The City’s Almighty System - Chapter 3517 fury

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In the next moment, a figure flew upside down, this figure turned a few somersaults in the air, and then it was able to stop the figure. This figure was surprisingly Xia Ming.

At this moment, Bai Wusheng also looked at Xia Ming. His eyes were full of murderous intent. However, he was more surprised. Unexpectedly, Xia Ming could explode with such a powerful force. Beyond his expectation.

The realm of the mere Seven Tribulations Realm, the master of Nirvana Realm, is indeed a bit powerful. This Bai Wusheng's combat power is probably at least a master of Nirvana Realm Nine Layers.

"Yeah... such a master, this kid can still stop him, he is truly a talented person who can be judged by the world battlefield as a talented person, and he really has some ability."

"Haha, it's a pity, this kid offended Tiangong. In the future... I am afraid that this day will not be easy." "Yeah... Tiangong's dominance is beyond his imagination. It is a pity that this is the world battlefield. He died here. , In reality, he will not die, but... With the dominance of Tiangong, in the future, he will inevitably find this kid and hunt down this kid

. "For a while, the people present were all talking about it. Obviously, they were not very optimistic about Xia Ming, a kid who provokes the heavenly palace. This is purely looking for death. Even the emperor-level figures dare not challenge the heavenly palace like this. There used to be

Characters of the emperor level, because of challenging the heavenly palace, eventually died in the heavenly palace.


Bai Wusheng glanced at Xia Ming. It was indeed interesting to be able to block his palm. After all, Xia Ming was only the realm of the Seven Tribulations Realm, and this realm was too weak for Bai Wusheng.

"However, after all, it is too weak..." Bai Wusheng smiled coldly, and in a flash, he attacked Xia Ming again like lightning. This time, Bai Wusheng was extremely fast, almost in the blink of an eye. When he arrived in front of Xia Ming, at this moment Xia Ming's pupils also shrank suddenly.


Immediately afterwards, he sensed a huge danger and rushed toward him. The sudden situation caused Xia Ming's face to change drastically.

"Lunar Mirror..."


At this moment, Bai Wusheng slapped Xia Ming's chest with a palm, and Xia Ming was shot flying by a huge force. Xia Ming rolled in the air for a few times before he could be steady. Stature.

Xia Ming looked at Bai Wusheng sternly, his eyes mixed with murderous intent.

Because the guy in front of him is the choppy of Tiangong. For a long time, he kept his name incognito. Otherwise, he would expose his name and be afraid of being discovered by his own enemies, which would kill him, especially this sub-clan of the Wu clan, but he has been obsessed with him, he killed the Wu clan. Then

Many people, people from the Witch Clan would never let him go easily.

At this time, Bai Wusheng looked at Xia Ming in surprise: "How is it possible?" Bai Wusheng didn't expect that Xia Ming would block his attack again, but how could this be possible? His slap was just ordinary. None of the masters of Nirvana can withstand it, and they may be slapped to death by this slap, but I didn’t expect

, Xia Ming actually blocked his own blow again, is this a bit too much?

Xia Ming looked at Bai Wusheng with an ugly expression.


When Zhu Er's figure moved, he also came to Xia Ming's side. He also stared at Bai Wusheng in front of him with a dignified expression. Zhu Er said solemnly: "Boss, the idea in front of you is a bit tangled. We are not the opponent... how to fix it? ?"

At this time, Xia Ming's eyes narrowed, and he stared at Bai Wusheng in front of him.

"That's it."

At this time, Bai Wusheng seemed to have a sudden realization, and he understood: "It turns out that you are a defensive baby who can even block the blow of Nirvana Realm's nine-fold strength. It is indeed a bit interesting..."

Bai Wusheng narrowed his eyes: "But...your baby belongs to me."

When the words fell, Bai Wusheng shot again. At this time, the second pig saw this and roared, and shot at Bai Wusheng like lightning. Bai Wusheng noticed it and sneered.

"act recklessly."

"Bang..." In the next moment, Bai Wusheng slapped Zhu Er's body with a slap, and Zhu Er's strength was also in the Nirvana state, but compared to Bai Wusheng, his Nirvana state was naturally much worse. Because now the second pig is only the first level of Nirvana


It wasn't Bai Wusheng's opponent at all.

Zhu Er was slapped flying by Bai Wusheng.

"Pig two..."

When Xia Ming saw this, his pupils shrank and roared.


The long sword in Xia Ming's hand was swung again.


With Xia Ming's violent drink, a terrifying sword was once again revealed. The people present watched the battle between the two, and their faces were all covered with a strong shock.

"A gap in a big realm can't be made up so easily..."

When Bai Wusheng saw Xia Ming's dying struggle, Bai Wusheng smiled contemptuously. In Bai Wusheng's view, Xia Ming was just struggling at this moment, without any practical significance.

Thinking of this, Bai Wusheng once again attacked Xia Ming...


For a time, the two met. Zhu Er and Xia Ming joined forces to deal with Bai Wusheng, but Bai Wusheng is a master of Nirvana Realm Nine Layers after all. Such terrible combat power is not at all Xia Ming and Zhu Er can do. Than……

For a time, both of them were losing ground.

At the same time, some injuries gradually appeared on them.

"Pig two, stop him from a cup of tea..."

Xia Ming suddenly yelled.

"Boss, don't worry, you'll leave it to me next." Xia Ming's figure fell on the ground, and the second pig rushed towards Bai Wusheng. After all, the second pig is the second pig with rich combat experience , Although this guy loves to brag, but I have to say that the fighting power of the second pig is really not

Generally tough, for a while, he and Bai Wusheng entangled with each other.

Bai Wusheng had nothing to do with Zhu Er for a time, but as time passed, Zhu Er gradually appeared in a posture of retreat...


At this time, Xia Ming roared, and suddenly a powerful force burst out from his body. The sudden action also caused the pupils of the people between heaven and earth to suddenly shrink...


"What's the matter? What is this kid doing?"

For a while, the people present all looked at Xia Ming, their eyes were all mixed with a little dignity and shock... Xia Ming suddenly burst into a powerful force, which caused them to be exposed. There was some confusion, they didn't know what Xia Ming wanted to do.

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