Su Yiwen Lingzhao - v2 Chapter 2034 This state of great perfection is at the time

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    Seven days later.

    In the past seven days, Su Yi used the power of reincarnation every day to help those homeless who were rescued by him to dissolve the ancient god's curse power.

    Up to now, including Ye Chunqiu, Fu Fu Shi, Xiao Ruyi, and Li Yongan, Su Yi has helped 319 people who lost their homes to regain their senses.

    Among them, there are forty-nine ghost-level homeless people, and Lone Xingyi is among them.

    Other homeless are characters in the realm of the gods.

    Their souls have been severely eroded by the cursed power. Although they have regained their sanity, most of them have lost many memories, and the power of their souls is very weak.

    On the contrary, the ghosts and gods lost their homes, and almost all of them recovered their past memories.

    At this time, all the homeless people stood in front of Su Yi.

    "Old Xu, you tell them, whoever wants to leave can leave now."

    Su Yi said, "If anyone wants to stay, I will help them completely eliminate the curse power of the ancient gods, provided that they must surrender."

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    Do not surrender, you can leave at any time.

    In this matter, Su Yi will not embarrass the homeless.

    It's all up to them.

    "Okay, leave it to me."

    Void World smiled and agreed.

    Su Yi nodded and turned away.

    In ruins.

    Seeing Su Yi approaching, Ye Chunqiu asked, "Pharaoh, what are you going to do with these four guardian spirits?"

    Beside him, four figures stood.

    It is a thin man, wearing a blood-colored armor, with long hair disheveled like grass.

    A monk with blood dripping from his eyes.

    A tall, bald man.

    And a handsome young woman.

    They are Lukong Ghost, Baoshu Ghost, Beimo Ghost, Lingbi Ghost.

    Under Luo Xuanji's seat, there are nine guardian ghosts and gods, among which Chongming, Huang Yuan, Xuechan, Tianxiao and other five ghosts and gods have already been completely killed by Su Yi.

    The four guardian ghosts and gods alive today have also been banned by Su Yi.

    Unlike the homeless, these guardian ghosts and gods are wise, and can use the ancient gods to curse the power, although the real strength is only comparable to the lower gods, but in the homeless city, they can display The combat power far exceeds that of the lower gods.

    Su Yi thought for a while, then glanced at the four banned guardian ghosts, and said, "Two choices, either surrender, or be eaten by this monkey."

    He took the little monkey out of the furnace.


    "I surrender!"

    Skinny as a stick, the ghost and spirit of the blood-colored battle armor was the first to agree.

    "When my grandmother made us surrender, she also gave us a reward and made a promise that she would take us out of the lost city in the future. Your Excellency wants us to work hard with just one sentence, isn't it too unreasonable? Take us seriously?"

    North Desert Ghosts said, he was tall, with a fierce face, extremely agile and mighty.

    Su Yi thought for a while and said, "In the future, I will help you to completely dissolve the ancient god's curse power on your body, and I will give you back your freedom before leaving Jiyuan Changhe."

    The ghosts and gods of the North Desert were stunned.

    He had already prepared for the worst, but he didn't expect Su Yi to speak so well.

    "If so, I promise to serve you!"

    North Desert Ghost said solemnly.

    "Me too."

    Lingbi ghosts and gods said, she is the only woman among the four guardian ghosts and gods, she is beautiful and gentle, but she is extremely ruthless.

    "How about you?"

    Su Yi looked at the silent treasure tree ghost.

    This monk has hollow eyes and a thin figure. He is also the strongest of the four guardian spirits.

    The ghost of Baoshu said calmly: "I only have one request, if your Excellency agrees, I will follow to the death."


    "Please take me with you when you return to God's Domain."

    Su Yi was stunned, stared at the ghosts and spirits of the treasure tree for a moment, and said, "Since you are a member of Buddhism, do you have something to do with Burning Lamp Buddha?"

    The ghosts and spirits of Baoshu were silent for a while, and said: "I am an abandoned disciple of the Lingshan Mountain in Xitian. The Buddha Burning Lamp once said that I was apostate. ."

    Buddha Bone Demon Heart!

    Su Yi thought about it and agreed.

    He doesn't care what Baoshu ghosts and gods want to do when they return to the realm of the gods, he only needs to know that Baoshu ghosts and lamp-burning Buddha are not the same group.

    The little monkey is sorry, scratching his head.

    The cooked duck flew away, and it was inevitable to be depressed.

     "Don't worry, there will be more food for you to eat in the future."

    Su Yi smiled and comforted the little monkey.

    "Pharaoh, I've decided!"

    Xiao Ruyi came from a distance, "In the future, I will comprehend and cultivate the power of the ancient god's curse, like Lao Ye, with the body of the soul, to prove the Tao as a ghost!"

    Her beautiful eyes were full of expectation and determination.

    "You really figure it out?"

    Su Yi was startled.

    Before, he had talked to Xiao Ruyi and other friends about the curse power of the ancient gods covering the lost city, which is actually an extremely ancient and mysterious law of epoch order.

    The cursed seal contains the source power of this era law.

    In the past long years, grandma Luo Xuanji relied on this treasure and borrowed the power of the lost city to become the master of this place.

    Similarly, Ye Chunqiu became a ghost and a **** in the past, which is also related to this treasure.

    According to Su Yi's inference, if the ancient god's curse is regarded as an opportunity to become a god, the rank of this kind of power has surpassed the sixth rank, and can be classified as a masterpiece!

    "Of course." Xiao Ruyi answered without hesitation.

    She is this temperament, as long as she makes a decision, it will not change.


    Su Yi nodded.

    These days, he has roughly understood the purpose of the treasure "Curse God Seal", and finally understood why Luo Xuanji was able to subdue so many ghosts and gods for her use.

    The reason is very simple. In a sense, the forbidden area in the city of the lost home is itself transformed by the "curse of the gods"!

    This treasure is the power source of the lost city, and it is a treasure comparable to the rules of heaven.

    Luo Xuanji has the power to dominate the lost city by virtue of this treasure.

    However, with Luo Xuanji's strength, he couldn't really refine this treasure, otherwise, he wouldn't be trapped in this lost city forever.

    In fact, although Su Yi can suppress this treasure, he also needs to cooperate with the power of the Nine Prisons Sword, and so far, he can only use part of the power of this treasure, and he cannot really control it This treasure.

    From this, you can see what a terrifying treasure this "Curse Seal" is!

    At this time, the imaginary world came and told Su Yi that among the 319 homeless people, 179 people chose to leave the lost hometown.

    The remaining one hundred and forty people chose to stay.

    Among the homeless people who chose to stay, there are 18 ghosts and gods.

    "Pharaoh, don't be disappointed, those who lost their homeland were either gods or the top characters in the Taijing level, and there are many demigods."

    Void World explained, "This kind of person is now restored to his senses, and even if he is still surrounded by the ancient god's curse power, he can no longer easily serve others."

    Ye Chunqiu was a little dissatisfied, "Hmph, if it wasn't for Old Wang's help, they would still be in a state of confusion, unable to survive, nor to die! Now they plan to leave like this?"

    Su Yi laughed and said, "Everyone has their own aspirations, understandable, but I never thought of asking them to repay my kindness."

    He really doesn't care about that.

    On that day, Su Yi opened the homeless city, letting those who choose to leave leave without any obstruction or making things difficult.


    Beyond Su Yi's expectations, the doula woman Li Shuang and her father Li Yongan also chose to stay.

    But immediately, Su Yi understood that the father and daughter were to repay their kindness.

    He didn't say anything about it.

    This is the choice.

    Some people choose to leave, and naturally some people choose to stay.

    It's just that for Su Yi, those who choose to stay will be "my own people" in the future, and they will not be treated badly!

    Next, Su Yi left everything to be handled by friends like Ye Chunqiu and Void World, while he himself found a secluded place and began to devote himself to cultivation.


    Time flies, a month has passed.

    With a large number of homeless people appearing in the long river of the era, it immediately caused a sensation in the world, and the major post stations were talking about this matter everywhere.

    As one of the eight forbidden areas in the Era Long River, the Lost City has always been a forbidden place where the gods dare not take a step.

    But now, a large number of homeless people have escaped from their troubles and returned alive, who can not be shocked?

    This upheaval even attracted the attention of the nine gods of the kingdom of eternal day.

    At the same time, the news about Su Yi hiding in the lost hometown also spread like wildfire, and for a time, the lost hometown became the most eye-catching place in the world.

    I don't know how many people are on the move to the lost city.

    Some are to find out what kind of drastic changes have taken place in the lost city.

    Some are coming for Su Yi!

    All changes can be described in four words undercurrent.

    Su Yi had no idea about all this.

    He is cultivating, completely forgetting himself.

    Hurry and half past.

    On this day, Su Yi, who was meditating by himself, quietly opened his eyes, and the boiling energy machine on his body, like the roar of wind and thunder, gradually became silent.

    At this point, he finally set foot on the Taixuan stage of great perfection!

    A body of Taijing Taoism, tempered to the ultimate perfection, not only has far surpassed the sixth Wang Ye, but also surpassed the Taoism of the fifth Li Fuyou at the peak of Taijing!

    Su Yi was neither happy nor sad.

    It has been nearly half a year since he left the immortal world. He has been fighting to cross the long river of the era, causing many **** storms, and he has also experienced a fierce battle in this homeless city.

    Now, with the deep cultivation and precipitation during this period, the cultivation base is naturally tempered to this state of great perfection.

    There are no surprises, everything will come naturally.

    "It is also time to integrate the fifth world of Taoism."

    Su Yi secretly thought.

    He closed his eyes again, and in the sea of ​​​​knowledge, his spiritual body floated in front of the Nine Prisons Sword.

    As he probed a wisp of consciousness into the fifth divine chain.


    The Nine Prisons Sword trembled, and the sea of ​​consciousness surged.

    The fifth divine chain shattered and disintegrated.

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