Teach Alpha of O To Be a Personal

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance , Shoujo

Chapters: 90

Last update: 2 years ago

5.0 /5

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In the sophomore year, the whole college knew that the best two people in the college were together.is still gay, double O.One is Liang Yan who makes people love and fear, and the other is the dream of O Jiqiu in the eyes of many people.For this, the whole school Alpha cried and robbed the worldDamn you, why!Then one day, there was something good and the crowd discovered that Liang Yan's belly seemed to be slightly bulging.# College Express: After all, the emotions that are not tolerable to the world were paid by mistake! ##Liang Yan is pregnant: Is it Alpha's compulsion or Omega's indulgence? ##Who the two of you cheated on? ! #After a while, people saw that Liang Yan, who was pregnant and still alive, blocked Ji Qiu in the corner of the playground and beat him violently, but Ji Qiu couldn't fight back or scold him!But what no one has heard isJiqiu looked aggrieved: oh oh wife, I will never pretend to be O anymore!Liang Yan rolls up his sleeves: Hit you, don't pick a day!A is loaded with O, A is loaded with O, A is loaded with O, Leidian said three times, not a serious Alpha, but the kind that rushes to the crematorium every day. Don't tell me, thank you.Dramatic Girl Alpha Attack X Kaolin Flower Omega AcceptDemining: 1. Non-interstellar, that is, urban sweets dressed in ABO;2, don't ask, ask is private;3. No logic, no writing, happy to read writing without thinking, please click the cross if you touch a thunder.Content tags: give birth to children next year fantasy space sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Liang Yan, Ji Qiu Supporting role: Then split a fork for collection Others: - Description from MTLNovel

Teach Alpha of O To Be a Personal