The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3577 Chapter 3577, nine-core grass

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“Aren’t you hungry?”A certain someone didn’t answer Hei Xinjiu’s question. Instead, he asked indifferently.

As soon as Hei Xinjiu heard that she was going to eat, she immediately forgot about her desire to show off. She hummed and asked di beiming to feed her.

Although di beiming knew that she was faking it, when he thought about how she fainted earlier, he still fed her even though his face was cold.

Hei Xinjiu was secretly happy. This pretty boy was getting more and more flirtatious. She felt that it didn’t matter if he could seal his seven emotions and six desires in the future. After all, he was always nice to her.

After the meal, Hei Xinjiu was about to act like a demon when a certain someone said faintly, “You have been away for such a long time. Aren’t you going to ask about the situation in the East Phoenix Country?”

Sure enough, Hei Xinjiu’s attention was immediately diverted. She quickly took out prime minister Sima’s voice transmission talisman to ask about the recent situation.

Prime Minister Sima replied very quickly!

The old man’s voice was very excited, “Your Majesty! Our four countries’allied forces will soon take down the ghost gold kingdom and the winged fire kingdom. This old minister is worried that when the time comes, the Willow, earth, and three countries will burn the bridge after crossing the river. It’s great that you’ve returned!”

When Yun Chujiu heard prime minister Sima’s words, she immediately said in a pretentious manner, “Don’t worry. You just deal with them. Wait for this emperor to deal with them.”

Hei Xinjiu put away her voice transmission talisman and said to a certain someone, “Prince Charming, I think it’s better for you to become a young prince. Otherwise, I’m afraid that it will arouse the Lihen Palace’s suspicion.”

A certain someone was silent for a moment, then said, “Judging from some clues, there should be a connection between the Lihen Palace and the nine pavilions. It doesn’t matter whether I change my appearance or not.

“You have to be prepared. The Hateful Palace should be making trouble very soon. You have to take down the Jun Tiantian Kingdom before they make trouble.”

p、A,nd A-n、o、ve,1 Yun Chujiu was stunned at first, then she carefully combed through some things. She felt that what di beiming said made sense!please visit panda(-)

The reason why the Yun family had brought her back was because of the so-called prophecy of the Imperial Preceptor of the East Phoenix Kingdom. What disaster of the East Phoenix Kingdom that only she could save? It was simply nonsense! She had clearly plotted to usurp the throne, Alright? !

And the Imperial preceptor of the East Phoenix Kingdom was someone from the Lihen Palace. It was likely that all of this was premeditated.

Also, the Lihen Palace wanted to find Mei Lan Liuli to target the gigolo, and the one who wanted di beiming dead the most was Lan Luochen. It was just that she did not know how he knew that Mei Lan Liuli would cause di beiming’s cold poison..

Yun chujiu felt as if there was a layer of fog separating them. Although she could not see it clearly, based on her intuition, the Li hate palace should have something to do with Lan Luochen.

When she thought of this, she could not help but feel anxious.

The Li Hate Palace could be said to be able to cover the sky with one hand in the southern continent. If she did not quickly take precautions, she was afraid that the odds were against her.

Hei Xinjiu looked at a certain God and her heart moved. “Prince Charming, I think we need to adjust our plan. We are not in a hurry to rush to the battlefield. It is better to first find all the herbs you need.”

Di Beiming’s eyes revealed a hint of hesitation. “The other herbs are still manageable. However, it’s very dangerous to obtain the nine-core grass. It’s better for me to slowly recover my spiritual power.”

Yun chujiu waved her hand. “If it weren’t for the incident with the Lihen Palace, you could naturally take your time to recover. However, I can’t deal with the Lihen Palace by myself, so I have to let you recover your spiritual power first.”

Di beiming tightened his grip and nodded. “Alright, then we’ll go look for the nine-core grass first.”

Yun chujiu took out the voice transmission talisman and told Prime Minister Sima what to do next. Then, she turned around and flew towards the Yuanwei Mountain where the nine-core grass might grow.

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