Super Dragon Slaughtering System - v2 Chapter 4313 Toxic in alcohol

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Ning Qi glanced around, and he really saw some clues, and he suddenly knew.

At this time, He Xianchang and Xuan Chan'er were already seated, and their identities were naturally sitting next to the Queen Mother.

Before the birthday starts, there will always be a part of giving birthday gifts. The gifts are given out one by one, and the **** sings loudly.

Whenever someone gave a rare birthday gift, the women around Ning Qi would let out a cry of wonder.

The officials on the left would also open up a few words of flattery. The birthday presenter accepted everyone's flattery with a smile, and then looked at the queen mother and the emperor with flattering eyes. After getting their affirmation, they were satisfied.

"Grandma, I deliberately picked a fairy grass as your birthday gift this time. This is a longevity grass, which can increase your life for one year. Even in Yuqing Valley, it is very precious."

Xuan Chan'er took out a crystal clear green grass and smiled at the Queen Mother.


Can the service increase one year's life?

Everyone took a breath, and looked at the spirit grass in Xuan Chan'er's hand with great envy. This is the method of the fairy, saying that if you extend your life, you will extend your life.

What shocked them most was that even Xuan Chan'er was able to take out such mysterious things. Then, wouldn't He Xianchang, a master in the immortal gate, have even more unpredictable methods?

Take a peek at the leopard, you can see!

"Queen dowager, Chan'er is a girl with a very good filial piety. This was originally a year-end reward given to her by the sect. She deliberately exchanged it for a longevity grass. In the clan, no one else can use it, so I changed it to Chan'er."

He Xianchang stroked his beard and smiled.

"Chan'er has a heart, has a heart."

The queen mother took over the spirit grass with great joy and put it down.

"Grandma, when the birthday is over, I will teach you how to take it."

Xuan Chan'er said.

With the birthday gift of Xuan Chan'er, the birthday gifts of the rest of the people are no more precious and inferior, and they can no longer be amazing. Soon, the royal birthday gifts on the high platform were given out one by one.

The second lady also gave a round pearl, the size of a pigeon egg, which was considered a rare and extremely valuable, but among many people, it was not very brilliant.

"Grandma, I carved this by myself. There is you and me on it."

Xuan Zijun carried a jade carving road.

"Zijun, why have you been sitting so far? Bring this jade sculpture to grandma."

The queen mother smiled and waved.

Xuan Zijun glanced at the second lady, and after getting her nod to agree, he hurriedly hugged the jade carving to the high platform.

But her jade sculpture is really rough, she should be unaccustomed to novices. A lot of eyes on the left and right sides of the jade sculpture along the way, and then she shook her head slightly.

After Xuan Zijun jumped on the high platform, he took the jade carving to the front of the mother like a treasure.

Everyone took a closer look and couldn't help being happy.

"You don't look like a jade carving at all, what is it?"

The third prince chuckled.

At this time, the woman next to King Han smiled slightly and said: "Zijun is young and has just rushed back to the capital. It is not easy to hold the Buddha's feet to this degree."


When the second lady heard the old lady say Xuan Zijun like this, her face suddenly turned pale.

Sure enough, the eyes of many royal families on the high platform changed a little.

Xuan Chan'er frowned and said: "You are preparing for grandma's birthday gift, why don't you take it so seriously? You should prepare in advance."

"Sister Chan'er, I..."

Xuan Zijun was startled.

"You guys, don't ask Zijun too much. Zijun can carve this jade sculpture for me by his own hands.

The queen mother smiled and made a round.

It's just that as soon as her voice fell, the jade sculpture suddenly fell to the ground and fell to pieces with a bang. The ordinary jade sculpture that was originally carved is completely invisible now.

"Three princes, how could you fall my jade carving?"

Xuan Zijun said angrily.

"It wasn't me who fell. I just wanted to get a closer look, but who knew it fell on its own!"

The third prince said quickly.


Xuan Zijun's eyeballs kept rolling in his eye sockets.

"All right!"

King Han slowly said, "Go back to your mother's side."

"Father, I..."

Xuan Zijun wanted to speak but stopped.

"Zijun, come back soon."

The second lady couldn't bear it, stood up and waved to her.

Xuan Zijun gave the third prince angrily, ran off the high platform and returned to Ning Qi and the second wife.

"Mother, it's the third prince..."

Xuan Zijun wanted to say more.

The second wife patted her head lightly and said, "Mother knows, but today is your grandma's birthday. Can we ask him to settle the account later?"

"it is good."

Xuan Zijun nodded angrily.

"Senior Sister Nine, I'll give you this bad breath later."

Ning Qi smiled.

"Little Junior Brother, how are you going to give me such a bad breath?"

Xuan Zijun looked curious.

When the second lady saw this, she shook her head amused, and Quan was a kid's joke.

However, the three princes on the high platform saw Ning Qi and Xuan Zijun sitting together, and said loudly: "That one over there, the kid from Dayanmen is you. You are here for the birthday of the Queen Mother today. Can you bring a birthday gift? "

Dayan Gate?

Everyone's eyes fell on Ning Qi's body, and the young woman only suddenly looked at him. It turned out to be a disciple of Dayan Sect. No wonder he was sitting with Liu and Xuan Zijun today.

"My birthday gift has not arrived yet, so I have to wait."

Ning Qi smiled.

"Haha, that's not prepared?"

The three princes joked.


The queen mother spoke slowly.

The third prince quickly reduced his expression, "Grandma?"

"Don't make trouble."

The Queen Mother said lightly.

"Yes, grandma."

The third prince nodded unwillingly.

The birthday present is over. The next step is to toast. The wine and dishes are served to the table by the palace ladies. The atmosphere of the birthday is gradually elevated after the tea ceremony.

"He Xianchang, thanks to Yuqinggu's support for Xuan Guo these years, I respect you a cup."

Emperor Xuanguo picked up the wine glass and smiled at He Xian.

The voices of everyone stopped suddenly, and they looked at the two.

He Xianchang was stunned, and then glanced at the wine in front of him. As a monk, how could he drink this kind of wine, but today the Emperor Xuanguo respected him, and he could only take a sip.

He Xianchang smiled and nodded, took a sip from the glass, and then smiled lightly: "Holy Master, you are polite."

But the next moment, he immediately threw the wine glass in his hand and said angrily: "The wine is poisonous!"


Toxic in alcohol?

Everyone was a little confused by this change.

"He Xianchang, how could this wine be poisonous..."

Emperor Xuanguo said in astonishment.

In the next second, someone immediately answered him.

"This wine is indeed poisonous, Junior Brother He, this is the'Sanyuan Medicine' I specially prepared for you. What do you think of the taste?"

Two figures stepped into the air, and one of the middle-aged Taoist priests with long and fluttering hair smiled and said to He Xian.

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