceeding that of bows and arrows, causing his defenders to suffer heavy casualties.

Although there are several bed crossbows on the city wall that can reach each other, but this kind of heavy weapon is troublesome to use, and it is specially used to deal with siege towers, that is the serious problem.

bang bang bang.

The muskets kept ringing, knights or archers were shot one by one, and the city was in chaos.

At this moment, the siege tower was finally pushed near the city wall.

The huge suspension bridge fell on the top of the city, and a group of elite soldiers with shields rushed out of the siege tower and rushed towards the top of the city along the suspension bridge.

"Block them!"

Yin Beilin raised his long sword and shouted loudly, then immediately raised his long sword and rushed over.

Swiping two swords, Yin Beilin chopped down the two soldiers who rushed up.

Several knights rushed over with their big swords in hand, but because the suspension bridge was narrow, they blocked it directly.

Han Yu kept pulling the trigger under the city, harvesting the defenders on the city wall.

He is somewhat different from ordinary players. As a game host, he feels that although the dungeon does not clearly state the difference between killing soldiers and knights, he always feels that killing different targets is definitely more beneficial than killing ordinary targets. bigger.

Therefore, Han Yu always subconsciously looks for those distinctive targets, and then kills them.

So, he saw Baron Yin Beilin driving Wushuang in front of the suspension bridge.

"Wearing a burqa and a family crest, it looks at least like a nobleman, and that's you."

Han Yu pointed the gun at Baron Yin Beilin and pulled the trigger.


With a gunshot, Baron Yin Beilin's chain mail was pierced, and a lead bullet was shot into the body.

Yin Beilin's body paused.

The soldiers who were fighting **** the opposite side of him found an opportunity, and holding their shields, they rushed forward, knocked Yin Beilin away, and rushed to the top of the wall.

The soldiers following him also rushed up.

A group of people tried their best to push away the knights blocking the entrance of the suspension bridge, and captured a small landing field.

Seeing this, the other soldiers on the siege tower rushed up one after another, expanding the landing field.

Seeing this, the surrounding knights rushed over, trying to drive these soldiers back.

If these soldiers are allowed to expand the landing field, the city wall will fall and the entire city will fall.

"These people are the key, and we must not let you block the gap."

Seeing how brave these soldiers were, Han Yu cheered up, and kept aiming at the knights who were trying to help, killing the knights who were rushing towards the gap one by one.

Even if they couldn't kill them, they couldn't kill them in time.

With the help of Han Yu, most of the knights were wiped out halfway, and the number of knights who went to reinforce was greatly reduced. The soldiers expanded the landing field at the top of the city, and soldiers continued to climb to the top of the city.

He even rushed to the top of the city tower, threw down the flag of the Crusaders, and planted the Xingyue flag.

Seeing the Xingyue flag hanging on the top of the city, the soldiers below became even more excited, and rushed up the siege tower one after another.

With more and more soldiers on the city wall, the balance of war began to tilt. The knights were killed and retreated steadily, completely losing control of the city wall, so they could only keep retreating and form a shield wall under the city wall to block them.

"Is this still stubbornly resisting?"

Han Yu followed the soldiers and rushed to the top of the city. Seeing the knights holding up their shields to block them, Han Yu raised his musket and pulled the trigger.


There was a muffled sound.

A knight fell to the ground.

bang bang bang!

A gunshot opened the way for the soldiers, and Saladin's infantry rushed into the city of Jerusalem.

The gate was opened, a large number of soldiers rushed in, and the thousand-year-old holy city of Jerusalem was declared to be broken.

"The pre-mission is complete, now it's time to find the golden scepter."

Han Yu loaded a bullet, looked around, and ran towards the tallest cathedral.

He never forgot that his first goal was to grab the golden scepter, not capture Jerusalem.

Capturing here is just to keep Saladin from killing them, but the main task still has to be completed by yourself.

He mixed among those soldiers and rushed towards the Sophia Cathedral.

There were refugees and scattered knights everywhere along the way. Saladin's soldiers raised their weapons and started fighting with those knights.

Han Yu was too lazy to take care of them at this time, as long as he didn't get in his way, he didn't bother to shoot.

After a charge, Han Yu and a group of soldiers rushed directly to the door of Sophia Cathedral.

Just as they were about to rush in, the door of the church was suddenly pushed open. A team of knights was running out escorting a box, and the two teams collided.

Seeing the menacing soldiers, the knights wanted to close the gate immediately and leave here in another direction.

However, Han Yu had quick hands and quick eyes, and he just raised his hand to shoot, killing a knight carrying a box with one shot.

A corner of the box hit the with a muffled sound.

From the sound alone, Han Yu could tell that this box was definitely not light, and it must have hit something good.

Those soldiers were also sharp-eyed.

They came out to fight not only for their faith, but also to improve their lives.

Something that can be escorted by several knights must be extremely valuable.

Several soldiers glanced at each other and rushed towards the knights in a fan shape.

These knights also pulled out the long swords around their waists, and slashed against the soldiers.

These people's methods were extremely fierce, and three or four people fell to the ground in an instant.

A knight cut a soldier in half with his sword, and then rushed towards Han Yu with his long sword upside down.

"Damn heretics, die!"

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