Su Yiwen Lingzhao - v2 Chapter 2033 I am Ming Luo Xuan.

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    The face of the woman in red dress is uncertain.

    After a long time, she said softly: "Almost all the hard work and layout you have paid in the past years have been destroyed by your hands. I am more than reconciled, I just wish I could tear you to pieces and burn your bones to ashes!"

    There is an irrepressible hatred and murderous intent on her beautiful face.

    Immediately, she shook her head again and said, "However, as long as you can leave the lost city alive, these are nothing at all."

    "Only people who are alive have the opportunity to get back what they have lost. If they die... then everything will be empty."

    The woman in the red dress has completely recovered her calm, and there is no trace of anger.

    Su Yi glanced at the woman and said, "How high is your real strength?"

    The woman in red said: "The higher the Tao, the more embarrassing it is to lose to you?"

    Su Yi said: "It's wrong, you will know it in the future, it's not wrong to lose to me."

    The woman in the red dress couldn't help laughing, "You guy, I admire everything, but you are too conceited, you can't help but want to break your spine inch by inch, take a look You bow your head and wag your tail begging for mercy."

    Su Yi smiled and said, "Answer me a question and I will let you go."

    The woman in red stunned: "Why did you change your mind again?"

    It should be noted that she is ready to be killed by this soul clone!

    Su Yi said lightly: "It's not your deity, it's boring to kill it, I might as well give you a chance to tell you the deity one by one about what happened at this time today."

    "And then what?"

    The woman in red asked.

    Su Yi said: "I welcome her to take revenge at any time."

    The woman in the red dress raised her beautiful eyebrows, stared at Su Yi for a moment, and then said with emotion: "As expected of the existence that once made the gods fear, this spirit and skill, I have to be amazed.”

    After a pause, she continued: "Tell me, what do you want to know."

    Su Yi said with interest: "Why do they call you 'grandma'?"

    The woman in red: "…"

    Before, she thought that Su Yi was going to ask something extremely difficult to answer, but she never thought that Su Yi would ask such a meaningless question.

    Soon, she vaguely understood Su Yi's state of mind.

    The other party doesn't care about his own secrets at all, so he will use such an absurd question as an excuse to give himself a way out!

    And this attitude makes the other party's heart more proud and conceited!

    Stopping her mind, the woman in the red dress smiled sweetly and said, "I am an old man who survived the era when the ancient gods ruled the world. It's not too much for those gods to call me grandma, right? "

    She has a bright and clean smile, and she has an unparalleled demeanor. She dances in a red dress, and has a stunning beauty of the years, which makes it difficult to associate with the word "old man".

    In fact, for practitioners, the word "old" does not describe old appearance, but refers to living long enough.

    "So simple?" Su Yi was startled.

    The woman in the red dress said: "The great road is simple, no matter how complicated things are in this world, when you see through it, it's nothing more than that."

    "You can go." Su Yi waved his hand.


    The voice was still echoing, the woman in red turned around and took a step forward, the slender and graceful shadow turned into a glittering light rain.

    "Luo Xuanji? A woman with such a name is very impressive."

    Su Yi secretly said.


    Outside Lost City.

    Muddy waters.

    A white-boned boat floats, and on the boat, a beautiful red-dressed woman sits at the bow of the boat at will.

    Her slender and crystal clear jade hand held a green jasper flute, and she looked lazily at the violent and chaotic waters in the distance in a daze.

    In those charming eyes, there is a joy of rebirth.

    "If I count the epoch and the annual ring, I have survived eighteen epochs...I just don't know if there are still people in this world like me who have survived the days of the ancient gods..."

    "Since now I have broken the shackles of eternity and regained a new life, from now on, I have to change my age, so I will be eighteen."

    The woman in the red dress was thinking like flying, and opened her rosy lips, and said: "I was born only eighteen years old, and an era is a year!"

    As she spoke, the corners of her brows and eyes were full of smiles.

    The smile was brilliant, arrogant and contemptuous!

    Suddenly, a figure appeared in the lost city, and it was the soul avatar of the woman in red!

    From a distance, this avatar of the divine soul suddenly turned into a rain of light and merged into the deity of the woman in red.

    Suddenly, the details of the battle of Ziyueshan in the lost city were all learned by the red businesswoman who claimed to be Luo Xuanji.

    Her beautiful and fair face was in flux for a while.

    For a long time, she let out a long breath and turned to look at the lost city in the distance.

    The ancient black city was as before, shrouded in a thick blood-colored thundercloud.

     Ke Luo's mystery is clear, since then, this homeless city can no longer be dominated by itself!

    "Su Yi, I remember you."

    The woman in red withdrew her gaze.

    It is not that she is afraid of death, but to her, it is more important than anything to escape from the prison of the lost city, a prison transformed by the cursed power of the ancient gods!

    Even now, she only has her soul left, even if she was trapped in the lost city for a long time, her vitality was severely damaged and she was at the weakest point.

    But as long as she wants to, she can still easily kill most of the gods in this world!

    However, she did not choose to fight Su Yi in the end.

    The reason is very simple, because Su Yi is in charge of the power of reincarnation!

    Because of Su Yi's previous life, he used to be the sword master of Lingxu who shook God's Domain!

    For Luo Xuanji, this is the biggest variable.

    In the face of such uncontrollable variables, she would not risk her life, so her deity left early.

    The details of the battle at Ziyueshan also made Luo Xuanji realize that his hunch was not wrong, then Su Yi was an unpredictable variable, too dangerous!


    "In the future, let's fight for another level."

    The white bone boat carrying the woman in red, Luo Xuanji, crossed the violent muddy waters, swept away into the distance, and soon disappeared.


    The lost city.

    Purple Moon Mountain has long since collapsed into ruins and is desolate.

    Su Yi fell to the ground, sitting cross-legged on a boulder.

    The battle is over.

    Looking back at the battle she had experienced since entering the Lost City, Su Yi did not feel much pride in her heart.

    In the final analysis, it is because of the power of reincarnation that he is in charge, which plays a key role, which is enough to resist the curse of the ancient gods, not that he is really powerful enough to slaughter ghosts and gods at will.

    In addition, the Nine Prisons Sword also contributed.

    Only in terms of cultivation, he is still at the Taixuan rank after all.

     "Next, stay in this homeless city for a period of time, temper your cultivation to the perfection of the Taixuan rank as soon as possible, and then prepare for the matter of proving the Tao and becoming a god."

    Su Yi thought silently, "Besides this, it is also necessary to integrate the power of Taoism of the fifth generation."

    When Li Fuyou was at his peak, he was famous in the realm of the gods, making those god-level figures extremely jealous.

    His road to becoming a god, his experience of becoming a god, as well as his knowledge and experience of the realm of gods, is like an invisible treasure house, which is enough for Su Yi to find a way to become a **** when he becomes a **** It truly belongs to your own way of becoming a god.

    It's like standing on the shoulders of giants and seeing farther than others!

    However, for Su Yi, the most important thing at the moment is only one—

    Meet old friends!


    One day later.

    A feast was held in the ruins of the Purple Moon Mountain.

    There was only wine at the banquet.

    Participating in the banquet were Su Yi, Ye Chunqiu, Floating World, and Xiao Ruyi.

    "I knew, Pharaoh, you will come to save us!"

    The Floating World drank happily and said with emotion, "It feels so good to be alive!"


    "Pharaoh, you are much more handsome in this world than before."

    Xiao Ruyi sat on Su Yi's side with one arm on Su Yi's shoulder, and said with a smile, "What, do you want to consider warming the bed for me?"

    Suddenly, Ye Chunqiu and the imaginary world burst into laughter.


    As the owner of Xiaoruyizhai, a "peerless fairy" shared by the demons of the fairy world, Xiao Ruyi's appearance can be described with the words "clean and unparalleled in the world, stunning the world".


    Ye Chunqiu once commented on her six words: true temperament, full of love!

    At this time, seeing her flirting with Su Yi, Ye Chunqiu and the imaginary world laughed happily, as if they were back in the days before the Xianyun era. At that time, their friends sang and drunk, Talking about the scriptures, that is a joyous pleasure.

    "Don't worry, I'll take care of you!"


    Su Yi sighed: "After getting along for a long time, I almost forgot that you are a woman, how can I do it?"

    Xiao Ruyi pinched Su Yi's shoulder hard, then she burst out laughing and said, "I don't look like a woman, why do you look like a man?"

    There was another burst of laughter.

    From a distance, Wu Lingchong watched this scene, and finally understood why Su Yi desperately entered the city of lost his homeland.

    This is probably called life and death.

    Lishuang, the woman in bucket hat, is leaving Yongan with her father for a long time.

    The father and daughter are equally excited.

    This is Su Yi's happiest day since he entered the era.

    When old friends meet, in a lost place, and the heart is like home.

    How happy?

    Su Yi got very drunk.

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