The Monster I Was Redeemed - v2 Chapter 85 method of tracking

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"This is the top detective agency in the industry that you are looking for?!"

There was a clanging sound.

The purple sand pot used to grow lucky bamboo on the edge of the balcony was kicked to smash by Ledia.

The splashed soil shattered both of them.

One of them lowered his head, not daring to look at Lydia.

The other person whispered: "What can a group of ordinary people do in the face of strange power? It's not bad to do this..."

Lydia, who had nowhere to vent her anger, walked up to the man and stared at him with empty eyes without a trace of emotion: "What did you just say?"

The man glanced at Chuck, as if he was sure that Chuck was there, and Lydia didn't dare to do anything easily.

He snorted coldly and replied, "Zhu Lan and Dewey already have strange powers, what do ordinary people use to monitor them?

You didn't go out in person, you chose to squat here to wait for news, and then pointed at us in turn?

It's not my business to return to the Haixin Club, if you..."

Gaba, Kacha.

The crisp sound of dry bamboo being run over by a car rang out.

Before the researcher could finish speaking, Lydia pinched her neck and twisted her neck bone.

I don't know if it was intentional or not.

The body happened to be thrown near Chuck, facing him.

Those dazed eyes that hadn't realized what was going on seemed to be silently questioning Chuck, why are you just watching.

Ledia, who threw the corpse aside, turned to look at another researcher: "Do you have anything to say?"

You just finished killing people, dare I have an opinion?

"No, no."

The researcher replied tremblingly.

Ledia glanced at the corpse, and the old boy ran to the corpse with great discernment, grabbed the corpse's legs and dragged it to the bathroom.

At the same time, he made up his mind that unless someone told him to go out, he wouldn't even take a step out of the bathroom if he was killed.

He would rather stay with a corpse than face the murderous Lydia.

Watching all Chuck, he watched the whole process with no intention of interfering.

Lydia was also very sensible and did not burn her anger on him.

Didn't Ledia know that ordinary people couldn't monitor Zhu Lan and others in all directions?

No, she was very clear, but she had no choice.

Ledia also has a curse in her body. Just this, Zhu Lan was already invincible when facing her.

Unless someone can rush over to support Ledia at the first time, or she alone can catch up and deliver food.

As for monitoring Dewey, there is no need.

What Hai Xinhui wants is the experimental body of the DX project, not the ordinary strange messenger Dewey.

The main purpose of Ledia's speech at the online meeting was to impress Zhu Lan and make the other party take the initiative to surrender.

In the end, Zhu Lan, the chief researcher, decided to run away, but in the end, two trash found him.

Now that Zhu Lanren has run away, and one of the trash is still chattering in her ear, can she not be annoyed?

And the fusion fighter who contacted him.

Now that he has arrived at Qianhua City, he chose to observe secretly.

If he could have shot earlier, he wouldn't have allowed Zhu Lan to escape successfully.

But Lydia didn't dare to get angry at him, so she could only pour her anger on these two wastes.

Ledia walked up to Chuck and asked bluntly, "There should be people from the Sea Heart Society in Mizuki City, right? Do they have the means to detect DX818A?"

Returning to the Heart of the Sea will be the only option for Lydia to survive.

She won't give up.

"Yes, yes."

Chuck, who was guarding Peng Yuan's door, said: "But the breath of DX818A itself is extremely difficult to detect. Only when he appears within one kilometer of the sensing device will the sensing device respond."

Ledia was silent for a while, and then glanced at the bathroom with sullen eyes.

"If the detection requirement of the induction device is changed from DX818A to a general curse, how big will this range be?" Ledia asked.

"If the curse is not deeply sealed, all the curses within tens of kilometers can be detected."

Chuck answered Lydia's question truthfully.

Suddenly he seemed to think of something: "The curse in your body was assimilated by DX818A... Are you going to use this method to determine the location of DX818A?"

"That's right." Lydia readily admitted.

Chuck put his arms around his arms: "If you want to change the retrieval target from DX818A to a curse, you need to provide a sample for replacement. Dead people are not cursed."

Ledia smiled: "If you kill one, isn't there another? Just use him."

Chuck nodded and asked, "I'm going to contact my colleagues in Mizuki City. Can you complete the peeling off of the curse by yourself?"

"It's almost impossible to peel off the shackles alive, but if you don't care about the life or death of the host, it's okay to just peel off a sample."

Ledia said confidently.

Chuck's expression did not change because of Lydia's coldness: "That's fine."

During the back-and-forth conversation between the two, the researcher who was hiding in the bathroom was sentenced to death.

I don't know if he will regret why he didn't choose to escape like Zhu Lan when he learned of this.


A day has passed.

After Chuck's repeated declarations, he finally obtained the contact information of the person in charge of Mizuki City.

For some reason, the fusion fighter who was in charge of receiving them refused to show up.

If the other party contacts the headquarters, they can get the support of the local person in charge immediately, and there is no need to go around so many circles.

"Alright, if I find the DX818A, I'll take 34% of the credit."

Behind Chuck, the person in charge of Mizuki City who also took on the task of searching for DX818A, UU reading was chattering to Chuck, emphasizing the issue of the distribution of credit points after the event was completed.

Like Chuck, he belongs to the direct line of the Sea Heart Association.

This time, I took the task of searching for DX818A, and I just wanted to come to Yalian to relax on vacation.

Unexpectedly, Chuck actually found the clue of the DX818A, and happened to lose his induction device.

The credit for delivering it to the door, isn't it that God is chasing after the meal!

Judging from the year that this task hangs, if you really catch DX818A, the credit points you will get can be exchanged for at least two advanced adaptation potions, right?

My good brother has worked so hard to find the key clues. If this kind of cheapness is not taken up, it is still a human being!

Chuck led his colleagues to the hotel where they lived without saying a word.

In the eyes of my colleagues, Pingbai was given credit points, and it was strange to be happy, so he was not suspicious of Chuck's abnormal state.

But before entering the elevator, the colleague still stopped: "You said that you can use the spell-enhancing induction device to search for the range of DX818A. Are you planning to use me for surgery?"

Facing the smiling colleagues, Chuck explained, "It's a bond that needs to be assimilated by DX818A. There are defectors in the room who escaped back then."

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