The World That Tao Rules - Chapter 7203 Cover the sky

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Seven thousand two hundred and three chapters cover the sky with one palm

Just when Jiang Yun's palm touched the top of the man's head, not only did the man's closed eyes suddenly open, but his illusory body suddenly condensed, as if it had turned into a black smoke. It fell directly into Jiang Yun's palm.

However, Jiang Yun didn't seem to have the slightest feeling, still keeping his palm outstretched, and said to himself: "The soul of the Black Soul Clan can not only merge into the darkness, but also the soul itself can turn into darkness. , so as to enter the body of others and start to seize the body?"

After saying this, Jiang Yun slowly retracted his palm and closed his eyes.

Jiang Yun had already guessed the man's sudden move to seize himself.

Because the man's strength in the face of Jiang Yunzhi was simply too weak, not worthy of the power of the Black Soul Clan that Dao Rang said.

Even if the Black Soul Clan fell again, since this man dared to come out and steal other people's things, he didn't care about pulling Jiang Yun into the water, and even left a mark on Jiang Yun's body, and he was going to find Jiang Yun in the future. He still has some confidence in his own strength.

However, Jiang Yun knocked him unconscious with just one punch and indeterminate soul fire, which is really unreasonable.

In particular, Jiang Yun let the light cover the surroundings and easily forced out the man's figure, which made Jiang Yun unable to believe it himself.

Although light is the best thing to fight against darkness, if the Black Souls are so easy to deal with, how can it cause multiple races to join forces to encircle and suppress them.

Even if not every cultivator can master the power of light, it is not difficult to refine a magic weapon containing the power of light.

As long as you encounter a black soul clansman, take out a magic weapon, or use the power of light to make the black soul clansmen invisible, wouldn't you be able to easily defeat them.

Therefore, Jiang Yun guessed that this man must be hiding his strength, in order to let himself relax his vigilance, so that he can suddenly take action when he is not prepared.

The man's actions now naturally proves Jiang Yun's thoughts, and it is even clearer that the man's real purpose from beginning to end is actually to let Jiang Yun search his soul, so that he can take the opportunity to use his soul to enter Jiang Yun's body, Expand the loot.

And Jiang Yun was never afraid of others wanting to take him away.

Jiang Yun, who had the last reincarnation in the past, sat in his body, but now even if he does nothing, Jiang Yun's body and soul are already strong to a certain extent.

The soul enters the flesh, and the Dao world is enough to make anyone who wants to take him feel hopeless!

At this moment, the man has a feeling of despair.

He didn't know how many powerful bodies he had captured, and he had seen all kinds of powerful bodies, but when he was in Jiang Yun's body, what he saw was a boundless Dao world!

The area of ​​Jiang Yun's current Dao Realm may not be comparable to the Beiming that he just conquered, but it is at least equivalent to the size of dozens, or even hundreds of worlds.

If a man wants to completely seize Jiang Yun's body, he must let his own soul occupy the entire Taoist world!

"Impossible!" The man's figure floated in the Dao world, his eyes were almost dull and he turned to look around, muttering: "This is definitely not the body of a monk."

"Even if it is a detached powerhouse, it is impossible to have such a huge body."

"I understand, that guy must have some space magic weapon hidden in his body, and I am now entering this magic weapon."

"As long as I break this magic weapon, I can really enter his body!"

In the man's self-comfort, his emotions finally calmed down.

The next moment, his figure suddenly disappeared, blending into the darkness around him.

Jiang Yun naturally found him, but he didn't show up, let alone stop the other party's actions.

Because Jiang Yun also wanted to know what the special abilities of this Black Soul Race were.

It is impossible to have life in the darkness within one's own Dao world.

If the other party can seize the darkness of the Taoist world, it can open his eyes!

It's a pity that Jiang Yun still overestimated the other party.

The man's figure disappeared for only a few breaths, and before Jiang Yun could feel anything, the other party had already emerged from the darkness.

The man frowned and said to himself, "Why, I can't blend into the darkness here?"

Hearing this sentence, Jiang Yun was also interested in watching it.

I am afraid that because the Dao world is your own body and soul, and the darkness is also a part of yourself, it is different from the darkness in the space, so the other party cannot integrate.

Jiang Yun appeared in front of the man and said coldly, "Are you still unwilling to tell the truth?"

"Where is this place?" Facing Jiang Yun's appearance, although the man was a little surprised, he remained calm.

Jiang Yun sneered and said, "You want to take me away, so what do you say this place is?"

"Impossible!" The man shook his head again, thinking that Jiang Yun was deceiving himself.

And Jiang Yun was too lazy to talk nonsense with the man anymore, raised his hand and pointed at the man: "I'd better do it myself!"

The power of the entire Taoist world turned into endless coercion and enveloped the man, making him unable to move.

Jiang Yun's consciousness directly condensed into a needle, and stabbed it towards the man's eyebrow.

The man screamed suddenly: "I have a seal in my soul, if you search for my soul, the seal will explode, and my soul will explode with it!"

Facing the men's threat, Jiang Yun said coldly: "Then let me see it!"


Jiang Yun's consciousness easily pierced into the other's forehead and drilled in.

There is indeed a seal in the man's soul, and there are more than one.

A total of two seals, like two locks, locked the memory of the man's part.

The two seals are completely different.

One is obviously extremely complicated, and the power it contains is also very powerful.

In particular, this seal seems to have grown in the soul of a man.

The other way is simpler and contains relatively less power.

After careful observation, Jiang Yun further discovered that the two seals were not done by one person at all.

The weak seal is the same dark power condensed as the Black Soul Race.

As for the strong seal, Jiang Yun couldn't tell what power it was.

"The weak seal should be left by the strong of the Black Soul Clan, such as the patriarch, in order to seal the clan's secret about the clan."

"A strong seal, could it be that this person offended a strong person and was forcibly sealed by the other party?"

"But, what is this seal for?"

Jiang Yun did not move the two seals rashly, but first checked the man's unsealed memories.

At a glance, Jiang Yun's complexion changed slightly.

This man is indeed a member of the Black Soul clan.

However, because he committed some kind of fault and violated the rules of the clan, he should have been executed.

But he didn't expect that he actually killed the person who was going to execute him in turn and escaped from the Black Soul Clan.

Since then, he has been wandering around outside, living in no fixed place, and doing a lot of evil things.

Not long ago, he inadvertently heard the news of a token, and he came to the star that was divided into three parts that Jiang Yun had seen before.

Using the special abilities of the Black Soul Race, he sneaked into the stars and successfully stole the token.

As a result, when he was escaping, he was discovered and chased out, and only then did he meet Jiang Yun.

That token, called Palm Command, was extremely famous and came from an organization called "One Palm".

This organization is said to be powerful and omnipotent.

Because the meaning of one palm is to cover the sky with one palm!

As long as you find the person with the palm of your hand, you can make any request to the other party, and the palm of your hand will satisfy you.

And the request this man is going to make is to invite someone who wants to take a palm to destroy the entire Black Soul Clan...

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