The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3565 Chapter 3565 was simply too terrifying

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Tower Master Luochen hurriedly dodged in a flustered manner. Even so, he was still swept by the dragon whiskers. Fortunately, he had activated his spiritual energy barrier, which allowed him to remain uninjured.

At this moment, deep fear rose in the hearts of everyone present. How could this man be so powerful? ! It was simply too terrifying!

As long as he wanted to, none of the people present would be able to survive!

The Jimo sect master was certain that the bead was not taken by this man. If he wanted the bead, he could ask for it with his strength, he could even destroy the Chaotian sect and take the bead away.

The Jimo Sect Master was afraid that a certain Lord would destroy the Chaotian sect. He said with a trembling voice, “Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Open the gate and let them leave!”

Without the order of the leader of the Jimo sect, the disciples of the Chaotian sect had already made a path for them. Tower Master Luochen couldn’t even block a single move from him. If they still tried to stop him, they would be courting death.

More than half of the people of the nine pavilions were injured by the ice dragon. At this moment, they all looked at Tower Master Luochen, waiting for his order.

Tower Master Luochen’s eyes were extremely gloomy. He stared in the direction of di beiming and Yun chujiu and said coldly, “Let them go!”

The people of the nine pavilions couldn’t wait to hear that! They quickly dodged, afraid that they would be killed if they were too late.

Hei Xinjiu looked at the ten-feet-wide path that they had dodged and couldn’t help but straighten her back. It was good to have an awesome boyfriend!

Di beiming and Hei Xinjiu strolled out of Chaotian sect casually and summoned a flying spiritual artifact. After the two of them boarded it, they left.

After boarding the flying spiritual device, hei xinjiu smiled brightly!

“Prince Charming, why have you suddenly become so cool and domineering? You are simply too awesome!”

Di beiming glanced at her indifferently and put the mask on his face back into his storage ring. Then, he covered his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood. He sat down cross-legged and began to meditate.please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu immediately panicked!

She took out a bottle of pills to stop the bleeding and stuffed it into the mouth of a certain venerated. The venerated almost choked to death by this guy!

“You, are you okay? What happened to you?”Hei Xinjiu asked with a sobbing voice.

Di beiming shook his head and said in a flat voice, “I won’t die. I just used a secret technique. I Can’t use my spiritual power for half a month. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Hei Xinjiu was still worried. She checked the pulse and rolled her eyes. She almost checked the body of a certain body.

pA(nD)A no ve1 A certain body naturally didn’t like being treated like this by Hei Xinjiu. He scolded her a little, but it didn’t have any effect. Moreover, he couldn’t use his spiritual power, so he could only let Hei Xinjiu do whatever she wanted.

Hei Xinjiu checked several times and finally confirmed that there was nothing unusual except for the blood that a certain body vomited before. Then, she let out a long breath and hugged a certain body, crying loudly.

This fellow felt a lingering fear in his heart. If the gigolo died just like that, she did not want to live anymore! Damn Lan Luochen, she would kill him sooner or later!

Seeing the crying, hei xinjiu frowned and said stiffly, “Don’t cry anymore. If you want to cry, go to the side! You’ve dirtied my clothes.”

Hei Xinjiu:”…”

Could she take back what she had said? Could she feed her emotions to the dogs?

No matter how powerful this gigolo was, he was still a lunatic!

He wiped his tears and said with a sobbing voice, “That Scum Lan Luochen might send people to chase us. What if I Can’t beat them? So, let’s take the rejuvenation pill!”

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