The Earth People are so Fierce (Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!) - Chapter 1689 trapping

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Chapter 1689 Trap

Meng Chao's intuition was wrong.

When I closed my eyes, the faces that had entered and exited the women's toilet in the past five minutes appeared in my mind, and I found that all the women who came out could correspond to the women who entered.

Apart from…

A female cleaner pushing a cart.

Meng Chao remembered that it was a very bloated aunt who was about forty or fifty years old.

She ingested a large amount of synthetic food made by monsters, and the excess fat and heat made her face and body full of fleshy flesh.

The ten fingers are thick and short, showing a translucent red color due to long-term labor and the corrosion of detergents, like ten carrots covered with scars.

Messy hair was hooded by a crooked work hood, and the work cap was stained with speckled stains—it's normal for cleaning work in places like the Monster Market to be a little sluggish.

Meng Chao still remembers that the auntie was still grumbling angrily while pushing the cart, as if complaining that the traffic of the monster market had skyrocketed several times in the past few days, and even her work had become heavy. few.

When she pushed the bucket and mop and left the women's toilet, she almost spilled the sewage in the bucket on the consumers queuing next to her because of the force.

The other party complained a little bit, this aunt who was obviously not very good-tempered, immediately stared at her eyes bigger than copper bells, as if she was eager to find someone to have a quarrel with, adding some adjustments to the boring work. .

There is no doubt that everyone will look at the cleaning lady.

But no one will take a second look.

Just like Meng Chao just now, his gaze just swept across her body, without stopping for even 0.1 second.

It was only now that Meng Chao suddenly realized the strangeness of the cleaning lady when he recalled it.

"Her waist is too straight!"

Meng Chao shouted in his heart, "Her bucket is obviously not light enough to be filled with water. Even if she has a reel underneath, it should be very difficult to push. With the character of an ordinary cleaning lady, when pushing, The waist should be more curved so that it is easier to exert force all over the body.

"But when she pushed the car full of cleaning tools and buckets, she felt light and light.

"On the other hand, if the cleaning lady can push the bucket easily, it is impossible for the water inside to shake out and almost spill on others.

"She's not a cleaning lady.

"She is Lu Siya!"

Meng Chao was in a hurry.

His eyes were like lightning, passing quickly from the crowd of people.

Finally, at the exit to the southwest, the "cleaning lady" was recaptured, and the figure flashed by.

"What the **** is she going to do!"

Meng Chao gritted his teeth, locked Lu Siya from a distance, and scanned the surrounding ghost assassins to make sure that neither party found him, and the muscles all over his body trembled, helping him to be like a loach in the crowded crowd. , moving forward at a high speed without any sound, hanging far behind Lu Siya.

Soon, Meng Chao followed Lu Siya and left the Monster Market through the back door in the southwest corner.

Behind the monster market is a poor street that needs to be renovated.

Several tall and sturdy warehouses have been transformed into recycling plants for temporary storage of monster water and various wastes - those cheap monster materials that have been carefully selected by consumers, are about to exceed their shelf life, and are still lacking in interest, will be used. It is sent here, sorted, frozen and ground, and turned into organic fertilizers and industrial raw materials.

Like all monster material recycling plants, the sewage is also flowing, the stench is high, and there are deformed and mutated mosquitoes "buzzing" everywhere.

Therefore, unlike the bustling monster market separated by a wall, these poor streets behind the market are like another world. Except for the staff, few people will set foot here.

Meng Chao saw from a distance that Lv Siya, who was pretending to be a cleaning lady, first looked around and straightened her waist a little bit. Then, she reached out and groped in the depths of the bucket, and she found out that it was wrapped in a sealed plastic bag. The portable spar communicator!

Lu Siya put on the communicator again, threw the cleaning cart aside, and strode toward the depths of the poor street.

"Lu Siya seems to be summoned here by someone."

Meng Chao's thoughts turned, "Someone is controlling her actions by remote control!"

While pondering, Meng Chao suddenly felt a dozen familiar breaths and heartbeats from all directions, over his head, and quickly approaching Lu Siya.

not good.

It is Yun Feidian's subordinate, those blood alliance members or ghost assassins.

No matter why Lu Siya came, she made a fatal mistake.

She left all her companions in the monster market.

Moreover, in this poor street, there were no ordinary citizens watching.

No one could stop the ghost assassins from secretly arresting Lu Siya.


At this moment, on the wall on Lu Siya's left, a meandering pipe suddenly burst, and a large amount of yellow-brown gas was spurted out of it.

The dark and damp narrow alley was suddenly shrouded in mist.

The pipes surrounding the monster material processing center transmit either high-pressure steam or waste gas generated by the decomposition and fermentation of monster materials.

Broken pipes are common because of disrepair.

Although such exhaust gas often contains trace toxins and corrosiveness, it is easy to damage the health of ordinary people.

But for the superhuman with super active cells and psychic body protection, there is obviously no need to avoid it specially.

Lu Siya didn't take the yellowish-brown gas to heart, and went straight through the blurred mist.

Meng Chao's olfactory cells throbbed violently like ice cubes that had fallen into a frying pan.

"No, it's not just waste from the fermentation of monster material.

"It also contains trace amounts of muscle paralyzing substances and neurotoxins!

"Although such a dose is not enough to directly paralyze a high-level superhuman.

"But it can greatly reduce the five senses and neural reaction speed of high-level extraordinary people!"

Until this moment, Meng Chao finally realized that this was a trap.

The person who talked to Lu Siya was definitely related to the Blood Alliance and Yunfeidian.

Although she didn't know what the other party said in the spar communicator, she could actually make Lu Siya put down all her guards and come here alone.

But the means the opponent used to trap Lu Siya was definitely not as simple as the neurotoxin mixed in the exhaust gas!

Sure enough, just when Meng Chao suddenly realized, Lu Siya seemed to smell the danger and stopped abruptly.

That's too late!

Just under her feet, deep in the earth, came a dull loud noise!

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