The Earth People are so Fierce (Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!) - Chapter 1815 global restart

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Chapter 1815 Global Restart

Meng Chao and Lu Siya looked at each other.

Neither of them could understand that the Holy Light camp had suffered such a devastating blow, how would the end of Dragon City come?

"Just when we were victorious and about to occupy the enemy's most important Holy Light Temple, a terrible prophecy quietly spread inside and outside Dragon City."

Su Mulian said tremblingly, "It is said that the Holy Light camp also has an ultimate weapon.

"As long as enough lives are sacrificed, they can initiate a request to the supreme **** beyond the sky, asking the supreme **** to completely destroy this world.

"At that time, 10,000 suns will descend from the sky, burn the sea dry, turn mountains and rivers into churning magma, and burn all living beings that inhabit the sky and earth into scorching ashes.

"The reason why the Holy Light camp has not used the ultimate weapon is because they cannot control the destruction range and level of this weapon.

"Once the supreme **** determines that the pollution on the earth exceeds the critical value, the scope of destruction is likely to be the entire alien continent, or even the entire planet.

"From the Mountains of Monsters to Turanze, from the Land of Holy Light to the Abyss of Eternal Night, from the atmosphere to a hundred meters underground, no matter whether it is a magician with nine rings, a powerful man in the divine realm or a doomsday beast, they cannot escape the attack of the sky fire.

"When the sky fire that has been burning for ninety-nine and eighty-one days is finally extinguished, both the enemies of the Holy Light camp and themselves will be turned into the dust of history. The birth of the next civilization will take hundreds of millions of years from the evolution of bacteria. Time to start over.

"You should be able to imagine that the people of Longcheng at that time, from leaders to ordinary people, all dismissed and sneered at such absurd 'prophecy'.

"Not even the nine-ring magician who burns his life can stop our torrent of steel.

"You want to rely on such whimsical rumors to trick us into stopping the war? How is it possible!

"The war machine of Dragon City Civilization has reached its limit, and no one, even Lu Siya, the leader, can stop it easily.

"Therefore, Dragon City Civilization and the allies of the Chaos camp launched a general attack on the last bastion of the Holy Light camp, which is the legendary headquarters of the Holy Light Temple connected to the 'Ocean of Light' according to the established plan.

"At the headquarters of the Holy Light Temple, it was bombarded by hundreds of train guns and thousands of armored airships. While it collapsed in the rumbling artillery fire, the people who were belatedly staring suddenly flashed When the sky was clear, he realized in despair that the absurd prophecy had become a cruel reality.

"In an instant, the brightness of the sky increased by a full ten times, and it was clearly a drowsy dawn, which suddenly turned into a summer noon, a day with dazzling sunlight.

"Then, the sky was like a flimsy white paper, and was burnt with hundreds of thousands of cracks and holes by orange flames.

"Tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature, the sun like a viscous liquid, flows down these cracks and holes, pouring down on cities, fields, mountains, oceans, and humans, orcs, dwarves, and elves living between urban and rural mountains and seas. , skeleton, ogre, magician's head.

"The carbon-based humanoid intelligent creatures who were catching and fighting each other, were instantly turned into black, fuzzy, three-dimensional shadows by the flames of destruction that fell from the sky.

"The people who lived among the tall buildings left vivid silhouettes on the surrounding walls before disappearing without a trace.

"However, in less than half a second, these walls with mottled silhouettes, together with the majestic and row upon row of high-rise buildings to which the walls belonged, were all wiped out like fragile human beings, and nothing remained.

"This is what I saw before the final destruction."

Su Mulian finished speaking.

Like an ancient ghost, it stared at Meng Chao and Lu Siya in a daze.

Meng Chao swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, feeling his palms were sweaty and full of coolness.

Based on Su Mulian's description, he could imagine the tragic and desperate scene.

Because the same picture had appeared before his eyes in countless long nights.

Although Lu Siya did not have the experience of doomsday nightmare like Meng Chao.

But she squinted her eyes and observed Su Mulian for a long time, and realized that this matter was not simple, at least Su Mulian did not lie.

"So, you want to change the future?"

Hearing his mechanical voice, Meng Chao paused and said, "You want to change the fate of Dragon City being destroyed at all costs, even if the price is your own reputation and even your life?"


Su Mulian's face is like a martyr, both fanatical and calm, with a unified expression of contradictions, "I believe that anyone who has the same experience as me will make the same choice as me."

"But, have you ever thought that even if the future you see in your dream, destroyed by the flames of doomsday, is real to some extent, we have better ways to change it?"

Meng Chao frowned slightly, and said while thinking, "I mean, you can tell us these things earlier, for example, when we first met.

"Instead of waiting until things get out of hand, and then using such a radical method as 'assassination of Lu Siya'?"

"Would you believe it when we met for the first time?" Su Mulian asked back.

Meng Chao wanted to say that he would definitely believe it.

On second thought, if it wasn't for him to have a similar experience, it would be hard for anyone to believe and accept it.

"It's useless even if you believe it, because when we first met in the depths of Hive City, I don't remember such clear details at all."

Su Mulian continued, "Actually, what I described to you just now is the 'future history line' developed along the time axis after I spent several years racking my brains, connecting and sorting out repeatedly. .

"There are a lot of information and clues in it, which have only emerged from the depths of my mind in the last three to five months, or even the last three to five days, and have become more and more clear.

"Before then, nightmares about the future squirmed in my head like colorful, deformed oil paintings by a psychopath, brought to life by an evil magician. , constantly surging.

"It's as if, I can only randomly receive pieces of fragmented, upside-down, and indistinct 'future memory fragments', just a piercing scream, a burning picture, a grand celebration, or In the future, I will personally experience the piercing pain.

"At that time, apart from the fact that the end will eventually happen, I, like you, know nothing about the cause and process of the end, so how can I be open and honest with you?"

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