Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive - Chapter 1625 Ask the doctor

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Guan Meiyi is used to walking in the yard before going to bed. One is to help digestion and reduce the accumulation of fat, and the other is also good for the child's fetal position.

In the evening, Gu Zhiqian accompanied Guan Meiyi on a walk back in the courtyard. As soon as the two were about to return to the room, Zhao Huimin followed up and said to Gu Zhiqian inadvertently. I want to tell you. "

"What can't you say now?" Gu Zhiqian didn't like Zhao Huimin's words and asked him to talk about this alone. He didn't think that there should be anything to hide from Guan Meiyi.

"Oh, you listen to me, you come down and tell you!" Zhao Huimin then re-entered the kitchen and started preparing for Guan Meiyi's food for tomorrow.

In this regard, Guan Meiyi did not show anything unusual. This kind of mother-in-law has too many families only to talk to her son, so Guan Meiyi fell on herself and was not surprised.

The two returned to the room, and Gu Zhiqian took a clean change of clothes and was ready to take Guan Meiyi to the bathroom to take a shower.

Since she was five months pregnant, Gu Zhiqian has insisted on bathing her every night, which is also related to Ling Tianya.

When Gu Zhiqian and Ruan Zeyan were together, the topics they talked about were all about business and family. But since Gu Zhiqian was promoted to the prospective father, the dialogue with Ruan Zeyan has become like this.

"When your wife was pregnant, what did you do for her?"

"Take a bath."

"Take a bath?"


Imagine that in the office, Ruan Zeyan was sitting at his desk before working. Then Gu Zhiqian asked his wife what she could do for her when she was pregnant. Ruan Zeyan answered the bath with an expressionless expression. This would be a very offensive picture.

Since then, Gu Zhiqian has clamored to bathe Guan Meiyi every night. At first Guan Meiyi refused, because Gu Zhiqian didn't wash her well every time she bathed her, she knew she couldn't do shy things, but she still had to use her feet, which made both people uncomfortable.

However, as Guan Meiyi's belly grew larger, her body began to become a bit bulky. Therefore, after five months, she promised Gu Zhiqian to bathe her.

At this time, Guan Meiyi was sitting on the bed, watching Gu Zhiqian changing clothes in his hand, "What are you doing?"

"Take a bath."

"Mom is still waiting for you downstairs." Guan Meiyi said.

"It is probably not a matter of importance." Gu Zhiqian did not intend to go to Zhao Huimin.

"You go, I'm waiting for you here, listen to what mom wants to say to you, don't let her wait too long." Guan Meiyi sat there smiling at Gu Zhiqian, but she didn't really care about it.

Gu Zhiqian listened to Guan Meiyi and went downstairs to meet Zhao Huimin. At this point, Zhao Huimin was already a little anxious. When she saw Gu Zhiqian coming down, she immediately walked up and raised her hand and patted Gu Zhiqian's body. "What the **** are you? I'm sleepy."

"I can't tell Meiyi anything, I don't like this way of speaking." Gu Zhiqian directly expressed his dissatisfaction with Zhao Huimin's move.

Zhao Huimin rolled her eyes, "I knew you had a daughter-in-law and forgot your mother. I don't want to talk to you alone! Oh, don't talk about me first, I want you to accompany your daughter-in-law to the birth checkup next time. At that time, ask the doctor if there is a boy or a girl in this belly! "

"What's wrong with boys and girls? It's all my children. What's the relationship between men and women?"

"Of course it matters. Boys can pass on the line, and girls will marry in the future!"

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