The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 1024 The difficulty of Tangmen

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After the dazzling black light blooms, after the seal is opened, the seven black magic beads dissipate in the void, and no longer see a shadow, but appear in front of everyone is a huge hole filled with space energy.

Seeing that the seal was completely opened, Qin Haodong’s excited heart jumped out. After a long time, he finally set foot on the way home.

Cao Yuhuan took over Li Tianxing from Niu Cuihua's arms and said, "Can we go now?"

"Let's go, the valley below Qingling Mountain belongs to you ghost king."

Although the repair of Li Tianxing has been abolished, Qin Haodong, a ghost of Wang Zong, is not particularly reassured, and they are directly placed under their own eyes.

Cao Yuhuan nodded, and rushed to Qingling Mountain with the three elders and four elders with Li Tianxing.

The little witch cried: "Little brother, can we pass now?"

Looking at the space loophole in front of her, she looked eager to try.

"Don't worry, there are things to do before you can."

Qin Haodong took out the flag and began to re-arrange the array outside the space loophole.

About two hours later, he re-sealed the space loop in his own way.

Seals arranged with his rumors, unless the immortals in the sky are gone, otherwise others cannot open.

Niu Cuihua asked strangely: "Yang Gong, just opened the space loophole, how did you seal it?"

"Don't you come back after you think about it?" Qin Haodong said, "The seals I arranged are of course free to pass by, but they must also be guaranteed not to be blocked by others."

After going through so many things, he certainly has to control this space loop in his own hands.

Otherwise, the past has gone, what do the ghost kings re-arrange a seal, and they can’t come back? After all, not every time you can find a way to crack the seal.

In addition, there is a point in terms of strength that the people of Lingwu are far higher than the earth.

In addition to the ghost king, there are many evil warlocks. If these people sneak into the earth while they are not there, then they are sinners.

Because of this, although he was anxious to go back, he still sealed the space loop first.

"Okay, now we can pass."

In order to prevent the space gap from breaking through, everyone went hand in hand to rush into the space loophole.

After a huge wave of energy fluctuations, everyone appeared in the sky and appeared in the sky above Bermuda.

Looking at the rolling clouds around, the sea under the feet, Qin Haodong was in a wave of emotions. "Mom, daughter, the people I love, I am finally back!"

The little witch asked: "Little brother, is this your hometown? Where is the delicious food?"

"You know how to eat. How can this wild country be delicious?"

Qin Haodong took the crowd and flew forward, and soon fell on the island of the devil.

At the moment, the island of the devil is uninhabited, and there is no half-personal shadow. After the last war, the bodies of the different devils disappeared.

Qin Haodong had just left, suddenly his eyes turned to the southeast corner of the island, where there was a huge pothole on the ground, and there was a faint scent of magic.

He remembered the scene of the battle at that time. It was very clear that the pothole was not made at all. It looked more like a scene when someone broke through.

With such a great power, and the atmosphere of the Mozu, the result can be easily guessed.

Before this, there was a strong demon of the different devils who practiced in retreat, and the Tibetans were very strict and were not discovered. When they were trapped in Lingwu, he broke through.

When I think of his face, it suddenly becomes difficult to look at it. With the level of martial arts on the earth, it is a master to turn the gods into a period of time. It is definitely a disaster.

The most important thing is that I have destroyed the different magic islands and killed so many different devils. It can be said that Tangmen and the devils have formed a great hatred, and they are not...

Thinking of this, his heart raised a boundless fear.

Niu Cuihua asked strangely: "What is wrong with you? Are you not happy?"

"Hurry and follow me, the sooner the better!"

After he finished, he took the crowd and rushed away in the direction of the Emperor of China.

Emperor, Tangmen.

In the large courtyard, all the people in Tangmen stood there, and they were solemn and solemn.

Standing at the forefront is the master of the three saints in the middle of the period, the Qin family's homeowner Qin Zongheng, Cihang Jianzhai Xuanyuan and the demon gate main west and meters.

Like everyone else, the look on their faces is extremely severe at the moment.

There are four people standing opposite them. The first three are Qin Zhanlong, Qin Feiyu and Qin Zhong.

Behind the grandson of Qin Jiaye is a strong man with a height of two meters. Not only does it look fierce, but also the body is full of rich magic.

Qin said with a sullen face: "Qin Zhanlong, you dare to collude with the different devils, how can you be worthy of the Qin family's ancestors?"

Qin Feiyu said: "Qin Zongheng, this is what you forced. Why do you do the home of the Qin family? Why do you and your father and son can swear by Zhang, what is originally belonging to me, and now you are taken away by you and your son? It!"

Hu Xiaoxian said: "Fart, you can't be a master, you are incompetent!"

Qin Feiyu sneered and said: "Say we are incompetent? Now that we have the ability, Mr. Douglas has helped us to improve our husband and grandson."

Today, our three grandchildren are the strongest of the human race. What else can you say? ”

West and Mi angered: "Hey! Smelly shameless, selling people who are eager to seek glory."

In the past, the traitor who sold China was called the traitor. Now the three people of the Qin family have been called traitors.

"The winner of the princely defeated thief, you have all died, and even dare to talk to our father and son."

Qin Zhong took two steps forward and stared at Wei Xiaoran. "You are a monk, and I was so eager to pursue you. In the end, you still chose Qin Haodong."

Are you dumb now? I tell you, I will immediately get out of bed and climb to Laozi's bed. I can give you another chance, otherwise you and Wei will all die. ”

"Qin Zhong, you bastard, I killed you!"

Since Qin Haodong’s disappearance, Wei Yiran has been in a hurry. At this moment, he can no longer suppress the inner anger, raising his hand to the door of Qin Zhong.

"It's really not self-sufficient. Now let you see my strength!"

Qin Zhong said that he did not give in, but he also slammed out, and his palm was full of black magic.

Wei Yiran is now the original cultivation of the saints. After confronting Qin’s two palms, he flew back ten meters in a row, and threw a drop to the ground. The corner of his mouth showed a bright red blood.

"Middle age!"

Everyone in Tangmen was shocked. Qin Zhong’s repair was known to them before. It was not too much waste. I didn’t expect it to be upgraded to this extent.

Qin Zhongyi's face is proud, he laughed and said: "How? Now I see that I am amazing? This is the benefit of relying on Douglas.

Once you were high, but now they can only be stepped on by me. ”

"It’s not enough to get to the Tangmen Yaowu."

Qin yelled and screamed, and punched Qin Zhong.

"Qin Liheng, are you going to bully?"

Qin Feiyu shouted, raised his hand and greeted him, and took the Qin vertical and horizontal punch.

The two men solidly hardened a fight, Qin Feiyu did not move, and Qin is like a broken kite flying backwards dozens of meters, plopped to the ground.

"The late Saints?"

This Xuanyuan is far from the song, West and Mi and others are shocked, they are the highest in the middle of the winner, and the opposite side of a Qin Feiyu, actually crushed their audience.

Looking at the Qin vertical and horizontal, Qin Feiyu burst into laughter: "How is Qin vertical and horizontal, are you not a cow fork? You are not a genius who is not known for a hundred years? How can I be beaten like a dog by a fist?"

"Okay, don't make trouble!"

An icy voice sounded, and Douglas strode to the crowd.

"I, Douglas, the king of the different devils, the one you killed before is just one of my embarrassment."

He glanced at the people in Tangmen and said, "Qin Haodong has destroyed the Devil Island and killed my countless people, killing my people in this interface. This account must be calculated with you today.

Starting today, all the men here are killed, women must stay, and the descendants of the different devils with me will be the compensation of your Tangmen, otherwise they will die! ”

He was originally the strongest of the different demons on the earth. He has been retreating in the past few years and has been tempted to refine the virtual world. However, when he broke out, the whole demon family was destroyed.

After figuring out the situation, Douglas hated Qin Haodong, decided to start revenge from Tangmen, and took control of the entire earth interface, becoming the king here.

But now the people of the different devils are dead. To achieve his plan, there must be some doglegs to help.

He came to the Imperial Capital of China, and after understanding the situation, he found three people from the Qin family.

Qin Zhanlong and Qin Feiyu were irritated by Qin Zongheng, who was the owner of the Qin family. After seeing the strength of Douglas, they hit it off and completely made the dog legs of the different devils.

Douglas also spent a lot of energy to help the three grandsons improve their strength, and today they found Tangmen.

Qin Feiyu said with a charming face: "Have you heard it? You can be seen by the Douglas adults. This is your blessing, and you are not coming."

Lin Momo has been holding the little guy standing behind, at this time two steps forward, a firm face said: "Our people in Tangmen only stand and live, do not live, like a pig dog like you. Can't do it.

I only have one man in my life, Qin Haodong, and there will never be a second one. ”

"It's true, we only have one man in my life!"

Hu Xiaoxian, Feng Dance, Nalan Unparalleled, Nalan Innocent and others have issued their own vows.

The little guy also cried with an angry look: "You bad guy, get out of the way, or Dad will kill you."

"Qin Haodong has already become a demon now. The other side of the demon world is a strong man. How can he get him to the wild? You guys who don’t know how to be good, it seems that you must be awesome."

Qin Feiyu wanted to show up in front of Douglas, punched out and rushed toward Lin Momo.

In order to kill the chicken and the monkey, he has a very heavy punch and has no mercy.

The people around him gave an exclamation, Xuanyuan was away from the song, and the west was meters. It was too late to rescue.

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