The Earth People are so Fierce (Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!) - Chapter 1816 prophecy and power

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Chapter 1816 Prophecy and Ability

Judging from Lu Siya's pensive expression, it was difficult for her to understand Su Mulian's feelings.

But Meng Chao, who was "sympathetic to each other" with Su Mulian, instantly understood what she meant.

Indeed, in the third year of high school, Meng Chao, who first awakened his doomsday memory, only saw pictures of 10,000 suns shining, burning, exploding, and destroying everything. At the same time, he barely remembered some fragmented and unsystematic future martial arts.

As for "the deformed expansion of the nine super companies, improper measures to deal with the monster civilization, and the unnecessary conflict between Dragon City and Turanze", etc., the reason for the doomsday is that after a long time, a large number of clues were synthesized, and after repeated thinking and sorting out, It was slowly pieced together and emerged.

"At first, I didn't know what I should do to prevent the doomsday from coming. I only knew that with the awakening of the memory of the doomsday, I had the mysterious ability of 'quick self-healing' and 'transferring injuries'."

Su Mulian continued, "Naturally, I connected these two things together, thinking that it must be reasonable for God to awaken my memory and ability.

"Maybe, as long as I use the two abilities of 'quick self-healing' and 'transferring injuries' to the greatest extent, I can change the future and prevent the end.

"It just so happens that the leprosy village where I live has a large number of deformed people who carry congenital genetic defects and are polluted by acquired spiritual energy. They suffer from various intractable diseases that are rare in the outside world.

"I figured that treating them would at least gain their trust and support. If I were to tell everything in the future, even if others didn't believe me, the patients I cured would definitely believe me.

"With the attitude of giving it a try, I used my ability for the first time.

"Unexpectedly, an incredible thing happened. When I tried my best to treat patients, I unconsciously entered a kind of trance, mysterious and mysterious realm.

"It was as if a door to the future opened deep in my brain, and a large number of sounds, images, information and clues from the future world seemed to spew out from a shattered kaleidoscope, presenting before my eyes.

"It made me firm in my mind.

"God gave me all this for a reason.

"Healing diseases and saving lives and changing the future are indeed two sides of the same coin.

"As for transferring the pain of the deformed patient to oneself, the heart-piercing pain, even the pain of being hacked into pieces, is unbearable for ordinary people, but for every long, almost endless night, being repeatedly tortured by the doomsday To me, who was burned to ashes by the flames, it was only the sun exposure at noon in summer, painful but bearable.

"It was also during that time that I saw, or rather, remembered the names 'Meng Chao' and 'Lv Siya', and knew that you are the future dragon city, the great figures who will overturn the clouds and rule the universe.

"However, at that time, I was just a little girl with some influence in the leprosy village.

"And the Leprosy Village is just a slum deep in Nest City, a slum that is regarded as an ominous place by all 'normal people' and kept at a respectful distance.

"The news about Leprosy Village is blocked, and I can't match the two names I vaguely heard in the doomsday nightmare with the real 'Meng Chao' and 'Lv Siya'.

"It's useless even if they correspond. At that time, it was impossible for me to leave Leprosy Village or even Nest City and go to the outside world to find you.

"Besides, even if we find you, what can we do? Do you want me to warn you that your every move may lead to the destruction of Dragon City?

"The problem is, I don't know at all, which step of the decision you made, a fatal mistake occurred, which led to irreparable consequences.

"In all fairness, since you were able to lead the Dragon City civilization to a phased victory in the Foreign World War, most of the decisions you made must be correct, or at least effective.

"Assuming that the ratio of right decisions to wrong decisions is 95% to 5%, how can I tell which 95% of decisions are right and which 5% are wrong?

"After that, we met in the incident where the demon **** 'Vortex' wreaked havoc on the Hive City.

"The first time I heard that you reported your family name, I was really shocked.

"In my doomsday nightmare, you are all big men who can decide the fate of thousands of people with a single sentence.

"Dragon City in the nightmare has been in a state of tragic war for a long time. In order to win, it has to introduce a lot of cruel, radical, extreme and even bottom-line policies. As the promoters and implementers of the policies, your two opinions , It can be called "mixed reputation".

"Whether it's Meng Chao, whom many opponents gnashed their teeth and called the 'tyrant', or Lu Siya, who was known as the 'monster queen', in my doomsday memory, they all feel extremely oppressive, awe-inspiring, and fearful." Even greater than the existence of admiration.

"Facing you, I am like a little mouse squeezed next to two doomsday beasts, and being able to maintain normal breathing is already my limit.

"As you teamed up and miraculously defeated the demon **** 'Whirlpool', and turned the tide just before the nest city fell into chaos, I have no doubts about your identities, and I confirm that you are the key to changing the future, not two people with the same name and surname.

"However, the social experience from the doomsday nightmare also tells me that those who are qualified to rule the entire Dragon City are politicians among politicians. Talk nonsense, hide and distort your true character and true intentions, deal with people like you, relax your nerves a little, it is easy to be sold by you, and you have to count the money for you.

"So, even though all of you at that time were selfless, brave and fearless, fighting wholeheartedly for Leprosy Village, Nest City, and even Dragon City, I still dare not trust you 100%.

"It's not that I doubt your determination to continue Dragon City's civilization at all costs.

"It's just that I'm not sure whether it's a 'continuation' or a 'price' for myself and my relatives in Leprosy Village?

"Observe and observe again, I said to myself, anyway, you have not ascended to the throne of power at this time, and I still have time to see clearly what kind of people you are, your character, preferences, pursuits, ambitions, and your The relatives, friends and interest groups behind it.

"After I figure this out, and through you, I will get more information that will affect the future of Dragon City, and then I will reveal to you little by little, the disasters that may occur in the future.

"Besides, at that time, I still had a little luck.

"Maybe the future has changed?

"Maybe, there's no need to tell the whole story. Just the incident of 'Su Mulian met Meng Chao and Lu Siya' has changed everything and prevented the destruction?"

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