The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3580 Chapter 3580 I can promise you

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Prime Minister Sima said in a neither servile nor overbearing manner, “Your Majesty Zhao Yi, although our Emperor Fenghua has been in closed-door cultivation all this time, our East Phoenix country has used all the strength of the entire country in this war. If this isn’t considered a righteous act, then how can it be considered a Righteous Act?”

Emperor Zhao Yi was stunned. He had thought that once he said those words just now, prime minister Sima would definitely be filled with trepidation and trepidation. He had not expected that prime minister Sima would say such a thing.

His expression was a little unsightly, his tone was a little stiff as he said, “Prime Minister Sima, it is only right for your East Phoenix Country to give its all. After all, it is your East Phoenix Country that the three star ridges want to destroy. If it was not for the help of our three countries, I’m afraid that the East Phoenix country would no longer exist.”

Emperor Qiantong of the zhangyue country and Emperor Shunkang of the zhenshui country also echoed, “That’s right. People should know how to be grateful. Don’t tell me that your East Phoenix country is trying to burn the bridge after crossing the river? If that’s the case, then it really doesn’t make sense!”

Prime Minister Sima had long known that this meal was not that simple. Now that he saw Emperor Zhaoyi and the other two being so aggressive, he knew that they were preparing for a falling out. Fine beads of sweat gradually began to seep out from his forehead.

When Emperor Zhaoyi saw that Prime Minister Sima was finally starting to panic, he could not help but feel pleased in his heart. Did the East Phoenix Kingdom think that their three kingdoms had helped them for nothing? They were really stupid!

The moment they agreed to help, they had already planned it out. The East Phoenix Kingdom was asking for the skin of a tiger, and they could not rely on anyone else.

Emperor Zhao Yi placed his wine cup heavily on the table. “Let me say this first. If the female Emperor of the East Phoenix Kingdom does not attend this celebration banquet today, then don’t blame our three kingdoms for being impolite!”

Just as prime minister Sima did not know how to respond, he heard a clear voice coming from outside the large tent. “Oh, impolite? How are you planning to be impolite?”

Everyone’s gaze turned towards the entrance of the tent, only to see a woman in red walking in.

Every step of the woman was indescribably noble and elegant, without the slightest bit of discomfort or pause due to the gazes of the crowd.

When prime minister Sima saw the person who had come, he almost cried!please visit panda(-)

Your Majesty! You’ve finally returned! If you don’t come back soon, he really doesn’t know what to do! However, Emperor Zhao Yi and the others were clearly planning to shed all pretense of cordiality. Would your Majesty have any way to deal with them?

Although Emperor Zhao Yi and the other two didn’t know Empress Jiu, they could guess Empress Jiu’s identity from Prime Minister Sima’s and the others’reactions. The three of them curled their lips. Although this girl was quite good-looking! They couldn’t find anything wrong with her bearing, but what could a little girl do? !

Today, they had to make use of this opportunity to cause trouble. The East Feng Kingdom was doomed!

Emperor Zhao Yi snorted coldly, “You must be the Zephyr female emperor, right? You are really arrogant, making us three wait for you here. Your East Feng Kingdom has received the favor of our three kingdoms, is this how you repay us?”

Empress Jiu looked at him leisurely, “Then what do you want in return?”

pA(nD)A no ve1 Empress Zhao Yi almost laughed out loud. This female Emperor of Zephyr nation was really stupid, really cooperating with them!

He snorted coldly, “Naturally, it’s to repay us with your territory! As long as you agree to abdicate the throne and merge the territory of East Phoenix Kingdom into our three kingdoms, we will promise you an official title of enjoying a comfortable life. What do you think?”

Empress Jiu smiled faintly and said, “This proposal is really not bad. I originally felt that this emperor had no meaning in front of us, so I can agree to it.”

Prime Minister Sima and the envoys of the East Phoenix Kingdom were instantly dumbfounded!

Their Majesty actually wanted to agree to Emperor Zhaoyi? Was she crazy or stupid?

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