The Earth People are so Fierce (Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!) - Chapter 1836 toss a coin

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Chapter 1836 Throwing Coins

Meng Chao gasped.

Although the Chaofan Pagoda is located on the ancient ruins.

But the real ancient ruins are not in the physical space under the extraordinary tower.

Instead, like the holy mountain of Turanze, it is in an unpredictable and mysterious alien space.

In the process of large-scale construction of underground rail transit facilities in Longcheng, shield machines have been used many times to drill through the underground space under Chaofan Tower from the side and bottom, but no ancient ruins have been excavated.

Only from the bottom of Chaofan Pagoda, through a ground fissure that existed as early as when Dragon City crossed and the world was turned upside down, can one enter the intricate and bottomless ancient ruins.

And in the depths of this dark, deep, tortuous, and mysterious rift, there are countless deeper, more tortuous, darker, and more dangerous rifts hidden.

The heritage, gifts, blessings, curses, weapons, viruses, wisdom, traps of the ancient civilization... everything is hidden in these gaps.

Because the gaps are too many, too deep and too dense, there are many traps inside, killing every step of the way, there are ancient viruses and virus-eroded mutants everywhere, at the end of many gaps, in the bubble-like underground space, even the laws of physics distortion.

Every time a new gap is explored, hundreds of explorers are often paid the price of casualties.

Therefore, even after half a century of exploration, the "safe area" that the people of Longcheng can clearly map and fully grasp is still less than 30% of the total area of ​​the ancient ruins.

The archaic heritage unearthed from this 30% safe area alone is enough to support the technological level of Dragon City civilization, and continue to advance rapidly for decades or hundreds of years.

Since the Dragon City civilization cannot digest and absorb all the ancient heritage in a short period of time.

The risk factor of continuing to explore has increased exponentially.

At that time, it was a period of life-and-death wars. Even if you wanted to make a heroic sacrifice, you would still be at the forefront of competing with the monster civilization for living space, so it was more valuable.

Therefore, under the dual authorization of the Extraordinary Tower and the Survival Committee, the Institute of Ancient Ruins has closed 70% of the deep dangerous areas since a long time ago, and no one is allowed, even the god-level powerhouses from the nine giants, to continue explore.

If Meng Chao remembered correctly, the "God of War" Lei Zongchao personally proposed this ban and strictly enforced it.

Why, at such a delicate time, would he violate the ban he proposed without warning?

Does he want to get something from the deeper and darker space?

Meng Chao thought for a while, if the "War God" Lei Zongchao really broke through the ban and entered the depths of the ancient relics, then Long Feijun and other disciples of the Valkyrie Temple, as well as the staff of the ancient relics research institute, would indeed not dare to rashly follow him. search and rescue.

The bottomless ancient ruins cannot be easily conquered simply by relying on numbers and modern technology.

If there is no complete preparation, even tens of thousands of super soldiers armed to the teeth may be swallowed alive by the treacherous and unpredictable fog deep in the ruins in just a few seconds. For thousands of years, no one is alive and no corpse is dead.

"Did Master Lei leave anything behind?"

Meng Chao was puzzled, "Or have you hinted to anyone that he is going to the depths of the ancient ruins to find something?"

"Although Lei Shi didn't disclose his whereabouts to anyone, he did leave a letter."

On Long Feijun's originally resolute and resolute face, a look of incomparable confusion appeared again, and he said, "This letter is for you...or anyone else."


Meng Chao was taken aback again.

After thinking about it, I didn't understand, "What do you mean by 'Leave it to me, or anyone else'?"

"That's what it says on the envelope."

Long Feijun showed Meng Chao the letter they had just found in Lei Zongchao's training room.

On the envelope, a line of words was scribbled crookedly with childlike brushstrokes:

"Meng Chao, or anyone who wants to personally ask."

"This is Master Lei's handwriting."

Long Feijun explained, "Since you left Longcheng, Master Lei's injuries and illnesses have worsened day by day. For several months, he could only lie in the medical cabin 24 hours a day, receiving genetic medicine. And several times, when he was communicating with us normally, his mind would suddenly 'cut off', forget who we were and where we were, and even show a panicked expression.

"It's as if, in his dilapidated body, what is carried is not the God of War, but another soul.

"His handwriting is becoming more and more messy and scribbled. In many cases, the writing content is upside down, the words are not expressive, and even illogical.

"The doctor conducted a full range of brain scans on Master Lei.

"In the depths of his brain, there are indeed large areas of lesions and necrosis.

"It should be the sequelae of the super-intensive psionic energy, overloaded stimulation of brain cells, and repeated severe concussions in the brain over the past few decades.

"Doctors say that the brains of ordinary patients, suffering from this level of trauma, would have been brain-dead long ago.

"Even a top-notch master, with brain disease to this extent, will become a muddle-headed idiot.

"Lei Shi can still maintain the most basic thinking logic and free will within a certain period of time, and has created a miracle of life!"

"So, Mr. Lei is confused, so he ran to the depths of the ancient ruins inexplicably?"

Meng Chao didn't quite believe this overly coincidental explanation, "Then, what about the contents of the letter, have you opened it and read it?"


Because something was wrong, the envelope said "Meng Chao, or anyone else" to personally seal it, and Lei Zongchao's mental and intellectual condition during this period was not very optimistic, so what he wrote down may not be his truth. To express his intention, Long Feijun made his own claim and checked the contents of the letter.

However, the text of the letter, like the addressee on the envelope, puzzled Monk Zhang Er.

"Meng Chao, or anyone else, I am in the deepest part of the ancient ruins.

"If you want, come down to me!

"If you don't want to, it's okay.

"Anyway, it's all the same."

Below these lines, in the corner of the envelope, was a coin.

Next to the coin, there is another line of words as immature as a three-year-old child:

"If you're indecisive, why not flip a coin?"

This passage caused Meng Chao and Long Feijun to fall into a long silence.

"Go, what are you kidding?"

Meng Chao murmured, "Throw a coin? Literally, to decide by tossing a coin? Isn't it a hint or a metaphor?"

"If there is no story about coins between you and Master Lei, then it is not a hint or a metaphor."

Long Feijun said, "I have checked repeatedly, and this is a publicly issued, ordinary coin that can be seen everywhere."

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